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28, 2014 Pastor JD Faraq covers Iran negotiations and Ferguson

In this update pastor Faraq of Kaneohe Calvary Church in Hawaii makes mention of the Iran negotiations and their pact to build 8 more nuclear plants.

He also covers the disturbance in Ferguson and the Muslim brotherhood  participation in the incitement as well as the Islamic CARE.


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Nov 26,2014 God and the number seven

Today I started reading a post of James Brownlow about the heptadic design of the last twelve verses of Mark.

It is fascinating to understand the relationship of the number seven with God and how it is imbedded in His Word, creation, plans, and all things that exist to give testimony of their divine nature and origin.

Although mankind is in its majority in open rebellion with God we still use the seven day week to run our lives and in the majority of Nations there is at least one day of rest in the week.

If you look at the book of Revelation the # 7 is ingrained in the arrangement of the plan of God. His message is to the seven churches and the scroll that the lamb is given has seven seals that at the opening of the seventh start the playing of seven trumpets whose seventh trumpet sound brings forth seven bowls of wrath whose last bowl the seventh finishes Gods judgements on men to close six thousand years of rebellion before the start of the seventh millenium kingdom.

In my personal life I have seen the use of the seven in hundreds of forms and manners as it relates to my relationship and communication with God.


James Brownlow (23 Nov 2014)
“The Heptadic Structure of Scripture – The Last Twelve Verses of Mark”

Ivan Panin (deceased Nov 1942) wrote extensively on the Heptadic designs of the number “7” found in the Hebrew and Greek texts of Holy Scripture. The designs are found nowhere else, not in Hebrew, Greek, or any other writings. These designs are a strong witness to Scripture’s Providential Origin in every jot and tittle.

As mentioned before, Mr Gustav Hoyer, an associate of Panin, discovered shortly after Panin’s death that Panin had only scratched the surface of Heptadic design. The designs are more extensive than Panin realized. This is Panin’s listing, near some 60 pages of lists of designs of “7” found in these 12 verses….

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Written by twelvebooks

November 26, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Nov 23, 2014 Iran faces deadline of nuclear talks this week

There are very specific prophecies in the Bible concerning Elam a province of Iran and Iran. This week is a very critical week in the negotiations to rein Iran in and if the talks collapse they are back to square one again but with the Iranians several months more advanced in their objective than when the talks began,

Netanyahu’s red line must be much closer advanced in location putting the whole region in greater peril of war than when the talks began.

Yes Jesus is in control and thinks will turn out as prophesied.



A view of the mountain where Iran built a hidden centrifuge facility called Fordo. The U.S. revealed its existence in 2009. Credit Google Earth
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VIENNA — Behind the efforts to close a nuclear deal with Iran this weekend lies a delicate question that has been little discussed in public: how to design an agreement to maximize the chances that Western intelligence agencies would catch any effort to develop an atomic bomb at a covert site.

Concern over the possibility of a future Iranian covert program — and the difficulty of writing a document that deals with the unknown — is rooted in a long history of distrust. But it has been rarely mentioned publicly by negotiators here as Secretary of State John Kerry and his European allies press a last-minute effort to resolve more immediate differences. The biggest disagreements center on how much capacity Iran could retain to make nuclear fuel, and how quickly economic sanctions would be suspended.

The efforts focus on the fate of Iran’s three major “declared” nuclear facilities, and on lengthening the “breakout” time for Iran to produce enough fuel for a single bomb. But those declared facilities are crawling with inspectors and cameras.

Unstated is the fear of a more problematic issue, referred to as “sneakout.” That describes the risk of a bomb being produced at an undetected facility deep in the Iranian mountains, or built from fuel and components obtained from one of the few trading partners happy to do business with Tehran, like North Korea.

To try to make sneakout more difficult and risky, scientists from the Department of Energy national laboratories, along with intelligence officers who can be seen hurrying this weekend through lobbies of Vienna’s grand hotels, have been providing ideas to negotiators and scouring the drafts of proposed language in the agreement. The goal is to “make as airtight as possible” the language that would allow highly intrusive inspections to track the precursors and parts that feed Iran’s uranium complex, according to one participant in the negotiations.

The American officials are highly attuned to the findings of a once-classified 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that concluded that Iran ended its headlong race for a bomb in late 2003. But it also concluded that smaller-scale activity continued, and warned that “Iran probably would use covert facilities — rather than its declared nuclear sites — for the production of highly enriched uranium for a weapon.”

As the Monday deadline for a deal nears, it is far from clear that the Iranians will agree to these inspections, or allow them to take place if an agreement is in place. Already, hard-liners in Tehran like Reza Seraj, identified in Iranian news media as the “head of the intelligence faculty of the Revolutionary Guards Corps,” a previously unknown position, is warning of the consequences.

“This will mean they will get permissions for reconnaissance flights over our country and that their inspectors can enter anywhere, even the presidential palace,” Mr. Seraj wrote in a column published by the semiofficial Fars news agency.

American officials here say they are a lot more interested in mines and centrifuge parts than they are in palaces. And they say that despite the warnings in Tehran, they have had some success with the Iranian negotiating team. “On both mines and mills and centrifuge manufacturing sites there has been progress,” according to one senior administration official, who did not offer any details.

The deadline for the talks has already been extended once, and although Mr. Kerry has thus far avoided the word “extension,” many in his entourage see one — it would be the second — as inevitable, perhaps accompanied by some announcement of agreements in principle.

The threat from covert activities was driven home in the first intelligence briefings given to the incoming Obama administration in late 2008 and early 2009, when President Obama and his aides learned about the evidence that Iran was constructing a hidden centrifuge facility in a mountain outside the holy city of Qum that was so deep it could withstand all but America’s largest bunker-busting bomb.

Mr. Obama revealed the existence of that facility, called Fordo, in late 2009. In the run-up to what officials believed would be a climactic weekend here, teams of American, British, Israeli and European intelligence agencies have been looking for clues of another clandestine site. So far, they say, they have found no evidence of another large undeclared plant. “It’s an endless game of hide-and-seek,” one senior European intelligence chief said recently.

American spy satellites and even some drones — including one that crashed in Iran several years ago — search for tunnel entrances. Intelligence officials and private experts say hundreds, perhaps thousands, of underground bunkers and large tunnels now honeycomb the nation.

That is a worry for the future.

“From the beginning, the administration thought a nuclear agreement with Iran would need elements to deal with the overt program and one to detect covert facilities,” Gary Samore, Mr. Obama’s nuclear adviser during the first term, said recently.

American negotiators want an agreement that gives inspectors the right to roam the nation widely. From 2003 to 2006, inspectors did a lot of that, under an International Atomic Energy Agency agreement with the awkward name the “additional protocol,” which commits countries to opening up atomic facilities and sites they have long kept off limits.

