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June 18, 2014 Islam is a political, military and religious evil ideology

It is important to understand the evil that this Islam brings to the whole world. Most people of the world that are living outside of countries dominated by Islam are ignorant of what this system is planning to do.

We live preoccupied with the daily routines of our lives without giving it a minute of attention to the danger we are in. President Obama is undermining the foundations of this democracy and is intent on its destruction.

Islam is just one way he will do it. Apathy is the order of the day, nobody cares or is willing to listen.


Nando end

June 18, 2014 Giants, Gigantes, Fallen Angels,Angeles Caidos, Nephilin

The wonders of modern technology search engines is that they try to anticipate what you are looking for or want. In this case I just entered You Tube and the video below was listed.

This video covers the subject in the title and much more, surprisingly it gives the Bible explanation to all this phenomena and incur in speculating into the origins of humans as mixing with aliens from other planets.

UFO’s, abductions, ancient civilization megalitic structures, Nibiru, the Ananaki and a myriad of other interconnected subjects are seen in this very good video.

They even speculate at the end that the UFO’s that we are seeing are these gods that are coming back again.

They are correct in this statement, but what is coming to the earth is the biggest onslaught of demonic entities that the world has ever seen or will ever see.


Nando end

The skull  and bones photo that appears in the video intro if it is true and not a photo shop can be assumed to be about six times the size of the skull of the human at the right side touching it. No info of where the photo was taken or the people in the photo. Let us look a little more closely at the shadows that we see.

The shadow of the jaw falls to the right below as well as the ones in the eyes bones etc. The shadow of the man crouching falls also equally and appears to have the same source in intensity and direction. Shadows tie an object to the place it stands and the shadows of this photo seem consistent and not manipulated. The video does not cover the photo announcing it.


The following video is an interview with Steve Quayle. The subject of Giants all over the world is covered fully with slides showing some amazing facts.

June 16, 2014 The Roman Catholic Church RCC further discussion and thoughts

On June 8 I posted this ( )on fivedoves as an answer to pastor Bob’s post.

Today I am further answering to his reply and to Gino’s reply on the same subject.

First let me say that I like both replies very much in that they cover the subject truthfully and sincerely. I have no objections to their letters, but will like to further the discussion more so that it can help all true believers in Jesus Christ and His Word in the Bible.

It is my opinion at this point in my life that Satan’s main business is religion and that he has successfully created all false ones and infiltrated all Christian denominations without exception. The list of religious cults and false religions is to great to enumerate.

It is also my believe that among all the Christian denominations are true and false believers, the wheat and the tares, that Jesus rebuked His disciples from touching or taking out.

I am not going to explain what the Gospel is as all you readers know. Salvation is to those who believe the Gospel and not by works so that nobody could boast or brag.

Father Malachy Martin has been one of my favorite authors since I read one of the first books of his Hostage to the devil. I have the final conclave, the Jesuits and the keys of this blood that pastor Bob made reference in his letter. He is a perfect example of a true believer that was in the RCC and denounced their adulterous alterations of the Word for which he was pushed down the stairs and killed as a result.

Pastor Bob you also mentioned poison which brings to mind another true believer Pope John Paul I who lasted less than a month as Pope. In his book In God’s Name by David Yallop the author makes a compelling argument that the Pope was poisoned when he was going to expose a cabal of Masonic Cardinals with a corrupt Vatican bank. Author Thomas Horn exposes the plan to elect the next Pope by some Satanic Cardinals who belong to Masonry and a homosexual cabal in the Vatican.

They succeeded in their plan with the election of Pope Francis.

Is he the Antichrist or the False Prophet? I believe he is the latter and that Obama is the Antichrist. Yes I know he is a Mason of the 33rd degree and a member of the skull and bones society the Boule

What I believe you are correct but that it surprised me is Netanyahu being a 33rd degree mason.

The RCC has a preterist and amilenial eschatology position. They teach their priest and theologians that the Apocalypse is not a future event to come but that it happened already in the past. They allegorize the millenial Kingdom of Christ as being the RCC ruling Rome’s kingdom given to them by Constantin. So they usurp the power and Kingdom of Jesus Christ and state there is no future millenium.

So the alarm that Christ is coming as well as the Apocalypse is not sounded in all their churches of the world leaving the baby believers completely in the dark. Of all the Christian denominations the one that knows less of the Word of God the Bible is the RCC and thus the amount of babies that can only drink milk is more than 80% of the believers and these may not be more than half of all who say they are Catholic.

The implications of this lack of knowledge is what has made possible the rise of the false prophet in the church without much objection or alarm and the introduction of heresies specially associated with the virgin Mary. Immaculate Conception, ascended into heaven, remain a virgin all her life even after the birth of Jesus, cor-regent with Christ and Queen of Heaven. Praying of the Hail Mary and the rosary, a repetitious Hail Mary.

It is important at this point to introduce an Attribute Of God and that is Omnipresence, which means that God (the Trinity) can see everything and be every where all the time and that includes all thoughts of every human being and angels, demons, animals and living organisms. To have the capacity to hear prayers means that a person is equal to God or that God shared this capacity with someone. This in mathematics is referred to as an empty set or one that does not exist.

The church is consumed with rituals and ecclesiastical routines when they should be consumed with a passion for the Word and an understanding of scripture specially of prophecy. This part will soon engulf the world in the biggest nightmare that it has ever known.

If you are a true believer of Jesus Christ and a member of the RCC make sure that you get hold of a Bible and read Genesis and the Gospels followed by Revelation and all the rest, your remaining time is very short to do it.

I hope you have listened. Here are both posts of today

Pastor Bob (15 June 2014)
To: Nando

Bro. Nando:

First, thanks for reposting messages from J.D. Farag.  I look forward to viewing his video message.

Regarding my comments about the RCC,  While I have been a student of Bible prophecy for 53 years, I have been relentless in my quest to be able to answer a simple question that a member of my first pastorate asked my in 1965. I did not heed the advice of my Methodist superiors and ultimately I found it necessary to end my affiliation with the UMC.

I understand that from your perspective that you would disagree that some might disagree with me  about the RCC.  However, using my point about Absence of Proof is NOT Proof of Absence, let me preface something that Hosea 4:6 so aptly speaks prophetically today.  Two subjects that I have researched and study with almost the same zeal as the Bible, has been Freemasonry and the RCC.  I was a history major in college, and always interested in the power struggle of Rome to control the flow of events in the world.  Because we live in a world of ecumenical thinking, where toleration is more important than truth, the media, print or visual, has gone to great lengths to hide the truth.

I have well over 50,000 documents on Masonry.  I cannot begin to estimate my files on the RCC, the Jesuits, and the Illuminati.  If I appear to be too opinionated about the RCC it comes from decades of research, and I am not alone by any means.  The Lutheran Church in America referred to the Pope as the Antichrist, right up to 1996.  If you ever get a chance to get hold of any of Fr. Malachi Martin’s books, read them.  Fr. Malachi Martin wrote truth through the use of fiction.  Every one of his books were an expose of Rome.  Fr. Malachi Martin was a Jesuit, worked in the Vatican for six years as an aide to the Pope.  Jesuits don’t tell tales out of school as they say, without incurring the wrath of the Society of Jesus.  Fr. Martin was pushed down the steps of his New York City apartment according to his own words to his housekeeper.  I did have all his books until I gave my library away.

