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JAN 20, 2015 Islam and the Rapture of the Church by Pastor Faraq

In last weeks prophecy update pastor Faraq talks and explains what true Islam is all about.

He attributes Obama and the president of France as being deceived by the propaganda that Islam is a peaceful religion, but in my opinion there is no deception but willful malice and evil in their statements.

He makes a very astute observation towards the end of the 30 minutes about the Lord allowing believers to experience things going wrong for the purpose of bringing their focus on the things to come versus the things here on earth.

Thanks to BG Ellis for this link.



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  1. Amidst a probable total lack of interest (understandable), try to REVIEW the last letter but move Feb 8 to Feb 11. There were already 3 extra days to deal with anyway.

    Wed Feb 11, 2015 (probable RAPTURE) +2520 days = Wed, JAN 5, 2022 (which is Really 12-days earlier, Dec 24, the original Kislev 24 (Hag 2)………”Desire of Nations comes, Shakes Nations, chariots down”……Hanukkah….John 10:21-30…..Jesus arrived on Hanukkah (orig Creation Day/8th Feast) and His Conception was the 8th Day of Hanukkah (8th Day 8th Feast).

    Oct 8, 2014 (Blood moon) + “4 mths to harvest” = Feb 8, 2015, the possible Signing. Feb 8 was SHEVAT 18 (11, 666)….if applic.

    Av 15, 2014/AUG 11 (end wheat harvest) + 6 mths (necessary extension for Millen to begin on a Nisan 1) is FEB 11, 2015. Four mths previous to AV 15, 2014 was Apr 15 (Nis 15), a Blood Moon….then plus “4 mths to harvest” = Av 15, 2014, end Wheat Harvest; but 6 mths must be added for the whole scenario to end properly.

    Mid trib is still AV 10, 2018, LEO 1.

    Return minus 23 days tilt loss is TEVET 10, 2021 (Dec 14/fast day) and 30 days mourning later is SHEVAT 11 (11,11), the beginning of the 45-day judg of the Nations.

    Return at Jan 5, 2022 plus 75 days (needed to complete the Jewish yr….280+75=355/shana) is March 21, which is ARIES 1, beginning of trib (same day as MARCH 1, the new Nisan 1 as well).

    Straightening of earth takes 3 days (Jan 5-8, 2022) and JAN 8 is exactly 2300 days past YOM KIPPUR 2015 (Sept 23….start of 3rd Temple Worship), FAST day turned to joy. Blood Moon after Yom Kippur 2015 will be Sept 28/Succoth.

    RETURN at JAN 5, 2022 is CAPRICORN 15 +30 days is AQUARIUS 15 +45 days is ARIES 1 (8th sign/LAMB)… the Millen New Yr (1st mth) will be MAR 1, ARIES 1, NISAN 1 (Ezek 45:18)…….as Jesus is the ‘8 and 1.’

    AV 10: possible MID TRIB (Abom Desol)….July 22, 2018 (1260 days past Feb 11, 2015)

    AV 10: 2nd Temple burned (Josephus record & Jerem 52:12-13)

    AV 10: Germany entered WWI…leading to WWII Holocaust

    AV 10: France expelled all Jews in 1306

    AV 10: bombing of Jewish Comm Ctr Buenos Aires in 1994, 85 killed 300 injured.

    AV 10 minus the tilt loss is TAMMUZ 17 (Fast Day….Zech 8:19)….so all 4 Fast Days to JOY.

    Lots to think about………….J.H.

    Janet Herscu

    February 8, 2015 at 8:57 pm

  2. THURS, Feb 12 works fine, as well. Below are the patterns:

    TISH 22, 2014 (8th Day Succoth/Holy Sabbath) plus 4 Jewish mths = SHEVAT 22 (Feb 12).

    SHEVAT 22 is TRIPLE ELEVEN (11,11,11)…..’Divine Judgment’ (RAPTURE)

    SUCCOTH 2014/Oct 9 (w/ Oct 8 Blood Moon) plus 4 solar mths = Feb 9 (Monday/signing?).

    AV 15, 2014 (count begins Av 16, Aug 12) plus 6 solar mths = Feb 12, 2015.

    RETURN is JAN 6, 2022 which is REALLY 13 days earlier…DEC 24, 2021, the orig KISLEV 24 (Hag 2)……”Desire of Nations comes/Shakes Nations.”

    TWO DAYS for the earth to straighten (Hos 6:2-3) comes to JAN 8, 2022 which is exactly 2300 days past YOM KIPPUR, 2015 (Dan 8:13-14, desecration begins).

    Earth ‘loses’ 23 days as it straightens to a 360-day yr…..reverting back to TEVET 10 (FAST DAY), DEC 14, 2021.

