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October 28, 2014 The machinations of those who want control of the world!

Charles Holler is addressing pastor Bob about his 15 posts of All Roads Lead to Rome as the expose of the machinations and evil manipulations  of those who seek to take over the whole world.

This is a very important subject in a Bible prophecy blog such as this as it refers to all the Bible prophecies which foretold of a coming Beast Empire empowered by Satan that will take dictatorial powers over the whole world under the rule of a man which will be possessed by Satan known as the first Beast, the Antichrist and a second Beast known as the False Prophet. These two people will only appear on the period of time that is called the Apocalypse lasting seven years of 360 days, divided in two parts of 1,260 days each. The second half being more sever and called the Great Tribulation.

This period of time is prophesied in several parts of the Bible as in  the prophet Daniel 9-27 and Revelation ch 13. At this time I want to point to the reader that this blog has a link at the right side to Bibles in different languages at the Biblos site under multi. It also has a translator  to change the article into any language, located also at the right side for your convenience.

The articles by pastor Bob can be seen at under latter day letters.


Charles Holler (26 Oct 2014)
Pastor Bob

Greetings John and Doves,
    This is to Pastor Bob, but any Doves who read this will be shocked if you don’t know all the details of the IRS and Federal Reserve. This book tells the story of their meeting to create this. Don’t let the title fool you ….this is the true story of how we lost America. It’s called *The Creature from Jekyll Island* and it runs about $20.00 from Barnes and Noble. There are places to get it for much less,  even a used copy if you do a little research. I will enclose a link for a free PDF file and hope everyone enjoys it.
Charles Holler Sr

Nando end

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