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Oct 15, 2015 Are there past God’s Judgments that point tp 11/11/15 as the start of the Tribulation and the Rapture

I received today an e-mail sent by Mr. Ron Reese with a very elaborate and profound Bible study in typology or said in another way past examples of a date used by God for judgment applied to the present. Can we say for 100% sure that Ron’s analysis is what will happen on 11/11/15? No we can not, but on the other hand can we say that his examples and types are flawed, no!

So what does the leave us with, two no’s that contradict each other. As for me I think that Ron makes a strong argument as can be made for the Tribulation and the Rapture on 11/11/15 and let the scoffers scoff their hearts out on this one, but I am not one of them so I take it seriously as a very probable scenario. By the way I agree with him that Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist.



Since February of this year, I have been sending posts to you, with most of them centering on the date of 11/11/15.  Because I have no website, this post will serve as my website, so please SAVE it.  Below you will find the links to all of the most important posts that I have written this year.  Many of you on my mailing list have not received some of these posts, because of either computer problems, or AOL problems, on my end.  I have recently upgraded from AOL 9.0 to AOL 9.7, and a much greater percentage of my emails are now getting through to you.
But there is a good chance that most of you have not received ALL of my posts.  Each of the posts listed below are MUST reads, if you want to see the WHOLE Prophetic picture that I am convinced the Lord is trying to show to us, regarding the date of ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year.  A brief explanation of each post is included.  Having the entire Prophetic Puzzle Pieces in one post should be of GREAT assistance to all of you.  In the short remaining time that we have left, please add the links from for any future posts that I might write, to this post.
This is the one post that you must seriously consider sending to your family, your friends, and your entire mailing list.  There are several other posts linked below that you should also make copies of, such as “What to Do if You are Left Behind”, and Are ALL Christians Going in the Rapture?”  Please make at least one copy of each to leave in plain sight in your house, that others will be able to find it. 
I believe with all of my heart, that many souls are now eternally hanging in the balance.  Please do not let the enemy discourage you from doing YOUR part to WARN and PREPARE others.  They at least deserve one last WARNING.  Almost certainly, much more will be accomplished AFTER the Sudden Destruction/Rapture, than before, with this post.  But NOBODY will be influenced by these MULTIPLE signs, if you do not distribute it, or at least make copies to leave behind for your loved ones, who miss the Rapture of the Bride.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray about this, and do as the Lord leads you to.  The Word tells us that SOON the night cometh, when no man can work anymore.  Time is of the extreme essence now.  Please act now, before it is eternally too late.  As you can see from the posts below, WE HAVE EVERY REASON TO EXPECT THE SUDDEN DESTRUCTION AND RAPTURE TO TAKE PLACE ON ELEVEN ELEVEN OF THIS YEAR!!!!!!!  “JOSEPH’S 7 GOOD YEARS OF 2008–2015 LEAD TO 7 YEARS OF FAMINE 2015–2022 TRIBULATION”
This was my first post in two years.  It is the foundation post for everything else that I have written this year.  A follow-up to this post appears later in this post.  “11 SIGNS POINTING DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15 AS THE START OF THE TRIBULATION–PART 1”
The #1 Sign is the most important of the 11 Signs, as it shows us that 7 Prophetic Years from Day of Atonement, Oct. 5, 2022, points us EXACTLY TO 11/11/15!  “11 SIGNS POINTING DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15 AS THE START OF THE TRIBULATION–PART 2″ 
Part 2 of a 3-part series.  There is NO way all of these DIRECT signs leading us to 11/11/15 can be just a coincidence.  I am convinced that, if we follow all of the signs, we can readily see that the Tribulation is destined to start on 11/11/15.  11 SIGNS POINTING DIRECTLY TO 11/11/15 AS THE START OF THE TRIBULATION–PART 3″
The conclusion of this 3-part series.  Be sure to read Sign #11 to see why the NWO elite have chosen ELEVEN ELEVEN as their CHOSEN date, for their evil, diabolical Day of Sudden Destruction, so that they can enact their Satanic one-word government .  The number of Signs has expanded well past eleven, as I write this.  “ELEVEN DAYS PUTIN DISAPPEARS, AGAIN POINTING US TO 11/11/15″
Now, in October of 2015, we can see very strong evidence of Putin’s bold and evil WAR plans.  The Battle of Gog and Magog, of World War 3, seems destined to take place before the end of this year!!!  “NEW YORK CITY EXPLOSION AND FIRE POINT DIRECTLY TO TRIBULATION ON 11/11!!!”
Read this post slowly and carefully, and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you just what the NWO elite are planning to do to New York City (mystery Babyon).  There is only one obstacle left before the New World Order will set up their one-world government, with Obama as the world’s leader, the Antichrist.  That obstacle is the downfall of the United States.  This is an extremely sobering account of what is about to take place.  JESUS IS OUR ONLY HOPE!!!  “NUCLEAR MIDNIGHT–HOW CLOSE ARE WE??? 
This posts builds a very strong BIBLICAL case for the unleashing of nuclear weapons upon the earth during the Tribulation.  I am convinced that we are only weeks away from that fulfillment.  An ominous and compelling and sobering post.  “NEPAL EARTHQUAKE REPORTED TO BE AT 11:11 A.M., LOCAL TIME!!!”
Combined with the delay in the start time of the Netanyahu speech until 11:11 a.m., this report of this catastrophic earthquake is a very strong indication that someone is trying to bring the date of 11/11 to our attention.  “MANHATTAN (NYC) IS THE TARGET, NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE THE MEANS, 11/11 IS THE DATE!”
More Signs and proof of the New World Order agenda.  “THE BRICKS ARE FALLING IN MANHATTAN (NYC) AND MAY 11TH–ANOTHER WARNING”
The Satanic NWO are very much into using Satanic CHOSEN dates for their CHOSEN sinister and diabolical plans, in order to have a greater chance of success.  ELEVEN ELEVEN uses the very Satanic number of ELEVEN doubled to double their chance of success.  This nuclear Sudden Destruction event, planned for the U.S., on ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year, is the big CLIMAX of their decades-old plans.  “Out of the chaos of WW3, comes the New World Order” is their motto.  “SEVERAL MORE SIGNS OF THE END OF THE AGE”
Eight short posts combined into a single very interesting post.  You do not want to miss this one.  “A TIMELINE OF CRITICAL EVENTS, PRESENT, PAST, AND FUTURE”
