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Sept 17, 2015 The Rosh Ha Shannah service of Elul 29 with Jonathan Cahn

The video brings the Sunday celebration at Jonathan Cahn’s church.

The message is about the Shemitah and the feast of trumpets. At the end Jonathan Cahn blows to distinct and different shofars.

Jesus is in control and He is coming for His church is his main message to his congregation. A very inspiring exhortation for the church.


Nando end

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  1. You know, I was thinking… this recent Rosh Hashana didn’t fall within the Jubilee year which will start on Sept 23rd or there abouts when 10 days are counted from the sighting of the new moon… 2016 Rosh Hashana will fall within Jubilee, so just because the rapture didn’t happen this year, doesn’t mean hope is lost for a soon catching away. Rapture Rosh Hashana 2016 and the start of tribulation on Yom Kippur of next year. This year however, there will be great contractions leading up to the birthing pains soon to come. This is a Jubilee year so expect a horrendous winter and many ‘natural’ disasters as God undergoes isolated judgements. Its no coincidence that Japan has been getting hit so hard recently since they promote a plethora of sexual immorality. America with its recent law revisions is soon to follow!!! Come Lord Jesus!!!


    September 18, 2015 at 11:23 am

    • Chris, Japan has been also against Israel many times with the Palestinian cause. Do not forget they joined Hitler in the WW2. They also have kept Christianity out since the time of the Shoguns as related in the novels of the late James Clavel.


      September 18, 2015 at 4:34 pm

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