Last year, Iran signed a temporary agreement with the West that gave inspectors access to a handful of such isolated sites, including mines and mills, from which uranium fuel originates. Presumably, an even wider set of inspection rules will be part of a permanent agreement, if there is one.

Similarly, officials say, there needs to be intense monitoring of the manufacturing and shipment of centrifuges — including a highly efficient new generation — so that the atomic energy agency could account for the location of every one. Here in Vienna, veteran agency inspectors still keep little clocks in their offices built by the Kalaye Electric Company, a Tehran firm bought by the country’s atomic energy agency where, a decade ago, inspectors discovered a badly hidden centrifuge factory.

Halting a covert path to a bomb is only one of the many moving parts in these negotiations. Most of the arguments now are over whether Iran needs most of the 19,000 centrifuges it has at Fordo and at Natanz, another formerly secret site, where centrifuge halls are buried deep beneath the Iranian desert.

David Albright, president of the Institute for Science and International Security, a Washington research group that monitors Iran’s nuclear program, told Congress on Tuesday that the deal should open a window revealing “how many centrifuges Iran has made, how much natural uranium it has produced and is producing annually, and its inventory of raw materials and equipment for its centrifuge program.”

Visiting sites is not likely to be enough to provide those assurances. American officials are also monitoring the activities of the long list of Iranian scientists — many of them under sanctions issued by the United Nations Security Council and the United States — who are believed to have been associated with Iran’s program to develop nuclear arms.

So far Iran has not allowed those scientists to be interviewed, arguing that to reveal their identities and locations would be to invite their deaths. Several have been killed already, often by “sticky bombs” placed on their cars on the way to work.

Of particular interest is the man suspected by the West of leading many of the military projects that might one day give weapons capability to Iran: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a former university professor who has headed several of the murky government institutes that American officials say are cover organizations for a weapons effort.

“Perhaps the most sensitive issue is the scientists,” one of the administration’s former top officials on Iran nuclear issues, Robert Einhorn, said recently. “Because a full confession by Iranians about their past weapons-related activity is highly unlikely, one has to look for ways for reassurance that these aren’t continuing now and won’t be resumed in the future.”

He said that “one of the best ways is to be able to have recurring meetings” with the scientists, “to be sure their activities are not related to the design of nuclear weapons.”

Iran denies it has ever engaged in weapons activities, saying the evidence cited by the United States and used as a source of detailed questions by the I.A.E.A. are fabrications.

It is unclear whether American officials will press Iran to publicly reveal any military dimensions of this program. They repeat the mantra that these negotiations “are about the future, not the past.” But the past lurks over the sneakout problem.

“We need to guard against the hidden program,” said Charles D. Ferguson, president of the Federation of American Scientists and a longtime advocate of tougher sleuthing. “That’s the most likely route to a bomb. That’s the scenario I worry about the most.”

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Nov 23, 2014 The Middle East wars of Islam have always been a religious war

It is either ignorance or evil intentions that the leaders of the world or the news media have tried to characterized the conflicts of the middle east to be something else that religious war.

As a parallel saying goes it is the economy **%%%**, it should be said it is a religious war **%%%**.

The world is oblivious to the the forces driving the world today, the article below hits it right on the money when in the closing paragraph it states: “A thousand firefighters,” he wrote will not be able to extinguish a fire that has God as the fuse.”

Well God is lighting this fuse which will culminate in the seven year Apocalypse where the whole world will be judged when they turn against Israel.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict shifts ominously toward religious war
Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem
Israeli riot police stand guard in the plaza at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City. The hilltop where the mosque is located is revered by Jews and Muslims alike and is central to the current Israeli-Palestinian violence. (Jim Hollander / European Pressphoto Agency)
By Laura King contact the reporter
PalestineIsraelWest BankMahmoud AbbasBenjamin NetanyahuBan Ki-moonPalestinian National Authority
Israeli-Palestinian strife taking on overtly religious tones
A look at how Jerusalem’s disputed holy site figures in the latest violence

Guarded by a phalanx of riot police, the knot of young Jewish men, long sidelocks blowing in the breeze, strode across the paved esplanade of Jerusalem’s most sensitive religious site. A group of veiled and black-robed Muslim women leaped up to confront them, rhythmically chanting: “Allahu akbar!” — “God is great!”

Scenes like this one, playing out recently on a windy hilltop in Jerusalem’s walled Old City, illustrate the antagonism that has long colored the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now, though, the overtly religious elements of what had long been primarily a national and territorial struggle appear to be coming to the fore.
So long as the conflict remains on a secular, territorial track, there remains hope of a solution — not so with religion. – Uzi Rabi, Israeli analyst

In the Middle East, the term “holy war” sometimes serves as facile shorthand for events that are neither. In the last week, however, figures from Pope Francis to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have voiced alarm over the explicitly religious character of recent violence in Jerusalem and its environs.

That was crystallized this week by the horrific slaying of four Jewish worshipers in a Jerusalem synagogue and the killing of an Israeli police officer trying to defend them.

“The true danger … is that the wave of terror will turn into a true religious war, such as has not yet occurred here,” columnist Ben Caspit wrote this week in the Maariv newspaper. Many commentaries have noted the large potential for a conflict now primed to draw in Muslims not only in the Palestinian territories, but across the region and the Islamic world.
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Middle East
Israeli demolition of Palestinian home follows synagogue attack

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In Jerusalem, great religions have crowded and jostled their way down through millenniums. That is especially true in the walled Old City, where the trumpet-like sounding of the shofar, the wail of the muezzin and the pealing of church bells blend in a cacophony peculiar to this “port city on the shore of eternity,” as the late Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai put it.

Even before this week’s synagogue carnage in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem, there were growing signs that places of worship were becoming battlegrounds, including the torching this month of a mosque outside the West Bank city of Ramallah and a firebomb attack on a historic synagogue in northern Israel.

At the conflict’s heart, though, is the iconic Old City plateau revered by Jews as the Temple Mount and Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary. In recent weeks, it has served as the principal rallying cry for Palestinian attackers, its fate now driving the conflict just as surely as its familiar domes dominate the ancient skyline.
Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem
Tourists visit the Dome of the Rock at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City. (Jim Hollander / European Pressphoto Agency)

Many other factors have influenced the mutual acrimony of recent months: the June killings of three young Jewish seminary students in the West Bank, followed by the reprisal torture and killing of a Palestinian teen; the destructive summer war in the Gaza Strip; heavy-handed Israeli police tactics used to quell street unrest in traditionally Arab East Jerusalem. But no other single grievance has galvanized such passions as the contested holy site.

The biblical Mt. Moriah — site of the ancient Jewish temples and of Islam’s third-holiest venue, Al Aqsa mosque — has for the last half-century been governed by an arrangement known as the “status quo,” under which only Muslims are allowed to pray on the plateau. Jews, largely adhering to mainstream rabbinical injunctions against ascending the mount and perhaps inadvertently treading on the Holy of Holies — the inner sanctum where the Ark of the Covenant was once kept — prayed instead at the adjoining Western Wall.

