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April 13. 2015 Satan’s drive to destroy Israel and the jews

It is difficult for the Jews and the rest of the world to understand the continuous persecution that the Jews and Israel have suffered through millennia.

No other group of people or nation has been the recipient of hate, persecution and attempts at genocide as the Jews. This can not be explained in physical terms because it originates in the dark spiritual realm of Satan and its demons.

The root of the problem is the rebellion of Satan against God and the promise of God to Abraham of a kingdom. Jesus will sit in the throne at Jerusalem to rule the earth through the Jewish nation and His Christian saints.

In the Levitt Letter magazine Th.D Tom McCall on page 8 has an article titled Why Satan Believes He Must Destroy Israel that explains in depth the spiritual battle going on at the present time.


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April 13, 2015 at 4:36 pm

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