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May 3, 2015 The Powerful Beast that is about to control the world!

The Bible in the book of Revelation chapter 13 talks about a beast coming out of the sea that is representative of the ruling empire that is going to rule the earth with the Antichrist and the False prophet at the center of authority and power.

This beast has taken millennia to consolidate its power and the tentacles and power are hidden from the unsuspecting masses all this time. At certain periods of history and with certain individuals it has tried to fulfill its goal of dominating all humanity, but the Holy Spirit has prevented this from happening.

In its wake is the blood of the saints and millions of other humans that were victims to its power.

Fay gives us a link to the short video that documents this beast that is about to finally fulfill its destiny in the Tribulation period. Thanks for this link Fay.


Fay (3 May 2015)
Eye Opener. Amazing

Don’t let anyone tell you the Vatican has no power left anymore. This video clip will show you exactly where the power lies. ROME is one major part of it.

Nando end

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