Imagine no religion / it’s easy if you try
Brian in KTown
at 10:05 AM November 22, 2014

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For several months, though, a movement spearheaded by Jewish activists has surged to greater prominence, staging more frequent visits to the hilltop site, which at certain times is open to tourists. Followers were sometimes counseled on how to circumvent the prayer ban with tactics such as “accidentally” falling down in order to ritually prostrate oneself, or reciting prayer fragments as part of tourist-style observations about the site’s historic structures.

In the view of Palestinians, and of neighboring Jordan, the formal custodian of the site, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated pledges to retain the status quo were dubious, because some of those actively seeking to scrap the status quo were members of his own government, or of the Israeli parliament. On the Palestinian side, a concerted campaign of extremist rhetoric dismissed Jewish ties to the site, further galvanizing Jewish activists’ calls for greater access.
Related story: U.N. human rights investigators denied entry to Israel for Gaza inquiry
Related story: U.N. human rights investigators denied entry to Israel for Gaza inquiry
Laura King, Batsheva Sobelman

As Muslim fear of a physical division of the site intensified, punctuated by episodes of violent unrest on the plateau itself, Israel imposed age restrictions for Muslim men for Friday prayers, sometimes banning those younger than 50, sometimes those younger than 35. Young Palestinian men seethed — and prayed in the streets outside barricades guarded by Israeli riot police.

Against this backdrop, a Palestinian assailant late last month made a brazen bid to assassinate Israeli American activist Yehuda Glick, one of the most vocal advocates for expanded Jewish rights to the site. Though seriously wounded, Glick survived, and amid the ensuing turmoil, Israel closed the hilltop to all visitors for the first time in years, a step Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called tantamount to a “declaration of war.”

Though the closure was brief, Jordan withdrew its ambassador in protest and warned that Israeli actions jeopardized their 2-decade-old peace treaty and a host of related accords. Secretary of State John F. Kerry made an urgent visit to Jordan this month for separate talks with Abbas and Netanyahu, winning promises of calming measures, including the lifting of the age restrictions for Friday prayers.

On Friday, midday prayers passed largely peacefully for the second week in a row, though with many hard-eyed glances between police officers and entering worshipers.

Rock-throwing clashes, which have become the near-daily norm in East Jerusalem neighborhoods, broke out later, and Palestinian protesters in the West Bank city of Hebron set an army post ablaze.

To many, the tilt toward a religion-centered conflict bodes ill for any revival of the peace process, which most recently broke down in April.

“So long as the conflict remains on a secular, territorial track, there remains hope of a solution — not so with religion,” analyst Uzi Rabi told Israel Radio. “This should be a wake-up call not only to Israel, but to world players.”

Despite a flurry of conciliatory interfaith gestures after the synagogue attack, including solidarity visits to the neighborhood by Muslim, Christian and other religious leaders, the dispute over the holy site appears on track to intensify, not ease.

A Tel Aviv University survey this month indicated that while a relatively slender majority of Israeli Jews — 56% — supported retaining the status quo, more than one-third wanted the prayer ban lifted, even if it resulted in bloodshed.

Columnist Nahum Barnea observed in the Yediot Aharonot newspaper that the shift from a national conflict to a religious one could unleash forces neither side could control.

“A thousand firefighters,” he wrote, “will not be able to extinguish a fire that has God as the fuse.”

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Nov 22, 2014 Maps of Syria and Iraq and Isisl

Written by twelvebooks

November 22, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Nov 22, 2014 Satan’s main activity is religion

The title of this article is religion.

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of religions in the world today and in the past history of the world. All of those were started by Satan and his fallen angels except the religion of the nation of Israel which worshiped the true God. This religion gave rise to Christianity, but Israel kept their religion except animal sacrifices which were required to be done at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Christianity claims and is the only true religion in the world and Jesus Christ is God and part of a trinity of the Holy Spirit and God the Father. It is one God only.

The short video is excellent.


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Nov 16, 2014 Pastor Bob follow the Money Trail Nando’s Thoughts

November 16, 2014

Pastor Bob follow the Money Trail Nando’s Thoughts

First of all it is joyful to hear from you with this well thought reply to Jovial’s articles rebutting your information.

Your vast knowledge and references read is a product of your many years of study and dedication and even your listing of these books to substantiate your points will not make believers of your well written articles in All Roads lead to Rome.

What makes your articles believable are the synchronicity they have with the Bible scenario of the events leading to and during the seven year Tribulation, of which we are at the door.

Back in early 1980 I was already versed in the prophetic scriptures about the end times and had concluded that the Antichrist must come from the USA and the False Prophet from the Vatican. I like many, thought that 40 years from the birth of Israel in 1948 would see the Messianic Kingdom start. So I said in the primaries (8 years before) that Carter definitively was not the AC so whoever won the primaries for the Republican Party must be the Antichrist. Reagan won the primaries and the election to become the President and for the next 8 years I was telling everybody that I came in contact with that he was the AC and that Pope John Paul II was the False Prophet. It turns out that I was wrong and right after all but the premises were off by 46 years. I know now that Obama is the Antichrist and the Jesuit Pope Francis seems to be the False Prophet.

These two facts would fit neatly in the web of deceit and manipulation that are referenced in your articles of the series you posted. It is through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that this is my conclusion today from all the info that I have also read. This without having to look and corroborate the references you gave that some I had also read.

May Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father guide and protect us in these very dangerous and difficult times as we anxiously await the Rapture of the Church in the near future.

Please follow All Roads lead to Rome 1 to 15 on starting in Letters August 24, 2014 for Part 1.

As a last comment I do not think that Jovial is a Jesuit plant and that what he expressed was his believe of what the truth is. The problem is that what is going on is so convoluted and occult that it is hard to comprehend. But Jesus knows and He will let the light shine on the darkness. The Bible should be our anchor to compare for the truth.


Pastor Bob (16 Nov 2014)
“”Follow the Money Trail””

All Doves:

I repeat a previous statement, there is no better slave than the one who thinks he is free! If you had been listening to Attorney Karen Hudes the past year or two, a former senior counsel at the World Bank, and whistle-blower, I might not have had to do my 15-segment on “All Roads Lead to Rome.” Her video posts and news interviews have stated a lot of what I have shared in my basic posts. She does have a web site and posts periodically from what I heard. I have viewed her interviews on various business and news sites on the alternative media of the Internet. She knows how to follow the money to Rome (i.e. the Vatican) and she states such.

