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May 17, 2014 The Shemittah year and the Jubilee year and Daniel 70 weeks of years

A lot of things are dependent on the Sabbath years or Shemittah and its importance has been made more obvious by pastor Jonathan Cahn the author of the Harbinger. His presentations on the Shemittah and how important they are today are extraordinary. In his lectures he identifies the year 2001, 2008 and 2015 as being Sabbath years. This very important fact is corroborated by J.R. Church in his book: Daniel Reveals the Blood Line of the Antichrist. At the end of the book starting on page 267 to page 330 he has a Chart of Six Millennia.

This chart is worth by itself the buying of the book. It lists many important historical facts but it starts with Adam listing the Sabbatical and Jubilee years listing in red those that are questionable and derived from the book of Jubilee. It covers the present and projects to the future year 2241. On page 328 of the book he starts the second column of dates with the year 1994/95J, indicating it as a Jubilee. He shows 1993/94S and lists the following as Sabbatical years 2000/2001S , 2007/2008S , 2014/2015S and 2021/22S. The book lists the next Jubilee year as 2043/44J. If you take your calculator or by hand you will see that the Jubilee cycles are 49 years not 50 years. Each Jubilee year is the first year also of the next Sabbatical year as well as the first year of the next Jubilee year.

This count agrees with the dates given by Jonathan Cahn in his Shemittah series presentations. He also comes to the conclusion that in Rosh Hashanah of 2015 it could be, not 100% sure, the collapse of the world economy. There is also a partial solar eclipse on that date.

The Shemittah year 2014/15 falls in the mist of the tetrad of lunar eclipses discovered by pastor Mark Biltz.

The following graph is from the Torah calendar site and it lists this year also as a Shemittah year and the 120th Jubilee year since creation and the year 6,000. Here they count the cycles as 50 years.

This is my personal opinion to all of the above.

The Millennium is definitively starting on a Jubilee year and if the Tribulation starts after a Sabbatical year then on Rosh Hashanah 2015 the Tribulation should start. The Millenium on 2022/23.

For the Rapture it could be any time from here til 2015 before the Tribulation. June 8, 2014 Pentecost sounds good to me and it is my next watch.


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  1. Hi Nando, You might remember a few years back I shared with you “The Scroll of Jubilees” which is a record of all the Appointed Times, i.e. Jubilee and Sabbatical Years, starting at the first year of creation. I think people are starting to understand what I was talking about now that Jonathan Cahn and others like Mark Biltz have published their amazing studies. I gave my study of the Jubilees to J.R. Church and I think he modified it somewhat to produce his chart of the Jubilee years. I also gave “The Scroll” to Mark Biltz in 2007 and I think he may have used some of its information to make his Blood Moons discovery. Here are the facts about the counting of the Jubilees both ancient and modern counts.

    Eusebius and Jerome both identified the year Jesus started his earthly ministry as the 81st Jubilee according to the records of the Jews. This was the Gregorian year 27/28 AD. If you count backwards (81) times (49 year Jubilees) starting at (27 AD) you will find the year of creation is (3942 BC), and this year was the first Jubilee, The calculation goes as follows: ((81*49) – 27) = 3942. This agrees with the great biblical historians Sir Isaac Newton and Joseph Justice Scaliger. If you count forward you will find the year WW2 started (1939 AD) and the year the Soviet Union collapsed (1988 AD) were Jubilee Years. The next Jubilee Year is (2037 AD) according to the ancient count.

    There is an exception to the Jubilee counting method which requires the people (Jews) must be “In The Land” in order to start counting the Jubilee years. This rule comes into play when the Jews returned from the diaspora starting in the year 1918 AD. The Jubilees of our modern era are 1918 … 1967 … 2016. The next Jubilee will be proclaimed on The Day of Atonement, September 22nd, (2015 AD). This will be the Last Jubilee (Trumpet) of the 6000 year count ending on Rosh Hashanah (2058 AD). Jesus said the Days will be shortened for his return otherwise all flesh would die, Matthew 24:22. I believe this is a reference to the 1000 year prophetic days being cut short by Jesus return; it is my opinion the “Catching Away” of the Church could happen either this spring or next spring according to the prophecy of the “Fig Tree” given in the book of Matthew. God Bless Us and Keep Us … Watching. ..Oliver Thomas

    Pastor Oliver Thomas

    May 19, 2014 at 1:02 pm

  2. hiddenmanna2017

    May 19, 2014 at 11:16 pm

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