This is the only post presented here that I did not write.  It is an excellent article and timeline chart, highlighting 11/11/15, as the start of the Tribulation.  “THE DATE OF THE BATTLE OF GOG AND MAGOG HAS NOW BEEN REVEALED!!!!!!!”
I have gone out on a limb with this one.  I have yet to see anybody else suggest the probable date of the Battle of Gog and Magog.  My conjecture is helped along by Grant Jeffrey, backed up by Scriptures, using the 120 years as a WARNING, and is backed up by current events, in Russia, Iran, the U.S., and Israel.  I believe, as I am writing this, on Oct. 8, 2015, that this monumental Battle of World War 3 is LESS THAN TWO MONTHS AWAY!!!
The Biblical meaning of the number 120 is, “DIVINE PERIOD OF PROBATION”.  As of July 14, 2015, the whole world was put on a “DIVINE PERIOD OF PROBATION”, with the official announcement that a NUCLEAR deal had been reached.  This probation ends on 11/11/15, the very same day that EVERYTHING is pointing towards.  We have EVERY reason to expect this probation to end with NUCLEAR Judgment.  “CAN WE KNOW THE TIME OF CHRIST’S RETURN?”
The vast majority of Christians, even Watchers, will say the answer to this question is, “No”.  Let’s take a look at what the Scriptures really say, in regard to “knowing the time”.  Even if the answer is “no”, there is nothing in the Word that prohibits us from knowing the timeline of the Tribulation.  “ARE ALL CHRISTIANS GOING IN THE RAPTURE?  ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE READY???
It really does not matter what you believe, or what you have been taught.  It only matters what the Word of God says.  It is my very strong Scriptural belief that millions upon millions of born-again Christians will not be part of the first Rapture, the Rapture of the Bride.  This is an absolute MUST read for ALL Christians, and is one in which you need to make copies.  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!  “WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE LEFT BEHIND, AFTER THE RAPTURE”
There will be panic, bewilderment, mass chaos, massive destruction, unbelief, extreme desperation, shock, and despair on every hand, after the Sudden Destruction/Rapture takes place.  This is, by far, the most popular of the 50+ Bible Prophecy tracts that I have written.  If you haven’t already, you simply MUST send this to your entire mailing list.  This post, and the previous post above, are your tools for GREAT rewards in Heaven, as you could make the difference in people’s eternity.  The Sudden Destruction/Rapture will make believers out of many.  But they will need help in knowing what to do, now that they are caught up in the Tribulation.  Revelation describes it as a vast multitude that no man could number, who came out of the Great Tribulation, and made Heaven their home for all eternity.  Yes, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, by providing people with a tool to help them during the Tribulation!  Forward and copy this one.  Many eternal souls are at stake.  THE #1 OVERLOOKED REASON WHY JESUS SHOULD RETURN IN THE FALL OF 2015!!!”
If only Christians, and especially Watchers, could grasp this deep truth of what the Word presents to us in this post, the vast majority of Watchers would not be giving up on 2015 as the start of the Tribulation.  We have EVERY reason to believe that the Tribulation starts in the Fall of 2015, but this post shows us, the most overlooked reason WHY we have every right to believe this.  In my opinion, this post NAILS it, as to why the Tribulation HAS to start in 2015.  Not 2016, nor 2017, nor 2018, nor some year past that, but 2015!!!!!!!  “AND THE DAY OF THE RAPTURE WILL BE…–(PART 1)”
A GREAT Scriptural study on the Day of the Great Escape, the Rapture of the Bride.  AND THE DAY OF THE RAPTURE WILL BE…–(PART 2)”
Part 2, of a 2–part post.  The Old Testament teaches us the Day of the Rapture, in at least four different types.  We may not KNOW the DATE of the Rapture, for sure, but, through typology, we can be very confident in knowing the Day of the Rapture.  This is one of the main reasons why I am convinced in a simultaneous Rapture and Sudden Destruction.  Part 1 above gives us the other main Scriptural reason.  “BY A MONSTER SANDSTORM, GOD DELAYED THE ACTUAL DATES OF THE FEAST DAYS!!!”
I was expecting God to do something like this, as we serve a God of miracles.  This event (see next post) paved the way for the 17TH DAY OF THE 2ND MONTH, GOD’S HISTORICAL DAY OF GREAT JUDGMENT, TO BE ON ELEVEN ELEVEN THIS YEAR!!!!!!!  “THE 17TH DAY OF THE 2ND MONTH–GOD’S DAY OF JUDGMENT THROUGOUT HISTORY!!!” 
If you are looking for ONE post to SEAL THE DEAL, TO DRIVE THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN, FOR ELEVEN ELEVEN OF THIS YEAR, THIS IS THE POST THAT SHOULD DO IT!!!!!!!  Thank you, Lord, for making it so blatantly obvious for us.  PREPARE YE THE WAY OF THE LORD!!!  “OCT. 2ND–WILL THERE BE A 40–DAY WARNING???”
One of my eight suggestions, that I felt led to write about, as to what could possibly be a 40–Day Warning, actually happened.  See next post.  “AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, OUR 40–DAY WARNING IS MORE FLOODS!!!”
God’s Biblical numbers for WARNINGS are 120, 40, and 7.  We received NO such Warnings for any of the Fall Feast Days, but we are now batting 1000 for ELEVEN ELEVEN of this year, as we have now received a 120–Day Warning, and a 40–Day Warning.  Will we receive a 7–Day Warning, like Noah did???  Circle Nov 4th on your calendar, as we MAY just receive our “GET ON BOARD” WARNING, just like Noah and the righteous people did.  WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!!!
Thank you, Jesus, for providing us with so many SIGNS AND CLUES AND PUZZLE PIECES FOR THE DATE OF 11/11/15.  Each of us needs the help of Your Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts for your SOON Return, so that we can be accounted worthy to ESCAPE (The Blessed Hope, the Rapture) ALL THESE THINGS THAT SHALL SOON COME TO PASS.
My three favorite verses in the entire Word, are Luke 21:34–36.  They are absolutely the MOST IMPORTANT VERSES FOR ALL CHRISTIANS LIVING IN THESE VERY LAST DAYS.  Verse 35 refers to a SNARE, OR TRAP, that is being set, and that will come upon the WHOLE WORLD.  That TRAP is the PLANNED NUCLEAR SUDDEN DESTRUCTION BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER ELITE.  The vast abundance of evidence, as you can readily see from all of the above, is pointing DIRECTLY TO ELEVEN ELEVEN OF THIS YEAR!!!
In Luke 21:34–36, it is JESUS giving WARNING to ALL end-times Christians, when He says, “Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting (partying), and drunkenness, and CARES OF THIS LIFE, and so that day come upon you unawares (unexpectedly).  For as a SNARE (or TRAP) shall it come on all them who dwell on the face of the whole earth.  WATCH you, therefore, and pray always, that YOU MAY BE ACCOUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man (JESUS).”
Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
Ron Reese


