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June 16, 2014 The Roman Catholic Church RCC further discussion and thoughts

On June 8 I posted this ( )on fivedoves as an answer to pastor Bob’s post.

Today I am further answering to his reply and to Gino’s reply on the same subject.

First let me say that I like both replies very much in that they cover the subject truthfully and sincerely. I have no objections to their letters, but will like to further the discussion more so that it can help all true believers in Jesus Christ and His Word in the Bible.

It is my opinion at this point in my life that Satan’s main business is religion and that he has successfully created all false ones and infiltrated all Christian denominations without exception. The list of religious cults and false religions is to great to enumerate.

It is also my believe that among all the Christian denominations are true and false believers, the wheat and the tares, that Jesus rebuked His disciples from touching or taking out.

I am not going to explain what the Gospel is as all you readers know. Salvation is to those who believe the Gospel and not by works so that nobody could boast or brag.

Father Malachy Martin has been one of my favorite authors since I read one of the first books of his Hostage to the devil. I have the final conclave, the Jesuits and the keys of this blood that pastor Bob made reference in his letter. He is a perfect example of a true believer that was in the RCC and denounced their adulterous alterations of the Word for which he was pushed down the stairs and killed as a result.

Pastor Bob you also mentioned poison which brings to mind another true believer Pope John Paul I who lasted less than a month as Pope. In his book In God’s Name by David Yallop the author makes a compelling argument that the Pope was poisoned when he was going to expose a cabal of Masonic Cardinals with a corrupt Vatican bank. Author Thomas Horn exposes the plan to elect the next Pope by some Satanic Cardinals who belong to Masonry and a homosexual cabal in the Vatican.

They succeeded in their plan with the election of Pope Francis.

Is he the Antichrist or the False Prophet? I believe he is the latter and that Obama is the Antichrist. Yes I know he is a Mason of the 33rd degree and a member of the skull and bones society the Boule

What I believe you are correct but that it surprised me is Netanyahu being a 33rd degree mason.

The RCC has a preterist and amilenial eschatology position. They teach their priest and theologians that the Apocalypse is not a future event to come but that it happened already in the past. They allegorize the millenial Kingdom of Christ as being the RCC ruling Rome’s kingdom given to them by Constantin. So they usurp the power and Kingdom of Jesus Christ and state there is no future millenium.

So the alarm that Christ is coming as well as the Apocalypse is not sounded in all their churches of the world leaving the baby believers completely in the dark. Of all the Christian denominations the one that knows less of the Word of God the Bible is the RCC and thus the amount of babies that can only drink milk is more than 80% of the believers and these may not be more than half of all who say they are Catholic.

The implications of this lack of knowledge is what has made possible the rise of the false prophet in the church without much objection or alarm and the introduction of heresies specially associated with the virgin Mary. Immaculate Conception, ascended into heaven, remain a virgin all her life even after the birth of Jesus, cor-regent with Christ and Queen of Heaven. Praying of the Hail Mary and the rosary, a repetitious Hail Mary.

It is important at this point to introduce an Attribute Of God and that is Omnipresence, which means that God (the Trinity) can see everything and be every where all the time and that includes all thoughts of every human being and angels, demons, animals and living organisms. To have the capacity to hear prayers means that a person is equal to God or that God shared this capacity with someone. This in mathematics is referred to as an empty set or one that does not exist.

The church is consumed with rituals and ecclesiastical routines when they should be consumed with a passion for the Word and an understanding of scripture specially of prophecy. This part will soon engulf the world in the biggest nightmare that it has ever known.

If you are a true believer of Jesus Christ and a member of the RCC make sure that you get hold of a Bible and read Genesis and the Gospels followed by Revelation and all the rest, your remaining time is very short to do it.

I hope you have listened. Here are both posts of today

Pastor Bob (15 June 2014)
To: Nando

Bro. Nando:

First, thanks for reposting messages from J.D. Farag.  I look forward to viewing his video message.