In my 15-part segment on “All Roads Lead to Rome” I provided ample documentation, source information, document references to back up what I have previously shared. The bibliography is more than substantial by any standard. One of the books that I listed even tells how the Vatican franchised out its usury business in or about 1823 to the House of Rothschild’s. The RCC was conflicted over the issue of Usury because the Bible condemned Usury, and so by franchising the Vatican’s “money lending at interest” (Usury) business to the Rothschild’s so they [the church] could appear ‘clean’ in the public eyes on the issue by letting the Jewish banking houses take the blame as compensation for their part of their cut of the business. Rome hides behind a curtain of secrecy. They kept the common man from reading the Bible for over 1,200 years, and even chained the Bible to the pulpit of their churches, at least until they could change the Greek Text to write their own versions. Codex Vaticanus does not even contain the book of Revelation according to Vatican sources.

What most people do not seem to understand is that the Vatican always operate under a veil of secrecy. They control world events from behind a curtain of secrecy. From a document that I refer readers to, below, confirms they don’t operate under the guise of short term ‘5-year, or even twenty-year plans’, but rather generational plans of 100-years and more. The pope does not broadcast its agenda through its trolls. The Vatican is like an octopus with its tentacles reaching far and wide. Such was the case with Jesuit “liberation” theology in South and Central America during the 1970’s, and 1980’s. The Jesuits were big time players in the overthrow of governments with bringing about socialism to the peasants.

Jovial replied that America never filed bankruptcy. That is a bald face lie! Furthermore, that is typical Jesuit disinformation. Jesus warned us well in advance about being deceived. America did file bankruptcy in 1933 and is still in bankruptcy, and Congressman James Traficant did not lie in his speech as Jovial wants you to believe. This is why today, ALL American flags in court rooms, federal, state, local government buildings have American flags with a 2-1/2-inch gold-thread fringe. They are symbolic of being under Martial Law, Admiralty Rule, c/o Executive Order #10834, dated August 21, 1959 issued by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

We [the USA] have been under a state of declared National Emergency Law, since June 5th, 1933. This is the date President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the USA bankrupt. Do not allow yourself to be deceived, fooled, tricked into believing otherwise by Jesuit Jovial. He obviously has chosen to ignore history, treaties, Presidential Executive Orders, and knows nothing about military regulations pertaining to “Colors & Standards”, as carried by the US Army. I suggest the reader and especially Jesuit Jovial go to – and read ‘Get That Gold Fringe Off My Flag!’ There are many articles on the Internet concerning the USA’s bankruptcy as well as still being under bankruptcy receivership. Jesuit Jovial is counting on the fact that few readers will ever bother to check out the evidence. If you believe the US government does not deceive or lies, then you have not been enlightened of how our government has treated the indigenous Indians of this country.

Every year, the President, whoever is in office at the time, signs and re-affirms “The War Powers Act of 1862”. While this act is reconfirmed every year by the sitting president, it is the law of the land, despite the fact that it is held in temporary suspension and not enforced per se. It’s official, it’s on the books, and could be executed into existence in a heart beat. The USA has been in a perpetual “state of war” under the War Powers Act of 1862. What the War Powers Act does not define, stipulate or state as to just who is the enemy?

I corresponded often with the late congressman James Traficant during his incarceration and following his release from federal prison. I can’t divulge the content of our correspondence but James Traficant, himself a Roman Catholic, but rest assured he did not trust either the Israeli’s or the Vatican. Virtually, most of the American public was and still is oblivious to what James Traficant’s address was telling the public. People are more interested in being kept warm, fed, and entertained than to know how they are being robbed and led to slaughter.

My apology to Bob Anderson, I thought I had listed ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffith. It definitely deserves to be on my bibliography along with Eustace Mullins book on the ‘Secrets of the Federal Reserve’. At one time I had read each and everyone of the books I listed on my bibliography list. Four years ago, I donated most of my personal library, approximately 6,200 volumes to a Bible college in Pennsylvania. I retained fewer than two hundred books that I simply could not part with at the time. My wife has been instructed to give them to the same school at my demise.

My bibliography is more than a good start for the genuine ‘Truth Seeker’ wanting to know the truth about who rules America. There are dozens of titles that should be on that list but I could not recall all of them since I had given them away. I only spent fifty years researching and studying these three major subjects: 1. The Bible, 2. Roman Catholicism & Jesuits, and 3. Freemasonry. Jesuit Jovial knows well that the real truth of history is not in the text books, but rather in the private papers, personal memos, letters, diaries, journals, correspondence, even old newspapers of those that made and directed history. I majored in history in college, and graduate school. A point of history here should be noted – there have been over 6,000 books written about the Jesuits, and virtually all of them have been removed from the library shelves of the world. Rome never excommunicated Adolf Hitler, as a Roman Catholic in good standing with Rome, this in spite of his having been responsible for the deaths of countless millions. Perhaps Jesuit Jovial would care to explain to us why Hitler remained in good standing with the Roman Catholic Church? Why did the RCC not excommunicate Hitler?

Several weeks ago I had decided not to post any longer, and to devote my time to other matters. I’m really not interested in playing the Hegelian Dialectic games with Jesuit Jovial so I thought I should retire from posting.

However, in respect to Bob Anderson, Nando, John B, Charles Holler, and the defense of the truth, I had to post one more time. I’ll try to refrain from posting after this post.

The 15 posts on “All Roads Lead to Rome” can be easily verified, that is if you are a Berean and really care about knowing the truth. If you are a ‘Truth Seeker’, then there are a few documents that you should read or view for yourself on the Internet. There is also a 3-part video on the Internet that tells a great deal more about a lot of what I wrote and even confirms a great deal of what I wrote in some of my posts. Don’t just take Jesuit Jovial’s words or even mine for that matter, but simply weigh the evidence for yourself. There is so much more that you do not know.

1. Search out on the Internet a site titled: “Change is on the Horizon”

It is a three part video titled “The American Federal Empire” with a ‘You Tube’ address I.D. at the beginning of the link listing:

Part 1 is titled “Dawn of the Golden Age”
Part 2 is titled “The American Federal Empire”
Part 3 is titled “The Farmer Claims Program”

The narrator is James Rink. Each is about an hour long. Part 2 is the most pertinent to a number of things that I noted in my posts, and is a must view since it addresses much of what I noted in my postings. You could learn a lot if you watched all three segments, but Part 2 is most recommended, it deals with the 20th century and confirms what I said about our being secretly bonded and collateralized as guarantee for payment of the National Debt. I know it is hard for people to believe the truth, and that has been a key reason for its success over the past eighty years. Why would any corrupt government broadcast the real facts? You were not taught this part of history in school. The Internet of today is the most dangerous thing to Lucifer’s minions because it exposes the power-driven sociopaths and psychopaths of the world that want to enslave humanity.


2. Search out a site titled: “Judge Dale (ret.) and “The Great American Adventure”

This is a 5-part document (94 pages) that you have to read in its entirety. A fellow pastor forwarded the document to me back in early 2012.

