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Sept 29, 2015 The Revelation Seals have not been opened yet! By Gary Stearmant!

In today;s update Gary Stearman answers the questions of many viewers about the seals having been opened and that we are already in the Tribulation. He is emphatic about affirming that we are not and I agree with him 100%.

One thing must come first and that is the Rapture of the church. If the church is here then the Tribulation has not started.

After the Rapture those who are in the earth will have a valid reason to ask the question as they are going to go into it if they are alive.

At this point two things will have to happen that will tell the world that the Tribulation has started.

The first is the appearance of the two witnesses of Rev 11 that make their entrance at the same instant that the seal is opened and the second is the signing of a 7 year covenant by the Antichrist (Obama) with many.

Are we close to this point in time? yes! are we there yet no!


Nando end

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  1. Rapture is likely SHEMINI ATZERET, TISHREI 22

    (8th Day Succoth…Lev 23:39), Oct 5, 2015.

    …..+1260 is mid trib PURIM (a.c. ‘rises’), 2019

    …..+2520 is Return Aug 29, 2022

    ……minus the tilt is AUG 9, 2022, the ‘new’ AV 9, earth straight

    ……Return minus the tilt +75 days is OCT 22, the new TISH 22

    ……Passover 2016 (Lamb slain) +2300 days desecration is Aug 9, 2022

    ……7 mths burying (7 ‘moons’…196 days) = Passover 2016 (Dan 8:13-14)

    ……Last Blood Moon/Sep 28 +7 days LAST WARNING = Oct 5

    ……1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) = Oct 5, TISH 11 to Oct 5, 2015

    ……2550 days (2520+30) = LIBRA 15 (Rapture) to Isa 63 Temple

    Entrance LIBRA 8….matching 2550 yrs 583 B.C. – 1967

    ……Oct 5 minus future loss of 21 days is ROSH HASHANA 2015

    ……EVERYTHING about perfection or Christians was EIGHT

    ……TISH 22 was Jesus’ Circumcision Day (8 days old)

    ……TISH 10 (Yom Kip) 2021 +355 days (shana) = ELUL 10, 2022

    ……Yom Kip 2021 minus the 20 ‘uncounted’ yrs = YOM KIP 2001

    Lev 25:9…start 121st Jub/7th Millen

    Mon, Oct 5 is the LAST DAY that all of the patterns work (for what it’s worth)

    October 4, 2015 at 12:32 am

  2. RAPTURE likely TUES (3rd Day/Wedding Day), Oct 6, also LIBRA 15.

    ……SAT, Oct 3, 2015 was probable Signing

    ……SAT, March 16, 2019 is mid trib (a.c. breaks covenant)

    ……3 days later Tues, Mar 19 (II ADAR 12) a.c. rises BEFORE the 13th (Haman)

    ……SAT, Oct 3, 2015 (signing) +2520 days = RETURN, SAT, Aug 27, 2022

    ……MINUS 22-day tilt loss is AUG 6, AV 9 (FAST), earth straight

    ……Return plus 3 days to straighten & minus the 22-day loss as well

    is AUG 9, 2022 which is 2300 days (Dan 8) past PASSOVER 2016.

    ……TRIB END is OCT 21 which is SCORPIO 21 and the ‘new’ TISH 21.

    ……YOM KIP 2021 (legal end and -20 yrs = YOM KIP 2001…start of 121st’

    Jub/7th Millen.

    ……YOM KIP 2021 (TISH 10) plus 355 days is ELUL 10, 2022, the Isa 63

    Temple Entrance. 355 is 280 gestation +75 remaining.

    ……The 355 days (shana) on THIS side of the trib is ROSH 2014 – ROSH

    2015 and plus 22 days is the RAPTURE (Rosh 2015 = Sep 14 +22 days

    is OCT 6. So, w/ that in mind, the RAPTURE is ROSH in actuality

    because the 22 days will minus.

    ….. SIX mths past FIRSFRUITS (Nisan 17, 2015/Apr 6) is OCT 6, 2015.

    Those 6 mths must pass for the trib end to be October 21,

    the new HOSHANA RABAH/TISH 21……..w/ the 45 days judg of

    nations finished.

    ….. Since the RETURN at Elul 1, 2022 is STILL in the YOM KIP 2021

    YEAR, it still counts as 2021.

    ……The RAPTURE plus 3 days world chaos/N Invasion of Israel is Oct 9

    (Ezek 38 Divine Victory) and plus 196 days (7 moons) burying is

    Passover, 2016, the start of the 2300 days Temple Desecration lasting

    until AUG 9, 2022 (the ‘new’ AV 9) when the earth is straight.


