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Aug 12, 2015 The Sampson Option Revisited to the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Obama administration has entered into a nuclear deal with Iran that puts the state of Israel in great danger. The negotiations in itself by extending several years permitted the Iranians to continue expanding their nuclear installations and knowledge at the same time that it restrained Israel from taking unilateral action to protect their State.

The intentions from the start were nefarious by all the parties involved each for their particular evil purposes, all against Israel.

Upon finishing the agreement the Obama administration took further action to exposed and endanger Israel by permitting this treaty to be sent to the UN for approval in the Security Council where the USA gave its approval also.

This course of action has placed Israel in great danger as well as the USA and many other gulf states who now must confront a more powerful and determined enemy in Iran.

Many years ago a book was published by the title of the Sampson Option and the author a journalist by the name of Seymour M. Hersh detailed the State of Israel’s hidden nuclear program as revealed by a defecting nuclear plant worker by the name of Mordechai Vanunu ( ). The article below follows the strategy of the Israelis in activating the Sampson Option ( ).

As the evil plan to destroy Israel by Obama (The Antichrist) and the many other nations that are in cahoots with Satan to destroy God’s plan is taking place the result will be the path to the seven year Tribulation and the destruction that it brings.

The real Sampson Option for Israel is the power of God when it acts to defend her against all the nations of the world, not their armies or nuclear weapons.


The Samson Option

By Matt Ward

On a moonless and cloudy night on 7thJune, 1981 Israeli fighters flew low and fast toward their target, skimming the desert floor on route to a confrontation many pilots believed would cost them their lives.

Most pilots took it for granted that their actions that night would provoke war but they all saw it as a risk worth taking. Their target was Osirak, the Iraqi nuclear power plant and it was being attacked because Iraq was on the verge of becoming a nuclear threshold state.

The mission, Operation Opera was a complete success and caused irrevocable damage to the infrastructure at Osirak, ending Iraq’s nuclear ambitions permanently.

The backlash was huge, even from the United States. But Israel, its leadership and its people saw the risks involved in this operation as worth taking. Many of the men who planned and ordered the mission were the same men who walked emaciated, lice-ridden and bent double from hunger, out from the Nazi crematoria forty years before and who had sworn at that time… “Never again.”

They had meant it.

In 2007 the world awakened to news of a mysterious disaster at an unnamed, off the map military complex deep in the Syrian Desert. It was a Syrian black site. Nobody was supposed                 to know about this site apart from a select few within the Syrian regimes upper hierarchy. All indications pointed to a significant attack by a sophisticated, highly trained and technologically superior enemy.

It later transpired, after much whispered talk in the press and at government conferences, that this attack was the result of Israeli action against an attempt by Syria to acquire nuclear threshold status.

Israel preemptively destroyed their infrastructure and materials in order to prevent a nuclear armed Syria becoming a present day reality in the Middle East.

The international response was muted while world leaders and the Middle East waited through gritted teeth for the inevitable Syrian reaction. None came other than for the Syrians to clean-up the radioactive material that had seeped into the local environment and then they quietly abandoned the site and walked away.

Syria knew they had come up against a formidable and determined enemy. They knew they                 were facing an enemy who had somehow infiltrated their air space, attacked their most secret clandestine military site and the secret program within it, and then made good their escape without even registering on Syrian military defensive radar systems.The entire attack, from                 start to finish was completely undetected and this unnerved the Syrian government.

“Never again” was once again quietly whispered through the halls of power in Jerusalem.

The Samson Doctrine is an Israeli military doctrine dictating that if Israel faces an existential threat to their existence, then Israel will could attack preemptively in order to the ensure the destruction of the threat and their enemies. This would happen even if the predicted response                 was to be Israel’s own complete destruction.

As Samson in the Old Testament book of Judges sacrificed himself so that he could kill an entire generation of Philistine leadership, thus ensuring the future safety and security of Israel, so too according to the Samson Doctrine Israel could strike first, even if the military reaction against them meant their own potential annihilation.

