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May 7, 2014 Prophecy Burnout, Ready to Give Up, The Antidote is Imminence, by Gary Stearman

The day before yesterday Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich posted a conversation they had about prophecy. The main theme was what to do about prophecy burnout, giving up or scoffers, both in and out of the Christian community.

Many years ago about 1976 I started reading and studying the Bible and being an avid reader of many subjects I bought a book called the Great Late Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. This book opened my spiritual eyes on the study of prophecy.

In the year 1980 I had concluded that Israel was and by the way it still is a prophetic alarm clock that was set to start working and ticking prophetic time and fulfillment in May 14, 1948. This extraordinary prophetic clock will keep ticking till all the prophecies concerning the Rapture of the church, the start of the Tribulations and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are fulfilled.

As Gary points out Israel is the key for prophecy fulfillment and scoffers will come and go but if Israel exists and is striving then its prophetic role is on schedule.

As we view the march of history and see the many aspects of prophecy fulfillment in the world at large we get more and more the full picture of what God illustrated in His prophetic revelations. This video covers many salient points and historical facts that make it a fantastic prophetic encouragement.


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