Nando end


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  1. WED, OCT 2

    There is a ‘RAY of HOPE’ (for the desperate/impatient watcher)….

    but SPECULATION reigns….a real ‘stab in the dark.’

    Much holds for a RAPTURE on WED, Oct 21 (SCORPIO 1, the DEATH

    sign)…..CHESVAN 8 (8,8). There is now the 3-DAY OVERLAP.

    As long as the RETURN DOESN’T REACH Rosh/Yom 2022, there is

    still much to glean.

    For the 1260’s, 1290, 1335 to work, there has to be a 3-day overlap.

    1260 Signing to Abom Desol/a.c. breaks covenant

    1260 Elijah & Moses’ ministry (starts at Rapture) til their death

    by risen a.c.

    1260 days Abom Desol to the RETURN.

    1290 days Abom Desol to Isa 63 Temple Entr 30 days past Return

    1335 days Abom Desol to trib end (Dan 12:12)

    The trib COUNT starts at the SIGNING & lasts 2520 days to the RETURN (Signing: SUNDAY, Oct 18, 2015 to Return, SUNDAY, Sept 11, 2022. (SUNDAY to SUNDAY)….2520 days. If Elijah & Moses’ ministry spans 1260 days til they are killed by the risen a.c., they have to ARRIVE at the Rapture.

    At the a.c.’s resurrection (indwelt by Satan), he will finally have the power to kill the 2 witnesses.

    SIGNING (count start, Sunday, Oct 18, 2015) is 280 days (gestation) past JAN 11, Jesus’ solar conception anniv date (REALLY DEC 31, the original TEVET 1, Jesus’ Conception). So, as reviewed previously, Jesus was possibly BORN on OCT 18, which was TISHREI 15, SUCCOTH.

    Mid trib (Abom Desol) is SUNDAY Mar 31, 2019, ARIES 10, the original and the future/Millen NISAN 10 (Palm Sunday)…..original/planned START of Messianic Kingdom……but Messiah was crucified. SUNDAY, March 31, 2019 is II ADAR 24…….12,12,12 12, a Jewish CALENDAR date likely coveted by the a.c. It is also month 13. #12 means perfect gov’t.

    3 days after a.c. breaks covenant (Abom Desol) is WED, Apr 3, 2019 (a.c. satanically rises & kills the 2 witnesses…1260 days past Rapture)….ARIES 13. APRIL 3, 2019 is 1260 days past RAPTURE…..end of Elij and Mos’ ministry. In the MILLEN ARIES 10 will be MARCH 10 and NISAN 10 because NISAN 1 will be ARIES 1 and MARCH 1, New Year’s Day.

    3.5 days after APR 3 , 2019 (ARIES 13) is ARIES 17, the MILLEN NISAN 17, the 2 witnesses rise which is also the actual NISAN 1, if significant. If the MILLENNIAL NISAN 17 is ARIES 17, then THAT is the BIGGEST ANNIV DAY that SATAN would likely COVET & attempt to eradicate/replace…….NISAN 17.

    RETURN is SUNDAY, SEPT 11, 2022 (VIRGO 21, ELUL 15, 355 days (a Jewish yr) past TISHREI 15, 2021).

    30 days mourning later is TUESDAY, OCT 11, 2022, TABERNACLES, the ISA 63 TEMPLE ENTRANCE (3rd Day). That date minus the 21-day loss (earth straightens) is SEPT 21, the NEW HOSHANA RABAH of the Millennium/TISHREI 21 and LIBRA 21…….all in sync.