Israel was and is determined that “never again” will the Jewish race face the threat of complete destruction without a response; it is essentially Israel telling the world: If we are going down, every one of our enemies are coming down with us…

Israel today, in 2015 face a far greater threat than that posed in 1981 and 2007. Today they face an enemy that has publically and proudly called for her complete and swift destruction. They face an enemy whose Islamic eschatology demands their destruction in order to fulfil their own end-time expectations.

They face an enemy that is now, thanks to Barack Obama, the main player in the Middle East. They are emboldened, empowered and have been let completely “off the lead,” free to do as they will with no regard for consequences. Iran have won and Iran know it.

This particular threat is much more complex than any Israel has faced before. If reports on the Iranian nuclear agreement are to be believed, Israel will have to face off against the United States military directly, should they wish to repeat the exploits of 1981 or 2007.

Barack Obama and America, in the documentation and clauses of the agreement seem to have acquiesced to Iranian demands to be partly responsible for defending the Iranian nuclear infrastructure and program against all comers. This includes their “ally” Israel.

That this nuclear deal is a bad deal is at this point beyond question. It is an upfront, in your                 face betrayal of Israel. Major General Yaakov Amidror, former National Security Advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu believes that when this program rears its head again it will be a much more significant threat than the program we see now. It will pose such a threat to the national security of Israel that it will demand an immediate military response just to ensure and preserve the ongoing existence of the Jewish State.

Obama openly views Netanyahu and Israel, who overwhelmingly support Netanyahu’s opposition to this deal, as being the prime threats to this deal passing through Congress. Open warfare has been declared on Israel and her supporters.

Kerry and Obama have been clear that if this deal fails to pass and war breaks out, they will both be holding Israel directly responsible for it.

If this agreement with Iran does pass then Israel will be completely boxed in, they will have absolutely no where to go diplomatically. Iran will effectively be allowed to float the terms of this agreement with little or no meaningful consequence. Iran will have received a complete pass from the United States and the international community.

Yet Israelis will act, if only, because the ongoing survival of their nation depends on it.

It was the Samson Option that underpinned and girded the Israeli belief that an attack on Osirak’s in 1981 and then Syria in 2007 was the right course of action for the Jewish State to take, irrelevant of the consequences. The Samson Option is still the hard reality underpinning the concept of “…Never again…”

It is the final resort, the ultimate resolve that Israel and its people will never again be subjected to an attempted genocide without consequence or reply. Never again will they let the whims of a tyrannical dictator take the Jewish race to the very brink of annihilation. Osarik and Syria in 2007, a tangible demonstration of how far Israel is prepared to go and how much she is prepared to risk to ensure her survival.

It is the existence of the Samson Option that guarantees that the current status quo with Iran will not last. Israel will act, on their own in all probability. If the time comes the decision will be made and the IDF will make its move; all Israel will stand behind her and the world would be sent reeling by it.

Much of the world today already openly despise Israel. If they are forced to attack Iran, this will turn into open, unrestrained hatred.

Benjamin Netanyahu recently stated, “This deal means war.” Just like the leaders of Israel before him, Netanyahu absolutely means what he says.

Never again.

Nando end

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  1. I read it I believe it will happen God on Israel side

    Mike Brown

    August 12, 2015 at 4:34 pm

  2. It has occurred to me that Israel might do a high altitude nuke to knock out all of Iran’s electronics. Then Iran would have to attack Israel on horses.

    Ron Englehardt

    August 16, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    • What is good for the goose is good for the garner


      August 16, 2015 at 9:44 pm

  3. Again, the figuring is over…..but w/ a THURS Aug 20 RAPTURE in mind. As for me, I’m reaching for anything I can get at this point; and if you are equally as desperate (calmly/peacefully speaking), then the following MAY interest you. Just take it or leave it if figuring is ‘not your thing;’ but from my vantage point, AUG 20 fits everything……..via mega SPEC, of course.