    30 days mourning (Zech 12:10) follows, landing upon JAN 13, 2022 which is 2300 days past the Sept 28, 2015 BLOOD MOON (Succoth). JAN 13 is REALLY Dec 31, the original 8th Day of 8th Feast/TEVET 1…..Jesus’ Conception anniv. So the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (& Temple Reconsecrated) will be on Jesus’ Conception anniv.

    Jesus RETURNS on the anniv of CREATION (orig Kis 24) and enters the Temple 30 days later on the anniv of the 8th Day of Creation (& His Conception day……8th Day of 8th Feast). So that RETURN + straightening + 30 = CREATION WEEK (orig KISLEV 24 – TEVET 1, which was DEC 24 – DEC 31).

    TEVET 1 (8th Day of 8th Feast) plus 280 days gestation is Succoth, Jesus’ Birth.

    RETURN at JAN 6, 2022 is CAPRICORN 15 and plus 75 days is ARIES 1, the new and continuing NISAN 1 for 1,000 yrs. CAPRICORN 15 + 30 days mourning is AQUARIUS 15, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance, then plus the 45-day judg of the Nations is ARIES 1 and March 1, start of Millen (Ezek 45:18)

    MID TRIB MON, July 23, 2018 minus the projected 23-day loss = TAMMUZ 17 (FAST DAY, June 30).

    MID TRIB, when earth is straight, will be ‘seen as AV 9’ (week of), 2018 (Abom Desol) even though it is AV 11-14. Counts only begin on Sundays, so SAT, AV 9, JULY 21, 2018 has it’s count START on Sunday anyway

    JAN 8, 2022 (earth straight) plus 75 days is MARCH 24 and minus the 23-day tilt loss is MARCH 1, 2022, the NEW NISAN 1 (& ARIES 1)….EZEK 45:18.

    The new, Millennial NISAN 1, 2022 (NISAN 1, ARIES 1, MARCH 1) is 6 mths past ROSH HASHANA, 2021.

    ROSH 2021 minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ is ROSH 2001, the legal start of the 121st Jubilee/7th Millen (& Yom Kip Lev 25:9). God’s post-flood command for the “beginning of days” was to be NISAN since the flood ended on Nisan 17.

    ROSH 2021 is Jewish yr 5782 matching the orig Great Pyramid ht in inches/5782″ (before erosion) and the Kelvin temp of sun (5782 degrees).

    The difference between 6022 (2022) and 5782 is 240 yrs, the continuing/historical difference between the Jewish yr count and the Greg yr count. So w/ the minus 20 yrs considered, the MILLEN begins at NISAN 1, 2002 (6002), 6 mths past ROSH 6001. 240 is 80 x 3 if applic.

    FAST DAYS of TAM 17, AV 9, TISH 10 and TEVET 10 must be “turned to joy” and it seems they ARE in the above trib scenario (Zech 8:19).

    The tilt loss of 23 days (taking 2 days) will be as a minus of 21 days. So SHEVAT 22, 2015 (Feb 12 RAPTURE) minus 21 days is SHEVAT 1, the first day of the 11th Jewish mth (& #11 = judg)…..the ‘RAPTURE’ day when the date is seen via hindsight after earth is straight.

    The RETURN JAN 6, 2022 (earth straight 2 days later on JAN 8) plus 75 days is MARCH 24. Minus the 23-day tilt loss is MARCH 1, the new NISAN 1…..Ezek 45:18.

    NISAN is month ONE and ARIES/LAMB is sign EIGHT of the Mazzarot……the ONE & the EIGHT….1st & LAST, Alpha & Omega (1, 800), etc… the EIGHTS chart.

    MID TRIB is still LEO 1 (July 23) because minus the future tilt loss will be June 30 – JULY 1….LEO 1. Satan covets control of the Mazzarot and the sign of LEO (12th)…..LION of JUDAH.

    ROSH 2021 (6 mths before MILLEN start at NISAN 1, 2022) is the END of the great FIG TREE PATTERNS beginning at 1901/Herzl…Zionism (120,100,90,80,70,50 and all in-between spans…..80’s, 70’s,30’s, 50’s, 20’s, 40’s etc). Counts always began on a ONE yr (just as a baby’s AGE begins at age ONE, mths never ‘counted’ in Bible).

    Concerning the two 280-day spans (‘spiritual gestations’ of Church and Remnant)……if there IS such a thing……span thusly: NISAN 10, 2014 plus 280 days = Feb 9, Signing and NISAN 17, 2021 plus 280 days = Jan 6, 2022 (Return). Of course 75 days copletes the Jewish yr of 355 days (280+75=355….shana/300+50+5 in Hebrew letter numerics); and all three are the ONE Body of Christ, thus only ONE 75-day addition is needed. The 75 is the 30 days mourning and the 45-day judg of the Nations.