I am going to give you five centuries of RCC history in a few paragraphs.  The Jesuits, made a deal with the Pope to gain official recognition by Rome.  The Jesuits are not permitted to perform marriages or baptize Catholics.  They are entrusted with political, educational, intelligence gathering, etc.  Their US base is at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  Different Popes tried to remove them but failed or were given the Borgia cup of poison.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and do not be deceived by his doting grandfather face.  That’s for public consumption.  Behind the pope in white is the “black” pope [dress and attire].  They pull the strings of whoever occupies the throne.  Now, in this case, we have two Jesuits at the pinnacle of the RCC.  This is the first time in history that two peas in a pod are working under the same agenda.  The ultimate goal is to return the second key on the Pope’s crest, the key of temporal power.  The Pope’s crest or shield contains two crossed keys, that represent the two realms of power:  religious and political.  The Vatican has not held that second key of temporal or political power since the time of the Renaissance.  Rome never forgets and Rome never changes.

Vatican II never repealed, or revoked the Council of Trent, and Vatican II, it merely reaffirmed the Council of Trent, behind flowering talk of change, in order to bring Protestantism back under the fold of Rome.  The Jesuits were around a couple hundred years before Freemasonry became a formal body in 1711.  The Illuminati infiltrated and recruited from all the secret societies of the day.  The Vatican’s financial fiduciary, the House of Rothschild was the financial arm to wage the Vatican’s silent wars, covert and overt.  Rome fronts a lot of groups and organizations to conduct their agenda efforts and yet maintain plausible denial.

It is true that a lot of people in Catholicism are sincere in what they believe, but it does not mean they are right, it simply affirms successful seduction of folks.  This is true of the cults.  I simply believe that Rome practices the same math that the cults practice.  They add to the Scriptures, they subtract from the Scriptures, they multiply the requirements of membership, and they divide the loyalty of the believers.  Now, few people, theologians, or church celebrity voices are about to be branded as anti-Catholic today.  They stopped that in 1965, when the word was put out to church leaders to not say or do anything to offend our Catholic brethren.  I was a student-pastor in college and it was made plain, loud and clear, to show courtesy and respect for the RCC.  No more sermons on the RCC.  Rapproachment was the buzz word.  I have not heard one Christian leader in 50 years tell the truth about the RCC.  Being “religiously correct” has reigned supreme since.

I shared with someone in a post last time, a thought for consideration.  This is something for consideration:

The Antichrist is a person, but it is also a system
The False Prophet is a person, but it is also a system
The Image of the Beast (Rev. 13) is a system

What I have in my files, concerning Freemasonry, the Jesuits, the founding of Washington, DC as the choice for the nations capital, its original name “New Rome” an area referred to as Foggy Bottom; the ties to Bishop John Carroll, his family’s ownership of the land donated to George Washington, the mirror image of DC’s Federal Mall to that of the Vatican, etc., etc.

I’m in agreement with you on most of your remarks, we are wrestling with the nuances of symbols and symbolic language that John used and probably had to use to preserve the book of Revelation.

Barack Obama is a 32nd or 33rd degree Mason in the Afro-American lodge, I think it is the Prince Hall Lodge, I can’t recall name at the moment.  Benjamin Netanyahu is a 33rd degree.

Let me recommend you go to a web site ‘Three World Wars’.  Freemason Grand Master of the Southern Jurisdiction and Confederate Army Brigadier-General Albert Pike had a vision of three world wars preceding a global government.  Pike rewrote the rituals of Freemasonry.  It is called ‘Morals and Dogma’  In the 19th degree rituals it tells that Masons worships Lucifer as their God.  In Freemasonry Lucifer is the good god, and Yahweh is the bad god.  They reverse the roles in their system of dualism.  Point of Pike’s vision or teaching on three world wars would be required to weaken the people of the world to surrender to a system of global government.  Albert Pike is the only Confederate general to have a monument to him in Washington, DC.  Pike was Jesuit-trained, and his family were RCC from Massachusetts.  Now, catch this:  This third world war would be waged between Islamists and Judeo-Christians to bring about the annihilation of humanity, in order that the Illuminati elite could take over the world.

As much as I would like to say that Obama is the A/C, my intuition tells me not.  He is merely a soldier and reports to his superiors through the Masonic hierarchy to the Jesuits and to the Black Pope [attire and dress], or the power behind the White Pope [attire].  When John referred to it as “Mystery Babylon” I can see many reasons why God gave us that term.   This black and white issue is a Masonic thing “Dualism”.  Every Lodge has a floor that looks just like a checkerboard of black and white squares.  Its all in the symbols.

In my perspective, the “Image” of the Beast is the USA.  That would be validated by everything I know about how Freemasonry has operated from behind the scenes in the history of America.  There are numerous books dealing with the occult symbolism of DC and no reference, not one, to Jesus Christ.  My intuition [Watchman Nee wrote a book called ‘The Spiritual Man’ and he had a whole chapter on intuition in it, around forty pages or so, and he made the point that God speaks to us through our intuition.].  I just know that whenever I did not listen to that intuitive tug when I was younger, I got in trouble.  So I trained myself to listen to the voice of God’s intuition.  In the parlance of contemporary language, I trained myself to listen to my right brain, since males all operate from their left-side of the brain.

Just a last thought to share with you in this fascinating study of the A/C and False Prophet.  There is so much that I could share from my decades of research and study.  Think about this – what is the first thing a leader does when he gets elected to state office – he goes and visits the Pope!  Another thought about our impotent congress, they are all spied upon by the NSA.  They are [congress people] all owned – either bribed, bought, or blackmailed to do the bidding of their real CEO in Rome.

Every state in the USA has a “Grand Orient” Lodge, from which the real power originates in Freemasonry.  The highest Lodge in the world is the “Order of the Garter” headed by Prince Charles.  Another reason I don’t see Obama as the A/C is that he has already lost his appeal around the world.  At the graduation address at the Naval Academy, only 25% applauded Obama.  75% of the graduating class remained seated and did not applaud Obama’s address.

Sorry to be so long but this is as urgent of a topic as I can think.Keep looking up,

Pastor Bob  

Gino (15 June 2014)
“RE: Nando: 06.08.14: your answer to Pastor Bob”

I really liked reading that you are an engineer.

By the grace of God, I’ve been a chemical engineer for most of my adult life.

It explains to me why you have a scientific way of putting things, or looking at things.

I don’t believe that all science is bad, only what the scriptures warned about, “science falsely so called”.

As far as I know, engineering doesn’t qualify as a science falsely so called, it seems to be real science, mathematically & economically applied.

I was born again while I was in grad school.

I had been working the 2nd shift in the laboratory, and going to school during the day.

For the last three semesters, I switched to working the day shift and went to school in the evening, since most grad courses were offered in the evening.

In the laboratory where I worked, there was a chemist, who was my mentor, who kept witnessing to me.