Regarding my comments about the RCC,  While I have been a student of Bible prophecy for 53 years, I have been relentless in my quest to be able to answer a simple question that a member of my first pastorate asked my in 1965. I did not heed the advice of my Methodist superiors and ultimately I found it necessary to end my affiliation with the UMC.

I understand that from your perspective that you would disagree that some might disagree with me  about the RCC.  However, using my point about Absence of Proof is NOT Proof of Absence, let me preface something that Hosea 4:6 so aptly speaks prophetically today.  Two subjects that I have researched and study with almost the same zeal as the Bible, has been Freemasonry and the RCC.  I was a history major in college, and always interested in the power struggle of Rome to control the flow of events in the world.  Because we live in a world of ecumenical thinking, where toleration is more important than truth, the media, print or visual, has gone to great lengths to hide the truth.

I have well over 50,000 documents on Masonry.  I cannot begin to estimate my files on the RCC, the Jesuits, and the Illuminati.  If I appear to be too opinionated about the RCC it comes from decades of research, and I am not alone by any means.  The Lutheran Church in America referred to the Pope as the Antichrist, right up to 1996.  If you ever get a chance to get hold of any of Fr. Malachi Martin’s books, read them.  Fr. Malachi Martin wrote truth through the use of fiction.  Every one of his books were an expose of Rome.  Fr. Malachi Martin was a Jesuit, worked in the Vatican for six years as an aide to the Pope.  Jesuits don’t tell tales out of school as they say, without incurring the wrath of the Society of Jesus.  Fr. Martin was pushed down the steps of his New York City apartment according to his own words to his housekeeper.  I did have all his books until I gave my library away.

I am going to give you five centuries of RCC history in a few paragraphs.  The Jesuits, made a deal with the Pope to gain official recognition by Rome.  The Jesuits are not permitted to perform marriages or baptize Catholics.  They are entrusted with political, educational, intelligence gathering, etc.  Their US base is at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  Different Popes tried to remove them but failed or were given the Borgia cup of poison.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and do not be deceived by his doting grandfather face.  That’s for public consumption.  Behind the pope in white is the “black” pope [dress and attire].  They pull the strings of whoever occupies the throne.  Now, in this case, we have two Jesuits at the pinnacle of the RCC.  This is the first time in history that two peas in a pod are working under the same agenda.  The ultimate goal is to return the second key on the Pope’s crest, the key of temporal power.  The Pope’s crest or shield contains two crossed keys, that represent the two realms of power:  religious and political.  The Vatican has not held that second key of temporal or political power since the time of the Renaissance.  Rome never forgets and Rome never changes.

Vatican II never repealed, or revoked the Council of Trent, and Vatican II, it merely reaffirmed the Council of Trent, behind flowering talk of change, in order to bring Protestantism back under the fold of Rome.  The Jesuits were around a couple hundred years before Freemasonry became a formal body in 1711.  The Illuminati infiltrated and recruited from all the secret societies of the day.  The Vatican’s financial fiduciary, the House of Rothschild was the financial arm to wage the Vatican’s silent wars, covert and overt.  Rome fronts a lot of groups and organizations to conduct their agenda efforts and yet maintain plausible denial.

It is true that a lot of people in Catholicism are sincere in what they believe, but it does not mean they are right, it simply affirms successful seduction of folks.  This is true of the cults.  I simply believe that Rome practices the same math that the cults practice.  They add to the Scriptures, they subtract from the Scriptures, they multiply the requirements of membership, and they divide the loyalty of the believers.  Now, few people, theologians, or church celebrity voices are about to be branded as anti-Catholic today.  They stopped that in 1965, when the word was put out to church leaders to not say or do anything to offend our Catholic brethren.  I was a student-pastor in college and it was made plain, loud and clear, to show courtesy and respect for the RCC.  No more sermons on the RCC.  Rapproachment was the buzz word.  I have not heard one Christian leader in 50 years tell the truth about the RCC.  Being “religiously correct” has reigned supreme since.

