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Nov 7, 2015 The veracity of the Bible as the word of God

This week I had the opportunity to view two videos related to the authenticity of the books of the Bible as coming from God in the most minute of details.

Mathematics being an exact science gives the passages of scripture an indisputable signature validating God as the only possible author. Gematria, ELS Equal Letter Sequencing  and the cohesive nature of its message and visions of the future make it the most magnificent book known to men.

I hope that you the reader come to know the God that revealed Himself in these writings and can come to a love and obedient relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Thanks to John Elias for the link.


John Elias (1 Nov 2015)
New Biblical Gematria Videos

Thanks. Fascinating!

Nando end


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  1. Be reminded: I will STOP ‘guessing’ the date of the RAPTURE when all of the pertinent patterns pass their END date in all respects.

    ROSH HASHANA is the 5th Feast and must be fulfilled. Note that there are 54 days from ROSH HASHANA 2015 to a possible SAT, Nov 7 SIGNING (& Scorpio 18….’666’…spec). There are also 54 post-Return days that will ‘cancel out’ the 54 pre-signing days. In other words, the two 54’s CANCEL EACH OTHER OUT. Of course the 54 days is the post-Return 75 days (30 mourning, 45 judg Nations) minus the 21-day tilt loss as the earth straightens (Isa 13:1, 24: 1,19,20.

    Job encouraged the reader to understand the MAZZAROT…..the 1-yr cycle that will synchronize with the 2 calendars (Hebrew/Gregorian) in the Millennium when the earth is straight…….360-days each.

    Mid trib is a VERY significant JEWISH date……NISAN 15, the Jewish Passover (and a SABBATH….1260 days past the Signing) and 3 days later (a.c. dead) is TUESDAY, NISAN 18 (666), the a.c.’s SATANIC RESURRECTION. The a.c. will finally have the supernatural power to kill Elijah and Moses. They rise 3.5 days later. The day the a.c. RISES (SATAN indwells the a.c.) is TAURUS 1 on the Mazzarot calendar (see Deut 33:17). Taurus (the BULL) is a symbol of God’s GREATEST ANGER….start of the 1260-day GREAT TRIB.

    The 1260 days from SIGNING to NISAN 15, 2019 (Abom Desol/a.c. killed) span Sat, Nov 7, 2015 to Sat, April 19, 2019 (Nisan 15, the Jewish Passover).

    The 1260-day Petra Protection (begins at Passover 2019 when the Abom of Desol enters the Temple) ends at the RETURN, SAT, Oct 1, 2022 (Tishrei 6-7). The earth will straighten (taking 3 days), ending at OCT 4-5, TISHREI 9-10…….YOM KIPPUR. Jesus is our HIGH PRIEST who will SUDDENLY COME to HIS TEMPLE…Malachi 3:1-3. SAT, OCT 1, 2022 is LIBRA 10 and in the Millennium TISHREI 10 (YOM KIP) will be LIBRA 10. The JEWS will then realize their total YOM KIP forgiveness that has been available to them since the Holy of Holies veil TORE at the CROSS. This will be the great MESSIAH CALL-BACK DAY by the JEWISH/BELIEVING REMNANT.

    Even more amazing is that with the tilt minus of the earth at the RETURN, the trib end is SAGIT 24, November 24 and the Millennial KISLEV 24.

    The significance of KISLEV 24 (other then the review in Hag 2….”foundation of the earth laid”) is that Jesus FULFILLED all 8 FEASTS to the DAY. He was BORN on the 7th FEAST/SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES which is 280 days (gestation) past TEVET 1, the 8th DAY of CREATION when the COUNT BEGAN. KISLEV 24 was likely CREATION DAY and the 8th DAY when the COUNT BEGAN was TEVET 1 (when the COUNT began) and TEVET 1 plus 280 days human gestation is TISHREI 15/TABERNACLES. The great ZECH 14:27-18 MILLENNIAL command is the yearly celebration of JESUS’ BIRTH.

    Interesting too is that W/OUT the tilt minus (but PLUS the 3 days for earth to straighten), the trib end date is the EXACT KISLEV 24 (Dec 18, 2022….CREATION DAY ANNIVERSARY).

    BEST of ALL is that 30 days (+ the 3 for straightening) past the RETURN is TABERNACLES/SUCCOTH when JESUS and the REMNANT march from Petra (via Bozrah) to Jerusalem…..Isa 63…….TISHREI 15, OCT 11, 2022. The world will ‘follow suit’ from then on at TABERNACLES each yr….ZECH 14:17-18.

    Thus we’ve (I’ve) presumptuously accounted for TISH 1,’TISHREI 10,’ and TISHREI 15…..the HIGH HOLY DAYS…..FEASTS 5 thru 7. (The 8th Feast/Hanukkah today was Jesus’ conception, not commanded since it was IMMACULATE/HEAVENLY/ANOTHER DIMENSION/OUT of earth’s system of perfect SEVEN.

    The FULL TRIB from the SIGNING to the ISA 63 TEMPLE ENTRANCE 30 days past the RETURN is 2550 days which matches the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. to 1967. That span is also SCORPIO 18 (Nov 7, 2015) to SCORPIO 11 (due to tilt difference/Oct 11, 2022…..’same day’ as Oct 31, 2022 which is also exactly 1290 days (Dan 12:11-12) past mid-trib Abom of Desolation.

    At the RETURN when the earth ‘loses’ 21 days, the date settled upon (Elul 14-15, 2022) is BEFORE ROSH HASHANA 2022 (Sep 26); so the earth is STILL in the ROSH HASHANA 2021 year.

