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June 2, 2014 Blood Moons, Nephilin,Apocalypse, Antichrist, the Edge of Prophecy by Gary Stearman

In this good video presentation Gary Stearman goes in the defense of Prophecy in the News and the prophetic subjects he has dealt with. I agree with his statement of believes and concur with his views of interpretation and materials presented. This ministry is at the leading edge of Bible Prophecy interpretation and divulging.

The problem with the material they present is that it shakes the foundations of a placid and nonchalant Christianity that is ignorant of the enormously perilous times ahead.

The world of supernatural demonic forces is about to make full entrance into the world and form a reality that is frightening. Wake up world and specially wake up church, horrible times are coming.


Nando end


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  1. This a good one I been reading Isa 33 and studying this chapter need some related to going on today where similar in today not done yet going 2 more weeks on it of Hezekiah and our nation cause to fall I need help in this ok cause having nitemares for what going my mine. I probalby watch this several times before I go to bed intil in my mine

    Mike Brown

    June 2, 2014 at 7:34 pm

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