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Dec 9,2015 Nathan the 15 yr old Jewish boy that died, wnet to heaven and saw the near future of Israel and the world

Thanks to Fay, Rene and Paul H for the links to this interesting video.

In my opinion Nathan went through this experience in heaven and was sent back by God with a prophetic selective vision of the future events surrounding Israel and the world. The interview is carried on by a Jewish Rabbi who acts as a moderator of the Revelation given to this boy. The main message given is the immediate redemption coming to Israel and what form is going to take.The veracity of the message given can be attested by the reasonable correspondence of what he says with what was revealed in the prophetic writings of the Old and New Testaments.

This is specially true about his description of the Messiah which fits the Lord Jesus Christ in broad terms. His disclosure of Obama as Gog is an interesting disclosure, specially with the veracity and emphases with which he affirms it. As I believe that Obama is the Antichrist this statement by Nathan only serves to give veracity to his testimony from my perspective.

A friend of mine asked me if this testimony could have been from Satan to deceive and in my opinion Satan does not have the capacity to do that.

Elul 27 of last year fell on Friday September 11 of 2015 the end almost of the Shemitah year. So it is possible that the WWIII started as he says on that day of this year and that knowledge is privy to those in heaven as they have a different reality of time as the Rabbi asked of Nathan.

A most fascinating video with a lot of information to meditate about.


Fay (29 Nov 2015)
15 year old Nathan

Doves – I have watched this clip many times now. The young boy said several things that resonated very deeply. He names Obama as Gog (king of the northern hemisphere – which he is. Think about it). Gog started the war. Nathan says the war started on 9th September this year. At first, the warring soldiers will ignore Israel and fight each other. Then they will unite and turn on Israel – because they ALL want Israel – Jerusalem. The world will know – without doubt – when this war will escalate because there will “be a big boom” (quoting Nathan) and the whole world will be saying, “It is now definitely world war 3.” Millions of people are going to die. The Mount of Olives is going to split in two. What causes this huge split is not an earthquake or bomb. It is caused by two dead people rising ( the two witnesses?). One on one side of the Mount and one on the other. Then Messiah will be revealed and EVERYONE will see Him and know that He is the Messiah. Nathan says that Messiah is very well known about and it will come as a great surprise that He (of all people) is the Messiah. A surprise to the Jewish people, perhaps??
The war is imminent and has already started. It will escalate rapidly and once it does – it will only last two weeks. Then Messiah comes. According to this incredible vision, there is very little time left. So much more of what he imparted really rings true.  Terry James (Rapture Ready) in his Nearing Midnight column this week, pointed out how it’s downright eerie just how Israel is not being heard about at present and is not the focal point of this war. Young Nathan could not have known this eerie stage as this video clip was made weeks ago. However, Israel will be attacked soon. We know that this is why Gog fomented this war.
Thanks to Rene and Paul H who posted this incredible video.
It pays to watch the clip several times. From the 29 minute mark. I also recommend the whole thing if you have time.


Fay (29 Nov 2015)
Important re coming War

Okay, brothers and sisters. After watching this young lad’s testimony for the umpteenth time, I think I have gained some understanding. Through the Holy Spirit, of course. Below is the link that Rene posted, where the chap from Israel Nation News translates and explains. It has struck me that this vision is from a Jewish perspective. This vision is for the Jewish people. The nation of Israel. What young Nathan saw is from the Middle Eastern perspective. It is when GOD turns His attention back to the Jewish people. Nathan mentions the soldiers from all over the world, being involved in attacking Israel………………….. he does not mention the rest of us (Christians and seculars alike) who are not in the Middle East, and what is going to happen to us. THIS vision is for ISRAEL. So – if Nathan is correct in saying that the redemption (for Israel) is imminent – in a few months and that this major war of Gog’s will be short…………………. how very soon must the Rapture be??? On our very doorstep, is how soon!!
I found it fascinating how Nathan describes the Mount of Olives splitting open – the two resurrections (two witnesses?) and Messiah standing at the entrance. Then Messiah (LORD Jesus) allows the repentant people in The rest of the unrepentant and hard of heart, sat out to face the onslaught.. Doesn’t this bring to mind the scripture that tells us that ” the earth will open up it’s mouth to help the woman (Israel?)”  Revelations 12:16. Keep in mind that this war that Nathan saw is going to happen very very soon. See the Bible Hub link for Revelation 12:16. Look to the context as well. Right side of page.

Revelation 12:16 But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.

If this is all as imminent as the lovely young Jewish lad saw in his vision, then the Rapture is incredibly soon. Nathan’s goose bump making prophecy/vision is for Israel. Not for the Christians. Please watch the clip Rene sent in with translation.

Jewish Teen Sees Israel’s Future


Fay (29 Nov 2015)
Identity of Gog

Carrying on  from the vision and testimony of young Nathan, who identified Obama as Gog. Several things – it answers the question about why the USA is not identified in Bible prophecy  – under a name we confused with someone else.. Because, the USA actually IS identified in Bible prophecy. We all thought it was Russia that was Gog. Bear with me, please. Turkey is named as siding with Gog in the end times. Turkey is a NATO Allie. Therefore – allied with the USA (as the main of NATO partnership countries). Turkey has just brought down a Russian jet. Resulting in NATO gearing themselves up to come to the aid of Turkey in case of aggressive retaliation from Russia. How could end time Turkey be aligned with Russia if Russia is Gog? Turkey is firmly aligned with the USA. Watch the video clip below. Short and sweet. FACT: USA says it is bombing Isis but has hit very few targets and send out warning pamphlets to Isis before they do. FACT: Turkey also claims it is attacking Isis but has hit very few targets. I urge to watch the video clip below. It tries to untangle the lies and deceit going on. It does a good job too, if you line up the countries involved in end time prophecy against Israel, it becomes even clearer!
As King of the North (Northern Hemisphere) the USA qualifies as Gog. Ask yourself – just who has put Israel in great danger during his tenure? Who has created Isis as a proxy army? Who commands the earth as the most powerful end time kingdom today????

