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Sept 1, 2015 The number 7 is the key to Newton’s Riddle

In this interview on Prophecy in the News, Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Mr Neill Russel engage in an extremely educational conversation about the end times as studied by Sir Issac Newton.

The number seven and its multiple usages in the Bible is explained by Mr. Russel in a very simple to understand manner. He is the author of the book titled Newtons Riddle.

A very informative and good video.


Nando end


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  1. Below are a few points perhaps worthy to note in reference to a possible SAT, Sept 12 Rapture. If the Rapture is LATER than Sept 12, the dates go beyond significant end points.

    FIRSTFRUITS, SUN APR 5, 2015 (NIS 16) plus 5 solar mths (as post-flood 5-mth delay/Noah/Gen 8) plus another 7 days (as Noah’s last warning) is SAT, SEPT 12.

    SUCCOTH, 2014 (start of Church’s 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’) plus 280 days was July 16, 2015…….then plus 55 more days is Wed, Sept 9, possible signing. The 55 days is 75 minus the future loss of 20 days (loss of 23 actual, but taking 3 days = 20 days). Rapture is 3 days after signing for the 1260’s to work.

    RETURN is Aug 3, 2022 (AV 6) plus 3 days for earth to straighten is AV 9 (earth STRAIGHT)…..and a SATURDAY(SABBATH)……Aug 6.

    RETURN at AV 9, 2022 minus a 23-day tilt loss is TAMMUZ 15…….and plus 75 days is always TISHREI 1 (Rosh Hashana). The tilt minus back from AV 9 can also be seen as TAMMUZ 17, another FAST DAY to be “turned to joy.”

    TAMMUZ 15 is normally 280 days Remnant’s ‘spiritual gestation’ past ROSH HASHANA (TISH 1)….even though there is an extra 30 days in the Rosh year of 2021.

    TAMMUZ 15 (July 14, 2022) plus 30 days mourning is AUG 13 (virtually Av 15) which is exactly 2300 days (+3 uncounted/mid-trib) past NISAN 15, 2016 (PASSOVER…..Apr 23, TEMPLE DESECRATION BEGINS when lamb is slain).

    PASSOVER 2016 is 7 mths burying past TISHREI 15, SUCCOTH 2015 (SEPT 28…& last Blood Moon). Succoth 2015 is likely the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in the mts of Israel. So the Northern Invasion of Israel will likely occur between Sat, Sept 12 and Sept 28, Tabernacles 2015.

    The END of the FIG TREE PATTERNS was ROSH 2021, but in MILLEN terms, plus 280 days is TAMMUZ 15, then plus 75 more days would be ROSH 2022 (w/out the II ADAR). Any 280 plus 75 is 355, a Jewish year (shana).

    Jesus returns BEFORE Rosh 2022 is reached, so the count STAYS at ROSH 2021 which, minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs,’ is 2001…..start of 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    If applic, Mid trib is ADAR 15 to ADAR 18 and the a.c. ‘RISES’ on a SATURDAY (Feb 23, 2019). ADAR is the 12th mth and the 15th day is the middle of the month……and ADAR 18 alludes to the ‘666’ since 18 is 3 x 6.

    MID TRIB (when Jews RUN to Petra) is Wed, FEB 20, 2019…..PISCES 1…..’multiplication of believers/fish.’

    Via the Mazzarot, the RETURN at AUG 3, 2022 is LEO 12 (12,12…..perfect gov’t) and plus 3 more days (earth straightens) is LEO 15 (earth ‘evenly enfolded’ in LION of JUDAH….spec), AV 9.

    30 days mourning later is VIRGO 15, (Isa 63 Temple Entrance….’pure, believing REMNANT’), then plus another 45 days judg of Nations is SCORPIO 1, trib end and possible ‘new’ ROSH HASHANA, TISHREI 1.

    IF the 360-day MILLEN CALENDAR begins on NISAN 1, APRIL 1, TAURUS 1, then each Rosh Hashana will be TISHREI 1, OCT 1 and SCORPIO 1……..which ‘could’ be the case if the Millennial New Year is to start with TAURUS, which is reasonable, since the Millennium will be gov’t rule w/ ‘rod of iron’ (as a ‘BULL’ w/ the Nations…..Deut 33:17) under Jesus’ leadership. Thus the calendar would be:

    Apr 1 Nis 1 Taur 1…..’BULL’ (Deut 33:17) in charge of year

    May 1 Iyy 1 Gem 1

    June 1 Siv 1 Can 1

    July 1 Tam 1 Leo 1

    Aug 1 Av 1 Virg 1

    Sept 1 Elul 1 Libr 1

    Oct 1 Tish 1 Scor 1

    Nov 1 Ches 1 Sag 1

    Dec 1 Kis 1 Capr 1….DEC 24 = KISLEV 24 (Hag 2), orig CREATION

    Jan 1 Tev 1 Aqua 1….Jan 1 will be Tev 1, Jesus’ ‘concep’ anniv (+280=Succ)

    Feb 1 Shev 1 Pisc 1

    Mar 1 Adar 1 Aries 1

    So, those are the points that fit a possible SAT, SEPT 12 RAPTURE.