In searching for this document, use the link that begins with – ‘anticorruption society files’ (preceded with (PDF’) in front). It will be found half way down on the first page listing of links. Some of the earlier preceding links have been deliberately obfuscated to appear confusing with by blocking various means of confusing the reader with links going nowhere. Judge Dale is a retired Federal Judge who became a whistle-blower.

Judge Dale (Ret.) is a pen name for his own safety. Leaking the information in his 94-page document was like an invitation to have a ‘bull’s eye’ placed on his back. This 94-page report confirms a lot of what I posted in my “All Roads Lead to Rome.” One of the interesting oddities that I learned from Judge Dale is that there is a “Judges” school for those appointed to the Federal Bench or are in the Judiciary branch of government.


3. Search out a document titled: “Project Vatican: Blueprint for the Restoration of the Global Kingdom of Jesus Christ.” It is an 11-page PDF document.

This document outlines the Roman Catholic Church’s master plan to restore its power and the restoration of the crossed “Keys” on the RCC Vatican’s Coat of Arms, which was officially lost with the October 31, 1517 beginning of the Reformation by Martin Luther, which severely decimated Rome’s temporal political power and exposed its religious spiritual corruption of the RCC. The “Two Crossed Keys” on the Vatican’s Coat of Arms represent the keys of power: gold and silver for religious power and temporal power.


4. Search out the book, ‘The Grand Design Exposed’ at – and discover for yourself the real Mystery Babylon. John Daniel’s book is on line in its full text. Read it and save a copy to your hard drive, should we lose the Internet some day soon. I do not expect that we will have a free Internet much longer. There are too many alternative news sites and sites that the government wants to shut down permanently.


Everything in the above four references either corroborates or validates my series of posts, or adds further information that corroborates my posts with info I did not know or have access to at the time of my post writings. This is FAR BIGGER than any of us can possibly know the whole story. Jesuit Jovial is a disinformation plant. I would suggest the reader save my 15 parts of “All Roads Lead to Rome” to your hard drive for future referral. It is becoming more and more questionable as to just how long we will have the freedom of the Internet. Already, the control of the Internet has been relinquished by the USA to ICANN, according to the Washington Post of a few weeks ago. ICANN now controls the issuing/terminating of web addresses. This is but the first step in chipping away at the Internet’s freedom of information. Obama’s comments last week about “net neutrality” was nothing more than propaganda, and it will not likely happen. Obama really wants to regulate the Internet as a ‘public utility’.

The four references above are just a few of hundreds that I could provide the reader to check out for themselves. I could refer to hundreds of sources that support my posting information. I selected these four specifically for their comprehensive nature as well as a source to open your eyes to what is taking place.

Believe it or not, we are owned by Rome. Why do you suppose our own government has never made public its Concordat between Washington, DC and Rome. Maybe you were unaware of this fact. This Treaty (Concordat) was made between the Vatican and the Reagan Administration State Department in 1983. The US State Department and other Washington sources continues to refuse all requests! What are they hiding??????? Perhaps Jesuit Jovial has an answer for this deception.

Between 1985 and 2008, I made more than a dozen requests for a printed copy of the ‘Reagan Treaty (Concordat)’ between Washington, DC and the Vatican, and all my requests were denied. Beginning with President Reagan, all inauguration ceremonies were and have since been conducted with the ‘swearing in ceremonies’ facing the pagan Masonic Washington (pagan obelisk) Monument. His [Reagan’s] insistence that ‘Presidential oath ceremonies’ face the Federal Mall and the Washington Monument (pagan obelisk) merely hid the real reason for changing the venue formalities. St. Peter’s in Rome and Federal Mall in Washington, DC are “mirror images” of Mystery Babylon. Go to and read for yourself ‘The Grand Design Exposed’. This book was on my biography list. Rome is all about “SUN” worship and not “SON” worship. THIS BOOK SHOULD OPEN THE EYES OF THE DOVES! The Bible says a lot about “obelisks” and none of it is good!

You cannot obtain a copy of the Washington-Vatican Rome Treaty (Concordat), no matter how hard you try. Not under the Freedom of Information Act; not by personal written request to your congressman or senator! WHAT’S SO SECRET THAT IT HAS NEVER BEEN MADE PUBLIC? The State Department refuses all Freedom of Information Act requests. The fact is “ALL” other Treaties, made with all the other countries of the world are available to read, but NOT the Treaty (Concordat) between Washington, DC and the Vatican! Yes we are subjects of Rome. Of that fact, I have no doubt. One day, the noose will be closed so tight around the necks of America, and you will have to take the “Mark” of the Beast. As I stated previously, keep your King James Bible bookmarked to Revelation, chapters 13 and 17. In order that you know the six references to the “Mark” of the Beast, you will find them in: Rev. 13:17; 14:11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20; 20:4.

Whether you choose to believe me or Jesuit Jovial is your privilege, but in case I am wrong, I hope and pray you will not have to face the decision to take or reject the “Mark of the Beast” or that you will have the will power to stand against the day you might have to face taking the “Mark” of the Beast. It has been interesting the past few months, especially so when considering the fact that everything that I have posted or shared about the Daniel 9:24-27 interpretation; the Cults; the King James Bible issue; the Textus Receptus; heretics Westcott and Hort; their “eclectic” ‘cut and paste’ version of the New Greek Text; All Roads Lead to Rome; the spurious Apocrypha and pseudepigraphal writings; ALL of these topics I posted on were attacked by Jesuit Jovial, yes, everyone. I expected to be pelted by Roman Catholic spears, but not to the degree of Jesuit Jovial. This is why I stated that his rebuttals were more than just coincidental. They are the words of a true Jesuit troll. The length of his rebuttals reflect a level of formal education that one expects from Jesuit excellence in theology and government. Only a Jesuit would be as capable of his ‘point-counterpoint battle for the minds and hearts of men and women at Five Doves. Hosea 4:6 and Revelation 20:8 are so so relevant for what is coming down the pike.

Keep looking up (Luke 21:28) and God be with you all,

Pastor Bob

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Nov 15, 2014 JD Faraq Nov 9 prophecy update

Very insightful prophecy update.


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Nov 9, 2014 Steve Coerper (2 Nov 2014) “How Great Is Our God”

When we look at the whole universe on a clear night we are looking at a vast and unimaginable number of galaxies. When we look at human DNA we see a wonderfully made biological program or set of instructions to built the human body.

Please go to the link and watch this wonderful video about the God of creation.


Steve Coerper (2 Nov 2014)
How Great Is Our God has been updated.  Please feel free to forward this link.Best,


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Written by twelvebooks

November 9, 2014 at 10:09 am

Nov 8, 2014 Obama will fulfill the roles of the Antichrist, the Mahdi for the Muslims and the Jewish Messiah for Israel

The facts presented so well by Mike Curtiss show us Obama knowing his role by the actions he took prior to his nomination and election to the presidency.