The REAL Reason Why Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet! WHAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!


Fay (29 Nov 2015)
The AC

Who is the one who has the most powerful military today?

Who is the one who has destabilised the Middle East through countless war?

Who is the one who stares at PM Nethanyahu with disgust and hate?

Who is the one who constantly arms the palestinians and insists on a 2 state solution – in spite of blatant Palestinian terrorism?

Who is the one who has legalised gay marriage?

Who is the one persecuting Christians? Middle Eastern (via Isis) and at home in USA via liberalism?

Who is the one stirring up racial hatred – home and abroad?

Under whose watch is satanism being allowed to flourish – build statues of baphomet – remove crosses – demonise Christians?

Who came onto the political scene as a complete unknown and won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing diddly squat?

I could go on – you all know the list. Scripture tells us he’ll be someone who comes in as a lamb (Noble Peace Prize) but speaks like a dragon.

The Most Powerful Kingdom today is the USA. With NATO and the EU and UN as allies – I suggest that we now have our feet and ten toes of Daniel’s end time final Empire. I am personally convinced that Obama qualifies as Gog. As an addition – there are pillars named as Gog and Magog in the City of London. Britain’s empire simply transferred itself to the USA – under the flag of “freedom of oppression and liberty for all”. The deception has been breath taking.

Nando end

Fay thanks for all your thoughts.

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  1. Obama being Gog makes total sense. His whole Presidency has been one deception after another. While the majority think he’s simply an idiot, he’s been able to divide & weaken our country, while also using reverse psychology to put at least one gun in every hand, which will eventually equal a lot of blood shed. I believe this boys prophecy, as I had my own vision just over a year ago, which was amazing, but not as in depth & revealing as this boys, but there are some similarities that make me believe it. Though we had different experiences, we did both see the spirits in heaven & we both at one time saw a large group of people who were kind of congratulating & happy for us. Being a Christian Jesus was in mine & saved me from hell. I saw robots in hell, which symbolized all the mindless people who live by what they see in the world, rather than going by God’s commands. I saw one of the books that were mentioned in Revelation 20:12 be closed & taken away. This was a book of sin. As far as future events the only thing I saw that I believe revealed the future was an industrial type laboratory with people in radiation or chemical suites & 2 robots working on 2 separate things. What came to my mind was Iran building a nuke for us & a nuke for Israel, but I really have no idea. All I really know is that it’s time for people to wake up & accept that God is real, Jesus is their savior, & start living as such.


    December 11, 2015 at 11:21 pm

  2. My Dad had a vision of Obama in 2008 – in which Obama was Lamb sitting in lush green grass, which looked white but was “off-white” or dirty. The Lamb had his smile and was clearly him. The he said that there was a shout, and the something really big happened, and the Lamb stood up an became as a Lion, and roared. As my Dad says, Elohim used Pharaoh and Moses too, He does not take sides, He decides. My Dad has been caught up to heaven a number of times, seen the Lord many times, and we 3 sons all have visions and dreams. He was immediately adamant this boy’s vision was real. He has been warning for the last two years that this is all a big set up to slaughter Jews and Christians. He says the reason why Syria has been targeted is the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures are still pure ad untouched by Rome and Greece.

    As to them waking up to Jesus being their savior, we as a family of believers hope that all men, and especially Christians, might wake up to the Truth that Jesus Christ is the Savior of ALL MANKIND, especially those who believe. Dad says that most Christians are so confined by the Catholic canon and creed that they have lost sight of the Elohim who is in all, and that their concept of Christ has been so Catholicised as to be nothing like the Truth, but an I-con (Eye-on).

    Dad says they need to go back to Ecclesiastes 12:7 and start anew an forget all they thought that they knew. He was tickled pink to see the way this boy’s words destroy so much Western theology. It all begins to make sense when you understand what NEW means, as in not new, bit old, or as at the beginning, ans you wake up to the fact that most of your theology came from the guys who repackaged Krampusnacht and Odin’s birthday and called it Christmas.

    Tectonic Taniwha

    December 12, 2015 at 6:33 pm

  3. Sorry, no connection to the above, bur must be shared!

    Interesting spec spans w/ a DEC 16 Rapture in mind:

    TEVET 1 (Sun, Dec 13, 2015) is 75 days (in perfect Millen mths) past Succoth (Jesus’ Birth anniv) 280 days past TEVET 1, 2014 ) and could be the probable signing. Three days after signing may be the RAPTURE, TEVET 4 (Dec 16) which is also SAGIT 24 (Messiah/Rescuer/888).

    TEVET 1, 2014 to TEVET 1, 2015 is probably the 1-yr warning( Jerem 51:46).

    Scripture says 1st Day Succoth shall be a Holy Sabbath and the 8th Day shall be a Holy Sabbath (TISH 15 and TISH 22…Lev 23:39) which IS the case via the following scenario.

    The 75 days from SUCCOTH 2015 to TEVET 1, 2015 will be ‘canceled out’ by the post-Return 75 days (30 mourning/45 judg Nations). Since the two 75’s cancel each other out, the SIGNING (trib start) will be ‘as having occurred’ on SUCCOTH, 2015 (Sep 28).