    September 9, 2015 at 12:40 pm

  2. Note too that in the Millen (via the above calendar) AV 15 will be AUG 15 and VIRGO 15.

    Also note that in the above scenario all FOUR FAST DAYS are turned to JOY (Zech 8:19):

    Tishrei 10 (veil to Holy of Holies tore at the cross)

    Tevet 10 (Jesus’ embryo was implanted successfully into Mary’s uterine wall….10th day after TEV 1 conception)

    AV 9 earth straight

    TAMMUZ 17……same as AV 9 w/ the tilt minus

    September 9, 2015 at 1:49 pm

  3. Virtually, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance in 2022 (30 days past the return….+3 days….but minus 23….so minus 20, then plus 30) is AV 15 ((July 12-13)..

    Note that AV 15, 2015 (July 31) to the signing (Sept 9) is 40 days…..TESTING.

    Thus the trib span in that respect is AV 15 to AV 15 as well…………..spec.

    September 10, 2015 at 1:38 am

  4. RAPTURE is almost surely ROSH HASHANA, MON, SEP 14, 5th FEAST & the NEXT Feast to be fulfilled. It is also JUDGMENT DAY.

    All is same as last letter….and the ‘virtual’ points are as follows (Millen timing/vs Greg calendar involving a difference of 2-3 days due to the future Mazzarot/calendar synchronization when earth straightens):

    Any AV 9 plus 52 days (75 minus 23 tilt loss) = Rosh Hashana RAPTURE.

    Any AV 9 minus the tilt is virtually TAMMUZ 17.

    TAMMUZ 17 plus 75 days is Rosh Hashana..

    RETURN is AV 9 (FAST DAY to JOY…Zech 8:19).

    Minus the tilt is TAMMUZ 17 (FAST DAY to JOY)……EARTH STRAIGHT.

    RETURN plus 75 days is SCORPIO 1, the new Rosh Hashana (meaning NISAN 1, APRIL 1 will be TAURUS 1….the ‘BULL’…….Millen ‘ROD of IRON’ reign.

    RETURN is LEO 15 (Lion of Judah) and +75 is Scorpio 1.

    RETURN -the tilt is TAMMUZ 17 which is 280 past ROSH 2021 (280=Remnant’s Gest).

    Rosh 2014 plus 280 days (Church’s Gest) is Tammuz 17, then plus 75 = Rosh Hashana RAPTURE.

    NISAN 1, 2015 plus 6 mths = ROSH HASHANA 2015.

    SUCCOTH 2015…TISH 15, Sept 28, last Blood Moon) = probable Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel……………TABERNACLES).

    7 mths burying bodies (& bldg 3rd Temple) = PASSOVER, NISAN 15, 2016.

    PASSOVER 2016 (LAMB slain) plus 2300 days (+3 mid-trib uncounted) = virtually AV 15, 2022, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past Return (+tilt minus considered). The 2300 days of Temple Desecration: Daniel 8:13-14).

    By the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (Jesus + Remnant), all is in sync: AV 15, AUG 15, VIRGO 15 (2022).

    Trib end is SCORPIO 1, the new, Millen TISHREI 1 and Oct 1.

    ROSH 2021 is still the END of all the FIG TREE PATTERNS and Rosh 2021 minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ (Num 1) = ROSH 2001 (Gen 6:3) start of 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9). Also note 34 A.D. +1967 YRS = 2001. ROSH 2021 is the START of the REMNANT’S 280-day spiritual GESTATION.

    FIRSTFRUITS Monday Apr 6, 2015 plus 5 solar mths (as Noah’s delay Gen 8) plus 7 days (as Noah’s last warning) is the RAPTURE ROSH HASHANA.

    MID TRIB is still PISCES 1 (FEB 22, 2019), believing Remnant RUNS to Petra (multiplication of fish/believers).

    Even if the trib ends ONE SECOND before Rosh 2022 begins, the COUNT STAYS at ROSH 2021, the end of all the FIG TREE PATTERNS from 1901 (120,100,80,70,50 & all in betw). God’s COUNT POINTS are absolute…..just as a baby is not AGE TWO until 365 days plus another 364 days have passed….i.e. he is still AGE ONE until that end day.