As a Roman Catholic, I was very troubled by many of the things this Protestant said, because they were contrary to Catholic doctrine and dogma.

On Sundays, my wife and I were co-teaching a fifth grade CCD class.

The fifth grade was on the subject of the Seven Sacraments and the Rosary.

I had earlier learned much of my Catholic doctrine from the Jesuits, where I had previously gone to school.

I also learned a lot of doctrine, in depth, from our parish priest, who was also our parish pastor.

First, he was teaching weekly sessions to my wife, who was an adult convert to the Catholic church, and I attended each, and did the study books, too.

After she finished all those, there was a class for CCD teachers, that he taught, to ensure that we knew & would teach the proper things.

Our class, the Seven Sacraments & the Rosary, involved by far the most doctrine, so we had to learn more to be ready.

That chemist, at my job, kept quoting scriptures to me from the King James Bible.

I asked the priest if it was alright, then, for me to read from them King James Bible, to refute the Protestant chemist.

Previously, the Jesuits had told me that the King James Bible was technically still a banned book.

I didn’t want to go against the church, so that is why I sought permission from our priest.

He gave me the go ahead, so every time I went to have cigarette, and I smoked a lot then, I pulled out my new pocket sized King James, to read.

I particularly wanted to refute my laboratory mentor regarding communion.

I wanted to prove to him, using his own Bible, that transubstantiation was right, and that he was wrong in what he believed.

There I was, a lost Catholic, diligently searching the King James Bible for everything it said about the blood of the Lamb.

Well, praise the LORD, I quickly discovered that I was a lost, hell-bound sinner, that I needed to repent and trust fully on Jesus to save me.

I also fell in love with the Bible doctrine of the blood of the Lamb.

Immediately, I went to the priest, told him that I had been born again, and that I could no longer teach the Seven Sacraments and the Rosary.

I told him that I now knew, and believed, that those Catholic doctrines were all contrary to the scriptures.

Instead of kicking me out (or if it had been 430 years earlier, burned at the stake), he allowed me to teach the seventh grade, on the Four Gospels (go figure).

Anyway, there were a couple of salient sentences in your letter, at least to me:


“At the present time it is my opinion that the RCC is still a christian church with the majority of its members believing in the Trinity and worshiping Jesus Christ.

The biggest fault they have is the fact that the ecclesiastic members from the top down are instructed erroneously in eschatology.”


Six of the seven sacraments, leaving out Matrimony, are all, each, a severe heresy, completely against the gospel and the doctrine of grace.

One cannot believe those doctrines and the gospel at the same time, as they are opposed to each other.

If someone thinks they are saved, and still believe the heresies of the doctrines of the Catholic sacraments, they only think they are saved.

One cannot be saved believing something diabolically opposed to the gospel, it cannot happen.

One either believes the gospel or believes Catholic doctrines, to think it could be both is to be blinded and deceived.

Thus was my lot, until the gospel came to me.

I had to repent of that my Catholic heresy, as well as repenting of the devilish doctrine of praying to the queen of heaven.

We used to lie to those children, in CCD, telling them that they were praying to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

That in itself would be vile heresy, however, none of those prayers went to her, but rather to a fallen angel.

To think that we taught those children to commit idolatry & to have fellowship with devils!

That is so wicked, and has nothing to do with the gospel, it is the ancient worship of the heathen, repackaged as “praying to Mary”.

The biggest fault is not about eschatology, but about heresy, denying the gospel, idolatry, and communion with devils.

The Catholic church is not a Christian church, but a whorish, heathen monstrosity, disguised as Christian church.

We need to separate ourselves as far as possible from that nightmare.


June 16, 2014 The Pope, Allah, Jehovah all discussed by JD Farag

As I usually do every week I post this pastors prophecy update.

Today he discusses the Pope’s invitation to the Vatican of Perez and a Muslim cleric for prayer to god.

He covers Allah, Jehovah and Jesus in his explanation of the three.

Thanks to BG Ellis for the link.


Nando end

June 12, 2014 Pope Francis and Pentecost June 8, 2014

In the post below the author points to very interesting facts that are being orchestrated by Pope Francis. He states unequivocally that once the true church of Jesus Christ is removed from the earth at the Rapture the Pope and those in the Catholic church and other churches that were not fond by Jesus to be true believers will form the false religion that will take over control of the world with the Antichrist.

I agree with his assessment of Pope Francis being the False Prophet of Revelation 13 as I also belief that the role of the Antichrist is to be the present president of the USA Barrack Hussein Obama.

I also agree that the two most probable dates for the Rapture to occur are Pentecost or Rosh Hashanah. It could be this year or the next, I do not see how it could extend any further for the Tribulation to start.


Luis Vega (8 June 2014)

invitation to the Father’s house
Issue of Spiritual Authority and the Upper Room
A Prophetic Double Entandre Mockery of Pentecost

By Luis B. Vega
In my Father’s House, there are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back to take you to be where I am that where I am you may be also. –John 14
The purpose of this study is to ascertain the possible spiritual implications of the statement made by the current Pope, Frances during his first visit to the West Bank city of Bethlehem. This was an unprecedented visit by the Pope to the Middle East in that for the first time in Papal history, the Pope first landed directly in the West Bank instead of Jerusalem. Pope Francis also is the first Pope to call the West Back the ‘State of Palestine’. As the Kerry Peace initiative Peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and the State of Israel have stalled, the Pope has infused the dialog with a personal invitation to Abbas and Peres to unite and meet at the Vatican on June 8, 2014. This date happens to be on Pentecost, as observed in the western traditional calendar.

What was sticking and perhaps prophetic are the words the Pope used for this historic invitation. He stated, ‘I extend a personal invitation to my House, in the Vatican to meet for prayer and discussion’, etc., as the Pope would officiate the religious celebration of Pentecost observance on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. What might seem unapparent to the average observer of languages, it would seem to be a sensible and polite gesture by the Pope to do so for the cause of peace between the Palestinians and the Jews. What is monumental in prophetic scope is the timing and the place and who gave this ‘Pentecost Invitation’. The Pope is no ordinary personage as Bethlehem is no ordinary place and Pentecost is no ordinary time to have these 3 people meet. What this time and place could prophetically represent is the Vatican’s quest for the spiritual authority over YHVH’s Feast of Pentecost and all that it represents. In a prophetic perspective, it is an issue of who will have ultimate spiritual authority on Earth.

