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Jan 26, 2014 “Love” is the main difference between Judaism-Christianity and Islam

In this Bible news daily update Mr. Gary Stearman explains using Al Jazeera’s article as a base explains why the Jewish army behaves with restrain and humanity in their fights versus the Arab armies that do not.

The answer is simple the Bible demands that love be the driving force of the relationship of humans with God and other humans and the Koran urges its followers to submit to their god and to kill or enslave those humans who do not.

Basically one is from to the true God, the Bible, and the other from Satan, the Koran.

There is no one that will not have to choose between obeying the true God of the Bible or Satan who disguises as god in all the other religions of the world. Those who choose to not obey anybody and claim a sense of freedom by default are obeying Satan because the God of the Bible the true God requires love and obedience.

No group of humans or animals can exist and flourish without laws and rules to control behavior and in these laws a hierarchical command is always necessary. This is one of the absolute laws given by God to its creation.

Where do you stand?


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Written by twelvebooks

January 26, 2014 at 11:02 am

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