    The RETURN (Sunday, Nov 6, 2022) minus the 21-day tilt loss is the 8th Day of Succoth (Oct 17, 2022)… straight.

    Nov 6, 2022 RETURN plus the 3 days it takes for earth to straighten is Nov 9 which is 2300 days past TAMMUZ 17 (FAST of the 4th mth), July 23, 2016, start of the 3rd Temple Worship (Desecration….Dan 8:13-14…..& FAST DAYS to JOY ZECH 8:19). Note that TISH 10 was turned to joy at the cross when the veil tore.

    TRIB END is TEVET 10 (FAST of the 10th mth), Jan 3, 2023. The RETURN plus 75 days in Millen mths (minus the tilt loss) is JAN 1, 2023 which will be AQUARIUS 1….’Age of Aquarius.’ Since the RETURN is SCORPIO 15 (middle of death sign), via perfect Millen mths brings the trib end to Jan 1 (AQUARIUS 1).

    The Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the RETURN is SAGIT 15 (middle of Conqueror sign)….then plus 45 more days is Aquarius 1…..”Blessed is he who waits to the end of the 1335…..Dan 12:12.

    Remember that by mid trib (late May 2019…..still in the ROSH YEAR 2018), the following great anniv dates are reached: 1898-2018, 1918-2018, 1938-2018, 1948-2018, 1968-2018…….Zion conf/Herzl, Allenby, Holocaust, Statehood, Temple Mt respectively……totaling 120, 100, 80, 70, 50 yrs by Rosh 2018….completed FIG TREE SIGNS.

    If a.c. ‘breaks’ the covenant on Sunday, May 26, 2019 (1260 past signing), then 3 days later a.c. satanically rises & kills Elijah &Moses (who arrived on Rapture day) and 3.5 days later (Elij & Mos rise) is JERUSALEM DAY, IYYAR 28.

    The EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel’s mts may occur near this Christmas, DEC 23+….then +7 Jewish mths burying/bldg 3rd Temple = TAMMUZ 17, 2016.

     Show original message

    If applic, the Sunday, Nov 6, 2022 RETURN is CHESVAN 12….8th mth, 12th day (8=Jesus, 12=perfect gov’t).

    Be glad I haven’t run out of dates!

    December 12, 2015 at 10:12 pm

  4. Latest SPEC (w/ a DEC 17 RAPTURE considered)

    Look at the MILLENNIAL/straight-earth calendar and relate it to HAGGAI 2:7

    (“…shake the nations/Desire of Nations comes….etc” ).

    When the earth is STRAIGHT, a Thurs, Dec 17 RAPTURE will be ‘as having

    occurred’ 23 days previous on NOV 24, the MILLEN KISLEV 24!! & SAGIT 24!

    A JEWISH yr is 355 days (280 gestation plus 75 remaining); but a Millennial

    year will be 360 days (straight earth)….280 gestation plus 80 days remaining

    and 80 days past TISHREI 15, 2015 (1st Day Succoth…Lev 23:39) is DEC 17.

    Mid trib (a.c. satanically rises) is IYYAR 28 (Jerusalem Day) and 23 days that

    will minus is IYYAR 5, STATEHOOD ANNIV.

    RETURN (2520 days past a Dec 17 Signing/Rapture) minus the tilt loss is the 8th

    Day Succoth….earth straight (Lev 23:39)…..HOLY DAYS.

    TRIB end is TEVET 10 (Jan 3, 2023) w/ the tilt loss considered. Trib end is also

    AQUARIUS 1, the ‘Age of Aquarius.’

    The 2300 days of Dan 8:13-14 span TAMMUZ 17, 2016 to the RETURN.

    It could be that TAM 17 is Temple Dedication and 21 days later (AV 9) starts the

    blood sacrifices. Another place for AV 9 is JULY 25, 2015 plus ‘4 mths’ is NOV

    24 (the future KISLEV 24).

    The great, completed anniversary spans from 1898 to ROSH 2018 are

    extremely significant.(120, 100, 80, 70, 50 yrs….see previous letter).

    When the entire trib scenario is considered with the 23-degree tilt loss of days all

    the way through…

    RAPTURE is NOV 24, the future KISLEV 24

    MID TRIB is IYYAR 5, which was May 14, 1948.

    RETURN is TISHREI 22, 8th Day Succoth.

    All 4 FAST DAYS are “turned to joy”…..Zech 8:19 as we remember that the 6th

    Feast (YOM KIPPUR) was “turned to joy” at the Cross when the veil tore.

    The Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel may occur around Christmas this

    year…..then +7 mths burying/bldg 3rd Temple ends at TAM 17, 2016.

    All is in sync: the three 1260’s, 1290, 1335, 2300, 7 mths burying, 7 yrs fuel use,….etc.

    There’s more; but the connection to a DEC 17, 2015 Rapture seems very

    intriguing, indeed. Remember, Sciripture says, “YOU are Children of LIGHT (not

    of darkness) so that the DAY won’t OVERTAKE you as a thief”…..not week,


    The MILLEN calendar will begin on ARIES 1 (LAMB…8th SIGN and #8 is JESUS)……both calendars & Mazzarot in sync 4 seasons…..”seedtime & harvest”….3 mths each, beginning w/ Spring.