The office of the Pope is the person that claims to be the Vicar of Christ, which is Christ sole representative on Earth, instead of the universal Church or the Holy Spirit in the whole Body of Christ theologically. The Papacy claims sole proprietorship of all things pertaining to Jesus Christ and Christendom. Thus the place at which the ‘Invitation to his House’ was made is likewise equal in possible prophetic significance in the following manner. The place was none other than the birth place of the Jewish Messiah, the Prince of Peace foretold in Isaiah to be born out of the numerous towns called Bethlehem of ancient Israel or Judea. The West Bank is what makes up the ancient regions of Judea and Samaria. These are the very lands that will be at stake if a division of Israel is to be had to accommodate the State of Palestine for the majority Muslim Arabs.
A Double Entandre
This study suggests that the statement made by the Pope at that place and time has some possible prophetic meaning and implications. Specifically as it pertains to Pentecost, it has definite spiritual overtones and of how it mocks the event of what took place on Pentecost and what that event represented since the 1st century in the Upper Room. The issue is about all spiritual authority given to the True Church of Jesus, not Israel or Rome. Pentecost was about a Risen Christ giving His Bride the office to represent King Jesus’ Royal decree, will and purpose and Great Commission to all the nations of the world. This very same Spiritual Authority could last until the end of the Age and precisely end at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Bride by the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

Thus this study strongly suggests that the statement by the Pope is analogous to the Father inviting His Church to His House, on a Hill on Mt. Zion in Glory as it will be the same for the Vatican to have another ‘father’, Papa invite his subjects at Pentecost. It is a double entandre of possible Biblical proportions without reading too much into it. The issue also is overshadowed by the Papal contention to seize spiritual control and authority over the Upper Room in Jerusalem which also contains the area of King David’s Tomb allegedly. Why is this significant? The tomb of the King is a monumental symbol of the Political Authority that King David represents to the Jewish nation. Having these two aspects of authority, both the spiritual and political in one location would give the Pope, the Vatican the legitimacy that it is presently and actively seeking perhaps in anticipation of such an event that is soon to take place.

Once the absence of the True Church has been removed from the Earth, basically the Vatican will seek to fill in this spiritual and political vacuum that the Bible foretells will take place after the Rapture. The following is a prophetic comparison of the Pope’s invitation statement. If by accident, coincidence or design, the timing of the visit of Abbas and Peres on Pentecost at the House of the Father, the ‘Papa’ or Pope in the Vatican on a hill is strikingly unique and parallels the Biblical account of the events from Passover to Pentecost of Jesus Christ’s last days on Earth before His crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and ascension.

The Pope                                                     The GOD Head
Papa, A Father                                                The Father
an invitation                                                     Christ sent to invite
to his House                                                    to the Mansions in the House of GOD
Vatican, on a hill                                              Zion on a Hill
on Pentecost                                                   on Pentecost
wanting the Upper Room                                in the Upper Room
Abbas and Peres                                            Jew and Gentile

Prophetic Implications
To reiterate, the Vatican is attempting to usurp the Spiritual Authority as well as the Political Authority over Jerusalem, Judean and the uttermost parts of the world. It is evident that this new Pope is flexing his Papal authority over the Middle East and Jerusalem that will play a vital role in the conclusion of the Church Age. In effect the Papacy is now actively preparing for what the Bible prophetically calls the coming False Prophet as some interpret the End of Days scenarios.

His mandate from Hell will be to seek to legitimize his spiritual authority over Jerusalem, Judea and the uttermost parts of the world as a mockery of Jesus’ Great Commission to the True Church. This Papal spiritual authority will aid in the worship of the Beast, the coming political AntiChrist that will ultimately lead the whole world to worship the Dragon, aka Lucifer; this is the plan as layout in the book of Daniel and Revelation of the Bible after the Church has been ‘invited’ in, perhaps even at a Pentecost Feast day.

As it pertains to the possible prophetic overtones to Pentecost, the Bible account states that Christ directed His Disciples to unite and pray in that precise location of the Upper Room in Jerusalem. It was at this precise place and time as well at the bequest of the Father; Jesus to invite His Disciples on Pentecost to bestow ALL Spiritual Authority to the True Church on Earth. This theologically would be called the Body of Christ through which by the enabling inner power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit Jesus’ work would continue until the Great Commission of the Church would be completed someday, perhaps even at a Pentecost Feast.

Will the meeting amongst the Pope, Abbas and Peres on Pentecost be also a time of transference that will change the spiritual dynamic and political authority on Earth from that time forward? In essence this Pentecost Invitation is nothing more than a mockery of YHVH’s Pentecost and what it represents spiritually. This study is not insinuating that the Rapture will take place during this particular time but it would be a pleasant occurrence and long awaited one.

Why this date of June 8, 2014 is also unique is that it echoes the unification of Jerusalem in 1967 by Israel during the Six Day War. If the Jubilee Year was in fact 1966, then it is the 49th Year since the Jubilee year of 1966. This study is speculating that perhaps then, this Pentecost Summit meeting is in preparation for the coming division of Jerusalem and a reversal of the 1967 borderlines to accommodate East Jerusalem as the capital of the new Palestinian State.

1. 1966-2014 = 49th Year
2. Eve of 49th year in 2015
3. Yom Kippur 2015 = Year of Jubilee proclaimed
4. Year 2015/2016 = Jewish year count of 5776

The Spiritual UPPER ROOM
The parallels of the Pope’s Pentecost Invitation are striking in terms of the symbolism implied in many aspects. In one such aspect, the Pope implied that he has a ‘House’ in the Vatican. What the Vatican has always known that if it is to be the sole Spiritual Authority on Earth, the ‘House’ has to be procured in Jerusalem’s Temple Mount where the True House of YHVH once stood and perhaps is soon to be rebuilt. Furthermore, not only is the Vatican on a hill in Rome as alluding to the Upper Room but in recent months, the Vatican has had an issue of acquiring the spiritual rights of the Upper Room that encompasses King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem. Why now? Why this place and time? To reiterate, the issue is over the spiritual authority of the whole Earth. It is a prophetic timing perhaps that at this time, the Papacy is immerging over the Middle East as the true Christian witness is being eradicated and decimated by the Muslim onslaught. Perhaps it is sensing prophetically that soon it will have the opportunity to step into the spiritual gap that will ensue after the Rapture of the True Church of Christ.

In this case of the Papacy wanting sole spiritual authority over the Upper Room in Jerusalem the issue came to a head that even Prime Minister Netanyahu asked the supreme Sephardic Rabbi to allow the Papacy to assume spiritual authority over the Upper Room and David’s Tomb. Why? It is because of what the Upper Room and the tome represents and what transpired there. It was a high place in the city of Jerusalem. The Upper Room was a sign of power and place of the royals. In ancient times, the poor and lowly, as those of today that live in such levels of cities are easily overrun and indefensible in times of war. Moreover spiritually, it was at the Upper Room that all Spiritual Authority from the Celestial Father was bestowed through GOD the SON on Pentecost as Christ promised to send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to seal this authority. History can attest to the issue that there is the contention between the False Church and the True Church over this Spiritual Authority on Earth.

The Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries has martyred more Followers of Christ for this Spiritual Authority through their Inquisition that is still on the books and ready to be re-implemented. The Bible speaks of a parlous time to come upon the world in which those that will not give spiritual allegiance to the False Prophet or political allegiance to the AntiChrist will be beheaded; echoes of the coming world Inquisitor during the Tribulation, Muslim style. Presently, it is the True Church of Christ Jesus, the Bride of Christ that was given all Spiritual Authority on Pentecost to carry out the Great Commission. It does so in the Royal power of the Prince of Peace to be exercised over all dominions, nations and powers while on Earth and until the Rapture.

