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June 2, 2014, Gina McCray “Benjamin Netanyahu was literally appointed by God to lead Israel in “the most dangerous days of Israel’s history”.

Many years ago I read The days of the revolt by Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Menachen Begin. It was a very good account of the travails experienced by the Jewish fighters to establish the State of Israel. After reading this article below I can get a more complete picture of how God used Begin to establish Israel and bring to be the present Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Both men are exceptional and for all the information that I have gather men of God chosen for the occasion.

In the last month I have heard from many people their bewilderment about the hate that the Jews and Israel get from the world when they are such a small part of the human population.

The answer is not easily grasped because it is not based on physical facts but spiritual. In the realm of the spiritual the enemy of God Satan hates the Jewish nation and the Jews because they have a relationship, purpose and covenant with the God of the Universe.

Through these people He talked to a selected few and told to write His word. The old and the new testament were both written by Jews. The Bible is a testament to the fidelity and accuracy of their efforts.

The Messiah Jesus Christ is a descendant of Jews and salvation came to the world trough Him.

Finally Jesus is going to rule the earth during the Millennium form His throne in Jerusalem and Israel will be the head of all the nations of the world.

If you have a heart that hates the Jews or Israel then I can say that your heart is in synchronicity and devotion to Satan and not to God.

Thanks to Gina Mc Cray for this post.

After posting this article I read from one of Pastor Bob that Netanyahu was a 33 rd degree mason. I went to Google and found many articles that affirm this fact. I will not pursue this any more, but if he is he can not be an ignorant follower without knowing that he is following Satan. This brings into question the article below.

Until this moment I was a great admirer of the Prime Minister. I have to dig more info on this matter.


Gina McCray (1 June 2014)
Benjamin Netanyahu was literally appointed by God to lead Israel in “the most dangerous days of Israel’s history”.

Here is just one more precise detail pointing to the fact that we are in the last of the Last Days!More than 30 years ago, Benjamin Netanyahu was specially appointed by God to lead Israel in “the most dangerous days of Israel’s history”.At that time, Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, was directed by God to anoint Benjamin Netanyahu & to to proclaim that Netanyahu would be prime minister of Israel TWICE and that “the SECOND TIME WILL BE THE MOST DANGEROUS DAYS OF ISRAEL’S HISTORY.”WE ARE NOW THERE! Surely Benjamin Netanyahu realizes what he & all of Israel are facing.

“I met Benjamin Netanyahu, then a young man grieving the death of his brother Jonathan in the raid that freed the Israelis being held by PLO terrorists at Entebbe, Uganda. He wasn’t involved in politics at all then. Yet as I prayed for his comfort and strength, the Spirit of God gave me a prophetic Word for his life. I anointed him with oil and told him that he would twice serve as prime minister of Israel, and that the second time would be during Israel’s greatest crisis.”

“I’ll never forget the words God gave me that day. I said, “You loved Jonathan. Out of the ashes of your despair will come strength from God. You will be the Prime Minister of Israel [he wasn’t involved in politics at all at the time] twice, and the second time will be in the most dangerous days of Israel’s history.” I took a small bottle of oil I had purchased at the Garden Tomb and anointed his head with that oil.”


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June 2, 2014 at 11:41 am

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