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This article begins the narrative yesterday Sept 23, 2014. The day began with a dentist appointment in the morning and I went with my I pad mini with contained some pictures of my paintings that he wanted to see. That is why I could take the pictures that become testimony of the events that unfolded.
After the dentist I went to the parking to get my car, got in and started it. From the radio came the voice of Obama as he was telling the world that he had ordered a strike against ISISL in Syria and that he was joined by Arab nations. This announcement was going on when I looked to my right and saw this car with the license plate that had a very important message for me. See photo.

999 HFVphoto 1

The 999 was the number that God showed me when I was going to start writing this blog and the plate then was 999_GOD. This time the 999 has the letters FV which are the initials of my first and last name. I wrote a whole article at the time explaining the significance of the 999, which means judgment and the end. More meanings will become very clear in this article, but you can expand using the internet.
So I kept going and three cars after there was this car to my left side parked there.

B8888photo 2
Many will understand already that the 888 is Jesus Greek gematria number, so the message was 999 to FV (me) from 888 (Jesus).

I left the office and went to do another errant. When I got out in the street this truck was stopped at the light.

TRUCK N99photo 1

As you can see this time is the 99.

This morning I started reading the prophecy in the news September 2014 magazine and I read this paragraph below written by JR Church who is deceased.

Psalm 90 to 99photo 2

In here the true meaning of the 9, 99 and 999 become obvious to the reader. Please remember that Obama was speaking in the radio when I took the pictures of the 999 and the 888. This article above brings the subject of the snake, the tribe of Dan, the Antichrist, the book of Revelation and the coming world government.

I was flabbergasted by the events that transcribed yesterday and spilling to today. At early afternoon my older daughter called and I started to read her the above paragraph when a delivery man of water bottles came to my door with my order. My daughter was on speaker so the man, my wife and me were all part of the conversation.
My daughter informs me that she has to pick up a toy behind her clothes dryer and when she does is a toy doll multicolor cloth serpent.
I go to get my check to pay the man and I show them the photos which he then photographed with his camera and we go to the garage to pick up the empty water containers.
He picks them up and standing beside me he looks at the floor at our side and there is a small 9” long garden snake that is trying to wiggle away from us. He escaped into my garage shelves beyond our reach for the panic of my wife when I told her.

He left in a very emotional state but what I just described is beyond the realm of occurring by chance and has impacted me very much.

My interpretation of events is that Obama is the Antichrist the snake Satan will possess him, the war with ISISL will lead to the apocalypse in a very short time. Obama comes from the tribe of Dan by way of his mother’s family linage, and Jesus wants to tell you in a convincing way to turn to him before it is to late.