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Sept 18, 2014 The Shemitah an Interview with Jonathan Cahn!

As we approach the next Shemitah year that starts on September 25 or 26 of 2014, next week the new host of Prophecy in the News Dr Kevin Clarkson interviews the author of the new book The Mystery of the Shemitah Mr. Jonathan Cahn. The Shemitah year will end on September 14 Monday of 2015.

Why is this important, because, God has followed consistently a pattern of events that occur on these dates. As the harbinger book points out the events of 9/11 of 2001 started events that changed the world and the USA. Moreover the Shemitah repeated itself seven years latter in 2008 Rosh Hashanah with the collapse of the stock market 777.67 points. At the time I new it was God ordained because of the 777 and the date it fell on. Latter when I read the Harbinger I became aware of the many miraculous things that happened that day on the location of 9/11.

It appears that the Shemitah has been manifesting outside of the nation of Israel as well as it has happened in the US in 2001 and 2008, both events affecting the whole world also.

Interesting times we live on where the hand of God is seen happening all over the world.


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