    The RETURN at SUNDAY, SEPT 11, 2022 is exactly 360 days past YOM KIPPUR 2021, the LEGAL start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9). 360 day is a perfect, Millennial year. Yom Kip 2021 minus the uncounted 20 yrs is YOM KIP 2001.

    The Return does NOT REACH Yom Kip 2022; so the count STAYS at YOM KIP 2021 (Lev 25:9).

    The 7 mths BURYING after the GOG/MAGOG EZEK 38 Victory (Ches27-Kislev 1?) ends at SAT, IYYAR 27, JUNE 4, 2016….eve of Yom Yerushalaim…..then plus the 2300 days.

    SUCCOTH 2015 (SEPT 28……’LAST FEAST, LAST TRUMP’…???) plus 21 days is SUNDAY, SIGNING, Oct 18, 2015. So when the earth is straight (21 days less), the SIGNING (trib start 3 days before Rapture) will be ‘as having occurred’ on TISHREI 15, 2015……the last feast.

    The 2300 days Temple Desecration starts at IYYAR 27, June 4, 2016 (eve of YOM JERUSALEM….and a SATURDAY) and ends at SEPT 21, new TISHREI 21, LIBRA 21 (Isa 63 Temple Entrance).

    The most important point is that by the time the earth is straight, the ISA 63 Temple Entrance (Jesus+Remnant) will be SEPT 21, new TISHREI 21, and LIBRA 21………….all in sync.

    SEPT 21, 2022, is the ‘same day’ as OCT 11, 2022, the ACTUAL TABENACLES.

    The 2550 days (2520+30) span OCT 18, 2015 SIGNING to OCT 11, 2022, SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES…..Zech 14:14-17. Since a Succah is like a ‘marriage canopy,’ it stands to reason that the Isa 63 WEDDING MARCH on TABERNACLES (Oct 11, 2022….JESUS + REMNANT) is appropriate…..but it is the ‘same day’ as the NEW Hoshana Rabah & 7th/last day Succoth….biggest celebration on the calendar…… Hoshana Rabah (Tish 21), 2022 via straight earth will be TISHREI 21, SEPT 21 and LIBRA 21………….all in sync.

    I only wrote this (albeit quite carelessly) to take this subject as FAR as it can be surmised w/ all the patterns still considered.

    October 19, 2015 at 11:28 pm

  2. A LOT points to this coming SATURDAY, OCT 24, SCORPIO 1 (the death sign) for the RAPTURE.

    The following charts out perfectly w/ amazing sync:

    Oct 1, 2015 plus 23 days (will minus) = SAT, Oct 24. Jesus arrived in the MIDDLE of SUCCOTH (John 7:9) and Oct 1, 2015 was TISHREI 18, mid Succoth. 23 days later is Oct 24. So, when the earth is straight (‘losing its 23-degree tilt), the Rapture will be ‘as having occurred’ in the middle of Succoth (i.e. Jesus’ ARRIVAL for the Church in the MIDDLE of Succoth).

    JAN 10 (Jesus’ solar Conception anniv Day…..really DEC 31 due to the 10-day calendar error from the 1500’s) plus 280 days gestation = OCT 17 (Jesus’ B-Day on SUCCOTH)…then +7 more days (last warning as to Noah) is OCT 24, 2015.

    MID TRIB (Abomination of Desolation) = SATURDAY, NISAN 1, APRIL 6, 2019….New Year’s Day.

    RETURN is SATURDAY, ELUL 21 (355 days past TISH 21, 2021…….then plus 30 more days mourning is TISHREI 21, Hoshana Rabah, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance.

    RETURN at SATURDAY, Sept 17 is ELUL 21 minus the tilt loss is ELUL 1….then plus 30 days mourning = ROSH HASHANA, TISHREI 1, SEPT 26, 2022.

    SIVAN 6, SHAVUOT, June 12, 2016 + 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8:13-14) is ROSH HASHANA, 2022, Sept 26, 2022.

    SIVAN 6, 2016 (Shavuot, June 12) is also the END of the 7 mths BURYING BODIES which may begin 7 mths earlier at KISLEV 1 – 6 (?), 2015….early November. So the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel may occur between Oct 24 & early November (2 wks?).

    ROSH HASHANA 2015 (SEPT 14) plus 40 DAYS TESTING is also OCT 24, 2015…RAPTURE.

    The RETURN is STILL BEFORE ROSH HASHANA 2022; so the LEGAL COUNT trib end point STAYS at ROSH HASHANA/YOM KIPPUR 2021…..starting the 121st Jubilee/7th Millennium (Lev 25:9).

    The actual legal COUNT of the 7-yr trib is YOM KIP 2014 to YOM KIP 2021 (7 yrs).

    The ONE-YEAR WARNING (Jerem 51:46) was YOM KIP 2013 to YOM KIP 2014…….and YOM KIP 2013 ended the 3 patterns: 40, 46, 65 as reviewed previously.

    YOM KIP 2021 minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ is YOM KIP 2001 (6001)…..start 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9).

    TISHREI 1, 2021 +355 days (one Jewish yr…shana) is ELUL 1, 2022 (Aug 27)…..then +30 days (a II ADAR) is TISHREI 1, 2022…..the Isa 63 Temple Entrance. There has to be a ROSH HASHANA in order to celebrate TABERNACLES.

    TRIB END (w/ tilt minus) is CHESVAN 16 (8,88), a great new Jewish calendar day.

