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April 9, 2014 How Israel will attack Iran an article

As the blood moon tetrad approaches the probability that the article below occurs increases.
Thanks to Randy we have a very good article that I am including here about an attack of Iran by Israel.
At the present time the negotiations with Iran are taking place in Europe and it seems that the Russians will be taking the side of Iran to spite the West.
Randy (6 Apr 2014)
“GREAT Article on how Israel will go after Iran……. well laid out, part 1 !”

Well, we all know:

1) Israel HAS to go after Iran…..SOONer , not later…

2) It will be a WELL PLANNED attack


3) Iran will retaliate…….that will be this writer’s Part 2……can’t wait to read that.

Tick TOCK!


Nando end

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