    October 5, 2015 at 12:45 am

  3. Here’s what’s in sync with a THURS, OCT 8 RAPTURE:

    ….AV 9 +75 days = Oct 8, 2025…..and earth will be STRAIGHT
    by AV 9, 2022 (“FAST DAY to JOY”).

    ….ROSH HASHANA 2015 plus 23.5 days (tilt) is Oct 8.

    ….An exact 1 solar yr warning (Jerem 51:46) is BLOOD MOON of
    Oct 8, 2014 to Oct 8, 2015.

    ….Mid trib (1260 days past signing/a.c. breaks covenant) is II Adar
    11, 2019 (basically 13th mth, 11th day…bad numbers, if applic).

    ….Mid trib when a.c. satanically RISES is PURIM, 2019 (Mar 21,
    II ADAR 14)…upon which the a.c. kills Elij and Moses who rise
    3+ days later………….see REV 11:13-18, if applic (same #’s).

    ….After the RAPTURE there will be world chaos/N. Invasion of
    Israel w/ the EZEK 38 Divine Victory perhaps CHESVAN 1-5
    and 7 mths burying/bldg 3rd Temple later (210 days) is IYYAR 5
    (May 12-15, 2016), the Jewish anniv of May 14, 1948/Statehood,
    probable start of 3rd Temple Worship because plus 2300 days
    Temple Desecration ends precisely at the RETURN, Monday,
    Aug 29, 2022 (2520 days past TISH 22, Oct 5, 2015 SIGNING.

    ….RETURN is MONDAY, Aug 29, 2022 and minus 23-days tilt
    loss (as earth straightens) is AV 9, Aug 6, 2022, “FAST to Joy.”

    ….Plus 30 days mourning is ELUL 10 which is EXACTLY 355 days
    past YOM KIPPUR 2021, the LEGAL end of the trib and of the
    Gen 6:3….120 Jubilees when the minus 20 uncounted yrs are
    figured (Yom Kip 2021 minus 20 yrs is YOM KIP 2001/6001…
    legal start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen….Lev 25:9). 355 days is
    1 Jewish yr (280 gestation +75 remaining) and shana means yr.

    ….Return plus 3 days for earth to straighten is Sept 1 and minus
    the 23 days is AUG 9 which will be the new/Millen AV 9.

    ….The RETURN plus 75 days is SCORPIO 22 (Nov 12) and minus
    the tilt is OCT 22, the ‘new’ TISHREI 22. Note that the
    SIGNING is TISHREI 22 and trib end is the ‘new’ TISH 22,
    (7 Jewish yrs).

    ….The 2550 days (1260+1260+30) span SIGNING (Oct 5, 2015)
    to the Isaiah 65 Temple Entrance Sept 28, 2022, thirty days past
    the RETURN. The 2550 days match the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C.
    to 1967. That 2550-day span is the same as LIBRA 17 to
    LIBRA 10 (will be ELUL 10), 2022.

    ….The LEGAL 7-yr span (according to the Fig Tree Patterns) is
    YOM KIPPUR 2014 to YOM KIPPUR 2021 (then plus the 355
    days = ELUL 10, 2022, the ISA 63 Temple Entrance).

    ….The 1260’s: 1260 a.c. keeps covenant
    1260 Elij & Mos’ ministry til killed by risen a.c.
    1260 Petra Protection of Remnant
    1260 Great Trib (satan in a.c.)

    ….The 1290 spans mid trib (a.c. killed Mar 18, 2019) to the Isa 63
    Temple Entrance 30 days after the Return and the 1335 reaches
    trib end at Nov 12, 2022 (Oct 22 w/ the tilt minus considered).

    ….Note the ABOM of DESOL (March 18, 2019) is the 13th mth,
    11th day (II ADAR 11).

    ….Note too that mid trib is 70 FULL yrs from 1948 and 100 FULL
    yrs from 1918.

    ….The Church’s 280-day GESTATION is ROSH 2014 (Sep 14-15)
    plus the 75 remaining is ROSH HASHANA 2015….then plus 23
    more days that will minus is OCT 8, 2015 (Thurs).

    ….The Remnant’s 280-day GESTATION (+75 remaining) is YOM
    Kip 2021 to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance on ELUL 10, 2022 (30
    days past AV 9, 2022).

