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Feb 12, 2015 The search for the Temple location in Jerusalem

There have been two Temples in Jerusalem and both were destroyed in the ninth  of the month of AV. Jews went into exile and the nation was destroyed completely. The first diaspora lasted 70 years in Babylonia, one year for each Shemitah year Israel did not keep.

The second diaspora went from 70 AD to May 14 1948 and the cause was Israel rejected the Messiah Jesus Christ. This rejection started the church age which is still going on as I write these words. The Messiah and His redemption went to the Jews that believed him and the gentiles all over the world. Soon the last of the church members will have come in and Jesus will come to take us out as His bride.

At That moment in time the prophetic clock of the prophet Daniel, the last week of years of the seventy weeks prophecy will start again and Israel will embark in the reconstruction of the third Temple. It is this Temple that the Antichrist will desecrate with an image of himself in the place where the Holy of Holies stand.

The video is about the true location of the two preceding Temples which is not the place it is believed now days. Very compelling evidence presented to support the claim.

Thanks to prophecy in the news for the video.


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