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Archive for July 18th, 2015

July 18, 2015 Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be falling soon to ISISL, an interview with Avi Lipkin

The middle east is a amalgamation of conflicting religions, people, ideologies, wars, nations and special interests and they are explained indetail by a knowledgeable Jewish author, Avi Lipkin in an interview with Gary Stearman.

The conflicts and religious rivalries that are explained will usher the world headlong into a period of utter destruction that the Bible refers to as the Apocalypse where humanity will experience a period of destruction and calamities that would bring it to the point of human extinction if it was not by divine intervention to avoid this from happening.

A time is coming where Jesus Christ will intervene in world affairs in manners that would make this period the most supernatural time ever experienced on earth. Satan will be manifesting himself big time also imposing his will on the planets humans and demanding worship as god.

Show time is almost here time to make decisions in your live that will determine your eternal place.


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July 18, 2015 The Church and Israel, the Rapture and the Apocalypse

In my previous post I talk bout the distinction between the Church and Israel and the Rapture, in the video interview with Doug Stauffer, Gary brings the point that it is necessary to distinguish between both in the prophecies concerning the time of Tribulation or the Apocalypse.

One thing is for sure the time where this questions and issues become a matter of live and death and salvation or damnation is fast approaching and it is well advised for every person alive today to appraise themselves of these important issues as the events are rapidly escalating to an end.


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July 18, 2015 ISISL versus Iran, Sunni versus Shia… Part 2 with Gary Stearman and Avi Lipkin

This Part 2 covers terrorism coming to America and Europe by both branches of Islam. Avi is a well informed Israeli that has a pulse in the middle east and is close to God.

His vision of Jewish immigration with Christian spouses does not conform with the Biblical Christian prophetic scenario of Jesus Christ Rapturing His church  out of the world before the start of the Tribulations known as the Apocalypse. When this occurs the Jewish spouses will find their spouses gone and will have to start looking for answers as to where they went.

With God’s help they will find places like this where they will find the truth of what happened and then belief in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and the need to seek shelter in Israel to await His return at the end of the seven years.

I have always found it interesting that Avi Lipkin has always been close to Christians and to prophetic ministries like the one in this interview and has not talked about or seen all the rest of the information that is constantly emanating from there concerning eschatology. Gary is never seen engaging him for clarification or correction from the many divergent eschatological points of view that they both profess.

Avi spouses a strong belief in the God of his people without acknowledging that the God of his people is a triune God that Jesus Christ is part of it. From this believe he fails to see the different destinies of the church and Israel in God’s plan for humanity. Avi your heart is right in loving Christians in like manner Christians should love Jews and Israel as we are a wild olive branch that has been grafted into the olive tree that represents Israel, both becoming one whole and complete tree under the care and protection of God.

It is for this reason that at the present time you see Satan attacking Christians all over the world and specially by Islamic nations and you also see the attack of Israel by all the nations of the world, some in the UN and others physically in their territory. I agree that at the present time Israel is very safe, but during the seven years of Apocalypse Israel will be severely tested and attacked to the point that their survival is at stake.

At that point their hearths and supplications will turn to God and the Messiah Jesus Christ will hear their cry and will fight the nations to save His chosen people and nation.


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