    Mar 1 Aries 1 Nis 1

    Apr 1 Taur 1 Iyy 1

    May 1 Gem 1 Siv 1

    June 1 Can 1 Tam 1

    July 1 Leo 1 Av 1

    Aug 1 Virg 1 Elul 1

    Sep 1 Libra Tish 1

    Oct 1 Scor 1 Ches

    Nov 1 Sagi 1 Kisev 1 (so NOV 24 will be KISLEV 24)

    Dec 1 Capr Tev 1

    Jan 1 Aquar 1 Shev 1

    Feb 1 Pisces 1 Adar 1

    LOOKS like DEC 17!!!!!



    December 15, 2015 at 11:33 pm

  5. …..still holding to the above info; but know that COUNTS BEGIN on SUNDAYS. All is still accurate: PROBABLE SIGNING Dec 17, RAPTURE Dec 20, MID-TRIB IYYAR 25-28 (minus 23 = IYYAR 5), RETURN CHESVAN 16 (8,88) minus 23 days = TISH 22……etc as reviewed above.

    December 17, 2015 at 10:31 am


    Briefly (spec, of course) in reference to a SUNDAY, DEC 20 RAPTURE (also CAPRICORN 1…..symbol of ‘full GOSPEL STORY dying goat/llive fish’):

    Lev 23:39…..1st DAY SUCCOTH & 8th DAY SUCCOTH….HOLY DAYS: Sept 28, 2015 +80 days (to complete a perfect/Millen yr…280 gestation + 80 = 360) is THURSDAY, DEC 17, 2015…..probable SIGNING (related to Netanyahu’s Gas Deal?).

    1st DAY SUCCOTH (Sept 28, 2015), 80-day countdown begins…..and the RETURN; 2520 days later, Thur, Nov 10, 2022 minus 23-days tilt loss is 8th Day Succoth (Tish 22), earth straight. RETURN, Nov 10, 2022 is also CHESVAN 16…….8,88….all EIGHTS on the Jewish Calendar (presently SEVENS is ultimate number of perfection on the calendar…..e.g. TISHREI 21 is 7,777, 7th mth, 7th day of 7th Feast…..etc……. if applic).

    Thur, DEC 17, 2015 minus the future 23-day tilt loss is NOV 24 which will be KISLEV 24 in the MILLENNIUM……..relates to Hag 2:7….”Desire of the Nations Comes”…..a.c. ‘signs this covenant as he covets this positional fulfillment? NISAN 1 in the Millen will be ARIES 1/LAMB/8th Sign of Mazzarot….Jesus and MARCH 1.

    So actual TRIB START (Dec 17, 2015) will be as NOV 24, KISLEV 24 as Haggai 2 is pondered (“shakes Nations”….etc).

    If applic, AV 9 (countdown starts?), 2015, July 25 plus 4 solar mths to ‘harvest’ is NOV 24,……then plus 23 more days (that will minus) is Thur, Dec. 17.

    If AV 15 is to be noted (beginning of GRAPE HARVEST), then July 31, 2015 plus 4 ‘moons’ plus 23 days is also DEC 17, 2015.

    Signing Dec 17 plus 1260 days is IYYAR 25, 2019 (Abom Desol/a.c. killed) and he rises 3 days later on JERUSALEM DAY, SUNDAY, IYYAR 28, 2019.

    Know that MID TRIB May 30 – June 2, 2019 is STILL in the ROSH 2018 year, completing the mega anniversaries beginning 1898…..many reasons for a.c. to think he is ‘god’ since he will have procured ‘peace’ for Israel for the 1st half of the trib and enter the Temple (Abom of Desol) & will be killed……rising on IYYAR 28 JERUSALEM DAY, which, minus the future 23-day tilt loss, is IYYAR 5, STATEHOOD ANNIV MAY 14, 1948..

    Zionism Conf/Herzl………………..1898-2018 = 120
    Allenby/Balfour./San Remo……..1918-2018 = 100
    Holocaust…………………………… .1938-2018 = 80
    Statehood……………………………..1948-2018 = 70
    Temple Mt…………………………….1968-2018 = 50…..JERUSALEM DAY, JUNE 7, 1967, IYYAR 28

    Note the spans IN BETWEEN as well…….50 yrs 1898 to 1948, 50 yrs 1918-2018, 30 yrs 1918-1948……etc. etc…..very significant Fig Tree Spans.

    RETURN at THUR, Nov 10, 2022 miinus the 23-day tilt loss as earth straightens is TISHREI 22, EIGHT DAY SUCCOTH (Lev 23:39) and plus 75 days (30 mourning, 45 judg Nations) is TEVET 10 (FAST to JOY….Zech 8:19)…..trib end.

    NOV 10, 2022 RETURN is also 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) past TAMMUZ 17, 2016 (3rd Temple Dedication?), ending 7 mths burying from ‘Christmas,’ 2015 (Ezek 38 Victory?). Three weeks past TAMMUZ 17, 2016, AV 9, could be the start of Blood Sacrifices…………….remains to be seen, but would be fulfillment of those 2 FAST DAYS turning to JOY (Zech 8:19). Yom Kippur was ‘turned to joy’ at the Cross when the VEIL TORE.

    When all is adjusted, the trib end works out to be AQUARIUS 1…..’AGE of AQUARIUS’ finally begins…………spec. There is a difference of 4-5 days in the Mazzarot count of SCORPIO 15 to AQUARIUS 1 (75 days). Via the tilted earth, it is Nov 10 to Jan 24……..but via straight earth it will be Nov 6 to Jan 21…..then minus the 23 days (earth straight) is JAN 1…….which will be AQUARIUS 1 and SHEVAT 1……see calendar below. The ISA 63 Temple Entrance will virtually be the ISA 63 TEMPLE ENTRANCE SAGITTARIUS 15…… ‘enveloped’ at mid-month by the great RESCUER/MESSIAH/VICTOR/CONQUEROR…..DEC 10, 2016 which, minus the future tilt loss of 23 days is NOV 15-16, 2022, the new SAGIT 15 and KISLEV 15……and plus 45 days is SHEVAT 1 and AQUARIUS 1, trib end. It works on paper.

