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Archive for September 5th, 2014

Sept 5, 2014 Does the Bible mention the living dead(zombies)? Gary Stearman and Tom Horn discuss the theme

This is a follow up post to the last one by these two people Gary Stearman and Tom Horn.

Are you readers looking at the movies, TV series, music videos and the world in general? Does it amaze you that these two Christians take their precious time to see and compare the world we live in with the Bible?

Are their Hypothesis far fetch and the subject of lunatics and weirdos that seek sensationalism to become popular rich and famous like many pastors do?

I do not think this is the case in point. Their message is one of a true Christian watchman who warns those within earshot of impending peril. They expose evil and the system that will engulf the earth in the near future and try to warn you of the closeness of the coming of Jesus Christ and of His enemy the Antichrist.

Unfortunately the great majority of the people of the world will not hear this warning and fall directly in the path of the run away locomotive that will trample the earth with an evil that is not imaginable by humans. You see, behind the reality we see is another spiritual reality that is hidden and that it is really evil, Satan and its demonic spirits.

Jesus Christ is the only true antidote for this coming evil.


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