I shared with someone in a post last time, a thought for consideration.  This is something for consideration:

The Antichrist is a person, but it is also a system
The False Prophet is a person, but it is also a system
The Image of the Beast (Rev. 13) is a system

What I have in my files, concerning Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the founding of Washington, DC as the choice for the nations capital, its original name “New Rome” an area referred to as Foggy Bottom; the ties to Bishop John Carroll, his family’s ownership of the land donated to George Washington, the mirror image of DC’s Federal Mall to that of the Vatican, etc., etc.

I’m in agreement with you on most of your remarks, we are wrestling with the nuances of symbols and symbolic language that John used and probably had to use to preserve the book of Revelation.

Barack Obama is a 32nd or 33rd degree Mason in the Afro-American lodge, I think it is the Prince Hall Lodge, I can’t recall name at the moment.  Benjamin Netanyahu is a 33rd degree.

Let me recommend you go to a web site ‘Three World Wars’.  Freemason Grand Master of the Southern Jurisdiction and Confederate Army Brigadier-General Albert Pike had a vision of three world wars preceding a global government.  Pike rewrote the rituals of Freemasonry.  It is called ‘Morals and Dogma’  In the 19th degree rituals it tells that Masons worships Lucifer as their God.  In Freemasonry Lucifer is the good god, and Yahweh is the bad god.  They reverse the roles in their system of dualism.  Point of Pike’s vision or teaching on three world wars would be required to weaken the people of the world to surrender to a system of global government.  Albert Pike is the only Confederate general to have a monument to him in Washington, DC.  Pike was Jesuit-trained, and his family were RCC from Massachusetts.  Now, catch this:  This third world war would be waged between Islamists and Judeo-Christians to bring about the annihilation of humanity, in order that the Illuminati elite could take over the world.

As much as I would like to say that Obama is the A/C, my intuition tells me not.  He is merely a soldier and reports to his superiors through the Masonic hierarchy to the Jesuits and to the Black Pope [attire and dress], or the power behind the White Pope [attire].  When John referred to it as “Mystery Babylon” I can see many reasons why God gave us that term.   This black and white issue is a Masonic thing “Dualism”.  Every Lodge has a floor that looks just like a checkerboard of black and white squares.  Its all in the symbols.

In my perspective, the “Image” of the Beast is the USA.  That would be validated by everything I know about how Freemasonry has operated from behind the scenes in the history of America.  There are numerous books dealing with the occult symbolism of DC and no reference, not one, to Jesus Christ.  My intuition [Watchman Nee wrote a book called ‘The Spiritual Man’ and he had a whole chapter on intuition in it, around forty pages or so, and he made the point that God speaks to us through our intuition.].  I just know that whenever I did not listen to that intuitive tug when I was younger, I got in trouble.  So I trained myself to listen to the voice of God’s intuition.  In the parlance of contemporary language, I trained myself to listen to my right brain, since males all operate from their left-side of the brain.

Just a last thought to share with you in this fascinating study of the A/C and False Prophet.  There is so much that I could share from my decades of research and study.  Think about this – what is the first thing a leader does when he gets elected to state office – he goes and visits the Pope!  Another thought about our impotent congress, they are all spied upon by the NSA.  They are [congress people] all owned – either bribed, bought, or blackmailed to do the bidding of their real CEO in Rome.

Every state in the USA has a “Grand Orient” Lodge, from which the real power originates in Freemasonry.  The highest Lodge in the world is the “Order of the Garter” headed by Prince Charles.  Another reason I don’t see Obama as the A/C is that he has already lost his appeal around the world.  At the graduation address at the Naval Academy, only 25% applauded Obama.  75% of the graduating class remained seated and did not applaud Obama’s address.

Sorry to be so long but this is as urgent of a topic as I can think.Keep looking up,

Pastor Bob  

Gino (15 June 2014)
“RE: Nando: 06.08.14: your answer to Pastor Bob”

I really liked reading that you are an engineer.

By the grace of God, I’ve been a chemical engineer for most of my adult life.

It explains to me why you have a scientific way of putting things, or looking at things.

I don’t believe that all science is bad, only what the scriptures warned about, “science falsely so called”.

