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March 19, 2015 Solar eclipse, supermoon, spring equinox, Nissan 1, an auger of judgement to the nations

The solar eclipse of March 20, 2015 is more than unusual and it becomes one for the millenniums of earth existence.

The video produced by NASA explains the physical characteristics of this eclipse. to these we have to add that it falls on Nissan 1 the first day of the Jewish sacred calendar given to Moses by God. It also falls near the middle of a tetrad of blood moons that fall on Passover, Sukkot 2014 and Passover, Sukkot 2015.

The eclipse will be occurring over the North pole in its totality and seen in northern Europe.

Solar eclipses are interpreted by Jews as a sign of warning to the nations and lunar eclipses as warning to Israel.

That these rare celestial events are markers in God’s plan for the end of the age is completely certain for those who study the prophecies of the Bible for the end times.

In my opinion they point to the start of the final seven years of earth as we know it history, called the Tribulation or Apocalypse.

The first link is to the video from NASA, the second to a very good article that explains the prophetic significance of these celestial markers of time.

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