    AV 9, 2015 plus 23 days (that will minus) = Mon, Aug 17….probable covert SIGNING.

    Three days later is AUG 20, probable RAPTURE.

    AUG 17, 2015 was also the end of 303 days from Sat, Oct 18, 2014 (Jesus’ solar B-day anniv)…..280 Church’s Spiritual Gestation +23 days that will minus = 303.

    Oct 18, 2014 (Jesus’ solar B-day anniv date) was Tishrei 24 and a Saturday (“1st Day shall be a Sabbath and 8th Day shall be a Sabbath”)……………spec. Any Jan 10-11 plus 280 days gestation is Oct 18 (and Oct 4 is the latest possible Tish 1…..thus Oct 18 could have been Tish 15, Jesus’ Birth).

    Aug 17, 2015 is also 5 mths (as Noah delay/Gen 7,8) past NISAN 1, 2015…..”beginning of days.”

    Mid trib ABOM of DESOL is Jan 28, 2019, which, minus 23 days is JAN 5 (really DEC 24, 2018….due to the 11-12 day calendar error…..& see Haggai 2). Three days later is Jan 31, AQUAR 10 which was the original JAN 10……TEVET 10 (FAST DAY). Note again Tev 10 on the Jewish calendar…matching gestation spans development… implantation of the fertilized egg (day 10 after conception).

    Signing plus 37 days is YOM KIP 2015/Ezek 38 Victory followed by Succoth (last tetrad Blood Moon) 5 days later (when burying begins lasting 7 mths to PASSOVER 2016, lamb slain (Desecration); then 2300 days later (+3 mid trib uncounted days when a.c. is dead) is the ISAIAH 63 Temple Entrance, SATURDAY, AUG 13, 2022……Temple Reconsecrated. Know that 7 x 365 days = 2557 and 7 x 360 +30 mourning = 2550…..a difference of 37 days. The Ezek 38 Victory MAY also be SUCCOTH 2015 (Sept 28) instead of Yom Kip and YOM KIP 2021…..start of Remnant’s 280-day gestation…..may be the 6th Feast “turned to joy.”

    RETURN is Thurs, July 14, 2022 (2520 days past RAPTURE) and plus 30 days is AUG 13 which is the end of the 2300 days from PASSOVER 2016…LAMB SLAIN (Desecration).

    RETURN plus 2 days (Hos 6:2-3) for earth to straighten is Sat, July 16, 2022, TAMMUZ 17 (Fast Day)… earth is STRAIGHT by TAMMUZ 17……a “Day of Joy.”

    Thus ALL FOUR FAST DAYS will have been “TURNED to JOY”…..Zech 8:19…..Av 9, (23 days previous to signing), Tammuz 17 (earth straight), Tishrei 10 (Ezek 38 Divine Victory) & Tevet 10 (Aquar 10 originally and Dec 31, 2019 a.c. rises….minus the 23 days , taking 2 days, so minus 21 = Jan 10). Jan 10 is also Jesus’ original Conception Day because minus the calendar error is DEC 31, eighth day after Dec 24 (original Kislev 24).

    The RETURN (+2 days to straighten) is virtually CANCER 24, then plus 30 days is LEO 24 (12,12,12 start of Millen at Isa 63 Entrance/Jesus + Remnant) and 45 days judg of Nations later is LIBRA 7 (perf /balanced judg).

    The RETURN is actually CANCER 22 (11,11,11), then plus the 2 days for earth to straighten (Isa 13 & 24) is CANCER 24.

    YOM KIP 2021….end of all Fig Tree Patterns from 1901 (minus 20 uncounted yrs/Num 1 = YOM KIP 2001……start of 121st Jub/7th Millen)……Lev 25:9) plus 280 days Gestation of the Remnant = JUNE 23, 2022. I.e. the RETURN at JULY 14, 2022 minus the tilt loss brings the calendar date back to JUNE 23, 2022.