    RAPTURE on SEPT 14 seems to match VIRGO 24 (if VIRGO 1 was Aug 21…….alluding to a ‘perfect VIRGIN 888.’…..spec.

    The 52’s will cancel ea other out and the 75’s will cancel ea other out.

    Know too that mid trib is in ROSH year or 2018……70 yrs past 1948 and 100 yrs past 1918.

    SIGNING was possibly SEPT 11 (VIRGO 21) and add 2550 days to arrive at the Isa 63 Temple Entrance, VIRGO 15. The 2550 DAYS match the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    Note again that by the RETURN, all FOUR FAST DAYS will have been “turned to joy” (Zech 8:19): YOM KIP (veil tore), TEVET 10 (Jesus’ embryonic implantation), AV 9 RETURN, TAMMUZ 17 EARTH STRAIGHT.

    NEVER have this many dates synchronized in so many respects; thus the RAPTURE is almost assuredly ROSH HASHANA, 2015, MONDAY, SEPT 14.

    September 12, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    • Janet this time I think with you. I will be surprised if it is not as well as you will also. Time is short!


      September 12, 2015 at 8:22 pm

  5. There’s a lot to ponder at this point w/ a presumed FRI, SEPT 18 RAPTURE in mind, although the reader has to ‘really’ want to GLEAN at all costs to read the following, because it will likely be confusing; but it’s the only way I can explain the delay to Sept 18 (instead of a Rosh Hashana Rapture):

    ROSH 2014 +355 days (shana, 1 Jewish yr) = SEPT 15, 2015 (Tish 2)….probable SIGNING.

    NISAN 17 (Firstfruits 2015, Apr 6) +5 mths (as 5-mth deay/Noah) plus 7 days (dove/no leaf) plus 7 more days (leaf in beak) = FRI, Sept 18, 2015, Tish 5…..see Gen 8………”150 +7 +7”…..Noah & animals disembarked. Notice that 7 days + 7 days = 14, the # of Deliverance.

    AV 9, 2015 (July 25) plus 54 days is Fri, Sept 18.

    Of course after the earth straightens, the AV 9 of 2015 will be as TAMMUZ 17; so both FAST DAYS will be turned to joy (since those days began a ‘countdown)…..Zech 8:19.

    54 days is 75 minus 21-day future tilt loss. So the RETURN AV 15, 2022 plus 54 days is TISH 10 (YOM KIP), Oct 5, 2022.

    The two 54’s ‘cancel’ each other out (since 75 minus 21 days apply to both pre-Rapture and post-Return).

    YOM KIP 2021 (Sept 16)…..LEGAL end of Fig Tree Patterns) is when the Lev 25:9 command is to be obeyed because minus 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ (Num 1) is YOM KIP 2001……start of 121st Jub/7th Millen……& Gen 6:3. Since that begins the countdown to the day the earth is straight, that FAST DAY is ‘turned to joy” as well…..Zech 8:19.

    LEGAL END/YOM KIP 2021 (Sept 16) plus ONE JEWISH YEAR (280+75) is YOM KIPPUR 2022, Oct 5, 2022 (trib end w/ tilt loss considered); but the RETURN at AV 15 (Aug 12, 2022) is BEFORE YOM KIPPUR 2022; so the count STAYS at YOM KIP 2021……yr 5782.

    YOM KIPPUR 2021 plus 280 days (Remnant’s Gestation) is TAMMUZ 21, the day the earth is straight (w/out the second ADAR considered).

    The RETURN at AUG 12, 2015 (AV 15, tu b’Av) is LEO 22 and plus 2 days for the earth to straighten (Hos 6:2-3) is LEO 24……12,12,12…..’perf gov’t under LION of JUDAH.’

    The day earth is straight (virtually July 23-24/LEO 24/’TAM 24)’ plus 75 days is YOM KIP 2022 (Oct 5).

    Via perfect 30-day mths, any LEO 24 plus 75 days is SCORPIO 10, the future TISHREI 10, YOM KIP. So in that respect, the trib ends on the future TISHREI 10 (6 days in Leo, 60 in Virgo & Libra, 9 in Scorpio = 75 days)….spec.

    MID TRIB (a.c. satanically ‘rises’) is ADAR 24 (12,12,12…Mar 1, 2019) , likely the most coveted Jewish calendar day….Satan enters the a.c.

    ROSH 2014 (Sept 25) PLUS 280 DAYS plus 75 more (which ‘cancels’ the post-Return 75 days) is the SIGNING, Sept 15, 2015 (Tish 2, second day of Rosh Hashana).