    ROSH/YOM KIP 2021 minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ (Num 1 & end age of account…) is ROSH/YOM KIP 2001, the LEGAL end of the 6,000 promised FULL yrs (Gen 6:3….120 Jub’s is 6,000 yrs). 2001 (6001) will start the 121st Jubilee and the 7th Millennium. The 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ wre reviewed previously: for instance 7 yr trib is not counted, 4 yrs Jn Bap’s & Jesus’ ministry no counted (Millennial in nature……not part of GOD STRIVING (Gen 3:15) w/ man since it was His JOY to go to the Cross……etc…………totals 20 yrs……too much to review. The AGE of ACCOUNTABILITY in a child spans 13-20 depending on one’s spiritual maturity, teaching or abuse.

    Interesting as well is that the 2300 days TEMPLE DESECRATION may likely start on SAT, JUNE 11, 2016, the EVE of SHAVUOT (Dan 8:13-14); and the 2300 days ENDS at the RETURN, Oct 1, 2022. There are 3 extra days to account for mid-trib’s 3 ‘uncounted day’ when a.c. is dead (just as Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb were not counted in the 49-day count to Pentecost. The a.c. virtually ‘mimics’ the same 3 days as that of Jesus.

    At the RAPTURE there will be world chaos + the N. Invasion of Israel (Putin/Gog….) with a possible Ezek 38 DIVINE VICTORY in Israel’s mts perhaps somewhere around Nov 16 (Kislev 5) and 7 mths burying later is June 11, 2016, Sivan 5. Kislev 5 to Sivan 5 is 7 Jewish mths during which the 3rd Temple will be built as well.

    Know that each group (CHURCH & REMNANT) will have a 280-day gestation matching Jesus’ 280-day gestation since all three are HIS BODY. The 280 days for the CHURCH spans JAN 12, 2015 to OCT 17 (Jesus’ solar B-day anniv)….then plus the 21 days is the SIGNING, Nov 7, 2015. The original TEVET 1 (Jesus’ conception) was DEC 31 (8th day after Creation, KISLEV 24…was DEC 24); but there were 12 days subtracted from the calendar in the 1500’s by the POPE. That’s why JAN 6-13 is the Greek Orthodox Christmas each year. 280 days gestation needs another 75 days to complete a Jewish yr (SHANA = 355….300+50+5)…..namely the post-Return 75 days.

    The REMNANT’S 280-day gestation is YOM KIP 2021 plus 360 days to the day the earth is straight……ELUL 15, 2022.

    ROSH 2013 ended the 3 significant modern patterns beginning at 1973, 1967, 1948. The spans are 40, 46 and 65…….Abortions (Roe/Wade), Jn 2:20 and Isa 7:8 + Enoch’s age of 65 when he sought God. Rosh 2014 was the FULL 40, 46 and65 yrs.

    The GREAT FIG TREE PATTERNS end at 2021, starting at 1901…..120,100,80,70,50 and all in-between……the signs Jesus TOLD us to watch (FIG TREE = ISRAEL). I would like to BREAK AWAY from my ‘dependence’ on all the obvious patterns, something I’ll consider this mid-week if nothing occurs; but for now, all the above info looks very plausible.

    Note the MILLEN CALENDAR…..4 seasons @ 3 mths each (SEEDTIME & HARVEST to continue), 360-day year:

    Tish 1 Sept 1 Libra 1

    Ches 1 Oct 1 Scor 1

    Kis 1 Nov 1 Sagit 1 (thus Kis 24 = Nov 24)

    Tev 1 Dec 1 Capr 1

    Shev 1 Jan 1 Aqua 1

    Adar 1 Feb 1 Pisc 1

    Nis 1 Mar 1 Aries 1 (8th sign, ARIES = LAMB)

    Iyyar 1 Apr 1 Taur 1

    Siv 1 May 1 Gem 1

    Tam 1 June 1 Cancer 1

    Av 1 July 1 Leo 1

    Elul 1 Aug 1 Virgo 1

    NISAN 1 will be NEW YEAR’S DAY (EZEK 45:18), Temple Cleansing ea yr.

    Know that TUESDAY (Rapture) is the 3rd Day, the ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day (as Cana wedding). At the RETURN plus the 3 days for earth to straighten lands on a TUESDAY as well AND the REAL ISRAEL (REMNANT) will be “RAISED UP on the THIRD DAY”….on a TUESDAY/SUCCOTH….as well……..Hosea 6:2-3.

    Everything fits, but not after TUESDAY. Know that the Greek for “No man knows” is NO MAN HAS KNOWN. AND one day is 72 yrs from beginning to end. Know that mid trib (Spring 2019) is STILL in the Rosh 2018 yr ending significant anniv patterns from 1898, 1918, 1938, 1948 and 1968……..120,100,80,70,50….etc.

    The LEGAL 7-yr trib span is ROSH/YOM 2014 to ROSH/YOM 2021. YOM KIP 2021 and YOM KIP 2021 must fulfill the LEV 25:9 command to start the 121st Jubilee. 2021 is also yr 5782 which matches the orig ht in inches of the Great Pyramid before 6.3” erosion AND the effective Kelvin temp of the sun (5782 degrees)………..if applic.

    May God give you peace, patience and confidence in HIS PERFECT TIMING if TUESDAY should pass w/out incident……………….J.H..

    November 8, 2015 at 11:03 pm

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