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Sept 12, 2014 Islam vs Christianity a comparison

It is obvious that to start this line of thought that we base it in the fact that there is a God and that He has an adversary a God created angel named Lucifer (Satan). It is very important to understand that there were also billions of angels created by God for His service. At some point in time Satan wanted to be God and so he started a rebellion among the angels and succeeded in dragging 1/3 of the angels to his side in the rebellion.

After this fact God created the Universe and created the first human, called Adam and from a rib of Adam he created Eve (think DNA from the rib) and so the process of producing the human race started.

God wanted to make sure that His creatures knew of Him and His plans so through humans which He talked to He inspired and told His selected people to write the Book of Books the Bible.

His enemy Satan wants to incite humans to rebel against God as he did and the first task in his agenda is to avoid the truth form humans, so war on the Bible is constantly waged by all those he has conned to his side.

Satan has given rise to all the religions of the world and those religions that come from the Bible like Christianity and Judaism he has infiltrated to alter the message or completely change it.

Each human being is made of a body, a soul, and a spirit, a  trinity by design in the image of God. No we are not god like my image on a mirror is not me. If you want to understand the Trinity which is an impossibility it will help to meditate on the fact that a human can not exist with one of its parts missing and that they are indivisible in live and can only be divided in death.

Jesus Christ died in the cross to satisfy God’s justice for the payment of sin, He was resurrected by His power to complete His victory over Satan’s rebellion and his grip on death.

All humans that are alive today and those who had been alive since Adam will be resurrected again and they will spend eternity in one of these two places, in God’s presence at His Kingdom or in hell with Satan and all his fallen angels.

Your decision is important and you must search diligently for the truth. There is a raving war for your soul and spirit and only you can decide the outcome of this war and consequently your destiny.

May Jesus Christ lead you to the truth of the Gospel in your heart.


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