The False Church perhaps is sensing that the Church Age is about to close and the True Church is to be removed. As an anxious tenant wanting to move in due to a vacating, the False Church is eager to claim that very spot from where the true Spiritual Authority was pronounced and given. Perhaps it will be at a coming Pentecost Feast time and place when the True Church will be removed, Rapture in so much as the false church will lay claim to that place in an attempt to legitimize its spiritual authority and political power over the entire world after the Rapture. This is the issue over the Upper Room in Jerusalem by the Papacy.

A Mockery of Pentecost
As stated before, the timing and symbolism of when and where the Papacy, the Palestinians and Jews will meet on June 8, 2014 is prophetic. This will occur on the very celebration of Pentecost in the western tradition. It will be exactly 1 year and 20 days from the prior Pentecost of 2013. This 120 coefficient is perhaps a hidden code to some measure reminiscent of the 120 that were gathered at that first Pentecost to receive all Spiritual Authority and power of the resurrected Jesus Christ that triumphed over Sin, Death and Lucifer.

What is also very peculiar about the Pentecost of 2014 is that it not only falls precisely after 1 year and 20 days or a 120 fractal but it occurs after a sequence of 3 prior Pentecosts (2011, 2012. 2013) in a successive row having occurred in-between a solar and lunar eclipse. This has not happened for hundreds of years in the past nor future according to NASA data. This phenomenon in itself is amazing to consider and its possible prophetic significance.

This study is not to insinuate that the event of June 8, 2014 is to coincide with the Rapture or of the time of the promised celestial ‘Pentecost Invitations’ to go into the Father’s House but it is a striking prophetic allegory. The Papal Pentecost Invitation nonetheless has echoes of how at Passover the LORD promised His Disciples in the very Upper Room of Jerusalem to invite this Bride, His Disciples to His Father’s House. Jesus elaborated that upon His call or ‘invitation’, He would usher them in to the Mansions, at the time of the Blessed Hope.

Thus the Pope’s Pentecost Invitation echoes a type of how the Heavenly Father invited the Disciples to His House. The invitation of the Father is to His Church to enter into His Heavenly Tabernacle, to unite in His Inner Chamber for prayer and fellowship. It is the Heavenly Upper Room, on Mt. Zion. This is foretold to occur at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Church which composed of 2 members as one, the Jew and the Gentile fused as the New Man in Christ, the New creation.

There is the age-old debate of whether the Resurrection and Rapture will be on Pentecost or Rosh HaShana if the Blessed Hope is to occur at a Moedim or Appointed at all. It will be a time of YHVH’s choosing, as it could occur on one of the 7 Feasts of the LORD. The Bible does give enough hidden clues and divine patterns as it pertains to the Rapture type in that it will be connection to a type of harvest. The issue is whether it is the harvest of the Barley or the First Fruits of Wheat at Pentecost that are taken into the House of the LORD. In the 2nd option it is during Pentecost that the 2 loaves with leaven are waived before the LORD by the High Priest.

This is of course of the picture of the Church’s High Priest, Jesus waiving the Jew and Gentile in sin but having atoned for by the very own blood of the High Priest. Or the timing could correspond to the end of the summer when the harvest of the wheat is gathered that corresponds to Rosh HaShana. Again, only on terms of spiritual symbolism, it is interesting that the Pope will taking into his house, the Vatican and be presenting 2 loaves; Abbas and Peres before his Lord as the High Priest of Rome.

The Successor of Peter
Is the Pope the successor to the Apostle Peter? No. There is no Biblical evidence that the Apostle Peter was ever in Rome. It is in fact the case that it was the Apostle Paul that was in Rome and started the church there. This account is recorded in the book of Acts wherein an understanding was reached between the 2 Giant Apostles in terms of Spiritual Authority as it related to the Great Commission. The Apostle Paul would be the Apostle to the Gentiles and headed west while the Apostle Peter was going to be the Apostle to the Jews and headed east. Thus in one of the Epistles that Peter writes, he even references and greets those in Babylon that he had per chance at one time either started a church there, ministered or visited on occasion.

Apostle means the messenger or sent one, as in angel too. In plain definition, Catholicism means ‘universal’ as implying the whole. This connotation when applied to the Body of Christ can infer to the totality of Christendom with all its facets and flavors of the spectrum, true and apostate. The adjective word, ‘Roman’ is a peculiar inference to having this corporate body be influenced, sanctioned and ruled by the political office of the Caesar. The Roman Caesar was both Dictator and Papa. He was both the head of all political authority but also all spiritual authority of the empire.

This office became eclipsed by the bishop of Rome that during the time of the Church Age of Pergamum, the church in a spiritual sense merged with the Roman state or the state merged with the Church as the Roman Empire crumpled from within. Realizing this inevitable misfortune, the office of Caesar abdicated and sought to rule and reign through its spiritual office of the Papacy. Thus in essence, the Pope, el Papa, the ‘Father’ is the defacto political Caesar of the Roman Empire that to this day is alive and well. It is still part of what makes up Nebuchadnezzar’s stature that the Prophet Daniel interpreted to mean that such world empires and kingdoms would be in place until the 2nd Coming of the Stone that will come from Heaven to smash such world empires.

Precisely this last Kingdom will morph out of the 2 legs that have constituted the Western and Eastern Roman Empires throughout history. Both have lasted more than the other world kingdoms and extend into a 10 toe confederation that in turn will last but a short while in comparison to the rest of the empires. In one sense, this represented statue of world empires is also a prophetic clock of a time piece that reveals when Messiah is to come the 2nd time. It will be during the confederation of the 10 toe world empire. If the statue of Nebuchadnezzar is exacting to match the proportions of the human body, then mathematically the delineations of each kingdom corresponding to a particular section of the body can be determined as coefficient of years.

Now whether the morphing of the eastern and western branches of the Kingdom of Rome become the 10 Toe confederation that will rule the last rendition of the New World Order remains to be seen. Some speculate that it will be a 10 regional and geographical division of the world, perhaps. Other speculates more of the traditional notion over the years that it will specifically be centered on the geographical location of the actual Roman Empire that included Europe and North Africa.
Still others in recent years have asserted that it is this precise delineation of a northern and southern flank that will constitute at some point in time a merging of the Catholic and Islamic faiths in that in some way and how the Pope will be instrumental in winning the hearts and minds of the Muslims to have a Chrislam form of world relation during the Tribulation period in so much as the Pope will be the False Prophet. This assertion goes hand in hand in how the False Prophet will condition the masses to follow the coming political AntiChrist that Israel will accept as their long awaited Messiah. This is how some interpret end time scenarios based on Scripture.