    Without the tilt minus, the trib end is KISLEV 9 (9,9).

    The RETURN is ELUL 21, exactly 355 days past Hashana Rabah 2021 (TISHREI 21).

    The ISA 63 Temple Entrance at ROSH HASHANA 2022 (Sept 26) is the fulfillment of the 5th FEAST.

    THIS side of the trib (40 days before Rapture) at Rosh Hashana 2015 is also the 5th Feast Fulfillment.

    The 2550 days is OCT 24, 2015 to OCT 17, 2022 (30 days past SEPT 17, 2022 RETURN). The 2550 days match the 2550 YRS from 583 B.C. to 1967.


    The 23-day tilt loss may take 3 days……thus the SEPT 17, 2022 RETURN reverts back to AUG 27, 2022.

    The 7 yrs fuel use by Israel (Ezek 39:9) may span approximately NOV 9, 2015 to NOV 9, 2022….trib end (CHESVAN 16).

    So SATURDAY, Oct 24, 2015 plus 2520 days is the RETURN, SATURDAY, SEPT 17, 2022, Elul 21.

    October 21, 2015 at 2:37 am

  3. Spec attempt to explain ‘delay: ‘

    RAPTURE may not be for another 8-9 days………NOV 2…..but ‘could’ be sooner IF

    CHURCH exits 7 days before Nov 2 on OCT 26 ‘coinciding’ w/ the Oct 26 CERN

    Hadron Collider activity/discovery predicted (….mega spec….). The result of the

    Collider action ‘could’ be part of the DECEPTION (…as a ‘mega-alien abduction into

    a ‘parallel universe’….???….sounds ridiculous, but everything is ‘weird’ nowadays). 7

    days BEFORE would also match God closing the ARK DOOR 7 days before the flood

    began.,,,,,,…..”….as it was in the days of Noah…..etc.”

    Perhaps RAPTURE is OCT 26 and SIGNING is Nov 2, which

    synchronizes w/ all the following below. After all, the Restrainer will be

    “TAKEN OUT of the WAY BEFORE the man of sin (SIGNER) is


    So the 1260-day COUNT would begin at the SIGNING because the a.c.

    will ‘keep’ the covenant w/ Israel for 1260 days.

    YOM KIP 2015 +40 days testing = Nov 2, 2015 (which is also SCORPIO 11, if applic)….also anniv BALFOUR DECLARATION.

    Nov 2, 2015 +1260 days is NISAN 10, 2019, a.c. into Temple /breaks covenant/killed(Apr 15, 2019). Nisan 10 (Palm Sun, Jesus on donkey) was when the MILLEN KINGDOM was ‘supposed’ to start & a.c. may use that same day to ‘start’ his kingdom (Abomination of Desolation In Temple).

    NISAN 10, 2019 +1260 more days = RETURN: ROSH HASHANA 2022 (Sept 26)……5th Feast Fulfilled.

    RETUEN at ROSH HASHANA 2022 +3 days (earth straightens) = Sept 29, 2022 which is exactly 2300 days past SHAVUOT, 2016 (June 12)…..Dan 8:13-14.

    RETURN at Sept 26, 2022 (Rosh) minus the tilt loss taking 3 days (a minus of 3 days) is ELUL 10 (355 days past YOM KIPPUR/TISH 10, 2021…legal end of trib, Lev 25:9)….and +30 days mourning is YOM KIPPUR, 2022 (Oct 5), Jesus (High Priest) into Temple/Isa 63.

    The 2550 days (2520 +30) = NOV 2, 2015 to OCT 26, 2022 (which is the RETURN at Sept 26, 2022 plus 30 days mourning)…..matching the 2550 YRS 583 B.C. to 1967.

    Know too that NISAN 10, 2019 completes 2 huge patterns:

    70 full yrs from 1948

    100 full yrs from 1918

    Earth is STRAIGHT by ELUL 10, 2022 which is BEFORE ROSH HASHANA 2022…….thus count STAYS at ROSH/YOM 2021…..Lev 25:9.

    Note too that the RETURN at TISH 1 to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance on YOM KIPPUR encompasses the 9 days of AWE.

    The SEPT 26, 2022 RETURN plus 30 days is OCT 26, 2022: and the RAPTURE may be OCT 26, 2015………….7 perfect solar yrs….interesting.

    ……looks exact & seems like a very probable scenario. See previous for other necessary details.

     Show original message

    October 23, 2015 at 2:35 pm

  4. …..too bad the spacing is messed up…………..couldn’t be helped. Who cares?!…..not gonna’ happen as I’ve reviewed anyway!!!…You know that!…..It’s just fun to dream.

    October 23, 2015 at 2:39 pm

  5. Did you notice too that OCT 26, 2015 (RAPTURE?) minus the future tilt loss of 20-21 days is OCT 5, TISHREI 22, 2015, the LAST/8th DAY of the LAST FEAST (‘LAST TRUMP’ Day); so when the earth is straight (21 days previous), the RAPTURE will be ‘as having occurred’ on TISHREI 22 (Oct 5), the 8th Day of the LAST FEAST. Note too that OCT 5, 2022 is YOM KIPPUR, the ISA 63 Temple Entrance. Thus, in sense, the trib is OCT 5 to OCT 5. Know too that TISHREI 22 was Jesus’ Circumcision Day on His 8th Day of life.

    October 23, 2015 at 8:46 pm

  6. trying to pick dates NEVER works, that goes for Mr. Reese as well. Jesus was VERY CLEAR in 24
    Matthew that NO PERSON will EVER know the day or hour, and yet so many continue to play
    this silly futile game.

    just scratch it already…………………..!!

    no human will EVER KNOW……….that being said 11 NOV is only 4 days away and nothing will happen

    why should it ?? the date is well public on this blog which is already a NON starter.

    Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    November 7, 2015 at 8:25 pm

  7. oh oh, no no >>>>>>>>>>>>

    guess what day it is ?? 11 NOV 2015 !!!!

    and no rapture ??

    this is exactly what I was trying to say “no man knows the day or hour. and never will”

    Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    November 11, 2015 at 6:49 am


    I’m ‘sick’ of this activity (it’s just NOT NORMAL!); but I don’t want to be guilty of entertaining

    scofferism. The following is speculation but thought-provoking:

    I’m beginning to think that ROSH HASHANA (5th Feast) is voided because the 9 days of Awe (serious repentance) leading up to FORGIVENESS at Yom Kippur are not meant to be observed anymore because the VEIL of the Holy of Holies tore at the Cross…..i.e. forgiveness was totally procured by the Savior & YOM KIPPUR is the focus for Israel (i.e. the RETURN).

    The Messiah “will come suddenly to His Temple”…..Mal 3:1-3…..and Jesus is our Great High Priest. The only day the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies was on Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur may be the Day of Christ’s RETURN…….Saturday, Oct 5, 2022, TISHREI 10. Forgiveness was already realized by the believing Gentiles (Age of Grace) but must still be REALIZED by the JEWS, the DAY they CALL MESSIAH BACK. RETURN/Oct 5, 2022 is also LIBRA 15, the Millennial TISHREI 15 and SEPT 15. Libra 15 is symbolic of ‘BALANCED JUDG.’

    If one subtracts the tilt loss at the RETURN (virtually a minus of 23 days taking 3 days, so -20), the date of SEPT 15-16 is landed upon which is the Millen/continuing TISHREI 15 (TABERNACLES) from then on (even though Sept 15, 2022 is ELUL 20…………..BEFORE ROSH 2022 is reached (so COUNT STAYS at Rosh 2021…..then minus 20 ‘uncounted’ yrs is Rosh/Yom 2001 which is 6001, start of 121st Jub/7th Millen (Lev 25:9).

    RETURN at YOM KIPPUR will be ‘the same day’ as the new SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES!….LIBRA 15.

    Any LIBRA 15 to CAPRICORN 1 in the Millennial/straight-earth system is 75 days; so with that in mind, the Return is SEPT 15 and the trib end is DEC 1, the new and continuing TEVET 1. See the Millennial calendar below. Interestingly, YOM KIP 2021 (legal end of all the Fig Tree Patterns) is SEPT 16 and exactly 1 solar yr later is SEPT 15-16, 2022 (Elul 20)…..but count STAYS at Yom Kip 2021 since Rosh 2022 isn’t reached.

    When it comes to YOM KIPPUR, 2015 (Sept 23), there are exactly 49 days to the SIGNING (Wed, Nov 11?) and 52 days to the RAPTURE 3 days past signing). The 52 is 75 minus the 23-day tilt loss (taking 3 days at the Return). Netanyahu HAS been in Wash D.C. this week & Obama has ‘no desire of women’….etc…..who knows if some sort of agreement was reached on the 11? (even tho I’ve never thought he could be the a.c.). The 49 days days is the same ‘delay’ experienced by the disciples from Resurrection Day to Pentecost…..if applic.

    Even more bizarre is that Sept 15-16, 2022 (earth straight) plus 30 days mourning is Oct 16, 2022 which is HOSHANA RABAH, TISHREI 21, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance!……….’Wedding Procession’ from Petra…Jesus + Remnant. Imagine all those days synchronizing thusly!

    The original TEVET 1 (Jesus’ conception) was the 8th Day after Creation (Kislev 24, orig Dec 24) which was Dec 31 – Jan 1 before the 12 days were subtracted from the calendar by the Pope in the 1500’s turning Dec 31 into Jan 12. Add 280 days human gestation to arrive at OCT 18-19, Jesus’ BIRTH (was Succoth)…………and plus 23 days (will minus) is NOV 11, 2015, possible Signing…………..interesting, if applic.

    In addition, SAT, Nov 14 (possible Rapture) is SCORPIO 22, the ‘death sign & double 11’….spec as well. If JOB had not recommended a study of the Mazzarot, I wouldn’t give it attention.

    The RETURN plus 75 days (w/ tilt minus & Millen 30-day mths realized) will be DEC 1, 2022. That trib end date is exactly 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) past AV 9, 2016 (Aug 13…start of 3rd Temple Worship)……which is exactly 7 mths burying past TEVET 1, 2015 (Dec 13). So the 7 yrs fuel use (Ezek 39:9) will span TEVET 1 to the Millennial TEVET 1 (Dec 1, 2022)….trib end. Jesus’ conception was virtually JAN 1, but His Conception anniversary date will be DEC 1 because the Millen/straight-earth/360-day calendar will begin on MARCH 1, ARIES 1 (LAMB, 8th Mazzarot sign) & NISAN 1 in the Millen and TISHREI 1 will be SEPT 1 and LIBRA 1.

    All else is virtually the same as the last letters concerning the completed patterns, etc. The 2550 days (as 2550 yrs 583 B.C. – 1967) span NOV 11, 2015 (Signing?) to NOV 4, 2022 (30 days mourning past the RETURN….w/out the tilt minus considered). Mid trib….1260 past Rapture……seems to be Apr 24-27, 2019 and Apr 27 (Nis 22) is TAURUS 7……Deut 33:17, if applic.