    All is in sync via the above scenario:

    1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel
    1260 days Elij and Mos’ ministry til killed by risen a.c.
    1260 days Petra Protection, ABOM of DESOL to the RETURN
    1290 days ABOM of DESOL to the ISA 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the RETURN
    1335 days ABOM of DESOL to the trib end’
    2300 days Temple Desecration TAMMUZ 17, 2016 to the RETURN
    7 mths burying bodies in Hamon Gog (Dead Sea area) Christmas 2015 to TAMMUZ 17, 2016 (July 23, 2016)

    MILLEN CALENDAR…….straight earth……both calendars & the Mazzarot 360 days each….4 seasons (“seedtime & harvest”…..3 mths each):

    Mar 1 Aries 1 Nisan 1
    Apr 1 Taur 1 Iyyar 1
    May 1 Gem 1 Sivan 1

    June 1 Can 1 Tam 1
    July 1 Leo 1 Av 1
    Aug 1 Virg 1 Elul 1

    Sep 1 Libr 1 Tish 1
    Oct 1 Scor 1 Ches 1
    Nov 1 Sagit 1 Kislev 1 (NOV 24 will be KISLEV 24, as at Creation)

    Dec 1 Capr 1 Tev 1
    Jan 1 Aquar 1 Shevat 1
    Feb 1 Pisces 1 Adar 1

    So, it now looks (to me) like SUNDAY, DEC 20. Remember that all major Biblical events related to perfection (sinlessness…as Creation) or CHRISTIANS occurred on a SUNDAY……Creation/Creation Count start on the 8th Day/Jesus’ concep anniv………Palm Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost Sunday and likely the Rapture since SUNDAY is when COUNTS BEGIN. The 8th Day of Creation was TEVET 1, Jesus’ Conception….because +280 gestation is TABERNACLES, His BIRTH. The ZECH 14:17-18 verses of the yearly Succoth celebration will be HIS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION and the DAY the EARTH is once again STRAIGHT on the 8th Day Succoth, Oct 17, 2022, TISHREI 22…….Lev 23:39.

    December 17, 2015 at 8:21 pm

  7. Gotta love this woman, she is always so full of good news, maybe this is the one.

    Hazel Parker

    December 18, 2015 at 3:49 pm

  8. TUES, DEC 22 RAPTURE…..????? (sorry…spacing is a mess!):

    We’re GETTIN’ there! By the
    way, a FALSE PROPHET is has HEARD a message from the Lord, which I HAVEN’T…..EVER! I’m simply
    ‘hung up’ on numbers, the calendars, Israel’s history, spans
    and anniversary dates. Now READ ON if YOU think
    GUESSING is useful too; otherwise, stay secure in the Lord
    via your enviable spiritual maturity and function with grace
    a peace as you see the day approaching WITHOUT the hopeful
    dates in my letters…………………a MUCH more
    highly-admired recipient.

    First, I am now shifting to the possible MILLENNIAL CALENDAR
    starting on TAURUS 1…….which would be NISAN 1 and APRIL 1.
    I’ve concluded that because it matches three

    ……The MILLEN will be ultra-strict, iron-hand rule
    (BULL..(Deut 33:17)…..not GRACE (LAMB). Jesus came
    the 1st time as a LAMB, but not the 2nd time..
    ……At Creation KISLEV 24 was DEC 24…… will be in
    the Millen Calendar. God has ‘kept’ Christmas on our
    calendar as a point of reference for study.
    ……Jesus’ Birth was likely OCT 15 (280 past JAN
    9-10/really Dec 31) and the 8th Day (His Circum) would have
    been Oct 22..matching the calendar below..
    Jesus fulfilled all 8 Feasts to the
    letter and the 8th Feast/8th Day was His Immaculate
    Conception on the anniv of Creation & the count start on
    the 8th Day.

    The FIRST DAY SUCCOTH (Sept 28, 2015) the remainder of 85
    days began……..of a SOLAR yr (our present YEAR)….i.e.
    280 gestation +85 = 365
    The 8th Day of SUCCOTH (Lev 23:39) will be OCT 22 IN THE
    MILLENNIUM……on the new calendar that will start on
    TAURUS 1 (April 1).

    Here is the probable MILLENNIUM CALENDAR (4 seasons, 3 mths
    ea, “seedtime & harvest” ….both calendars &
    Mazzarot 360 days each/straight earth):

    Apr 1 TAUR 1 Nisan 1
    May 1 GEM 1 Iyyar 1
    June 1 CAN 1 Sivan 1

    July 1 LEO 1 Tam 1

    Aug 1 VIR 1 Av 1
    Sep 1 LIB 1 Elul 1

    Oct 1 SCOR 1 Tish1….Oct 15 will be Succoth

    & Oct 22 will be 8th Day Succoth

    Nov 1 SAG 1 Ches 1

    Dec 1 CAP 1 Kis 1………so KISLEV 24
    (anniv Creation Day) will be DEC 24 as at Creation

    Jan 1 AQUA 1 Tev 1……..Tevet 1
    was Jesus’ Conception because +280 is Tishrei 15, Succoth,
    His Birth

    Feb 1 PISC 1 Shev 1
    Mar 1 ARIES 1 Adar 1

    If significant, the GRAPE HARVEST began AV 15, 2015 (July
    31) and 4 mths (“to harvest”…i.e. Rapture) later is NO 30, 2015……..PLUS 22 more days (tilt that will minus at the Return) is TUESDAY, DEC 22.