To reiterate, the Roman rulers eclipsed their political offices with the religious office. This was not hard to do as it was common practice that since the ancient times of the Roma, as in other civilizations, the ruling monarchs were also the sole custodians and officiates of the spiritual and religious orders. This is seen in the practices of the Pharaohs right up to the Caesars, and the Czars, Kaiser which is the same word for Caesar right down to even the Queen of England as the head of the state and Religion. In essence, the Pope which means ‘father’ is the defacto Caesar of Rome. This office of the Papacy of the House on the Hill, called Vatican is the continuation of the Roman Kingdom that the LORD revealed to the Prophet Daniel that would be in power over the world at the 1st coming of Christ and at the 2nd coming of Christ.
The Vatican in Rome is set on a hill and was a pagan religious place of blood sacrifices even before the Romans came. It later became a Circus Maximus, circus meaning a circle or ring in which chariot races or gladiator fights occurred. It is like in a rink in the modern sense patterned after such a spectacle that in the 1st century involved blood sports and the execution of Christians as Enemies of the State for a blood sport. It was on this hill that Nero sentenced the Apostle Paul to his death by a public beheading as it is held in tradition that occurred.

Astronomically, it has been thoroughly researched that the Vatican layout is a star map or gate configuration with the complex depicting a key that incorporates the Basilica, which means ‘throne’, the nave, and the Castel Sant’ Angelo or the Castle of the Angels still others would see as the ‘stronghold of the Fallen Angel’. Perhaps it is alluding to the stronghold of where the Fallen Angels that it is paying homage came from that are spoke about in Genesis 6 and the Book of Enoch. There is an obelisk in front of the Basilica oval that was brought from Egypt. At the top it is told that the actual piece of the Cross of Christ is fashioned but highly unlikely. In essence it is depicting a sexual union; it has nothing to do with Christ or Christianity nor the Church. The Obelisk is functioning as a phallus as the oval is the womb that draws from its regenerative powers of sexual energies and procreation.

The oval demarks the stations of the solstices and equinoxes as the nave is aligned to the Pleiades. This celestial pattern is also exactly configured in London and the District of Columbia. Like the Vatican, such a similar configuration and alignment is seen in the District of Columbia is to Sirius and even the ancient City of the God’s Avenue of the Dead in Mexico mirrors this Vatican alignment to the Pleiades. All three have the same star map celestial key configuration, perhaps to a star gate or portal of divine power funneled through such a vortex within the spiritual realm opens up to these ‘strongholds’ of the Fallen Angels. These 3 powers attempt to counter weight the Spiritual Authority of the True Church of Jesus on Earth. Such false institutions have been used as the ‘Gates of Hell’ to assault the true economy and authority of the living Body of Christ, i.e., the Church on Earth.


1. London                                – Financial
2. District of Columbia            – Political
3. Roma                                  – Spiritual


It was very strategic to have chosen a Latin American to be the next Pope or ‘Father’ of the Roman Empire as it was due by the mere numbers and demographics in the world. Mexico and Brazil alone constitute the largest populations of Catholics in the world. As the phenomena is also true with Evangelical Christianity, it has been in the 3rd world primarily that the explosion of the Gospel has occurred as the churches in the once strongholds of Europe and America are closing down and/or become converted into Islamic mosques.

A Prophetic Turnover?
To reiterate, the invitation by the Roman Pope to Abbas and Peres to unite and go into ‘my House’ on the hill of the Vatican for fellowship and prayer on Pentecost echoes that of the Heavenly Father inviting His True Church into His House on a Hill in Heaven, in the celestial courts of Zion. This would make good on the Promise of GOD the SON on Passover at the Upper Room in Jerusalem of inviting His Disciples, the First Fruit of the Harvest of Pentecost as He Himself was the First Fruit of the harvest at Passover to unite, fellowship and pray perhaps at a Pentecost season. Wouldn’t it be magnificent if the Rapture did actually take place during that time? What a statement that would make and affect it would have on both the Jew and Gentile as the Bride of Christ gets the Pentecostal Invitation by the Father to go into the Upper Room as it was at the 1st Pentecost directly related to the Church; on the very birth-day of the Church that occurred in Upper Room in Jerusalem.

Why such a big deal about Pentecost and the Upper Room? When the Rapture takes place, there will be a vacuum so huge that the Vatican is positioning itself now to l be the sole and ultimate Spiritual Authority on Earth thereafter. This is why there is such a contention over this very same spot on Earth of the Upper Room in Jerusalem and what Pentecost signifies. It is about the issue of who ultimately has Spiritual Authority on Earth. Such Spiritual Authority and Great Commission has not been bestowed on the Vatican that claims sole ownership and proprietor of such a title of Vicar of Christ, as in that it is ‘Christ’ on Earth. The Spiritual Authority has neither been given to the political nation of Israel.

Satanic Celestial Alignment
Astronomically the alignment at the Vatican precisely during the Pentecost celebration will see the rise of Procyon in line with HaSatan in Perseus as Mercury is dead center next to the Silver Gate. This is not a good omen as Procyon is identified with Sirius is being the Queen of Heaven that the Catholic Church venerates as co-Redeemer with Jesus and immaculately conceived as Christ and ascended as Jesus, basically a Christ in her own right. HaSatan is referred to as the Eye of Lucifer in the face of Medusa that is cut off by Perseus. It is perhaps a depiction of what is rising and to come and that this even is of Satan’s orchestrating. In the Greek, Procyon means ‘Before the Dog’ as in Sirius; of the 2 hound circling Orion associated with god Marduk.  It is Al Shira in Arabic meaning the ‘Syrian Sign’ so there could finally be a very big even dealing with the Syrian civil war. This sign on Pentecost echoes the depiction of Jesus on the Cross as stated in Scripture in Psalm 22.These are a clear depiction of Jesus being identified as Orion, at least astronomically.

‘Many bulls (Taurus) surrounded me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me… Dogs have surrounded (Procyon and Sirius) me, a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet.’
The emblem of the Papacy is the 2 Keys, a Silver and Gold Key in which the Vatican complex is layout out. IN essence, the Vatican/Papacy is claiming all Spiritual Authority of the Universe in-between these 2 star-gates. Mercury is the god of financial gain, of medicine as in the Caduceus and has inferences to Baphomet, the goat-god Pan. Mercury is the Messenger of the ‘god’ as in this case the Pope is the ‘angel’ or messenger to be between the Palestinians and the Jews for perhaps a coming confirmation of a Covenant of Peace that will be initiated between the two in a division of Israel land and capital Jerusalem.

As it is now by divine Royal decree, the highest Spiritual Authority of King rests and is bestowed in the True Church, the Body of Christ while on Earth. It is the true ‘catholic’ church as in universal that is spiritual. Ultimately all spiritual and political authority emanates from the LORD and the Holy Spirit and the Righteous King of Glory. Once the Testimony, the Lampstand of the light and salt of the True Church is removed by King, perhaps it will be the time when the Vatican will usurp the very geographic location of the Upper Room in symbolism of what it represents. It will be a huge victory for the False Prophet as the place of Pentecost has ultimately been obtained to spiritually secure the sole and ultimate spiritual authority on Earth after the Rapture takes place.

At that time the True Church of Jesus Christ will be safe at last in the Pavilions and House of the Father having responded to the invitation, to ‘Come up here’ to be in the presence of Glory forever more. This is the promise Jesus Christ as the Groom to His Bride during the Last Supper; that one day perhaps at a Pentecost He would call for her because the House was made ready, moreover, the Bride had made herself ready.

