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Feb 17, 2015 Aliens, UFO’s, should Christians be warning people about it? Gary Stearman interviews LA Marzuli

Prophecy watchers as well as are Christian sites that their objective is the awakening of the Christian church to the times we are in.

One of these signs is the subject of aliens which our modern day era has devoted so much Hollywood film to it that barely a day goes by without making its appearance in TV, movies, the news or newspapers and magazines. What is being fed to us daily is a barrage of psychological indoctrination to prepare the human masses for the near coming future.

Most of the Christians that I interact with live in a fantasy world where they purposely ignore what is happening around them and those that do not, try to explain it from a strictly human perspective ignoring the overwhelming supernatural evidence to the contrary.  Well that is going to change very soon and the supernatural will invade big time into our dimensional reality.

Well the world is at the cusp of a major reality jump where everybody will have their reality believe system shocked to the core. Evil is abut to materialize big time on this planet and God is going to allow it to bring about its  complete fulfillment so that Judgment can be netted and the wicked destroyed.

Pay close attention to the dialog between these two dedicated and knowledgeable Christians when they inform you of a subject they have devoted many hours to. A very good discussion of a very important subject.


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  1. I’m not completely sold on this one although I do leave it a thought what does happen to my faith if this was to or is going to take place the anwser is the bible is the authority even if God himself were to speak in Condratiction to the words of the bible i wouldn’t believe him.. This is why God is the way He is because He won’t ever never do that so no matter what an angel, demon , alien, human, or any other thing speaks hold it up to the Word and you have nothing to fear.


    February 18, 2015 at 8:27 am

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