    So earth will be STRAIGHT by JUNE 23, 2022……virtually CANCER 24, JUNE 24 and SIVAN 24…..sync of both calendars and the Mazzarot.

    AUG 20, 2015 (RAPTURE) plus 2550 days is AUG 13, 2022 (30 days past the July 14 RETURN) matching the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    Note again that 34 A.D. plus 1967 YEARS = 2001.

    Also 1994 B.C. (Abr born), and 1994 A.D. the O.T. patterns ended, then plus 7 yrs trib is 2001.

    Note that 483 yrs of punishment were completed at the Cross w/ 7 yrs to go (trib) to reach the commanded 490 yrs AND the ancient Jewish honeymoon was 7 days.

    All is accurate:

    1260 a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant…til broken

    1260 Elij & Moses’ ministry

    1260 Petra protection/Great Trib

    1290 Abom Desol to Isa 63 Temple Entrance

    1335 Abom Desol to trib end

    2300 days (+3 not counted) Temple Desecration

    7 mths burying (Tish 15 – Nis 15)

    7 yrs fuel use (Sep 28, 2015 – Sep 28, 2022 trib end

    Although the above review is probably maddening, if not nauseating to the reader, it’s ALL we have to glean numerically at this point considering all the completed patterns, spans, Fast Days & the Jewish Calendar end points…….which seemingly CANNOT go PAST the above dates.

    I’m not ignorant of the fact that “God’s ways are NOT our ways” and He certainly has control of the calendar, the points at which could be totally different from the above review; but He knew that humans would try to figure the scenario thusly from the historical (ancient & modern) & prophetic info that we have (& I’m only being ‘human’…..good excuse, yeah?…..WHO wants to appear obnoxious??… that ‘weird guy on the tower’ who refuses to come down & ‘cries WOLF’ non stop. Perhaps he’ll now ‘quiet down’ til September).

    August 18, 2015 at 2:08 pm

  4. All points also seem exact for a FRIDAY, Aug 21 RAPTURE…….which is 21 days (tilt) past AV 15, if signif. Av 15 is END of the Wheat Harvest (Church) & Beginning of Grape Harvest (Jews). Thus, with the future tilt minus considered, the RAPTURE will be ‘as having occurred’ on AV 15.

    If ‘signing’ was TUES, Aug 18, then that was exactly 150 days (as Noah delay…Gen 7,8) past NISAN 1 (“beginning of days”). Also Friday Aug 21 is VIRGO 1……and the Church is the ‘spotless VIRGIN.’…………….spec.

    Mid trib (a.c. satanically rises) on Jewish calendar = Fri, SHEVAT 26 (11,13,13)…..if applic.

    Blood Moon (last of the tetrad), Sept 28, 2015 (Succoth), is likely the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel. since +2300+ days is the Isa 63 Temple Entrance/Reconsecration (on AV 15, 2022). Also the TRIB ENDS (w/ the tilt minus) on ELUL 10 which is also LIBRA 10 (Sept 10), the future, Millennial TISHREI 10 (Yom Kip)………………no time for further details but virtually most is same as last letter. Now we PRAY and WITNESS non stop!!!

    August 19, 2015 at 1:48 pm

  5. … that it’s on the record:

    July 9 will be AV 9….FAST DAY…. and Leo 9 in the Millen; and 23 days (will minus) before the RAPTURE (Aug 22, Virgo 1) is LEO 9.

    Mid trib is SHEVAT 24 (11,888)., Jan 29, 2019….+3 days (a.c. rises) is Feb 2 which, minus 23 days is JAN 10, the original TEVET 10 (FAST DAY)

    JAN 10, 2019 minus the 1he 11-day calendar error is Dec 31, the original solar Conception Day of Jesus (Tevet 1) because KISLEV 24 was Creation Day and the 8th Day after Creation (8th Day of 8th Feast) the count began (Jesus’ Conception Day because +280 = Succoth, Jesus’ B-Day.