    ….Note that AV 9, 2015 (July 25) plus 75 days is the RAPTURE,
    Oct 8, 2015…..and the earth will be STRAIGHT by AV 9, 2022.
    The pre-Rapture 75 will be ‘canceled’ by the post-Return 75.

    ….The SIGNING on TISHREI 22 is likely Satan’s attempt to OWN
    the great 8th Day of Succoth/Holy Convocation…..the great
    LAST DAY of the entire Jewish Feast Schedule (also Jesus’
    Circumcision Day anniv).

    So, we have til THURSDAY until ‘irreversible’ (?) SCOFFERISM takes a strong hold on the subject. I ‘would’ listen to others’ approach to the subject if all the patterns, etc were taken into account as I see them; but so far I’m only in agreement w/ my own ‘take’ on it, as ridiculous as the continuing ”guessing seems to be to the reader (again, UNDERSTANDABLE). In addition, Scripture says the nations will be perplexed with seemingly ‘UNsolvable’ predicaments which is certainly the case today.

    October 6, 2015 at 5:07 pm

  4. error: ISAIAH 63, not 65

    October 6, 2015 at 5:11 pm

  5. ANOTHER ERROR!…. What’s this 2025 business?, 2nd line, no less!……………DON’T take note of THAT!!!! Furthermore, I can’t WAIT another 10 years!!! Stupidity accompanies the onset of deep scofferism of which I am now guilty. Anyway, 2025 should read 2015.

    October 6, 2015 at 6:28 pm

  6. Probable RAPTURE: SATURDAY, OCT 10 (Tishrei 27…..999)

    Can you believe I keep going w/ this??? Well, here’s why:

    ….AV 9, 2015 (July 24-25) plus 75 days (that will minus) is Wed, Oct 7,

    probably SIGNING (Tishrei 24…888)….if applic. The pre-Rapture 75

    and the post-Return 75 will ‘cancel’ each other out.

    ….WED, Oct 7 Signing plus 3 days is SAT, Oct 10, possible RAPTURE.

    ….ROSH HASHANA (Sep 14-15, 2015) +23 days (will minus) = OCT 7.

    So when the earth is STRAIGHT (23 days less), the RAPTURE will be ‘as having occurred’ on

    Rosh Hashana, the 5th FEAST & the next one to be fulfilled.

    ….MID TRIB (1260 past signing) is WED, MAR 20, 2019…..II ADAR 13,

    ‘Haman’s plan re-planned’ (?)….Esther 3:13……ABOMIN of DESOL (& a.c.

    is killed).

    ….3 days later a.c. satanically ‘rises’ on MAR 23, 2019 & kills Elij & Mos.

    ….YOM KIP 2021 (Sep 16) is STILL the LEGAL end of the 6,000 yrs (120

    Jub’s/Gen 6:3). 2021 minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ is YOM KIP 2001 (6001),

    start of 121st Jub/7th Millen. Of course 2021 is the END of all the Fig Tree

    Patterns that began in 1901 (Herzl/Zionism) & 2021 is yr 5782 (Pyram#/sun#).

    ….The RETURN is STILL in the ROSH/YOM 2021 YEAR because Jesus RETURNS before Rosh 2022,

    and the COUNT STAYS at ROSH/YOM 2021.

    ….YOM KIP 2021 plus 355 days (shana, 1 Jewish yr) is the RETURN at

    SATURDAY, Sept 3, 2022 (Elul 7). 3 days later (earth straightens); 3 days

    later is SEPT 6, ELUL 10. 355 days is 280 gestation of

    Remnant w/ 75 remaining.

    ….Add 30 days mourning to arrive at TISHREI 10, the Isaiah 63 Temple

    Entrance on YOM KIPPUR, OCT 6, 2022. Know that Tish 10 was the

    ONE day that the High Priest entered the Temple and Jesus IS the High Priest

    and will ENTER on YOM KIPPUR!

    ….45 days judgment of Nations later ends the trib at CHESVAN 26,

    NOV 20, 2022 which is virtually SAGITTARIUS 1 (‘Hero​, Conquerror,


    ….Via the Mazzarot, the RETURN (+3 days) is VIRGO 15, thirty days later

    is LIBRA 15 (Oct 6) and 45 days later is SAGITTARIUS 1…..perfect

    points on the Mazzarot matching the events. Virgo 15 = ‘balanced

    purity as Remnant calls Messiah BACK’, Libra 15 = ‘balanced judg’ and

    Sagittarius is the ultimate HERO who crushed the head of Satan at the


    ….The 2300 days Temple Desecration precisely span MAY 14, 2016 ,

    Statehood anniv, and end at YOM KIPPUR, 2022, the Isa 63 Temple

    Entrance. The 3 extra days account for mid-trib when a.c. is dead….

    see Daniel 8:13-14.

