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July , 2015 The Illuminati Plans to control Saudi Arabia

In the interview of David Bay by Kevin Clarkson of Prophecy in the News they discuss the reason the Saudi monarchy must be replaced or destroyed by the Illuminati.

It is their plan to establish a one world government dividing the world into ten regions of control that sees the Saudi house as an obstacle to their goal and plan on their replacement.

The interesting part is the division of the world in two parts, one to be controlled by technological computer monetary system and the other where this monetary system will not work.

If you are a person that accepts Jesus during the Tribulation your chances of surviving are better in a non developed area of the planet, although it will not be a picnic to survive either.

The preterist churches or denominations are usually amillennial also as they are denying the coming millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. The largest of these churches is the Catholic church.


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