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Sept 20, 2014 Fighting Ebola to give you a better chance of survival

The statistics of the people getting this virus seem to suggest it is spreading airborne. It is lethal as more than 50% die.

At present the medical treatments seem none existent so let me say my opinion as an engineer and cultured person not a doctor in medicine.

In a lethal war where the enemy is overwhelming the first thing to do is slow the enemy down if possible to muster enough forces to fight it.

God created humans with a defensive mechanism to fight disease to guarantee the survival of the species, and He also created animals with this capacity.

This virus is so lethal and it reproduces so fast that the present precautions to stop it are not effective.

There is a weapon that I think could be effective to delay the spreading of this virus from overwhelming the body defenses and it is hydrogen peroxide.

Placed in a spray bottle it will disinfect, kill any virus that it comes in contact with.

The other method of use I would use is ingesting very small amounts mixed with an 8 onz glass of water.

The type of H2O2 required is the 35% food grade and this type and strength could probably not be readily available in places where the virus is prevalent.

The standard hydrogen peroxide sold in most pharmacies is the 3% H2O2. This type also contains preservative chemicals that could cause diarrhea at some doses. The strength of this type is about twelve times less strong than the other. In an emergency I would use this type and use twelve times more of it.

The protocol that I would follow for the 35% food grade type is:

Three drops in an 8 onz. glass of distilled water or rain water every 8 hours on the first day.

The second day increase to four drops in 8 onz. of water every 8 hours, and repeat adding one drop every day till you reach 25 drops three times a day. Hold this dose for seven days and then go back down at the same rate reducing it till you reach three drops three times per day.

I have used three drops once a day for a period of three years and had no ill effects. I have also followed the protocol till the seven drops three times a day and it fell strong in my stomach, maybe gas from the oxygen. I have never gone the 25 drops 3 times / day, but I have never had a serious sickness either.

In my opinion this will not be a cure but it could be a weapon used to give a chance for the body immune system time to combat the virus by delaying the multiplication of the virus in the blood.

Pray to Jesus Christ constantly to help you heal.


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Written by twelvebooks

September 20, 2014 at 1:25 pm

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