The world is so far down the path of perdition that the shouts of watchmen in the wall are ignored and ridiculed. This blog has 55 posts under Obama Antichrist proof and most of this post information is already there, and 313 on Obama that can convince the most determined skeptic of the identity of BHO. But the sad part of all this is that the majority of the world does not care and will follow him all the way to the pit of hell and jump.

There are only about two years left for him to start the role for which he was predetermined, but his role will have to wait till the Lamb, Jesus Christ, opens the first seal on the scroll taken by Him from the one that sits on the throne in heaven (god the Father).


Mike Curtiss (2 Nov 2014)
The Rise of Apollo & the Destruction of ISIS

Hi Friends,

Matt 24:15

When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

Remember that God’s ways are both perfect, and mysterious. I can not recall any prophecy of the Messiah and End Times which has transpired exactly as people have expected.
Yet, each time, the fulfillment is both perfect, and surprising.
So then should we not look for the Anti Christ?  Yes and No, I think we just have to keep our minds open, and put the puzzle together slowly.The mainstream eschatologists expect a European Antichrist (AC).  Well then, are there any other candidates?Many of us look for a Muslim AC from the Middle East. I believe that is much closer to the truth. Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson explain why in God’s War on Terror. Not least is the fact that the Bible calls him the “Assyrian.” But the Bible also calls him “Pharaoh” and also associates him with Babylon. Accordingly, there is indeed an argument he will be from the Middle East, but these different names may mean something more generic. Rather, I believe he could easily be someone whom the Middle Easterners revere and follow, though he is not Middle Eastern; specifically, I mean a great Muslim.Remember the Muslim doctrine of takiya, or lying to gain leverage until the time of conquest over the infidel. This person will have to not only win the trust of the Jews, but the Temple issue is so difficult that Muslims must also believe he is their messiah, the Mahdi. Only he, I believe could be so powerful and compelling so as to convince them to allow the unallowable – a Jewish Temple on the Mount.

