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Sept 27, 2014 JD Faraq prophecy update

Jd Faraq discusses what is the true Islam and the escape in the Rapture.

Obama and his administration are trying to portray ISISL as not the true Islam and he is lying, they are the true Islam historically, politically and religiously.

Ever since it first started they have been the same way and have done the same beheading the same enslavement and the same terror. There is no peaceful Islam anywhere. There could be many deceived people thinking that Islam is peaceful but they are ignorant of what Islam is.

The most evil people are those who try to sell this Satanic lie.


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  1. Your right. That is the way Islam has always been. We are fighting a religious war. Until that is admitted we will loose.


    September 28, 2014 at 9:46 am

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