    Dec 22 is a TUESDAY, the 3rd Day, the ancient
    Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day and a possible connection to Hosea
    6:2-3. If that is the case, then the possible SIGNING was on SATURDAY, Dec 19, 2015…..which, plus 1260 days is SAT, JUNE 1, 2019, IYYAR 27, the SABBATH of JERUSALEM DAY.

    TAMMUZ 17, 2016….July 23 (FAST DAY…Zech 8:19), plus
    exactly 2300 days (+3 uncounted at mid trib) is the RETURN
    at NOV 12, 2022.

    The RETURN (Nov 12, 2022) pluso 52 days is JAN 3, TEVET
    10……FAST DAY to JOY….i.e. TRIB END (the post-Return 75
    days minus the 23-day tilt loss to STRAIGHT EARTH).

    The RETURN at Nov 12, 2022 is also SCORPIO 22 which is MILLENNIAL CALENDAR TISHREI 22…..8th Day SUCCOTH (Lev
    23:39). Thus the trib ‘countdown’ virtually begins on
    the 1st Day Succoth (Sep 28, 2015) plus the 85 days to
    complete the solar yr = DEC 22, the RAPTURE (the day Elij
    and Moses arrive as well since their ministry must span 126 days til their death by the ‘risen’ a.c. who rises on TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 2019 1260 days past the RAPTURE.

    The SIGNING plus 1260 days is SATURDAY, IYYAR 27, 2019 (SAT,
    June 1) the day the a.c. enters the Temple (ABOM of DESOL)
    thinking himself to be God w/ all the great anniversary
    dates coming to the point along w/ his ‘success’ in keeping ‘peace’ for Israel for the first half of the trib (since he will have ‘kept’ the covenant for 1260 days). When he
    enters the Temple (on a SABBATH), he will be killed &
    rise after 3 days & kill Elijah and Moses (who will rise> 3.5 days later)

    The patterns reached by ROSH 2018 (and mid trib, 2019 is
    STILL in the ROSH 2018 year) are:

    1898 – 2018 = 120…Herzl/Zionism
    1918 – 2018 =100…Allenby/Balfour
    1938 – 2018 = 80….Holocaust
    1948 – 2018 = 70….Statehood
    1968 – 2018 = 50….Temple Mt
    Reclamation……..& IYYAR 28, 2019 JERUSALEM DAY

    In between the above dates are very significant spans as
    well since HEBREW YR SPANS are Biblically
    constant………………e.g. 30 = maturity, 40 is testing,
    70 is complete, 50 is Jubilee. Only Israel’s history
    involves these spans.

    This TUESDAY, DEC 22, is:

    Capricorn 1, symbol of the full Gospel
    Story…….dying/sacrificial goat resulting in a live,> flapping fish (believers)…..the symbol of the Church, in a sense).

    Remember JOB’S challenge to the reader to understand the

    Mazzarot, which if studied properly is beneficial to the subject.

    This Tues, Dec 22 is also TEVET 10 & trib end Is Tevet 10.

    The RETURN at Nov 12, 2022 (Saturday) is also SCORPIO 22
    which is the DEATH SIGN, double 11…….as Jesus Returns in
    JUDGMENT followed by enormous cataclysms.

    Perhaps the tilt loss (earth straightening) will take 2 days
    (another reference to Hos 6:2-3…?) making earth straight

    by SCORPIO 24 and 30 days mourning later will be

    SAGITTARIUS 24, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance.

    SAGITTARIUS is the symbol of ‘Messiah/Conqueror/Victor/

    Rescuer/Savior’ and the24th day of Sagittarius is 888, His
    #………if applic.

    So, the whole trib (w/ the 23-day tilt loss at the RETURN is

    TEV 10 to TEV 10. Dec 22, 2015 = TEV 10 & Jan 3, 2023 = TEV 10.

    All else is the same as the previous letter

    December 20, 2015 at 2:49 am

  9. The Gog and Magog is after the 1000 year reign of the Messiah Yeshua ben David.
    Revelation 20:7-10 (also in Ezekiel 38)
    “7 When the thousand years are over, the Adversary will be set free from his prison 8 and will go out to deceive the nations in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog,[a] to gather them for the battle. Their number is countless as the sand on the seashore; 9 and they came up over the breadth of the Land and surrounded the camp of God’s people and the city he loves. But fire came down from heaven and consumed them. 10 The Adversary who had deceived them was hurled into the lake of fire and sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet were; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.”
    The impending war is that of the Anti-Christ. The dream is what questionable since based on the boy the Gog and Magog war is about to happens even in months.


    December 30, 2015 at 2:27 am

    • There are two Gog and Magog wars separated by 1000 + years. They will involve the same population descendants. Satan will repeat his plan again as he has no better one.