    ….May 14 is also virtually IYYAR 5, the Jewish anniversary of Israel’s

    Statehood in 1948.

    ….The 7 mths burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple will likely span CHESVAN

    1-5 (?)…..EZEK 38 DIVINE VICTORY at the Russian Invasion of Israel….

    to IYYAR 5, 2016 (start of the 2300 days). Thus the 7 yrs fuel use of

    Russian weaponry (Ezek 39:9) may span CHESVAN 1, 2015 to

    Chesvan 1, 2022 (trib end….w/ the tilt minus figured & not including the

    3 days of earth’s straightening). Chesvan 1, 2015 is Oct 14 and Chesvan

    5 is Oct 19…….remains to be seen. Amidst the discover of the Leviathan

    Oil deposits off the Haifa coast and the recent Golan Hts oil discovery, the

    ‘SPOIL’ coveted by Gog (Russia) is obvious & activity predicted in Ezek 38

    is likely on the horizon.

    ….RETURN minus the 23-day tilt loss is AV 15 (tu b’Av)……very signif day!….

    which is AUG 12, 2022. 75 days later is CHESVAN 1 (8th mth)…trib end.

    ….The BLOOD MOON (1-yr warning…..Jerem 51:46) was Oct 8, 2014,

    and the SIGNING on OCT 7- 8 (as one notes that one day is 72 hrs

    overall) is 1 yr later. Note the 1-yr promises (or warnings) to Abr, Hana,

    Neb, Eliz, Esther’s 1-yr purific…..etc. The promise IS the fulfillment…..

    an “after 2 days” Israel shall be RAISED UP…..& Oct 8-10 is 2 days (w/ 1yr

    in between).

    ….Mid trib (2019) is also 100 FULL yrs from 1918 and 70 FULL yrs from 1948,

    if applic.

    ….Note again how the 120 Jubilees are loosely divided in the 6,000 yrs from Creation:

    30 Jub’s Flood, 90 to end (120 total)

    40 Jub’s to Abr, 40 Jub’s to Jesus, 40 Jub’s to end (120 total)

    60 Jub’s to David, 60 Jub’s to end (120 total)

    80 Jub’s to Jesus, 40 to end (120 total)

    ….We know that God endures fallen man for 6,000, 7000 is Millen, 8000 is New….etc.

    ….& note the 120 WICKED yrs….also Gen 6:3 (3 x 40 yrs….involving killing of BABIES

    (Pharoah + 40 wilderness, Herod + 40 Jn Bap – 70 A.D., 1973 + full 40/Abortions).

    ….God said He would STRIVE w/ fallen man for 120 ‘yrs,’ specifically enduring the

    KILLING of BABIES which incurs His greatest WRATH. When Israel was at its

    greatest point of disobedience (even child sacrifices), God sent the CHALDEANS..

    …..the ISIS of today!

    …..Note the patterns that ended in 2013 (FULL yrs by 2014)…..1948+65 (Isa 7:8 &

    Enoch as a father/sought God, 1967+46 (Jn 2:20) and 1973+40 full (Roe Wade).

    …..ALL STILL FITS and it looks like this WEEKEND is a very possible RAPTURE


    October 7, 2015 at 7:06 pm

  7. Via the above spec letter, on AV 15, 2022 (Aug 12), the earth will be STRAIGHT (due to tilt loss of 22-23 days…….Sept 3 Return (+3 days straightening) minis tilt loss is Av 15). Well, in ancient times AV 15 was the beginning of the GRAPE HARVEST (Jews) and 52-53 days later is YOM KIPPUR, 2022, the END of the GRAPE HARVEST. The ‘GRAPES of WRATH ‘applies to this event as well…..the LAMB’S WRATH poured out upon the Nations while the Jewish Remnant (Grapes) REPENTS.

    Isaiah 63…..Jesus will march from Petra (via Bozrah) on YOM KIPPUR (Oct 6, 2022) which is 52-53 days past AV 15. The difference of days is due to the RETURN +30 days WITHOUT the tilt loss versus the RETURN minus the tilt loss plus the 30 days.

    At the end of the 40 yrs wilderness wandering on AV 15 the DYING was finished and entrance into the Promised Land commenced. Also, God again communicated with Moses.