    Return is TAMMUZ 17…..FAST DAY……JULY 16, 2022..

    Divine Victory in Israel (Ezek 38) is likely YM KIP, 2015…..FAST DAY…… w/ burying beginning SUCCOTH, 2015…..then plus 7 mths burying is NISAN 17, 2016….then plus 2300 days is Aug 15, 2022 which is 30 days past the Return.

    Return is CANCER 24 and 30 days mourning later is LEO 24, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance.

    All 4 FAST DAYS to JOY are accounted for.

    AV 15, 2015 (Jan 31) plus 23 days (tilt that will minus) is AUG 22, 2015.


    All else is same as last letter.

    August 21, 2015 at 12:50 am

  6. RAPTURE is very ilikely TUESDAY, AUG 25 (3rd day, ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day).

    NEVER has the scenario seemed so plausible……noting that the Prophet Daniel said that the subject would BECOME CLEARER. If no one else considers the specifics (spans, etc), I have to keep sharing what seems important to note. The tendency on the part of the reader is to scoff due to all the past unfulfilled (‘wolf-cry’) dates which is understandable. But, pray tell me, HOW can one stop if the scenario continues to clarify itself??! After all, we’re CLOSER anyway!!!…and the reader can simply ignore the following if he so desires even though such gleaning would be beneficial.

    ARIES 1 (Nisan 1) plus 5 mths delay (as Noah, Gen 7,8) is VIRGO 1, SIGNING (SAT, Aug 22). Signing to the RETURN is 2520 days (7 x 360).

    LEO 9 (Millen AV 9) plus 23 days (that will minus) is VIRGO 1, SIGNING……so ‘AV 9 to JOY.’

    VIRGO 1 is the first day of the Mazzarot.

    AV 15 , 2015 (start Grape Harvest/Jews) +23 days is SIGNING, VIRGO 1, Aug 22. So when earth is straight, the Signing will be ‘as having occurred on AV 15, 23 days previous to the SIGNING.

    Succoth, 2014 (+Blood Moon) plus 280 days (Church’s ‘Gestation)’ is JULY 16, 2015 then +40 days testing is RAPTURE. The RETURN is exactly 7 solar yrs later at JULY 16, 2022 (Tammuz 17….FAST DAY to JOY)………… trib in solar-yr terms is ‘JULY 16 to JULY 16’ and in Mazzarot terms those 7 yrs are LEO 24 to LEO 24 (12,12,12,and 12, 12,12)…..spec.

    RAPTURE/TUESDAY AUG 25 , 2015 is Elul 10 and END of TRIB is ELUL 10 (w/ the minus 23 days)… Rosh 2022 (Sep 28, 2022) is ‘never reached’ due to earth’s straightening to a 360-day Millen yr/Isaiah 13 and 24).

    Mid trib (Abom Desol, SAT, Feb 2, 2019) minus the 23-day future loss of days is JAN 10, the original TEVET 10 (day 10 of Jesus’ gestation/egg implanted in uterine wall)…………..thus FAST to JOY…..spec, but the 8 FEASTS match human gestational development.

    Three days later (a.c. satanically ‘rises’) is FEB 5, 2019 AQUARIUS 15 (mid…’Age of Aquarius’….mega deception over whole earth) and minus the 23 day loss is JAN 13, which is REALLY DEC 31, Jesus’ Conception (original 8th day of 8th Feast….TEVET 1) and +280 days was Succoth, His Birth.

    The 8th Feast was CREATION DAY KISLEV 24 (Hag 2) and originally DEC 24; and 8th Day was DEC 31. At the FEAST of DEDIC, Jesus was actually celebrating His own Conception (today’s Hanukkah).

    RETURN is CANCER 24 (j11th mth/judg via 888) and 30 days later is LEO 24 (12,12,12….perf gov’t) the Isa 63 Temple Entrance. End of trib is LIBRA 10, the future TISHREI 10 and SEPT 10 in Millen.

