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May 16, 2015 “Who Has Risen To The Top? MAS0NS vs CATH0LICS in the US Govt.” Thanks to Jovial

Very good article explaining the rift behind the scenes of the competing forces involved here for the control of power and influence.

Thanks Jovial.


Jovial (10 May 2015)
Who Has Risen To The Top?  MAS0NS vs CATH0LICS in the US Govt.

Let me say THANKS to Luis Vega for his post at that documents the MAS0NIC influence behind our Government.  This is something that if you ever take a tour of Wasington DC, you may even find that your tour guide will openly admit to many of these things.  It is not a secret people are trying to suppress, but something very much out in the open.

If there is a power that controls our Government from behind the scenes, it is a very PRO-MAS0N and ANTI-CATHOLIC influence, something I will document in this post.

Masons and Catholics are bitter enemies.  Join the Masens and you can be ex-communicted by the Vatican.  These two groups DON’T LIKE EACH OTHER!!!  And the Masons did their best to stamp our Vatican influence ever since they got started influencing our Government, which, as you can see from Vega’s post, wast least since our self-rule days.

Here’s some startling stats;

  • MAS0NS are 96 times more likely to be elected president than the average person.
  • CATHOLICS are 5.25 times LESS like to get elected than the average person.

Since FDR, members of groups with known I11uminati connections have risen to the top in unusually high disproportion.  FDR was a 33 degree Mason, a group with well publicized ties to the I11uminati.  So well publicized that I doubt I even have to document it for this crowd. He dumped his Vice President in 1940 for a running mate who was also reached that 33rd level. In 1944, he switched again and once again picked a 33 degree running mate, Harry Truman, who later became president.  So we had a Mason as President from 1932 to 1952.

Eisenhower and Kennedy were both among the few RECENT presidents with no known ties to any secret societies, and both men warned America about such groups.  They governed according to their conscious.

Nixon had no known strong ties to these organizations that I have been able to find.  He did talk about attending Bohemian ceremonies, but criticized it at the same time and was shocked by it.

Gerald Ford was a Mason.  Jimmy Carter had ties to the Trilateral commission.  George Bush I and II were both members of Skull and Bones, which is associated with the Masons and uses their symbolism.  Bill Clinton was a member of a Masonic sponsored youth organization, but never became one himself. lists him as a Bildeberger.

Since 1932, that’s 11 of 21 elections won by men with OPEN ties to groups understood to be controlled by “THEM” and 9 Masonic.  It wouldn’t shock me if some of the guys with no PUBLIC ties had some behind the scenes. (Such as links drawn between our current Prez and George Soros.)  But only 1.4 million Americans are Masens.  Thus, Masens have been  96 times more successful (9/21*315/1.4=96) at winning the White House than their proportion of the population would suggest since 1932.  For Catholics, its been 1 of 21 in the same time period, despite being 1 of 4 Americans.  So Catholics have been 5.25 LESS LIKELY to win (1/4*21/1=5.25), Masons 96 times MORE LIKELY to win.  Would that lead you to suspect that the Vatican control our government behind the scenes, or the Masens do?

I documented several things about the political impotence of Rome

Whoever controls the power behind the scenes of our Government, if anyone does, has been pro-Mason and Anti-Catholic.  That is very clear by WHO has risen to the top.  There is a simple reason for the anti-Catholic influences that were part of the founding of the USA.  The groups who WANTED to control our government from behind the scenes were afraid of the Vatican, because the Vatican had a history of doing exactly that.  So Masons and other groups vieing for power wanted to outlaw Vatican influence before it got started so THEY could control the Government from behind the scenes.  They saw the Vatican as competiton, and sought to stamp them out before they got started.



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