    So the TREADING of the GRAPES (Nations + repentant Remnant) will occur during those 30 days of mourning, ending at YOM KIPPUR 2022 when the HIGH PRIEST enters the 4th Temple and the Shekinah Glory Returns.

    Know that Oct 6, 2022 (YOM KIPPUR) is LIBRA 15…..middle (equal balance) of the JUDGMENT sign; and THAT is the beginning of the 45-day JUDGMENT of the NATIONS.

    Av 15 holds MUCH more significance worthy of study.

    One error to be corrected: Rosh 2015 plus 23 days is the SIGNING, not Rapture. The 3 days between Signing and Rapture ‘cancel out’ the 3 ‘uncounted’ days at mid trib when a.c. is dead…..AND earth’s straightening will take 3 days as well which accounts for the GREAT TRIB’S START when Satan indwells the risen anti Christ……thus the 1260’s all synchronize as the 3-day ‘overlap’ is noted:

    1260 a.c. keeps covenant til broken at Abom of Desol II Adar 13, 2019 (Haman, Esther 3:13)
    1260 Elijah and Moses’s ministry……(arrive at Rapture)…..til a.c. rises & kills them II Adar 16, 2019
    1260 Petra Protection (needed when a.c. is indwelt by Satan II Adar 16, 2019… the Return)
    1260 Great Trib……Satan in a.c. til Jesus Returns

    Don’t you just LOVE all of these details?!….HEY!, did I hear ‘UNNECESSARY’?…..Let’s just call it ‘nitty/gritty’ study, hopefully necessary in God’s eyes (….THAT’S a STRETCH)…..but I have to hope He UNDERSTANDS this kind of tenacity). I’m sort of helpless at this point as I fight ‘scofferism’……sort of at the ‘edge of the cliff’ before GRAVITY ensues.

    October 8, 2015 at 3:37 pm

  8. SUNDAY is better & more accurate because:

    …….All COUNTS begin on SUNDAY.
    …….Oct 8, 2014 BLOOD MOON + 1 EXACT solar yr = OCT 8 Signing.
    …….AV 9 (July 25, 2015) + EXACTLY 75 days is OCT 8……& ‘cancel’s the 75 post-Return days.
    …….ROSH (Sep 14-15, 2015) +23.5-day future tilt loss is OCT 8, but count begins on Sunday anyway.
    …….MID TRIB (1260 days past signing) is PURIM, II ADAR 14, 2019.

    SUNDAY, Oct 11 RAPTURE is LIBRA 22 (judg & double 11….i.e. ‘double judg’)……if applic.

    SUNDAYS are across the board (RAPTURE, a.c. RISES, RETURN) and all events concerning perfection (as Creation) or Christians occurred on a SUNDAY (Creation day, Creation Count Day 8, Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost Sunday.

    Also, in the Millen, OCT 11 will be TISHREI 11, bad calendar day…..’azazel returns’…..i.e. ‘UNforgiven…..spec

    All else is same as previous 2 letters above.

    October 9, 2015 at 4:46 pm


    All patterns stem from YOM KIPPUR. YOM KIPPUR 2014 +7 Jewish yrs is YOM KIPPUR 2021, the legal end of the 6,000 full yrs (Gen 6:3)…..because minus the 20 ‘uncounted’ yrs is YOM KIPPUR 2001, Lev 25:9: start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen.YOM KIPPUR 2015 +20 days is TUESDAY, Oct 13 (Rapture). Note again that 34 A.D. plus 1967 is 2001 as well. 2001 is the year 6001.

    At the RETURN, the earth will ‘lose’ 20 days (actual minus 23 that takes 3 days…..thus a loss of 20).The ONE-YR WARNING (Jerem 51:46) spanned YOM KIPPUR 2014 to YOM KIPPUR 2015……then plus the 20 days is Rapture. The 20 days will minus at the Return (a minus of 23 taking 3 days…..i.e. -23+3=20).

    The RETURN is SAT, Elul 7….plus 3 days for earth to straighten is ELUL 10 which is exactly 355 days (shana) past YOM KIPPUR 2021. The Jewish year 2021 has an extra month (II Adar)……thus Elul 10, 2022 ends a Jewish year of 355 days from Yom Kippur 2021.