    So the 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Church is ROSH 2014 (Sept 25) to JULY 2 (Tam 15) and plus 75 more days (which will cancel) is the SIGNING, SEPT 15, TUESDAY (as ‘Ketuabah’…3rd Day).

    SEPT 15, 2015 (SIGNING) is VIRGO 24 and the Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days after the Return (+ the 2 days of earth straightening) is VIRGO 24 as well. Thus the whole trib from Signing to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance is VIRGO 24 to VIRGO 24, seven perfect Mazzarot years.

    ROSH HASHANA 2015 was SEPT 14; and the RETURN 7 yrs later plus the 2 days to straighten +30 more days mourning is also SEPT 13-14 (the Isa 63 Temple Entrance). THAT SEPT 14 is BEFORE the actual Rosh 2022 (Sept 26); abd the count STAYS at SEPT 14, 2015 (ROSH) because the 7-yr trib is NOT COUNTED.

    THUS, our exit will be ‘as having occurred’ on SEPT 14 (ROSH) after all……spec. Know also that SEPT 18 to SEPT 13-14 is 360 days, a perfect Millennial yr. A solar yr is 365 days and a perfect yr is 360 days.

    OCT 5, 2022 is the actual YOM KIP (TISH 10); and via the Millennial calendar, OCT 5 will yearly be TISHREI 5 (since Tish 1 will be Oct 1 and Scorpio 1)……..and the RAPTURE on Sept 18 is TISHREI 5. Thus ,in a sense, the entire scenario (Rapture to trib end) is TISHREI 5 to ‘TISHREI 5’….the FUTURE TISHREI 5, that is.

    One more interesting possible pattern: Nisan 17 plus 5 mths in Noah’s day would have been ELUL 17……..and plus 14 more days would have been Tishrei 1-2……..and that’s how it WOULD HAVE BEEN if approached thusly since we’re dealing w/ the same span from flood end, but w/ different mth totals…..and OUR span went to TISHREI 5 (Sept 18) because of those differences.

    That’s the most potentially confusing scenario I’ve ever concocted; but it seems to work in many respects. You must admit that the 150+7+7 is pretty intriguing since God said that the end of days would be “as in the days of Noah.”

    In Noah’s day a month was 30 days…..altering the 150 days a bit, but no matter (because 5 solar mths are about 152 days).

    If we pass Sept 18, 2015, quite a few end points will be voided; but so far, the patterns still work. Rosh Hashana is the 5th Feast, the NEXT one to be fulfilled; but it was likely fulfilled at ROSH HASHANA 2014, the beginning of the 355-day COUNTDOWN to the SIGNING.

    ….and ROSH 2014 to ROSH 2021 (7 yrs) is the actual legal 7-yr count anyway….so no problem.

    Note the huge buildup of Russian weaponry in Syria, the double solar eclipse a few days ago & so many other seemingly insoluble dilemmas. God said to LOOK UP when all these horrific things begin to happen BECAUSE there are likely NO MORE SOLUTIONS to the big problems the world faces!

             

    September 15, 2015 at 8:20 pm

  6. ….about 1/2 say through the above letter, the sentence should read: RETURN, AUG 12, 2022, NOT 2015.

    September 16, 2015 at 11:39 am

  7. …by golly!….let’s just share the WHOLE THOUGHT instead of 1/2 of a ‘say’ (.Mercy!…as I throw away my Spelling Bee Champion Award).

    September 16, 2015 at 11:41 am

  8. The following thoughts hold as SUNDAY, SEPT 20 is considered for the RAPTURE and all the prophetic number spans still FIT the following presumed scenario: 1260, 1260, 1260, 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300, 7 moons, 1-yr warning, etc. One should study the 4 ways that each 1260-day span is reviewed w/ the 3-day mid-trib overlap noted.

    The four 1260-day spans are: 1260 a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant, 1260 Elij & Mos’ ministry/& the 144,000 Jews til killed, 1260 Petra Protection, 1260 Great Trib

    “Whoever is LEFT of all the NATIONS (when the 45-day judg of Nations is over) shall go up to Jerusalem to celebrate TABERNACLES” (Zech 14:14-18). That means TABERNACLES ENDS the trib.

    The RESTRAINER (Holy Spirit in the exiting CHURCH) “will be REMOVED BEFORE the MAN of SIN (a.c./Signer) is revealed.” I also think that the RAPTURE and the SIGNING will be on the SAME DAY since the 1260+1260 = 7 perfect yrs, the Church must be gone (hidden/honeymooned) for 7 yrs and the 7 yrs must be added to the 483 yrs (Cross) to complete the commanded 490 yrs punishment.