    Signing is SATURDAY, mid trib (a.c. into Temple) is a SATURDAY, RETURN is a SATUDAY (Tam 17, July 16, 2022) and the Isa 63 Temple Entrance is a SATURDAY (July 23, 2022….w/out the tilt loss considered)… SABBATHS are across the board.

    Yom Kip 2021 (legal count end) minus the 20 uncounted yrs (Num 1) is YOM KIP 2001, start of 121st Jub/7th Millen…..Lev 25:9.

    Yom Kip 2021 plus 280 days Remnant’s Gestation Is June 23, 2022……earth STRAIGHT (23 days previous to July 16 Return). June 23, 2022 is 280 days past Yom Kip, 2021. YOM KIP 2021 is the END of all the FIG TREE PATTERNS as reviewed previously (beginning 1901………..120,100,80,70,50 & all in betw).

    The EZEK 38 Divine Victory (Gog-Magog) in Israel is likely SUCCOTH, 2015 (SEPT 28….& Blood Moon), then plus 7 mths burying is NISAN 17, 2016 (anniv Satan’s DOOM Day/Death was conquered)………….plus 2300 days Temple Desecration/Dan 8:13-14 (w/ 3 mid-trib days not counted) is AUG 15, 2022/Isa 63 Temple Entrance/Reconsecration 30 days past the JULY 16 RETURN.

    ALL FOUR FAST DAYS are “turned to joy” (Zech 8:19):

    AV 9 (because LEO 9, 2015 plus 23 is VIRGO 1) & AV 9 will be LEO 9 in Millen (23-day diff).

    TAMMUZ 17….the RETURN.

    TISHREI 10 (Yom Kip)…..veil tore at Cross and start of Remnant’s 280-day gestation in 2021.

    TEVET 10…..Jan 10, 2019, the original date of TEVET 10 (10th day after Jesus’ TEV 1 Conception). Abom of Desoll at Feb 2, 2019 minus the 23 days is JAN 10.

    Via the Mazzarot, the entire scenario is viewed thusly (spec, but perhaps ’emulating’ original meanings):

    SIGNING: VIRGO 1 (start of the 2520 days)

    MID TRIB: AQUARIUS 15 (a.c. satanically RISES)

    RETURN: CANCER 24 (judg via Jesus/LAMB….11,888)

    INTO TEMPLE: LEO 24 (perf/Millen gov’t begins at Isa 63 Temple Entrance)

    TRIB END: LIBRA 10 (future, Millen Yom Kip in Millen…..Sep 10, Tish 10, Libra 10) +5 days = LIBRA 15, new TISHREI 15 (TABERNACLES)

    Know that in the MILLEN MARCH 1, ARIES 1 and NISAN 1 will be NEW YEAR’S DAY (1st mth) making SEPT 1, LIBRA 1 and TISHREI 1 the Millen Rosh Hashana j(7th mth). Since the trib ENDS at LIBRA 10 (ELUL 10…w/ the straightening adjustment)), then 5 days later is the Millennial TABERNACLES, 2022………….Zech 14:17-18. After all, YOM KIPPUR had to be ‘dealt with’ (Forgiveness) before TABERNACLES celebration could take place. So by LIBRA 15(the new/Millen ( (the new TABERNACLES), the earth will be in a state of perfect/balanced/completed judgment……..via the SCALES of judg = LIBRA symbol.

    Note again that Rosh/Yom 2021 is the Jewish yr 5782 matching the orig ht of the Gr Pyramid w/ cap before 6.3″ erosion….5782 inches……& the Kelvin effective temp of the sun (5782 degrees)…..spec.

    SIGNING to the ISA 63 Temple Entrance (2550 days) matches the 2550 days from 583 B.C. to 1967. 2550 is 1260+1260+30,

    Also 34 A.D. (Jesus age 33.5) plus 1967 is 2001.