    If SABBATH is of great significance from here on, RAPTURE is SATURDAY, a.c. ‘rises’ on a SATURDAY and the RETURN is a SATURDAY (YOM KIP).

    Tish 1 Sept 1 Libra 1 (Sept 15 will be Tabernacles)

    Ches 1 Oct 1 Scor 1

    Kis 1 Nov 1 Sagit 1 (thus Kis 24 = Nov 24)

    Tev 1 Dec 1 Capr 1 (Dec 1 will be TEVET 1, Jesus’ conception anniv)

    Shev 1 Jan 1 Aqua 1

    Adar 1 Feb 1 Pisc 1

    Nis 1 Mar 1 Aries 1 (8th sign, ARIES = LAMB)

    Iyyar 1 Apr 1 Taur 1

    Siv 1 May 1 Gem 1

    Tam 1 June 1 Cancer 1

    Av 1 July 1 Leo 1

    Elul 1 Aug 1 Virgo 1

    Again, I’m not really expecting anything earth shaking; but whether anything occurs this coming Saturday or not, the above connections are surely intriguing…………J.H.


    November 11, 2015 at 12:39 pm

  9. HEY HEY HEY HEY >>>>>>>>>>>>.





    STEPHEN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    November 11, 2015 at 9:16 pm

  10. If applicable: All 4 FAST DAYS (Zech 8:19) are “turned to joy” in the above scenario:

    a. YOM KIP (veil tore at Cross AND the RETURN)
    b. AV 9 (Aug 13, 2016) start of the 2300 days (Dan 8) ending at trib end Dec 1, 2022 (when all is figured)
    c. TAMMUZ 17 is the tilt minus date 21 days before AV 9 (thus via straight earth, Av 9 will be as Tam 17)
    d. TEVET 10, fertilized ovum is implanted into the uterine wall (Jesus’ day 10 of gestation/conceived Tev 1)

    Note again:

    a. DANIEL said the scenario would “BECOME CLEARER”
    b. GOD said that we would know when HE IS “AT THE DOOR”
    c…..”but you, Brethren are NOT in darkness concerning the day”
    d.The Greek for “No man knows” is no man HAS KNOWN
    e. ONE DAY is 72 hrs from beginning to end….thus no one knows DAY or HOUR. He didn’t say WEEK
    f. Via each 1-yr warning (promise), each KNEW the exact day of the promised fulfillment (Abr/Hana/Neb/Esther/Eliz/Moses)…….”this time NEXT YR, this time TOMORROW”….etc.

    Error in letter above: The AV 9 is 7 mths past SHEVAT 1 (JAN 12, 2016, Jesus’ concept anniv) NOT TEV 1

    ………..still looking to SATURDAY, then I’ll ‘bug off.’ (Stephen will be happy!)

    November 12, 2015 at 3:47 pm

  11. (Stephen, go read something else)

    Last spec explanation for the seeming ‘delay:’

    YOM KIP 2015 +54 days (will be canceled by post-Return 54 days…75 minus 21 loss)… NOV 16. The two ’54’s’ CANCEL each other out; so the RAPTURE will be ‘as having occurred’ at the LAST/GREAT TRUMP/TRUMP of GOD, YOM KIP 2015, I Corin 15:52).

    SUCCOTH 2015 +49 days (same N.T. wait as to Pentecost) is also NOV 16, 2015. Note that 5th Feast doesn’t enter the picture because the 9 days of Awe are voided (since the VEIL tore).

    NOV 16, 2015 + 2520 days = RETURN SUCCOTH 2022 (Oct 10)…..GROOM RETURNS (and count stays at Succoth 2021 then minus the 20 ‘uncounted’ yrs = SUCCOTH 2001…..”AFTER 2 days….i.e. 2000 yrs…..RAISED UP”…Hos 6:2-3.

    RETURN +75 days (30 mourning, 45 judg Nations) is TEVET 1, 2022 (8th day 8th Feast/Jesus’ concep).

    AV 9, 2016 FAST DAY (3rd Temple Worship begins) +2300 +3 mid trib = trib end end DEC 3, 2022, trib end (w/ minus 21).

    AV 9, 2016 minus 21 = TAMMUZ 17 (Fast Day)

    MID TRIB is TAURUS 8-11 (if applic).

    ALL 4 FAST DAYS (Zech 8:19) are “turned to joy”….TISH 10, AV 9, TAM 17, TEV 10:

    Yom Kip 2015 +54 days, AV 9, 2016 start of the 2300, TAM 17, 2016 the 21 days future, tilt loss from AV 9, TEV 10 Jesus’ fertilized ovum implanted into Mary’s uterine wall.

    RETURN is BEFORE Rosh Hashana 2022 is reached (Sep 26)….thus COUNT remains in Rosh/Yom/Succ yr 2021 and minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs is YOM 2001 (6001), start of 121st Jub/7th Millen…Lev 25:9.

    RETURN is LIBRA 19 (Oct 10 Succoth…and REV 19….if appli) minus 21 days tilt loss (earth straightens) is SEPT 19 plus the 2 days (Hos 6:2-3) for earth to straighten is SEPT 21, the NEW TISH 21, HOSHANA RABAH….EARTH STRAIGHT…….’new/Millen Tish 21, Libra 21, Sept 21…..all in sync.

    ACTUAL 7-yr COUNT span is from Jesus’ Conception anniv (TEVET 1, 2014 to trib end TEVET 1, 2022….8 yrs, which is the 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) plus 7-yr trib.

    The 2550 days (2520+30) span Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 9, 2022 (30 days past Oct 10 Return)…..Isa 63 Temple Entra AND 1290 past mid-trib.