The Pentecostal Invitation to enter the LORD’s House on His Holy Hill still stands and the door is still open to all those that will come and respond to the personal invitation of Jesus Christ to come in before He shuts the door spiritually speaking He did to the Ark of Noah. Why this is imperative is because the Bible states that a coming Wrath of GOD will be forthcoming thereafter. This Pentecostal Age of the Church that has lasted for over 1980 years is closing fairly soon if what the indicators in the world are pointing towards, perhaps even at Pentecost or sometime yet to be understood and anticipated.


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June 11, 2014 Are the globalist provoking world war III?

This blog was started with the purpose of explaining the conditions of the world through the eyes of the prophecies in the Bible concerning the Apocalypse and the Rapture and many other things pertaining to eschatology.

The article included here is a secular political article with no religious angle except in the conclusion the author is trying to reach.

It is an astute historical comparison that concludes the USA and Europe of creating the climate to provoke a world war III to take over the world.

It is important to say that the first thing that happens in the seven years Tribulations is Jesus opening the first seal of the book that unleashes the white horse. Its rider is given a crown and a bow and told to go and conquer.

What a fitting picture of the Antichrist riding a white horse with the power to go as a conqueror using the bow or armies of the most advanced and militarily powerful nation in the world and followed by the red horse given a sword and representing the adversary of the white horse. Can we see the USA and Russia in these two symbolic pictures.

We are very close to this event taking place in heaven giving the go ahead for the start of the final battle for the souls of men and women.


Is the US ready to trigger war in Asia?

Andre Vltchek is a novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries.

Published time: June 09, 2014 13:32

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the commencement ceremony at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, May 28, 2014. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at the commencement ceremony at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, May 28, 2014. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

The anti-Chinese and anti-Russian propaganda howl is reaching a deafening crescendo, especially in Asia.

Western media outlets are in high gear, spreading propaganda through their own outlets and their local media affiliates in the client states, mostly owned by big business. China and Russia are now vilified, openly insulted, and blamed for the escalation of tension in the Asia-Pacific region, and for the military build up. The entire mighty Western propaganda machine is now at work, demonizing China, Russia and other independent countries.

Politicians are parading, one after another, in front of television cameras, pledging allegiance to capitalism, the Western-style regime or simply put, to the Empire. All these derogatory and inflammatory speeches against their ‘enemies’ are embarrassing, but they are becoming the norm.

Many are warning that this can lead to a world war, that the West has lost all restraint and is ready to bathe the planet in blood, once again. A quarter of century ago it appeared that with the destruction of the Eastern block and with China then increasingly on a capitalist course, the West had finally got what it had fought for centuries for – the total and absolute control of the planet.

But something went “wrong” for the West. Latin America rose and most of it gained freedom, then spat on the Monroe Doctrine. China began pushing for socialist reforms in medical care, education, culture and many other spheres. And Russia refused to get bullied and humiliated, reminding both Europe and North America that it will not be stepped on as happened in the era of Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

The dream of unopposed rule over the world is beginning to disappear into thin air. Is the West going to risk the destruction of our planet simply because it cannot own it?

Whose order?

“Stephen Harper attacks Vladimir Putin and ‘evil’ communism,” reported Canada’s CBC News on 31 May 2014, in reference to the “lengthy keynote speech” at a fundraising event that the right-wing Canadian PM gave in Toronto. The speech was spiced with “language reminiscent of the height of the Cold War.”

Grotesquely, the President of the most aggressive country on Earth, the United States, Barack Obama, was promising to ‘curb the aggression’ of Russia and China, two countries that have not invaded anywhere in the last few decades.

In a speech clearly aimed at provoking China, the US Defense secretary Chuck Hagel, spoke more like a thug than a politician: “The United States will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged.”

“Which order?” Some would ask. Was he talking about the order that is being imposed on the world from Washington and European capitals and has been for centuries, at the cost of hundreds of millions of human lives? Quite an order!

Christopher Black, a leading international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, provided an analysis for this report:

“The speech made by President Obama at West Point, that the fulcrum of American policy will be to curb the “aggression” of Russia and China immediately followed by his Defense Secretary Hagel in Singapore accusing China of destabilization in the South China Sea, rightly characterized by Lt. General Wang Guanzhong as “threats and intimidation”, expresses the clear intent of the United States to wage war in all its aspects against the two most powerful nations that dare to develop independently of American domination.

U.S. President Barack Obama arrives for the commencement ceremony at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, May 28, 2014. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

U.S. President Barack Obama arrives for the commencement ceremony at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, May 28, 2014. (Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

The United States has attacked China several times since World War II, first in the Korean War, followed by decades of attempted sabotage and isolation and then by the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999. It now has continued that pressure by trying to destabilize China internally through various mechanisms of infiltration of “human rights” groups into Chinese society and within China’s military and administrative mechanisms and a constant propaganda campaign to defame China and its people around the world. The momentum of this strategy has been stepped up with the recent attacks by fanatical Muslim groups from western China against Chinese civilians in key cities and transportation hubs and use of provocateurs to attack Chinese interests in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Africa and the recent absurd charges against Chinese military officers for cyber attacks.

The recent events in Ukraine show that the pace of this aggression is accelerating as America attempts to complete the encirclement of Russia and China by advancing NATO to Russia’s borders and by repositioning of 60 per cent of US military assets to the Pacific.”

But now the true aggressors are blaming the victims for “aggression”. And it is nothing new under the sun. Nazi Germany and its propagandists employed the same “logic”’ and arguments, before and during WWII. And the French used it in Algiers and their other colonies.

Local servility

In Asia, on a local level, the servile press in countries like the Philippines is taking orders and often surpasses its handlers in the West by its zeal.

On May 25th 2014, The Philippine Star began with lashing out at China, continued by quoting the words of Admiral William Locklear III, the commander of US Pacific forces, that “Russia has its own ‘pivot’ in Asia”. Then the newspaper finally produced a few pieces of “brilliant”’ analyses: “Official sources said Russia’s incursion into Ukraine has raised concern in Washington that China may try something similar in staking its territorial claims, in the guise of protecting its citizens overseas.”

‘Russian incursion into Ukraine?’ That sounds more like propaganda shouting from the pages of the North American or European daily press. In some 15 years of work in the region, after interacting with hundreds of media people from all over Southeast Asia, I have to testify that such a thought as quoted above, could never have come from a local journalist. Here, knowledge about Eastern Europe is very near absolute zero. Someone else wrote it.

Most of the local Philippine press generally concluded that the US has basically no choice but to expand militarily, because of “China’s aggressive moves.”Almost all the newspapers mentioned the high cost of the permanent US military bases in the region, also arguing that “spokes”’, bases belonging to local countries but wide open for use by US forces, are the real way forward. Such bases would also be located on Australian and Japanese territory, and possibly in Singapore and Thailand, as well as Malaysia.

A Ukrainian soldier aims his rifle at an army checkpoint during a referendum on self-rule in the southeastern port city of Mariupol, May 11, 2014. (Reuters)

A Ukrainian soldier aims his rifle at an army checkpoint during a referendum on self-rule in the southeastern port city of Mariupol, May 11, 2014. (Reuters)

The mainstream Philippine media is not even bothering to question such a military agreement, which is in direct violation of the nation’s Constitution.

