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July 30, 2014 Satanic Insanity going on in the world by JD Faraq

These days has seen the confluence of steps that lead to the coming Apocalypse taking a frenetic pace. It seems that the world is the cusp of madness and whether you look you find hate, killings, plagues, economic collapse mentality and all of the bad things that you can think off.

Well it turns out that you are not going insane, your perception is accurate, the world is going insane, that is Satanically insane which is the case that Jesus said the world would be prior to His coming.

Pastor Faraq in his weekly update has preached an impassioned and excellent rendition of the prophetic literature that describe the events we are being witnesses today. Take a pad and pencil and annotate the Bible prophecies he so eloquently enumerates to teach you the pertinent facts from God’s perspective as prophesied thousands of years ago for such a time as the one at present.

I have to admit that I personally think that Pastor Faraq is a great man of God who speaks the truth and is knowledgeable and passionate for the Word of God.

It would do you well to find yourself in step with him and heed the advise given, specially about the shortness of time left to chose life and not death by believing and taking Jesus into your heart.

It is telling that this Palestinian Christian Pastor loves Israel and its people more than many Israelis do.  Islam is Satanic and Allah is the false god Satan his observations of the word devil and d evil or live reversed is very good.


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