    7 months BURYING (beginning w/ the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel on YOM KIP 2015, Sept 23) can be 7 MOONS (196 days….7 x 28). Be aware that a menstrual cycle (moon) is 28 days and 10 x 28 is 280 days, the human gestation span.

    196 days (7 moons) is YOM KIP 2015 to NISAN 1, 2016. That’s ‘cutting it short,’ but it seems to make sense.

    Jerem 51:46 speaks of a ONE-YEAR WARNING before trib start; and ROSH 2014 (Sept 25) plus 360 days (1 perfect yr) is SUNDAY, Sept 20, 2015….possible Rapture.

    All counts began on SUNDAY; and even if something significant occurs during the 6 days AFTER SUNDAY (til the following Saturday), the COUNT REMAINS at the starting SUNDAY. So, even though YOM KIP 2015 is WED, Sept 23 (the start of 196 days/7 moons), the RAPTURE could occur on the SUNDAY BEFORE YOM KIPPUR.

    So too, even if the I Corinthians 15:52 LAST TRUMP is blown on YOM KIP (Sep 23, 2015), the blast still COUNTS as occurring on SUNDAY, Sept 20……and the CHURCH should EXIT at the LAST TRUMP (the GREAT TRUMP is only blown on YOM KIPPUR when ‘judgment is SEALED’….i.e. no more chances’).

    All significant events involving perfection or Christians occurred on a Sunday: Creation 1st Day, Creation Count Start 8th Day, Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost Sunday and probably the RAPTURE. Because of the Resurrection SUNDAY became an EIGHTH DAY.

    The 3rd TEMPLE will need to be CLEANSED on the commanded day of NISAN 1 (Apr 9, 2016) according to Ezek 45:18 (+Num 19 Red Heifer ashes). There must be 2300 days Temple Desecration from that NISAN 1 START DATE til the earth is STRAIGHT (Apr 9, 2016 – July 27, 2022). Return at Aug 14, 2022 minus 21 days tilt loss is July 27, 2022. Desecration cannot continue once the Lord Returns.

    If the 150-day delay (post-flood Noah) should come into play, then NISAN 17 (Apr 6, 2015) plus 5 Jewish mths is ELUL 17, (Sept 1), and plus 21-22 more days (that will minus) is YOM KIP 2015 (Sept 23).

    Know too that the 3 days at mid trib when a.c. is dead WON’T be counted just as Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb were not counted in the 49-day count to Pentecost. Thus the 3 days between RAPTURE (Sept 20?) and YOM KIP (Sept 23) ‘won’t be counted’…..’compensating’ for mid trib’s 3 uncounted days. Salvation was procured at the CROSS (Thurs, NISAN 14); but the COUNT had to begin on a SUNDAY (NISAN 17), thus ‘canceling’ 3 days.

    If the RAPTURE is PAST SEPT 20, 2015, then the TRIB END DATE (when all is considered via the tilt loss plus the post-Return 75 days) goes BEYOND TABERNACLES 2022 (Oct 10).

    NONE of the above holds if the calendar is changed in some respects, (by a.c.?, by God?….??) thereby nullifying the trib spans as I’ve noted; but until all spans lose their reasonably encompassed dates, I keep pondering the possible scenario since it still fits Scripture.

    Via the Mazzarot (if applic), the RETURN at AUG 14, 2022 (2520 days past Sunday Sept 20, 2015 is LEO 24…..12,12,12, or 12,888……possibly significant since #12 = ‘perfect govt’……LION of JUDAH, etc. (AUG 14 is LEO 24 if LEO 1 = JULY 21-22).

    One Jewish year is 355 days (280 gestation +75 remaining = 355)…..’shana’……and normally any YOM KIP plus 1 Jewish yr is YOM KIP of the following yr; so YOM KIP 2014 plus 1 Jewish yr is YOM KIP 2015 (RAPTURE). When viewed thusly, the Church’s ‘spiritual gestation’ span of 280 days began at Yom Kip 2014. So too the Remnant’s ‘spiritual gestation’ span also starts on Yom Kip 2021 (then plus 280+75 = YOM KIP 2022 (Oct 10, 2022, that is, even though that date is TABERNACLES……but via the Millen calendar, Oct 10 will be TISHREI 10, YOM KIP).

    Yom Kippur 2021 is really 2001 when the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ are subtracted (Num 1 & reviewed previously)…and the command of Lev 25:9, start of 121st Jub/7th Millen) is to begin legally on YOM KIP 2001, 6001……Gen 6:3.

    YOM KIP 2021 ends all the FIG TREE PATTERNS starting at 1901.