As far as I know, engineering doesn’t qualify as a science falsely so called, it seems to be real science, mathematically & economically applied.

I was born again while I was in grad school.

I had been working the 2nd shift in the laboratory, and going to school during the day.

For the last three semesters, I switched to working the day shift and went to school in the evening, since most grad courses were offered in the evening.

In the laboratory where I worked, there was a chemist, who was my mentor, who kept witnessing to me.

As a Roman Catholic, I was very troubled by many of the things this Protestant said, because they were contrary to Catholic doctrine and dogma.

On Sundays, my wife and I were co-teaching a fifth grade CCD class.

The fifth grade was on the subject of the Seven Sacraments and the Rosary.

I had earlier learned much of my Catholic doctrine from the Jesuits, where I had previously gone to school.

I also learned a lot of doctrine, in depth, from our parish priest, who was also our parish pastor.

First, he was teaching weekly sessions to my wife, who was an adult convert to the Catholic church, and I attended each, and did the study books, too.

After she finished all those, there was a class for CCD teachers, that he taught, to ensure that we knew & would teach the proper things.

Our class, the Seven Sacraments & the Rosary, involved by far the most doctrine, so we had to learn more to be ready.

That chemist, at my job, kept quoting scriptures to me from the King James Bible.

I asked the priest if it was alright, then, for me to read from them King James Bible, to refute the Protestant chemist.

Previously, the Jesuits had told me that the King James Bible was technically still a banned book.

I didn’t want to go against the church, so that is why I sought permission from our priest.

He gave me the go ahead, so every time I went to have cigarette, and I smoked a lot then, I pulled out my new pocket sized King James, to read.

I particularly wanted to refute my laboratory mentor regarding communion.

I wanted to prove to him, using his own Bible, that transubstantiation was right, and that he was wrong in what he believed.

There I was, a lost Catholic, diligently searching the King James Bible for everything it said about the blood of the Lamb.

Well, praise the LORD, I quickly discovered that I was a lost, hell-bound sinner, that I needed to repent and trust fully on Jesus to save me.

I also fell in love with the Bible doctrine of the blood of the Lamb.

Immediately, I went to the priest, told him that I had been born again, and that I could no longer teach the Seven Sacraments and the Rosary.

I told him that I now knew, and believed, that those Catholic doctrines were all contrary to the scriptures.

Instead of kicking me out (or if it had been 430 years earlier, burned at the stake), he allowed me to teach the seventh grade, on the Four Gospels (go figure).

Anyway, there were a couple of salient sentences in your letter, at least to me:


“At the present time it is my opinion that the RCC is still a christian church with the majority of its members believing in the Trinity and worshiping Jesus Christ.

The biggest fault they have is the fact that the ecclesiastic members from the top down are instructed erroneously in eschatology.”


Six of the seven sacraments, leaving out Matrimony, are all, each, a severe heresy, completely against the gospel and the doctrine of grace.

One cannot believe those doctrines and the gospel at the same time, as they are opposed to each other.

If someone thinks they are saved, and still believe the heresies of the doctrines of the Catholic sacraments, they only think they are saved.

One cannot be saved believing something diabolically opposed to the gospel, it cannot happen.

One either believes the gospel or believes Catholic doctrines, to think it could be both is to be blinded and deceived.

Thus was my lot, until the gospel came to me.

I had to repent of that my Catholic heresy, as well as repenting of the devilish doctrine of praying to the queen of heaven.

We used to lie to those children, in CCD, telling them that they were praying to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

That in itself would be vile heresy, however, none of those prayers went to her, but rather to a fallen angel.

To think that we taught those children to commit idolatry & to have fellowship with devils!

That is so wicked, and has nothing to do with the gospel, it is the ancient worship of the heathen, repackaged as “praying to Mary”.

The biggest fault is not about eschatology, but about heresy, denying the gospel, idolatry, and communion with devils.

The Catholic church is not a Christian church, but a whorish, heathen monstrosity, disguised as Christian church.

We need to separate ourselves as far as possible from that nightmare.


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