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Jan 12, 2013 The Blood Moon Tetrad and the Temple of Israel

As we are approaching the fulfillment of the Blood Moon Tetrad, the first of which will be on April 14, 2014 during the Passover festival it is imperative that we know as much about was is to come as it can be possible with what has been revealed.

As usual Mr. Luis B. Vega has done a very good job of research and graphical presentation of the events. In prior work he has treated this event with more data also.

Some very good Christians have made comments on the validity of these events as not being the ones that the Bible mentions for the sun being darkened and the moon turning to blood. This point can be also a different event that will occur further into the future just before the last 3 1/2 years of Tribulation.

The fact remains that the Tetrad that happened before that fell on Passover and Sukkot happened as Mr. Vega states in very important milestone dates for the nation of Israel. It would be appropriate to make inferences from the facts observed that we could project to the future as Mr. Vegas has done. Make sure you follow his link to the charts.


Luis Vega (12 Jan 2014)
The Tetrad and the Temple

Olivet Discourse – Prophetic Keys to Sequential Restitution

A case for the prophetic sequence of restoration and the convergence of Biblical prophecy pertaining to the Land of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

by Luis B. Vega


The Tetrad Theory & Introduction
The Tetrad theory basically asserts that an event or series of events of Biblical proportion, regarding Israel and/or the Jews has and will happen when 4 consecutive total Blood Moons occur in a row without partial eclipses in-between them. The Tetrad hypothesis stipulates that a prophetic event will occur, be it prior, during or soon thereafter in the case of the 2014-15 Lunar Tetrad. This Tetrad event fulfillment will not just be an ordinary occurrence but one of Biblical proportions like Israel being reborn or the Old City of Jerusalem recaptured by Israel. The hypothesis of this coming 3rd Biblical fulfillment presented in this study is based on the blueprint pattern given by Jesus Christ during the Olivet Discourse.

The Olivet Discourse basically consisted of a prophetic outline or blueprint that would involve the restitution of 3 factors that have to be in place before the LORD’s 2nd Coming. The factors disclosed by Christ start with the Temple, then Jerusalem and ended with Israel. Christ foretold that these 3 factors would be destroyed, in that precise order. The Olivet Discourse went on to disclose that miraculously, the same would involve a reinstitution but in reversed order at the End of Days signaled by the budding of the Fig Tree, Israel and concluding with the restitution of the 3rd Temple.

The acceptance of Israel as a sovereign nation into the UN occurred at the middle of the 1949-50 Tetrad. This is when the Fig Tree budded to start the pattern countdown. The recapture of the Old City of Jerusalem to include the Temple Mount occurred at the beginning of the 1967-68 Tetrad. If this pattern is reliable, then the 3rd Temple will be either built and/or dedicated towards the end of the 2014-15 Tetrad. The event or event(s) associated with the Tetrad of ’14-’15 will be just a prophetic ‘step’ towards the ultimate restitution of all things as the convergence of all Biblical prophecy will culminate in Israel’s redemption and the LORD Jesus Christ’s 2nd Coming.

The link is provided to read the whole study:
Online PDF essay at:

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Jan 12, 2013 Patrick Heron has died. My Condolences to his family Nando

It is with sadness that I post this news of the death of Patrick Heron. In the past I have listen to this wonderful Christian that had a very good understanding of the prophetic word of God.

Condolences to his family. I am looking forward to see you in heaven Patrick! Thanks Steve T for this post alerting us of Patrick’s death.


Steve T (12 Jan 2014)
End Times author Patrick Heron has died

Hi John and Doves
End Times author Patrick Heron has died
Steve T

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