Even the Mahdi though, in my view, can only do this by invoking takiya; i.e., letting the Muslims know he, within seven years, will destroy the Jews, then turn their Temple into a beautiful mosque. Is such a conversion of a Jewish building possible? Yes; all over Europe churches and old synagogues are becoming mosques, and from the beginning of Islam, this has been the case. Witness the beautiful central church in Constantinople, the Hagia Sophia. It became the Muslim central mosque when Constantinople became Istanbul after the Muslim Ottomans conquered it.
Well, who would the Jews in Israel trust then? The answer may lie in another place, where most of the Jewish population not living in Israel lives: the United States. As usual, the Jewish vote in the U.S. is nearly all for the Democratic Party candidate, who this time is Barack Hussein Obama (BHO).
They really like him. He is a luke warm “Christian” by profession, which makes the Jews comfortable, as many, if not most, do not care for evangelical Christians. Moreover he is a social liberal, who closely tracks with the prevailing liberal views among most Israelis. But where is the Muslim connection, and how could he be the AC?
The Muslim connection is that both his father and step father were Muslim. It seems quite possible BHO was not born in Hawaii, as claimed, but in Kenya, with his father’s Muslim family. The BHO people have refused to turn over his original birth certificate, which is currently the object of a federal law suit. Why not? Why not just produce it and make the embarrassing law suit go away? Perhaps because the Hawaiian certificate would be clearly a forgery. Now, once he is President, then he will be able to put that issue to bed one way or the other, considering he will be the most powerful man in the world.
Consider also that his roommates in college were Muslim, and he followed them to that Islamist hot bed of Pakistan, for a “vacation.” (And with whose money, since he was supposed to be so poor?) Until he went on vacation, he was “Barry.” After he came back, he was “Barack.”
Barack in Arabic means “blessed.” Barack Obama was originally named “Baraka.” It is not an African name. It’s an Arabic word meaning “blessed” and comes directly from the Koran. (Hussein is the name of Mohammed’s grandchild, and means “handsome or lovely one”, and Obama in Swahili – an Arabic derivative name from the days of slave traders populating the area – means “bent or crooked one.”)
President Obama Departs The White House En Route To Petersburg, Virginia
There is more. As a sitting senator, he campaigned vigorously for his second cousin, Odinga, in Kenya. Odinga is a radical Islamist, who has lead violent attacks against the Christian tribes in Kenya, after seizing power (he lost that election Obama participated in). Until this violent man of Obama’s clan came along, Kenya had been an island of tranquility in a sea of African violence. No more.
Obama’s money man and mentor in Chicago is a Muslim, and in his biography BHO said if things got ugly in America against Muslims, he would side with them. Again and again, we see that Obama is partial to Islam, though the media strains mightily to hide it. There is even contested evidence that he speaks Arabic.
Now then, could a Muslim be such a closet believer? Yes, such duplicity as this is a mainstream belief in Islam, so long as it is necessary and for Allah’s glory. Would not the chance of becoming the most powerful man in the world be a fine reason to hide his religion?
And so if you have a closet Muslim become President, what does he inherit vis-à-vis the Mideast? First, he inherits from President Bush a major troop presence in Iraq, and a stunningly massive “embassy” complex in Baghdad. The “embassy” tells me we have big, long range plans in this place, a place which any troop who has been there will tell you is an unappealing, sweltering h—hole. But as a base of Mideast power, for launching a “peacekeeping” corps into Palestine, and for controlling the Euphrates, the prophetic gate to Israel, it is excellent
But what about Israel? He would also inherit a very mature “peace process” and an Israel nearly desperate to finally stop the tension and warfare. This is especially true if the peace maker could prevail on those Muslim messiah-philes in Iran to be nice. The Israelis must worry constantly of Iranian nukes. Who, they ask, will teach the Muslims peace? How about a charismatic, liberal American President, who has the world at his feet, and for some unexplainable reason, had most all Muslim leaders acclaim him right after he had a closed-door meeting with them in Turkey?
Next there is the matter of the second Abomination which causes Desolation (AOD), which Jesus indicated would be the clear signal of who the AC will be. Recall in Revelation 2:13 that the provincial city of Pergamum is called the “seat, or throne, of Satan.” That phrase seems odd there, almost a non sequiter. But perhaps God was providing an acid test of the Anti Christ for us.
In the Greek, the phrase “where Satan’s seat is” literally means, “where a throne to Satan is.” Scholars identify this throne or ‘seat’ as the Great Altar of Zeus that existed in Pergamos at that time.
Pergamum was famous for its Temple to Zeus. Christian scholars of Greek mythology believe Zeus is an “analog”, or another name, for Satan. This temple was the foremost temple to Zeus in the former Greek empire, and built by the local king, Eumenes II. Eumenes was a mentor to none other than Antiochus IV Epiphanes; yes, the very Seleucid king who committed the first AOD by erecting a statue of Zeus in the Temple and slaying a pig on the alter in honor of . . . Zeus.
Antiochus was the son of the Seleucid king defeated by the Romans as their empire spread to the Mideast. He was a Parthian (Iranian), and ambitious. After his father’s defeat, being an opportunist, Antiochus went to Rome, seeking permission to take his father’s throne. The area he wanted to rule included Jerusalem. Yet the Roman Senate did not trust him, and said no.
But Antiochus Epiphanes IV was not so easily deterred, and went to Pergamum to bide his time. There he met Eumenes, who was building his soon-to-be famous Temple to Zeus. Eumenes became Antiochus’ sponsor, as Antiochus built his influence and power, until the Roman Senate relented and made him Seleucid king of the Syrian area. While in Pergamum Antiochus no doubt worshipped often at the Zeus temple. He was known for his zealous evangelism for Zeus worship, and who knows what spiritual infestation occurred there?
He was not only a worshiper of the Zeus cult, but a brutal man, who so enraged the Jews, that they rebelled. He defeated them temporarily, and during that time, committed the AOD.
Fast forward about 2000 years. The German archeologists are in Pergamum. They approach the Muslim Ottoman rulers with a proposal to buy this old pagan temple to Zeus, and move it to Berlin. As we know, Muslims are not fans of any culture but Islam, and quickly assented. Thus the German spirited (sorry) the entire temple to Berlin, where they built a massive museum in the 1880’s, restored the Temple and rebuilt it right in the museum. It became quite famous and an icon of Greek architecture, recognized by educated people around the world.
Fast forward again about 50 years. A young Austrian art aficionado named Adolph Hitlermust have been especially enamored of it. Or at least his first propaganda minister (when Hitler gained power), Albert Speer, was. Because he and Hitler determined to put on the most grandiose political theater in history, and the Temple played a central role. What followed were the infamous Nuremburg speeches, which were immortalized in the propaganda film “Triumph of the Will.”
Hitler speeches
Hitler gave a series of mesmerizing speeches to the assembled masses. It was a coming out party of a sort, where the world realized this was no ordinary politician. He seemed imbued with an almost hypnotic ability to say nothing in particular, but in a way which enraptured the youth. And he did it while speaking from a replica of Berlin’s most famous ancient museum piece: The Temple of Pergamum, aka The Temple of Zeus, aka The Throne of Satan.
Startlingly, Hitler was both a fanatical hater of Jews, and an ardent admirer of Islam. He felt Islam had a wonderful martial air to it, and rued the day that Charles Martel and General Sobieski, about 1000 years apart, twice stopped the Muslims from over running Europe. He felt the Arabs were clearly inferior to the Germanic peoples, and that, if the Germanic/Aryan people could have been marinated in Islam, they would have been much stronger, and so Islam would have been stronger.
By the way, Hitler’s special guest in Berlin throughout WWII was the Mufti of Jerusalem, who shared Hitler’s loathing of the Jews, and later nurtured a young Palestinian who came to call himself Yasser Arafat.
Fast forward about another 75 years. Another fascinating and charismatic young politician, who mesmerizes huge German crowds with rousing speeches, is in Berlin. His name isBarack Hussein Obama. Obama does something no American Presidential candidate has ever done, which is give major foreign policy speeches abroad. His largest, most triumphant speech is in Berlin where adoring youthful crowds, representing much of Europe, listen raptly as he says, well, nothing. But he does it so well.
So did BHO visit the Museum of the Temple of Pergamum in Berlin while he was there? Presumably he did. As his hosts showed off their city, surly they must have taken him to their famous museum. Did he see it? If so, did he receive any spiritual signals, or any power, or any anointing from the Throne of Satan, like perhaps Hitler and Antiochus before him? We do not know.
What we do know was that BHO, came back to nail down the Democratic nomination for President in Denver, Colorado. There he made a bold, or some said arrogant, decision to accept his party’s nomination in a massive football stadium, hoping to fill it with up with 100,000 fans. The numbers were unprecedented for an American political speech, except for him. This young rock star politician seemed able to conjure up crowds that size at will.
However, even his staunch supporters felt uneasy that the stage he demanded to speak from was rather un-American and pretentious. He wanted to give a speech from a replica of a Greek building! Jokes about him wearing a toga ensued, but he pressed on.
As photos of its construction were spread around the Internet, a Christian author and blogger named Joel Richardson gained some instant notoriety across the Internet by demonstrating that this building was a dead ringer for the Temple at Pergamum. The BHO people made some weak excuses that it represented the U.S. capitol and White House West Wing combined. But expert scholars agreed with Richardson; it was a replica of the Temple of Pergamum.
So, curiously, Obama chose to deliver his rousing political coming-out speech to the assembled, mostly youthful, masses from a replica of the Throne of Satan, just like Hitler had done many decades ago. Of course the oblivious U.S. media had no idea, and wrote Richardson off as a nut, as their hero – a man certain people across the United States were openly calling a messiah – hurtled toward his date with destiny.
Government representatives make an oath before taking public office, and witnesses in a court of law take an oath to “swear to tell the truth” before offering testimony.
These principles are deeply rooted in the Judeo-Christian faith as well as most other religions. Though there is no way of knowing what the Presidential Oath of Office deeply means to Obama or whether the blunder and redo of the swearing in ceremony was anything more than an accident, the unprecedented gaffe was suspicious to some as possibly representing important hidden meaning. Misgivings over it were additionally compounded when reflected against other curious activities and declarations by Barack Obama, which most of the media missed, downplayed, or simply refused to report on, that strongly connected his emergence with occult mythology identified in the Bible as both prophetic and demonic.An extraordinary example of this was when Obama gave his speech in Berlin, Germany, on July 24th, 2008, titled “The World that Stands as One.” More than a few students of occult history took notice of the symbolism and location of the event, even causing some who until then had rejected any “antichrist” labels hurled at Obama to reconsider their position. This included respected Catholic writer Michael O’Brien, best known for his apocalyptic novel Father Elijah. O’Brien had received numerous letters and emails from subscribers and visitors to his website wondering if Obama was the Antichrist.At first O’Brien wrote that this was not possible. Then a friend that had seen Obama’s speech in Berlin called him, talking about how mesmerizing the speech was and that an announcer over German radio had said: “We have just heard the next President of the United States… and the future President of the World.” By now Obama was conveying an unusual likeness to the Antichrist character of his novel. After watching the Berlin speech several times for himself, O’Brien sent out a newsletter in which he admitted that, while he still doubted Obama was the prophesied ruler of the end times, he had come to believe he was “a carrier of a deadly moral virus, indeed a kind of anti-apostle spreading concepts and agendas that are not only anti-Christ but anti-human as well.” O’Brien finally conceded Obama could be instrumental in ushering in the dreaded Great Tribulation period, and worse, that he was “of the spirit of Antichrist.”[1] After Obama’s term of office was underway, O’Brien pointed out the numerous foreign and domestic problems Obama was facing, including wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the possibility of a new war with Iran, and issues related to the crumbling financial systems, saying these obstacles could overshadow Obama and lead to his defeat in the next presidential election. O’Brien then added in what was a clear reference to the coming of Antichrist, “Alternatively, he could become the ‘Great Facilitator,’ negotiator, peacemaker, working marvels throughout the world as he moves from one seemingly unsolvable problem to another.”[2]