    At the Rapture there will be world chaos + the Northern Invasion of Israel culminating in the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel’s mts followed by SEVEN MTHS of burying bodies & bldg the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem (perhaps approx spanning FEB 23-28, 2015 to YOM KIP/SUCCOTH 2015, SEPT 23-28). If the Ezek 38 Victory is around MARCH 1, 2015, then SEVEN YRS FUEL USE by Israel of Russian weaponry (Ezek 39:9) would end at MARCH 1, 2022 (7 solar yrs)……spec.

    ROSH 2013 ended the modern-day patterns……40 yrs, 46 yrs, 65 yrs; and ROSH 2013 plus 8 yrs is ROSH 2021 (1-yr warning/Jerem 51:46 + 7-yr trib = 8 yrs total).

    40 yrs = 1973 – 2013 Abortions

    46 yrs = 1967 – 2013 (John 2:20, 46 yrs to build Temple)

    65 yrs = 1948 – 2013 (Isa 7:8 Israel shattered/Enoch’s age when sought God)

    Know that the 1-yr warning was always the START of the FULFILLMENT of the PROMISE (as to Abr, Hana, Nebuchad, Esther, Eliz).

    AV 15, 2014 (End Wheat Harvest/Christians, beginning of Grape Harvest) was also the end of: 4 mths from the Passover Blood Moon (Apr 15, 2014) and 1290 days from the Jan 29, 2011 Jerusalem orb (1290 is 1260 + 30 days mourning)………spec.

    SO, when all of the above is considered, it seems that the RAPTURE could also be THURS, FEB 12 since that date still fits most of the significant spans that have been dealt w/ previously.

    The basic overall span (when the minus 20 yrs are considered):

    ROSH 2013………+8 yrs…………ROSH 2021…..+6 mths……..NISAN 1, 2022

    which, minus the 20 yrs considered is really:

    ROSH 1993………+8 yrs…………ROSH 2001…..+6 mths……..NISAN 1, 2002

    Know that when the calendar is adjusted, Jesus’ Birth will be seen as year 0 and turning age ONE at year 1. His Birth determines the world’s calendar year.

    AGE ONE (Year ONE) to ROSH 2001 = 2000 yrs (counted as history’s AGE of GRACE) AND Israel shall be “raised up” on the THIRD DAY (3rd THOUSAND….Hos 6:2-3)….i.e. Rosh/Yom 2001 (which is 6001)…….then plus the 6 mths to the legal start of Millen, NISAN 1 (Ezek 45:18).

    1st 2000 yrs after Creation was NO LAW (Creation – Abr)

    2nd 2000 yrs = LAW (Abr – Jesus)

    3rd 2000 = GRACE (Jesus – Millen start)

    TOTAL 6,000 yrs

    Another possible meaning of Hos 6:2-3 “raised up on 3rd DAY” is earth straight 3rd day (Jan 8, 2022) after the Jan 6, 2022 Return.

    Jesus was born on the 80th Jubilee (4000 yrs after Creation). 120 Jubilees must pass (80 + 40 more Jubilees) for the 121st Jubilee to begin (at the real ROSH 2001). The 121st Jubilee starts the 7th Millennium. After the 1000-yr Millen, God will create the NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH……Greek = ‘new in QUALITY’….i.e. atomic make-up…..because EARTH will never end (each atom is now ‘reserved unto fire’….etc).

    Know too that our year 2015 is REALLY 2013 since the calendar is ahead by 2 yrs.

    Anyway, the above is the only way I can see for everything to still make sense, that is IF the scenario begins with a THURS, FEB 12 RAPTURE.

    Note too that the above is a ‘human, speculative compilation’ of dates/patterns/spans, etc…….and something much more reasonable could materialize in all of this. I have wished to keep it within ‘human understanding’ before I let it go to something altogether different……and BETTER, of course (“His ways are not OUR ways” and He can create TIME where there is no time).

    It’s difficult to GIVE UP such a study with so many ‘seeming’ amazing patterns; but since the phrase “NO MAN KNOWS” holds, then letting the study go stands to reason. BUT, since ONE DAY is 72 hrs over the earth, then WHY would God say “DAY or HOUR” that’s Unknowable since of course no one would know within the 72 hrs. He could have said MONTH or WEEK, but He didn’t. He said DAY or HOUR & within a 3-day span (72 hrs), no one could KNOW.

    Take care…………..J.H.

    Janet Herscu

    February 10, 2015 at 1:59 pm

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