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May 7, 2014 The Limestone stones for the Third Temple were shiped to Israel in the 1970’s

Pastor Bob gives a first hand eye witness account of the transport of the Temple stones. Thanks Pastor Bob.


Pastor Bob (4 May 2014)
To Diane Gilbert

Yes it is true.  The Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasonry of Boston, MA. ordered the 60,000 tons of Bedford limestone just weeks following the 1972 recapture of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.  I’ll explain this and if you would like to verify this I can provide you a link.  The Grand Orient Lodge actually acted as the “go-between” in the deal by the British Freemasons.  They acted as agents and handled the logistics, finances, and legal details on behalf of London’s
The Jews are not alone in wanting control of the Temple Mount to build their 3rd Temple.  Rome wants it and so does the Masons as well.  The fact is the Vatican/Freemasonry/Jesuitism/Knights of Malta, all serve Lucifer.  There are a few other groups that I can’t name here.  The 19th degree of ‘Morals and Dogma’  written by Brigadier-General Albert Pike identifies who it is they worship, i.e., Lucifer.  Masons are given a copy of this but few bother to read it because most only complete the 3 degrees of the Blue Lodge of Freemasonry.  This can be easily verified because many sites on the Internet have the bible of Masonry.  Think about it for a minute, what is the benefit of holding or controlling the Temple Mount, after all it’s God Special place in Jerusalem!  The very definition of Antichrist is “one who stands in for the Christ”.
I have studied Masonry and its relationships since it became a formal secret society in 1711 or there about.  There is more to all of this than what I can share in a post like this.
Back when the stones were moved by rail car I was pastoring a United Methodist Church in North Braddock, PA.  My son was three years old and we would go to the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Pitcairn, PA freight classification yard and kill and hour or two watching the freight trains coming and going.  I was a model railroad and rail fan for most of my life as a hobby.  I knew the tower operators on a first name basis and knew all the switchmen as well.  When I was twelve years old I would often ride my bike 12 miles from Pittsburgh to the Pitcairn yard, my parents never knew this, I never told them.
I took pictures of the rail cars from ground-side as well as from an overhead bridge at the yard’s entrance.  This movement of between 3 and 6 to 8 cars occurred nearly daily for the better part of nine months.  The order was for 60,000 tons, and I can only guess the weight of each of the cut stones. The older gondola cars had weight load limits of 40-50 tons per car.  Bedford Limestone is located in southeast Indiana.   The cars were hauled from Bedford to Madison by specially weighted diesel-electric locomotives for handling the steep grade to Madison, Indiana.  The cars moved to the PRR yard in Indianapolis where a St. Louis to New Jersey freight train would pick them up.  At the Pitcairn yard, the train would be re-crewed and helper locomotives would be put on the rear of the train and be pushed most of the way to Altoona, PA.
As I stated, the cars bore cardboard placards on the sides of the cars, they stated explicitly:  “Destination Kearny, NJ – Export to Israel”.  It was those placard signs that actually caught my attention as the reason for taking pictures of the cars from the ground as well as from above bridge above.  I recall when I was in college, serving three rural churches as a student-pastor, when the 1967 “six day” war took place.  One of my members came running across the street to my parsonage one morning as I was cleaning up from cutting the grass in my yard.  She wanted to know if this was Armageddon.  She was so excited, but I couldn’t give her an answer.  It was because of this that I began my learning about Bible prophecy.  I felt so dumb and I was a pre-ministry student and didn’t know much behind or about the Israelis being attacked.  So in my ignorance and need to know how to answer my congregation, I became a prophecy student.  Its almost fifty years now.  Sorry to be so windy.
When I was a student at Pittsburgh Theological Cemetery I subscribed to Billy Graham’s magazine “Christianity Today”.  The August 4th, 1967 edition reports of what I have stated in this and previous posts.  There is an interesting article on this at – – you can download it and print it out, or read it on the net.  I know of other sites that have posted articles on the 3rd Temple, and noted the existence of the stones.  I have talked with Randal Price, an archeologist, and truly an “expert” on the Third Temple
A friend of mine on the railroad, now deceased and a former VP of the PRR’s Pittsburgh Region, Joe Spreng told me that the order required 500 carloads to complete the shipment.  Back in those days, there was not the hostility issue and such information was not as hush-hush because of its implications.
My suspicion is that the stones have been hidden in the desert, perhaps covered with sand.  I have never been able to learn much after that.  For about a year after seeing the cars loaded with the Temple stones I tried to learn more, but this was before the day of the Internet access to sources and information.  The very mention of a Third Temple and the presence of the stones would be incitement issues for the Palestinians and radical Muslims.
In moving years ago I sold my collection of railroad memorabilia – including a hundred thousand 35mm slides, thousands of pictures, scale models, and so much more.  I had to sell it all, as I was trying to keep from losing a house that I built.  I was an unsecured creditor for a corporation that filed bankruptcy for $135-million dollars.  They owed me thousands and I did lose my house to the bank in their bankruptcy.
From where I sit at the moment, being able to witness the movement of the Third Temple stones, I truly considered myself blessed and often saw it as providential because it confirms the Israelis do plan to build a “third” Temple.  I chuckle when I hear people dismiss the idea as absurd and even unbiblical.
Hope you find this helpful.
Pastor Bob

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May 7, 2014 at 5:52 pm

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