Because it is true that any significant public political event requires both forethought and symbolic meaning, the location where Obama gave his Berlin speech in front of Berlin’s Victory Column contributed to O’Brien’s conclusions. The site was offensive to educated Germans as well as to Christians and Jews because of its ties to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. It was nevertheless oddly appropriate, for it was upon this exact location that Hitler had planned to enthrone himself in the Welthauptstadt Germania—the new “World Capital” upon winning World War II.
During the 1930s, Hitler commissioned Albert Speer “the first architect of the Third Reich” to design the new capital. As part of the plans, the “Siegessäule” or Berlin Victory Column—a 226-foot monument topped by a golden winged figure representing Borussia, the female personification of Prussia, and Victoria, the cult goddess of military victory—was removed from its location in front of the Reichstag building in 1939 and relocated to its current location in the Tiergarten, a 495 acre park in the middle of Berlin where Obama gave his speech in front of the Nazi symbol.
Rainer Brüderle, deputy leader of the liberal political party Free Democrats in Germany complained to the newspaper Bild am Sonntag: “The Siegessäule in Berlin was moved to where it is now by Adolf Hitler. He saw it as a symbol of German superiority and of the victorious wars against Denmark, Austria and France.” This represented a serious question In Brüderle’s mind as to “whether Barack Obama was advised correctly in his choice of the Siegessäule as the site to hold a speech on his vision for a more cooperative world.” [3] Another German politician named Andreas Schockenhoff was equally disturbed, saying, “It is a problematic symbol.”[4]
Evidently it was not problematic for Obama, who stood in front of it and saluted the German audience in a way eerily similar to what Adolf Hitler used to do, followed by thousands returning the salute, which is against German law. When Obama ended his speech in front of the war goddess, he said, “With an eye toward the future, with resolve in our hearts, let us remember this history, and answer our destiny, and remake the world once again.” This is exactly what Hitler had promised to do and exactly where he had planned to memorialize it.
Of greater significance and not far from where Obama delivered his rousing speech, is the Great Altar of Zeus in the Pergamon Museum. According to several reports, Obama visited the Great Altar while in Berlin, which is especially important given what he did on returning to the United States. Before we examine Obama’s revealing actions, consider carefully what the Bible says about the Altar of Zeus in the letter to the church in Pergamos (Pergamum, Pergamon).
“And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and has not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth” (Rev. 2:12-13).
In the Greek, the phrase “where Satan’s seat is” literally means, “where a throne to Satan is.” Scholars identify this throne or ‘seat’ as the Great Altar of Zeus that existed in Pergamos at that time. So important was the worship of Zeus in ancient Pergamos that perpetual sacrifices were offered to him upon the towering and famous 40-foot high altar. Antipas, the first leader and martyr of the early Christian church is believed to have been slain on this altar, slowly roasting to death inside the statue of a bull, the symbol and companion of Zeus. The phrase in Revelation 2:13 “wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth” is considered a citation of this event.
Denver Speech
Approximately two-thousand years after Revelation 2:13 was written, German archeologists removed the massive altar of Zeus from the ruins of Pergamos and took it to Berlin, where it was restored as the centerpiece of the Pergamon Museum. It is here that Hitler first adored it, later building an outdoor replica of it from which he gave a series of speeches that mesmerized many Germans.
“Fast forward about another 75 years,” says blogger El Gallo. “Another charismatic young politician mesmerizes huge German crowds with a rousing speech in Berlin. Barack Hussein Obama…. [and] did Barack Obama visit… the Great Altar of Zeus…? Presumably he did.”[5]
Whether Obama received inspiration from the throne of Satan while in Berlin or not, what he did next was astonishing. Upon returning to the United States, he immediately commissioned the construction of a Greek-columned stage from which hemade his acceptance speech for his party’s nomination. Because Greek temples such as those built to honor Zeus were thought to house the patron deity, the GOP ridiculed Obama, mocking him as playing Zeus of “Mount Olympus” and accusing his supporters of “kneeling” before the “Temple of Obama.” The New York Post ran an enlightening Convention Special supplement on August 28th, 2008 with the telling headline: ‘O’ MY GOD: DEMS ERECT OBAMA TEMPLE blazoned across the front cover. But it was not until blogger Joel Richardson pointed out how the design of Obama’s stage was a dead ringer for the Great Altar of Zeus [6] that Obama’s campaign managers tried to explain away the design as being a conglomeration representing the portico of the White House with the U.S. capital building. “But experts agreed with Richardson,” Gallo wrote, “it was a replica of the Great Altar of Pergamum.”[7]
Thus, incredibly, like Hitler, Obama had honored the goddess Victoria with his presence before ordering a replica of the biblical throne of Satan built, upon which he accepted his date with destiny.
A final troubling disclosure at the conclusion of this entry may cast light on why Obama seemed fascinated with such anti-Christian symbolism in the lead-up to his election victory. A Hadith (tradition) sacred to Shiite Islam from the 17th century contains a prophecy from Ali ibn Abi-Talib, which predicts that just before the return of the Mahdi (the end-times redeemer of Islam), a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” This leader will command “the strongest army on earth” and will bear “a clear sign” from the third imam, Hussein. The prophecy concludes that: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”
Does this Islamic prophecy identify Obama as the “promised warrior” who comes to help the savior of Shiite Muslims conquer the world? Amir Taheri asked this very question for Forbes Magazine in October, 2008, pointing out how “Obama’s first and second names—Barack Hussein—mean ‘the blessing of Hussein’ in Arabic and Persian” while his “family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means ‘he is with us,’ the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.”[8]
[Editor’s note: This series is based on research contained in Tom Horn’s book: APOLLYON RISING 2012: The Final Mystery Of The Great Seal Revealed. Sign up to be notified when APOLLYON RISING 2012 is released and get$60.00 IN FREE GIFTS! Sign up here!]
Leap forward to 2009, and Barack Hussein Obama on June 4 gave an unprecedented speech to the Muslim world from Cairo, Egypt declaring that he is launching a new era between the United States and the Muslim world. For the first time, Obama was forthright about his Muslim heritage and stated that the United States—which he is on record as saying is “no longer a Christian nation”—is now “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” Newsweek editor Evan Thomas followed the president’s speech with a declaration reflected in the opinion of many, that “Obama is standing above the country, above the world, he is a sort of God.”

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