    Also 1994 B.C. (Abr born)……and 1994 A.D. was END of all the O.T. Patterns…..then +7-yr trib is 2001.

    Mid trib is 70 yrs past Statehood and 100 yrs past Balfour.

    Know that 280 +75 is 355, a Jewish year (+shana = 355….Heb letters); and YOM KIP 2021 (legal END of the 6,000 full yrs/Gen 6:3 and minus 20 uncounted yrs is 2001) plus 355 days is trib end, ELUL 10 (LIBRA 10), 2022.

    YOM KIP 2013 (ending the 40 from 1973,46 from 1967, and 65 yrs from 1948) plus 1-yr warning /Jerem 51:46 was YOM KIPPUR 2014………….then plus 7 Jewish yrs (actual legal trib count) is YOM KIPPUR 2021…………..-20 yrs (reviewed previously) = YOM KIPPUR 2001, LEV 25:9.

    Spans that must synchronize:

    1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel (til broken Feb 2, 2019)

    1260 days Elijah & Moses’ ministry til murdered by risen a.c. (Feb 5, 2019)

    1260 days Petra Protection & Great Trib (Abom Desol Feb 2, 2019 to RETURN TAM 17, July 16, 2022)

    1290 days Abom Desol Feb 2, 2019 to Isa 63 Temple Entrance Aug 15, 2022)

    1335 days Abom Desol Feb 2, 2019 to trib end

    7 mths burying /bldg 3rd Temple (Succoth 2015/Blood Moon to Nisan17, 2016)

    7 yrs fuel use by Israel/Ezek 39:9 Sept 29, 2015 to Sept 29, 2022)

    7 solar yrs = JULY 16, 2015 (+40 more) to JULY 16, 2022 RETURN

    7 Jewish yrs = ELUL 10 (RAPTURE) to trib end ELUL 10….w/ the minus 23

    2550 days matching 2550 yrs…………Signing to Isa 63 Temple Entrance

    1-yr warning YOM KIP 2013 to YOM KIP 2014

    7 yrs LEGAL COUNT = YOM KIP 2014 – YOM KIP 2021 (-20 yrs = YOM KIP 1994 to YOM KIP 2001)

    YOM KIP 2021 (Remnant’s gestation begins) and plus 355 days/Jewish yr = trib end at ELUL 10

    AV 15, 2015 plus 23 days = Signing

    LEO 9 (future Av 9) plus 23 days = Signing (July will be 5th mth in Millen & July 9 will be AV 9 & Leo 9).

    FROM the RETURN at TAMMUZ 17 (JULY 16, 2022) onward, ALL is the SAME as the last letter, not bearing repeating.

    Interestingly as well, the SIGNING at AUG 22 is also 23 days before ROSH HASHANA 2015 (Sept 14)……if applic.

    The 120 Jub’s (Gen 6:3) are divided very accurately in the overall 6,000-yr Jewish history (from CREATION);
    30 Jub’s to flood (maturity of sin) +90 Jub’s to end
    40 Jub’s no law, 40 Jub’s law, 40 Jub’s Grace
    60 Jub’s to David, 60 Jub’s to end
    80 Jub’s to Jesus, 40 Jub’s to end

    The three 40’s (3 x 40 = 120) are finished & all 3 forties originally involved the killing of children
    40…wilderness wandering….originally starting w/ Pharoah killing children
    40….Jn Baptist’s ministry til 70 A.D……originally starting w/ Herod killing children
    40….Roe/Wade 1973 to 2013….abortions…..start of 1-yr warning.

    God said he would STRIVE w/ man for 120 yrs……(3×40) & the killing of BABIES incurs His greatest Wrath. Planned Parenthood butchery of babies is likely the ‘last straw.’

    I doubt ANYONE got this far in the letter; but at least I got this info ‘off my chest’ in case someone MAY need the above scenario to ponder.

    Sorry for the bother, but the above info seemed too significant not to share.

    August 21, 2015 at 3:49 pm

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