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Feb 9, 2014 Are Muslims conquering by fertility rates and sex?

Thanks to Mary Anna we have this very good video explaining the true nature of the Muslim thread to the world. The solution is to recognize the threat first of all and then to take steps to remedy it.

My first assessment of the problem lies in the lack of moral Christian values.

Why is this so? because a family requires sacrifice, selflessness, and instruction of Christian values to be effective. In the egocentric societies that we live in everybody, men and woman want to enjoy live and not be tied to the rigors of a family. The joy of family live is lost in the glitter of the world.

Why then are Muslim societies then so prolific? The answer is the reverse to Christian societies. Woman are of no value in these societies and their goal is to conquer by their increase in numbers. By having so little regard for their woman they bear the most burden of raising a big family. Boys are the source of warriors and suicide bombers so people are political objectives and woman a producer of children and sexual objects. Men can have as many wife’s as they can afford and children also.

The causes are many, but are there any solutions? It has reached a point of no return that God will intervene to stop Satan’s plan. Christ told his church that the gates of hell will not prevail and this means that Muslims will not succeed in their plan to conquer by fertility and sex or war.

The Apocalypse is coming and God will destroy all His enemies during these seven years. The video below only proofs how close we are for its beginning.


Mary Anna (9 Feb 2014)
An Eye Opener–

Eye Opener–

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