    Well, TABERNACLES 2022 is OCT 10 and via the MILLEN CALENDAR, OCT 10 will be SCORPIO 10 and TISHREI 10. So in a sense, the 5 days between TISH 10 and TISH 15 are ‘eliminated.’

    That’s the last lame scenario that still fits; so we’ll (I’ll) look to SUNDAY.

    September 17, 2015 at 4:31 pm

  9. The recent freaky weather in Israel seems to be developing into something as strange & explosive as the Ezek 38 scenario.

    (via Rapture Ready News):

    As Jews across Israel celebrated the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana earlier this week, parts of the country were hit with extreme flash flooding and, in some areas, hail, in an unusual change of weather.

    “It felt like the apocalypse, the rain has been torrential, there were about 10 lightning strikes in seconds, and even with your windshield wipers on high, it was impossible to see anything,” Mark Katz, a National Parks Authority employee, told the Times of Israel.

    Since the beginning of September, Israel has experienced a series of extreme weather changes, beginning last week with a sudden sandstorm that blanketed the country in thick yellow dust.

    The record setting five-day dust storm was also accompanied by a heat-wave, with new records reached across Israel in temperatures and air pollution.


    September 18, 2015 at 4:07 pm

  10. These points hold if RAPTURE is on TUES, SEPT 22 (1 day before YOM KIP).………POSSIBLY AS…….the 1-DAY WARNING: “This time TOMORROW……”……as the HAIL plague (Moses)…..Exodus 9:18.

    YOM KIPPUR covers 72 hrs on earth from start to finish; so the TRUMP can be blown anytime between the beginning of TUES and the END of WED (Tishrei 10).

    TUES & WED is YOM KIPPUR (LAST TRUMP/TRUMP of GOD)….I Corinthians 15:52.

    TUES is LIBRA 1 (judg/freedom)

    SAT signing minus the tilt is SEPT 1, future LIBRA 1.

    SEPT 28 (Tish 15), 2015 plus 7 mths burying is NISAN 15, 2016, start of 3rd Temple Worship (lamb slain). Add exactly 2300 days to SAT, Aug 13, 2022, the RETURN.

    AUG 13, 2022 is 2520 days past SAT, Sept 19, the possible covert SIGNING.

    Any YOM KIP (TISH 10) +280 days TAMMUZ 22 (July 21, 2022), the day the earth is STRAIGHT (& end of the REMNANT’s 280-day spiritual gestation).

    Mid trib (safety in Petra) is Tues, Mar 5, 2019…….PISCES 15…..Remnant (‘fish’) safe in Petra

    RETURN plus 53 days (75 minus the 21-22-day tilt loss) is OCT 5, 2022, YOM KIPPUR, which must be dealt w/ before a TABERNACLES celebration can occur 5 days later on Oct 10…..Zech 14:14-17.

    Rapture on TUES, Sept 22, 2015 plus 6 days (as 6-day war in 1967) is TISH 15, Succoth, last Blood Moon. Thus world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel could be SEPT 22-28.

    150 days (5 mths post-flood delay/Noah) spanned NISAN 17, 2015 to ELUL 17 (SEPT 1, 2015)…..then plus 21 days (7,7,7….bird sent 3 times) that will minus is TUES, SEPT 22.

    YOM KIP 2021 (Lev 25:9) is STILL the end of the FIG TREE PATTERNS from 1901……………and plus 280 days is JULY 21, TAMMUZ 22, earth straight.

    AV 15, 2015 plus 53 days is TUES, Sept 22, 2015. The 53 is 75 days minus the tilt loss and the post-Return span will also be 53 days to the trib end (75 minus 22 tilt loss).

    TUESDAY is the 3rd Day, the ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day.

    MID TRIB: MAR 8, 2019 (NISAN 1) is the probable day Elijah and Moses will rise….3.5 days after satanic resurrection of the a.c. on Mar 5, 2019.

    YOM KIP was already “turned to joy” at the Cross when the veil tore; so a YOM KIP RAPTURE doesn’t need to turn that Fast Day into JOY again.

    1-yr warning was likely YOM KIP 2014 to YOM KIP 2015 (Jerem 51:46).

    Earth is STRAIGHT by LEO 24 (straightens Leo 21-24) and LIBRA 1, 2015 plus 2550 days is LEO 24, 2022 (12,12,12)………….matching the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    The 7-yr LEGAL span of the trib is still YOM KIPPUR 2014 to YOM KIPPUR 2021……then MINUS the 20 uncounted yrs is YOM KIPPUR 2001, start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen…………..Lev 25:9.