      December 30, 2015 at 7:49 am

  10. If interested, here are the spans that are still EXACT w/ a FRIDAY, JAN 1st Rapture in mind:

    a. AV 9, 2016 (start 3rd Temple Desecration) plus 2300 days is Nov 30, 2022 (Capric 1),
    the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (w/ tilt minus considered).

    b. AV 9, 2016 minus the tilt is TAMMUZ 17 (FAST…..Zech 8:19)..

    c. RETURN (2520 past signing) is SAGIT 1 (Nov 22, 2022).

    d. MID TRIB (a.c. ‘rises’) is GEMINI 24 (‘twins hand in hand’ 888),

    June 14, 2019 (1260 past Rapture).

    e. RAPTURE is TEVET 20 (10,10,10) and trib end is TEVET 20 (w/

    tilt loss considered)……exactly 7 Jewish yrs.

    f. TRIB END is AQUARIUS 15….earth ‘equally enfolded.’

    g. SIGNING (Dec 29) was likely TUES (3rd day/as Ketubah),

    ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day & Return is a TUES (Hos 6:2-3).

    h. DEC 29 (Signing) was 23 days (tilt that will minus) past KISLEV

    24 (Haggai 2:7….’satan trying to be the Desire of the Nations’).

    I. NISAN 10 was ‘supposed’ to be the start of Messiah’s

    Kingdom. but +280 days Church Gestation is JAN 1, 2016

    j. If applic, Signing is 5 mths past AV 15 (as Noah’s 150-day delay).

    k. 12 days past Rapture is JAN 12-13, the possible Ezek 38

    Divine Victory in Israel & 7 mths later is AV 9 (Aug 13, 2016.

    l. JAN 13 (Victory in Israel) to trib end JAN 13, 2023 is likely the

    7 yrs fuel use….Ezek 39:9.

    m. SIX MTHS must be added to YOM KIP (Tish 10) to arrive at

    NISAN 10…..then plus the 280 days = TEVET 20.

    n. COUNTS start on a YOM KIP (Lev 25:9) and the legal COUNT

    END is still YOM KIP 2021 (6 mths BEFORE NISAN 10, 2022…..

    then plus the 280 Remnant Gestation = TEVET 20, 2023).

    o. JAN 13 is REALLY Dec 31, 8th Day after Creation Day Kislev

    24…………and Dec 31 was TEVET 1, Jesus” Concep Day

    (because +280 gestation is Succoth, Jesus’ Birth).

    p. Thus, the COUNT END is STILL YOM KIPPUR 2021 (then

    minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ is 2001…….6001, start of the

    121st Jub/7th Millen. 34 A.D. +1967 is also 2001 and so is
    519 B.C. (Hag 2) plus 252 yrs = 2001.

    q. The scenario has NOT gone past the legal count points because
    we now see he NISAN 10 start of the 280..

    r. MID TRIB, June 11, 2019 (a.c. enters Temple) is STILL in the ROSH

    2018 yr which completes the biggest Israeli mega anniv’s (starting

    at 1898: 120,100,80,70,50, Jerusalem Day & Shavuot.

    s. Dec 29, 2015 (signing) + 2550 days = Isa 63 Entrance 30

    days past the Return (as the 2550 yrs 583 B.C. to 1967).

    All seems accurate: 1260, 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300, 7 mths bury,

    7 yrs fuel, 2550 etc.

    BOTH of the 280-day ‘gestations (Church

    and Remnant) start at NISAN 10 (2015 & 2022) and both are

    SIX MTHS past YOM KIPPUR (2014 & 2021).

    NOTE that on NISAN 10 (Palm Sunday) there was a GREAT DIVISION;
    and that day seems to be the ‘decision day’ in both cases in the above

    With all considered, a FRIDAY, JAN 1 RAPTURE looks possible.


    December 30, 2015 at 7:39 pm

  11. There are still some points to notice. You DO know that Jesus fulfilled (was) every one of the 8 Feasts (7 commanded, 1 immaculate). The 8th Feast was CREATION Kislev 24 – Tevet 1 (8 days, as today’s Hanukkah) and the Creation COUNT BEGAN on the 8th Day of Creation…..TEVET 1…..because +280 days human gestation is SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES, Jesus’ BIRTH.

    TEVET 1, 2015 plus 21 days (the tilt that will minus) is this SUNDAY, Jan 3 (Tevet 22), 21 days past SUNDAY, TEVET 1, 2015. So when the earth is straight, the RAPTURE will be ‘as having occurred’ on TEVET 1, Creation count start date & Jesus’ Conception date. Sunday was always the day the COUNT began and every Biblical event involving Perfection or Christians occurred on a SUNDAY.

    W/ attn again given to NISAN 10, 2015 (DECISION DAY when Jesus rode into Jerusalem), add exactly 280 days ‘Church Gestation’ to arrive to this Sunday, Jan 3, Tevet 22.

    The same applies to the trib end…..also TEVET 22, which is NISAN 10, 2022 plus 280 days ‘Remnant Gestation’ ending at TEVET 22. So the entire trib (w/ the tilt minus considered) is TEVET 22 to TEVET 22. ……7 Jewish yrs total.

    The RETURN is Thur, Nov 24, 2022 (Chesvan 30-Kislev 1) and plus 30 days mourning is TEVET 1 (Dec 24-25), the Isa 63 Temple Entrance. Since Dec 24 will be KISLEV 24 in the Millennium (Haggai 2:7), then THIS event (the Temple Entrance) is likely the arrival of the “DESIRE of NATIONS” into Jerusalem. After all, this day will start the 45-day judgment of the Nations (….Hag 2).

    W/ the tilt minus considered, the DEC 24, 2022 date (Temple Entrance) is a SABBATH, DEC 3, 2022 (21-day diff) which is exactly 2300 days (+3 mid trib uncounted) past AV 9, 2016 (Aug 13), the start of 3rd Temple Worship (which is 7 mths burying past Jan 15, 2016…..Ezek 38 Victory?). AV 9 minus 21 days is TAMMIUZ 17, accounting for 2 of the FAST DAYS to Joy. The other 2 FULFILLED FAST DAYS (Tish 10 veil tore, Tev 10 ovum implanted) were explained previously (Zech 8:19).

