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Feb 25, 2015 A course on Islam who they really are by JD Faraq

Pastor Faraq is again bringing a powerful prophecy update on Islam.

Make no mistake about it, Islam is a Satanic religion revealed by Satan directly to Mohamed. The Qur’an instructs their readers and followers to cut the heads of all those who will not submit. It specifically signals out Jews and Christians to be beheaded.

Whether president Obama acknowledges or not, the fact is that America is at war with Islam. Islam and “””all””‘ followers follow and want to force down the throats of the world a submission to Satan through Islam.

It is mind boggling how this nation has been manipulated to embrace a diabolical man masquerading as a socialist leftist leader, Obama. He has duped you greatly America and the price you will pay is great for falling for his ploy.

Stop thinking in terms of Democrats and Republicans, liberal or conservative, left or right. Start thinking in terms of Jesus and Satan, good or evil and realize the moment we are in where all hell is about to break loose in planet earth and no nation will scape the destruction that is coming.

Your salvation and that of your family will depend on your position in Jesus Christ and nothing else.

If today you hear His voice harken not your heart and listen and enter in a love relationship with Him. He seeks us to call Him Abba Father and to be in His family. What an honor and privilege to be so called.


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