    Trib ends on Oct 27, 2022 w/out the tilt minus considered and ends on Oct 5 , 2022 WITH the tilt minus considered and Oct 5, 2022 is YOM KIPPUR, 5 days previous to TABERNACLES (Zech 14:14-18).

    So that’s where it stands now.

    September 20, 2015 at 5:26 pm

  11. Never been this sure! RAPTURE is almost assuredly YOM KIPPUR/ TRUMP of GOD!…..Wed, Sept 23, 2015.

    I was hesitant to pinpoint Yom Kippur 2015 mainly because of the 2300 days Temple Desecration (starting w/ lamb slain during Passover 2016…..Apr 22-23) because of the 2300 days Temple Desecration starting w/ lamb slain/3rd Temple during Passover/Nisan 14-15, 2016); but then I realized that the COUNT has to begin on a SUNDAY which is NISAN 18…..THEN plus the 2300 days (+3 uncounted at mid trib) is the RETURN (end of DESECRATION) at SUNDAY, AUG 14, 2022, which is LEO 24 (12,12,12).

    TABERNACLES, Sept 28, 2015 (last Blood Moon) is likely the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel and 7 mths burying later is SUNDAY (count start of the 2300), Nisan 18, 2016 (Apr 24).

    As for the pre-Rapture spans:

    AV 15 +54 days (75-tilt) is YOM KIP, 2015.

    Sun, Nisan 16 (Firstfruits) plus 150 days (as Noah delay, Gen 8) is Elul 16 (Aug 31) & plus 23 more days (tilt that will minus) is YOM KIP, 2015.

    Yom KIP 2014 plus ONE YEAR warning (Jerem 51:46) is YOM KIP 2015…..+7 more yrs is YOM KIP 2022…..trib end. Note also that 280 days (Remnant’s Gestation) spans YOM KIP 2021 to the day the earth is straight, July 21, 2022 (w/out the II Adar).

    Mid-trib (Remnant safe in Petra) is PISCES 15 (Mar 6, 2019)…..’multiplication of believers.’

    RETURN is LEO 24 nd 30 days mourning later is the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (Remnant w/ Jesus), VIRGO 24 (‘pure, virgin’ Remnant).

    The 2550 days from Rapture to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (1260+1260+30 mourning) span SEPT 23, 2015 to SEPT 16, 2022. The 2550 days match the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    All FIG TREE PATTERNS from 1901 (120,200,80,70,50) end at YOM KIP 2021 (really 2001 when the 20 ‘uncounted’ yrs are subtracted) w/ the Lev 25:9 command to start the 121st Jub/7th Millen….and all patterns seem to begin and end w/ YOM KIP in every case.

    Note again that 34 A.D. (Jesus, age 33.5) to 2001 is 1967 yrs.

    The FIG TREE Patterns via Jewish DECADE counting are significant (AND all counts begin on a ONE just as baby’s AGE begins at age ONE since only whole numbers start one’s agle count):

    1901 (3-4 Zionist conf’s beginning 1896…………+120 yrs = YOM 2021

    1921 (Allenby/Balfour 1917-18)……………………+100 yrs = YOM 2021

    1941 (Holocaust 1937-1940)……………………….+80 yrs = YOM 2021

    1951 (Statehood, 1947-1948)………………………+70 yrs = YOM 2021

    1971 (1967 Temple Mt/Jerusalem)……………….+40 yrs = YOM 2021

    …and the in-between patterns (differences between) are 70,40,50’s,30’s,20’s… one notes that 30=maturity, 50=Jubilee, 40=authority, 20=military/end age accountability, 70=completion…etc…and those number spans only work w/ Israel’s modern history; and their ancient history (beginning 1994 B.C. Abr’s birth, ending 1994 A.D.) are all totally accurate but it’s too much to study at this point….but all patterns are perfect as well. Know too that mid-trib is IN the YOM KIP year of 2018 which is 70 yrs past 1948 and 100 yrs past 2018 (Balfour).

    All else is same as last letter…..too much to repeat; but the trib still ends at TABERNACLES (Oct 10…Zech 14:14-17) because via the adjustment to synchronize w/ the Mazzarot when earth straightens, the Mazzarot date is SCORPIO 10….which will be the Millen YOM KIP Oct 10 from then on. SCORPIO 10, 2022 is OCT 31….and the ACTUAL TABERNACLES is OCT 10, 2022…….Zech 14:14-17…..45-day judg of the nations is finished.

    ….AND if the FULL 23 days is subtracted from the RETURN, then plus the 75 days, the trib ends at YOM KIP, Oct 5, 2022… w/ all of that taken into consideration the trib ends on the MILLEN YOM KIP and the ACTUAL TABERNACLES in relation to the Mazzarot.

