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April 24, 2014 The rise of the Antichrist must come from the USA!

In today’s Yahoo News the story of the 11 most powerful armies is shown. It is well to notice that the #1 is the USA and the #2 is Russia, followed by China.

The book of Revelation starts the future Apocalypse or Tribulation in chapter 6 with the opening of the first seal that releases the white horse and its rider. He is given a bow and told to go out and conquer. the second seal releases the red horse and is given a big sword and it is given the command to take away the peace of the world.

In interpreting these symbols it helps to have an artist mind who composes his drawing using colors and props to convey an image. So let us look at the information given. The two horses with the riders holding weapons mean two powerful nations with their armies ready to clash. The white color of the horse is often used to depict a conquering warrior on his horse and it can be associated with a good guy. The good guy wears white. The nations president’s mansion is known as the White House. The red is indicative of blood and in this case the nation is identified with the color red Russia.

The weapon of the white horse is a bow which is capable of killing at long distances versus the sword that is used in close contact fighting. These two weapons are clearly  indicative of the armies of the USA and Russia.

Today’s news bring the conflict of Ukraine to the front of the news and Russia warning of interference in the nation of Ukraine.



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