Eduardo Tadem, Professor of Asian Studies at the University of Philippines, explained, during our recent conversation in Manila:

“The recently signed agreement between the Philippines and the United States is called EDCA (Economic Defense Cooperation Agreement). In this agreement the Philippine government offered virtually all the military bases in the Philippines total access for American soldiers, for a ten-year period. But who knows for how long, really… This is very dangerous, because all military installations of the country are now open for ‘entry’ of the US forces. And this certainly goes against the Philippine Constitution, which bars the establishment of foreign bases on our territory.”

Then what really happened? Why the sudden change?

“It has to do with certain factors,” Tadem explains. “One, of course, is the factor of the so-called ‘US pivot’ to Asia. Under Obama there is this strategy of ‘pivoting to Asia’. Second has to do with the so-called Trans-Pacific partnership proposal of the United States; to build some sort of integrated market in the Asia Pacific region. Except that the Philippines is not part of it for now… The third one has to do with the territorial disputes that are taking place in this region, both in the South China Sea and the North China Sea.”

China. Tadem continues:

“It is mainly an issue of nationalism. And it is also because here they were always asking for more assistance, including military assistance. And this is the way to get that assistance. Also remember that Philippine presidents were consistently supportive of the US. You probably saw the survey that shows that the Philippine people love the United States more than Americans love themselves. So for the Americans it is easy to get support for their China policy here.”

I asked both Teresa Tadem, Professor of Political Science at the University of Philippines, and Professor Eduard Tadem, how was it possible that a country, the Philippines, that suffered so severely during its occupation by the United States, during the colonial era, feels so positive towards its former brutal colonizer?

“It has to do with the extremely intensive American propaganda machine, which depicted the colonial era as a benevolent type of colonialism. Atrocities during the Philippine – American War of 1898–1901, which saw 1 million Philippine people killed, which was then almost one tenth of the population, were made to disappear from the consciousness of the people… the genocide, torture… The Philippines was known as the ‘first Vietnam’… all of this has been conveniently forgotten, hidden in the history books. And then of course the image of Hollywood that we are bombarded with…”

How dangerous is it to antagonize China and even Russia? For centuries, China had been a very peaceful country, and it still is to this day. Many Filipinos come from China; it is a natural, historical ally… While the West is liquidating, and bombing entire countries into the ground, overthrowing governments, China pulls one oil-rig into disputed waters, sprays a few boats with water cannon, and it is immediately defined as the aggressor.

“It is again all about propaganda. They depicted China as Communist and here they always attach a negative connotation to that word”, said Professor Teresa Tadem.

“For me the most dangerous country on Earth now is the United States”, continues Eduardo Tadem. “It has been the most aggressive… intervening in many countries all over the world, thousands of miles from its shores, trying to impose on the planet its vision of a global capitalist system. So, if you compare what China is doing in the vicinity of its territory, and compare it to what the US is doing in all parts of the world, on every continent… then you clearly see the disparity in the image that has been created, depicting China as a danger to peace in the world.”


AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez

AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez

Both professors then expressed deep concern over the fact that Western propaganda is igniting Sino-phobia in Filipinos and in other Asians. They pointed out that what the US is doing is actually fanning ultra-nationalism, which can easily mutate into fascism. This is, according to them, an extremely dangerous situation – planting seeds of Sino-phobia all over the continent.

“This can lead to a point of no return”, explains Eduardo Tadem. “I am afraid that this is what is happening now in the Philippines, as well as in other parts of Asia where territorial disputes are taking place.”

And it is clearly not only Sino-phobia that can lead to the destruction of the world, although partially Sino-phobia definitely is. Stirring hatred against Russia is also clearly on the menu of the Western masters of propaganda. Stephen Harper of Canada, Polish and Baltic politicians and their irrational anti-Russian speeches, are all leading to a frightening outcome: manufacturing racism against those nations that are standing in the way of US and European domination of the world.

Dehumanizing a potential enemy, unleashing racist and derogatory sentiments against him or her, is the first step in the Western ‘art’ of war, the first step towards a confrontation.

Speaking up

People are beginning to speak up. Geoffrey Gunn, a prominent Australian historian and Professor Emeritus at Nagasaki University in Japan, wrote to me, for this report:

“The international media big notes the “China threat,” yet who is the provocateur? We observe the Japanese Prime Minister in Singapore (May 30) offering to lead an international coalition to check Chinese aggression offering ‘quality’ Japanese naval vessels to obliging clients as with the Philippines and Vietnam. This is madness coming from a nation without official contrition, seeking as well to unpick its “god-save the peace constitution.” Meantime, the neo-con government in Australia overreaches with matching rhetoric, together snaring the US Defense Secretary to offer his own “pivot” to the South China Sea. My spin is to let Asian nationalisms (China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea) resolve their own problems diplomatically – after all the central kingdom has been in place for several millennium – outsiders keep out, militarists watch your step, and China rise peacefully.”

Are we being dragged into the final global confrontation, to a possible WWIII? Observed from Asia Pacific or from Ukraine, it clearly appears so.

Christopher Black has no doubts that provoking, antagonizing and insulting powerful independent countries like Russia and China may be the next step towards the destruction of our human race:

“All these actions are preparations for war. In fact, the positioning of American anti-ballistic missile batteries in Eastern Europe is in preparation for a nuclear first strike on Russia. Those batteries are deployed solely for the purpose of trying to intercept a retaliatory strike by Russian nuclear forces after a US first strike. They have no other purpose. These preparations for a war of aggression, in fact nuclear war, are a clear violation of the UN Charter and all international laws and can rightly be characterized as war crimes. But since the United States has contempt for all international laws and civilized standards of behavior we can expect these preparations to continue.

Mankind rests on the brink of annihilation for no other reason than the American pursuit of unlimited profit. They are the extremists of the capitalist system. We must hope that the skillful diplomacy we have seen employed by both Russia and China, the increased pace of their bilateral cooperation with each other and their increased steps to achieve multilateral cooperation throughout the world from Latin American to Africa and Europe and Asia will change the power dynamics of the world sufficiently to prevent the Americans and their allies from achieving their aims so that the peoples of the world can live in peace and devote their energies to solving mankind’s pressing problems.”

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

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June 9, 2014 How Jesus fulfills the Seven Feasts of the Lord

Pastor Mark Biltz is a Messianic pastor that discovered the tetrad of blood moons with the relationship to the feast of Passover and Sukkot. We are in the mist of this tetrad that is taking place between the year 2014 and again in 2015.

The understanding of the seven Jewish Feasts and their relationship to Jesus is essential to understanding prophecy and the redemptive plan of humanity. Biltz guides you as you meander from the start on Egypt at Passover to the time of Jesus in a way that is masterful and to the point. He leaves no detail uncovered and the New Testament Gospels come to live as fulfillment of the Feasts.

The video ends at the Feast of Shavuot or Pentecost as these are the already fulfilled Feasts and will continue with further videos in the coming weeks. I am looking forward to these videos of the three remaining Feasts that will be fulfilled prior to the millennium start.

Thanks to BG Ellis for the link.


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