    ELUL 10, 2022 (earth straight, Sept 6) plus 30 days mourning is TISHREI 10, YOM KIPPUR, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance (High Priest/Jesus into Temple YOM KIPPUR 2014 +7 Jewish yrs is YOM KIPPUR 2021, the legal end of the 6,000 full yrs (Gen 6:3)…..because minus the 20 ‘uncounted’ yrs is YOM KIPPUR 2001, Lev 25:9: start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    YOM KIPPUR 2015 +20 days is TUESDAY, Oct 13 (Rapture). At the RETURN, the earth will ‘lose’ 20 days (actual minus of 23 that takes 3 days…..thus a loss of 20)

    The ONE-YR WARNING (Jerem 51:46) spanned YOM KIPPUR 2014 to YOM KIPPUR 2015……then plus the 20 days is Rapture. The 20 days will minus at the Return.

    The RETURN is SAT, Elul 7….plus 3 days for earth to straighten is ELUL 10 which is exactly 355 days (shana) past YOM KIPPUR 2021. The Jewish year 2021 has an extra month (II Adar)……thus Elul 10, 2022 ends a Jewish year from Yom Kippur 2021.

    The RETURN at SAT, Sept 3 (2520 days past Sat, Oct 10, 2015 SIGNING) minus 23 days is AV 15, 2022 (Aug 12).

    The RETURN at Sat, SEPT 3, 2022 plus 3 days is SEPT 6, VIRGO 15; and any VIRGO 15 plus 75 days is SAGIT 1 (‘heroic conquest finished’….trib end).

    30 days past SEPT 6, 2022 (earth straight) is OCT 6, YOM KIPPUR, LIBRA 15…..perfect, balanced judgment (+freedom) via the Mazzarot……the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance.

    MAY 14, 2016 (Iyyar 6) is the start of 3rd Temple Worship and plus 2300 days Temple Desecration (+3 uncounted, mid trib) is the RETURN at SAT, SEPT 3, 2022.

    The SEVEN mths burying (following the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel) will likely span Oct 14-19 to May 14, 2016.

    YOM KIPPUR 2021 plus 355 days = ELUL 10, 2022, the day the earth is straight (then +30 mourning is YOM KIPPUR 2022, Oct 6, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance.

    RAPTURE at TUESDAY, Oct 13 is LIBRA 22; and 2550 days later is LIBRA 15, YOM KIPPUR 2022 (Oct 6). The 2550 days match the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C. to 1967. In other words, OCT 13, 2015 +2550 = OCT 6, 2022.

    The MID TRIB is the first SATURDAY after PURIM, 2019. A.C. breaks covenant w/ Israel on SATURDAY, Mar 23 which is 1260 days past SIGNING (Sat, Oct 10, 2015).

    Know too that YOM KIP 2021 was the END of all the FIG TREE PATTERNS that began at 1901 (120,100,80,70,50 and all in between).

    If one charts out the above, the synchronization of dates seems accurate in every respect; but there IS the 3-day ‘overlap’….but no matter, because the 1260’s fit perfectly anyway: 1260 days a.c. keeps covenant, 1260 days Elijah & Moses ministry til killed by risen a.c., 1260 days Petra protection & 1260 days Great Trib (Satan in a.c.).

    SATURDAYS (SABBATHS) are across the board: SIGNING, ABOM of DESOL at mid trib, RETURN, etc….and of course TUESDAY is the 3rd Day, the ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day.

    If AV 9, 2015 is to be noted, there are exactly 80 days from July 25, 2015 (Av 9) to the RAPTURE……and in a perfect/Millen year, 80 days complete the 360 days (whereas a Jewish yr is 355). In other words 280 gestation plus 80 days (totaling 360) is a full Millen year (spec).

    The RAPTURE on Oct 13 is LIBRA 22, ‘judgment’/double 11……thus ‘double judgment.’…..spec.

    As senseless, ridiculous, presumptuous as this constant spec study may appear, the harmony of the above spans deserves attention. If it didn’t all FIT, I wouldn’t share anything; but it all still seems to harmonize perfectly if the priority points are connected. There’s nothing else to go on…..Blood moons are over, High Holy Days are over…….; and the great importance of YOM KIPPUR as the ‘starting point’ seems worthy of attention.

    October 10, 2015 at 12:43 pm

  10. Oct 13, 2015 minus 20 days is YOM KIPPUR..;..GREAT TRUMP/LAST TRUMP DAY……I Corin 15:52, I Thess 4:15-18. Thus after the RETURN & earth is straight, the RAPTURE will be ‘as having occurred’ on YOM KIPPUR.

    October 10, 2015 at 1:52 pm

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