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June 4, 2014 The big error of appeasing Iran. Todd Baker interviews Bill Koenig and Yoram Ettinger

In the interview they talk about the deception that Iran is putting on the West as if these nations were not perfectly aware of what they are doing. This is not the 1930’s With Hitler and Chamberlain, these nations and the person in charge of negotiations are not being deceived, they are acting with malice and evil intent and purpose. By entering in the negotiations they effectively tied the hands of Israel for dealing with a nuclear Iran during the time of the negotiations.

The destruction or subjugation of Israel is Satan’s plan for defeating God and his son Obama is very much into planning this end with Lucifer. The third member of the Satanic trinity which the book of Revelation chapter 13 describes as dress in white with two horns like a lamb but a demon in the inside is also part of this nefarious plan and it is now involved in the mist of the political chess game to check mate Israel. So there is no doubt of the identity of the second beast his name is Pope Francis and in the last few weeks he has been in the middle east and Jerusalem to foment division among the Israeli population.

Israel should wake up to the situation at hand and start planning for this eventuality that is soon to come.

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