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March 2, 2014 A letter to Rae Lea Lipken from Nando

Neil Lipken (1 March 2014) NEED EMERGENCY PRAYER!

A letter to Rae Lea Lipken from Nando

Your son Neil wrote a letter asking for prayers for you. I will pray for you so that God will show you the way for understanding which must come before we believe.
First you must understand that God exists and that He wants to make us part of His family as sons and daughters. From Neil’s letter I can see that you already believe that God exists.
Let me see if I can help you see that Jesus is that God that the descendants of Jacob And Isaac have been worshipping for thousands of years.
The key to understand is rather simple and started in the Garden of Eden. God created Adam and Eve and put them in a perfect environment in the garden. He gave them a restriction which they did not keep and this disobedience brought death and decay to the world.

When they saw what they did they tried to cover it by covering their bodies with leaves. God saw them and did not accept their attempted cover up. He killed one or two animals to give their skin for cover thus explaining that sin could only be covered with the payment of blood from a living creature.
The story is repeated in Cain and Able when Able sacrificed a lamb and Cain the fruits of the land.
Able’s sacrifice of blood was accepted and Cain’s was not, thus causing Cain to slaughter the righteous Able and spilling his blood. This murder was instigated by Satan and it is the first human sacrifice that he demanded. To the present he has demanded human sacrifice in the billions and this he demands as a proof of submission to his authority.

Human sacrifice was part of all ancient cultures and continuous to the present.

Satan’s demanded sacrifice of blood serves him in many ways the two most important are proof of loyalty and the elimination of God’s creation.

The blood sacrifice system demanded by God was of a completely different nature and for a different purpose.

This background brings us to the patriarch Abraham. God appeared to him and told him to take his son Isaac and offer him in sacrifice. Abraham was living in an era where all the nations surrounding him followed Satan’s sacrifice model where they routinely sacrificed the children by fire. This request must have been a shocker to Abraham who must have been practicing lamb sacrifices all his life.

He obediently obeyed God as well as Isaac who carried the wood in his shoulder for the sacrifice.

At the point of striking the dagger to slain Isaac the angel of the Lord prevented him from doing it and provided a lamb as a substitute.

God was testing Abraham’s faith and obedience as well as Isaac. But this is the secondary objective of God in this episode. The main objective was to form a type or precursor for Israel and all the generations to come that the only acceptable sacrifice to God for the forgiveness of sin was to come in the future when He would take His son Jesus and offer Him in the cross to spill His precious blood for the payment of all sins.

If you can see the example of Abraham with Isaac as pointing to God the Father and Jesus then you can see and start to understand that Jesus had to be God to be able to pay for our sins. I am sure that Neil your son can expand and explain this much better in person if you are willing to listen with an open heart. You must also understand the nature of the love that took place in this sacrifice on the part of God.

I also have a 91 year old mother who is reluctant to hear the message of the Rapture and to go deeper into the scriptures. I will keep you and Neil in my prayers.



Written by twelvebooks

March 2, 2014 at 10:53 am

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