    The overall COUNT…..beginning & ending points….. should be thought of in terms of SHANA….355 days, a Jewish yr. 280 is gestation, 75 remaining (the post-Return 75). The SHANA begins at TEVET 1 (Jesus’ concep) +280 = SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES/His Birth +75 to TEVET 1 again.

    The 7 mths burying may begin on JAN 12, 2016 (the orig, solar TEVET 1 date, since it is ACTUALLY DEC 31, 8th day after Dec 24) and last til AV 9, 2016……then +2300 (Dan 8:13-14) is trib end, DEC 3, 2022 (same days as DEC 24 w/out the tilt minus considered). Thus the EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel’s mts may occur during the 50+ days from Rapture to Jan 12, 2016………..spec. After all, threats to Israel are increasing by the day AND the abortion/beheading/execution VIDEOS are practically ‘killing’ us. Also, amidst desperation in Israel the head Rabbi called a huge meeting DEMANDING (a PRAYER, no less!) that God REVEAL the Messiah NOW.

    All patterns still fit perfectly as reviewed previously, synchronized calendar w/ the Mazzarot will be balanced, etc………nothing missing.

    IF, by chance, the covert SIGNING was FRI, NOV 13 (Friday the 13th), that day is also SCORPIO 22 (death sign, double 11), then the 3 days previous to Nov 16 will be ‘canceled’ by mid-trib’s 3 days when a.c. is dead……spec. (Note the Saudi Prince that favors Israel in today’s news).

    NOV 16 is SCORPIO 24 (death sign….888)….if applic…..i.e. ‘death/judg’ to the earth but FREEDOM/888 for the Church…..spec.

    Sorry to make everyone mad; but spans are spans and we have ALL of HISTORY to prove WHERE we are in time!

    November 13, 2015 at 3:12 pm

  12. i would be happy if you would STAY WITH THE BIBLE and stop your silly date setting…..

    you and Mr. Reese and all others that do this……..are going AGAINST what Jesus said
    in 24 Matthew, “I come at a time when you think NOT ” and “only the Father knows”…..

    period !!

    period !!!!

    end of story


    Stephen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    November 14, 2015 at 2:56 am

    • Stephen if we take the word literally as you do and I do also it says no one knows the day or the hour but tells us to keep watch. Could we know the week, the month or the year? we definitively are in the season and close to the Apocalypse, and contrary to you I do not see anything wrong to guess probable dates as it is part of the watching command we are required to do. As long as we do not state it as a sure thing from the Lord. Unless of course you are one of the two witnesses sent by God on the first day of the tribulation.
      Readiness at Any Hour
      (Genesis 6:1-7; Matthew 24:36-51; Luke 12:35-48)

      32But as for that day or hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33Be on your guard and stay alert!e For you do not know when the appointed time will come.

      34It is like a man going on a journey who left his house, put each servant in charge of his own task, and instructed the doorkeeper to keep watch. 35Therefore keep watch, because you do not know when the master of the house will return—whether in the evening, at midnight, when the rooster crows, or in the morning. 36Otherwise, he may arrive without notice and find you sleeping. 37And what I say to you, I say to everyone: Keep watch!”



      November 14, 2015 at 7:27 am

  13. My, Nando, you’re AMAZING how you flexibly/patiently STAND FIRMLY for what you believe via the AWESOME LAST DAYS scenario. I feel SO badly if I’ve led YOU astray IF nothing happens this coming week. For sure you are an example of Daniel’s statement: “…..the WISE will understand/WILLING to LEARN.”

    Believers must have long wondered WHY there are exactly 75 post-Return days til the trib end (30 mourning, 45 judg Nations). The 75 days complete the Jewish year (280 gestation+75 remaining = 355, a Jewish yr…SHANA).

    Also, at Creation (Kislev 24 , originally Dec 24) the COUNT began on the 8th Day (TEVET 1) and the trib ends at DEC 3 (which will be DEC 1 when all is figured), CAPRICORN 1 and ‘new’ TEVET 1. Thus at CREATION the COUNT began on the 8th day, namely TEVET 1………..and the trib ENDS at the new, adjusted TEVET 1 as well………..Jesus’ Jewish CONCEPTION anniv Day since TEV 1 plus 280 = Succoth, His Birth. TABERNACLES will be His BIRTHDAY celebration each year….WELL-DESERVED attention to our BLESSED SAVIOR who suffered EACH person’s DEATH, each person’s deserved eternity in Hell and procured ETERNITY as a joint HEIR with Him in Heaven……..I weep at the thought.

    I’m speculating terribly; but someone must be noticing SOMETHING at this time in history; and as long as I have a seeming GRIP on the subject (perhaps futile, I’ll admit), I must continue to share. After all, it’s REALLY going to HAPPEN anyway! Nothing I share is from the Lord and it’s all raw math, historical spans and Jewish count start dates.

    God bless you, Nando, as you stand firm w/ such grace……..probably God-driven, since you continued to post all my letters with all the unrealized dates…..’sickening’ disappointments, or sure; but you’ve mercifully continued to post my ‘silly’ (hope not) scenarios. God forbid that I’ve harmed the Church in any way. Someday I’ll find out WHY I shared such info w/ such fervor…………J.H.

    November 14, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    • Janet I try to look at the heart and intentions of those who comment and I see your love for Jesus in your letters. Yes you have speculated a lot and gone on a limb, but with no offense and the desire to awaken those who sleep.
      God bless you for your courage and stamina.


      November 14, 2015 at 9:29 pm

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