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Jan 11, 2014 Ariel Sharon died today, what is the prophetic meaning if at all ?

The news services this afternoon carried the notice that Sharon had died after several years of a coma.

I want to express my condolences to his family first and to the nation of Israel. He was a man born for the times he lived. By his actions the State of Israel defeated its enemies at very critical moments.

The prophetic implications of this news can be found in the following articles linked below. You can see two opinions about Rabbi Kaduri’s last letter predictions.

My opinion is that it predicts the coming of the Messiah in these times and so does many Bible prophecies that are coming to pass or seem ready to pass.

A note of caution, the Bible mentions the coming of Jesus to the clouds to Rapture His church and His second coming after the seven year tribulation. Prophecies also mention a false Messiah will come at the very beginning of the Tribulation who it calls the Antichrist.

Can Kaduri’s prophecy be interpreted to refer to Jesus Christ when he comes at the clouds before the beginning of the Apocalypse, yes, and it could also be interpreted for His coming at the end of the seven years or it can mislead many into the hands of the Antichrist.

There is also the possibility than none of these things will happen as Kaduri’s letter described.

My opinion is tilted towards the believe they are signaling the return of Jesus to Rapture the church. This will also serve to give notice to the chosen people of Israel that their Messiah is soon returning to establish the Kingdom.



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