    September 21, 2015 at 10:00 pm

  12. RAPTURE is likely THURS, SEPT 24, TISHREI 11.

    355 days is 1 Jewish yr (280+75). The 280 is GESTATION and the 75 days will be

    ‘canceled’ on each side of the trib. Well, YOM KIP 2014 (Church ‘gestation’ began) plus 280 days was July 11 (Tammuz 24), then plus 75 more days is Thurs, Sept 24, TISH 11 RAPTURE.

    TAMMUZ 24, 2022 (SAT, JULY 23) is the day the earth will be STRAIGHT (Aug 15/Av 18 RETURN minus 23-day tilt loss = July 23) and TAMMUZ 24 was July 11, 2015 when the +75 days began to reach to Sept 24, 2015 RAPTURE……thus TAM 24 to TAM 24.

    TISHREI 10 is still the day of FORGIVENESS and the next day (TISHREI 11) is judgment if FORGIVENESS is to be voided (i.e. ‘azazel returned’). Also #11 is judgment. Remember that the veil tore; so during the Age of Grace there has been no purpose in the use of the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur. So is one reverts back to NISAN 14 when the veil tore (Jesus on the Cross), the tearing of that veil to the Holy of Holies takes its full effect at the trib start (Tish 11).

    In addition, AV 15 (beginning of GRAPE HARVEST/Jews), 2015 (July 31) plus 55 days is also SEPT 24. The 55-56 days is the post-Return 75 days minus 23 days taking 3 days.

    Also, NISAN 17 (Mon, Apr 6, 2015/FIRSTFRUITS) plus 5 Jewish mths was ELUL 17 (Sept 1)…..then plus the 23 days that will minus is SEPT 24, 2015….RAPTURE. The 5 mths match the 5-mth delay after the flood ended (Noah/Gen 8). Note also the 3 wks following the 5-mth delay when birds were sent out.

    Concerning the RETURN at MON, AUG 15, 2022 (AV 18), that day via the Mazzarot is LEO 24……12,12,12 (Lion of Judah/perfect gov’t). 30 days mourning later is VIRGO 14 (Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance/pure-virgin Remnant) & 45 days later is the trib end……SCORPIO 10 (Nov 1, 2022). Minus the tilt loss is JULY 24… when earth is straight, the calendar point is virtually JULY 24, LEO 24 and TAMMUZ 24 (& exactly 7 Jewish yrs past TAMMUZ 24, 2015 when the +75 days began).

    TAMMUZ 24 is the end of the end of the 280-day GESTATION for the REMNANT which began at YOM KIP 2021 (legal end of the trib….then minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ is YOM KIP 2001…..start of 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9).

    YOM KIP 2021 to TAMMUZ 24 = 280 days (21 days in Tish, 236 days in Chesvan thru Sivan, then 23 days in Tammuz = 280 days.

    The RETURN at AUG 15, 2022 plus 56 days (75 days minus the 2-3-day earth straightening & losing 23 days…..thus minus 56 days)…….comes to TABERNACLES, Oct 10, 2022. Thus the trib ENDS at TABERNACLES…..Zech 14:14-17… it should.

    So, w/ all the BEFORE and AFTER trib spans noted, it seems the RAPTURE could well be this THURSDAY, SEPT 24, TISHREI 11………………a very BAD day on the Jewish Calendar, although up to this point there’s never been NON-FORGIVENESS at YOM KIPPUR; but since the trib is the +7 yrs needed to complete the 490 yrs of commanded punishment, it stands to reason. After all, the main purpose of the trib is to finally procure a Jewish Remnant and only the 7-yr trib/wrath of God will ‘bring them to their spirutial senses.’ The natural stubbornness of the JEW is a matchless/ BEAUTIFUL thing when the goal is Godly …..BUT, if not, the race needs such spiritual treatment, which, of course, will ultimately end w/ Glory and Honor for God and Israel forever.

    Amazingly, even during the trib amidst unmatched horror & misery, it will be the JEWS (the 144,000) who bring the trib saints to faith because no people have ever been so determined and dedicated as the believing Jew………………e.g. all the O.T. Prophets, Paul, Peter, Apostles……….awesome!…..God’s GIFTS to the human race.

    The 2520 days spans the possible covert SIGNING (MON, SEPT 21, 2015, LIBRA 1) to the RETURN, Mon, Aug 15, 2022). All the other spans work perfectly w/ a trib end at TABERNACLES……..the END of the 45-day judgment of the Nations.

    All is same as last letter but 1 day added…..mercy, can’t take this scenario any further

    September 22, 2015 at 4:44 pm

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