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Dec 4, 2014 Third Temple in Jerusalem, the Antichrist, The False prophet and the rise of antisemitism

Just a few words of introduction for this part 1 of the final countdown as it appears in Prophecy in the News.

The themes discuss are the third Temple plans to be constructed in the near future, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, ISIS and specially the accumulation of prophetic signs that are rapidly coming together. Of special concerns is the discussion of the rise of antisemitism in the world and the discussion of Satan’s plans for the genocide of Israel and its people.

It was mentioned that 1/3 of the Nation will be saved out of the coming Holocaust at the hands of the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The deliverance will be more miraculous than that of Moses from Egypt except that it will be at the hands of God that they will be deliverd.

Very important things that were not mentioned in the video is that at the beginning of the Apocalypse God will send two witnesses to Israel to turn the hearts of the Nation towards God and they will prophecy for 3 and a half years please see the Bible links provided in this blog to read the amazing testimony shown in Revelation Chapter 11.

The time is coming where the whole world will see the hand of God being exerted in the world and the word supernatural will be the order of the day.



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