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June 4, 2014 There is no such thing as a Palestinian or a State of Palestine by Hawaii pastor JD Farag

As I am used to hear the you tube sermons of Pastor JD Farag every week I am including the Sunday June 1, 2014 sermon for you readers to hear.

His message in support of Israel is one that I share 100% as well as his statement that Jehovah and Allah are not the same. Jehovah is the true God and Allah the would be usurper.

It would be wise to pay attention to his sermon and search the scriptures to confirm its veracity. For the truth about the land of Israel he mentions a book to read and I will suggest another. The book: From Time Immemorial The Origins of the Arab Jewish Conflict by historian Joan Peters. This is a secular book thoroughly researched and documented(12 pages of bibliography).


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