    W/ the tilt minus considered, the TRIB END is JAN 15, likely the end of the 7 yrs fuel use (Ezek 39:9). So in that respect, the trib span from the Ezek 38 Victory is JAN 15, 2016 to JAN 15, 2023. This Jan 15 is 12 days after a JAN 3 Rapture AND our calendar is 12 days off……..interesting, if applic (1500’s calendar minus of 12 days/Pope).

    JULY 31, 2015 was AV 15 (beginning Grape Harvest) and 5 mths later is Thur, Dec 31, 2015, the possible covert signing. Those 5 mths may match the 5-mth DELAY of Noah (til disembarking). Know that the Signer’s (a.c.) identity won’t be revealed til AFTER the Rapture…………or his ‘satanic’ identity revealed when he ‘rises’ at mid trib (satan IN the a.c.).

    Hos 6: 2-3 states that “Israel shall be RAISED UP on the 3rd Day” and the RETURN at NOV 24, 2022 is the 3rd day of SAGITTARIUS (Hero/Conqueror/Messiah/Victor/Rescuer). Add the 75 days (30 mourning and 45 judg Nations) to arrive at AQUARIUS 15, trib end: ‘Age of Aquarius’…if applic. Within 75 days there is a 3-day difference between the present calendar span and the Mazzarot span anyway….so the 3 days are available.

    Briefly, YOM KIP 2014 plus 6 mths (which MUST pass) is NISAN 10, 2015, then +280 = RAPTURE, Tev 22. The same applies to the trib end which is Tev 22…………….YOM KIP 2021 plus 6 mths (which MUST pass) is NISAN 10, 2022, then +280 = TRIB END, TEVET 22. You realize that in the Noah story there is 6 mths difference due to the ancient use of the Babylonian calendar……see Grant Jeffrey’s review of this difference.

    MID TRIB is STILL in the ROSH YR 2018 ending all the mighty anniversaries from 1898 & onward (+Iyyar 28 & Shavuot)………..w/ a.c. trying to ‘take credit’ for it all w/ his 3.5-yr success at Peace for Israel, thus entering the Temple thinking he is ‘god.’ He satanically rises on SUN, June 16, 2019 which is GEMINI 24 (‘twins hand in hand’/888)…..if applic.

    YOM KIP 2021 is STILL the legal end of the entire 6,000 full yrs (120 Jub’s, Gen 6:3…..Lev 25:9) because no more than 20 uncounted yrs can be subtracted from 2021…………but 6 mths is added to YOM KIP 2021, then the +280 to the trib end. So it all still makes sense.

    I didn’t want to give up QUITE YET, thus the above review. T’would be nice if the above was possible as I see it; but, alas, the ‘educated guess’ may again be futile. No matter, He’s COMING SOON ANYWAY!!!………& God forbid that my former letters have turned any brother/sister into a scoffer since my letters are meant to DISCOURAGE the natural scoffing tendency in these difficult last days.

    December 31, 2015 at 5:00 pm

  12. Give it to MONDAY(Jan 4) which is:

    …..exactly 280 days Church ‘gestation’ past NISAN 10.
    …..exactly 12 days (calendar error/real count) past DEC 24 (the orig KISLEV 24….Hag 2:7)
    …..exactly 22 days (tilt that will minus) past TEVET 1 (Dec 13), Jesus’ concept anniv
    …..CAPRICORN 15, middle of the full GOSPEL story

    MID trib when a.c. enters Temple is GEMINI 24 (‘twins hand in hand’/888), 3 days later he satanically rises and kills Elijah and Moses who RISE on CANCER 1 (11th sign/judg).

    All else is virtually the same as last letter

    January 2, 2016 at 4:26 pm

  13. A LOT points to a THURS, Jan 7 Rapture, 3 days past a Jan 4 signing.

    Signing Jan 4 is 280 days past Nisan 10, 21 days past TEVET 1 and 12 days (calendar error) past DEC 24 (orig Kislev 24….Hag 2:7).

    Mid trib (a.c. rises) is CANCER 1.

    RETURN plus 30 days mourning is TEVET 10…FAST DAY….(Jan 3) the Isa 63 Temple Entrance.

    AV 9 s still 3rd Temple Dedication, plus 2300 days is the RETURN.

    Trib end is SHEVAT 1 (w/ tilt minus).

    Remnant’s gestation is NISAN 17, 2022 plus 280 to trib end, SHEVAT 1.

    Rapture plus 6 days (as 6-day War) is Jan 13 (Ezek 38?)….plus 7 mths burying is Aug 13 (Av 9, 2016).

    RETURN is SAGIT 8 (Nov 28)…..if applic.

    All is much the same as last letter.

    January 5, 2016 at 8:10 pm

  14. If you’ve kept up with the ongoing ‘calculations,’ then the

    following spans make sense in reference to a TUES, JAN 12


    a. JAN 12 is EVERYTHING!!!! It is REALLY DEC 31 (due to the 12-day calendar error (that’s why Jan 6 is the REAL Christmas/Greek Orthod). i.e., our calendar is 12 days ahead of the actual date. Jesus KEPT DEC 24 as a point of reference for all else to be figured out.

    b. Dec 24 was the original CREATION DAY (KISLEV 24) and the 8th DAY was TEVET 1 (Dec 31), the anniv date of Jesus’ Conception (8th Day of the 8th Feast…..FEAST of DEDIC/Hanukah) because +280 days human gestation was Jesus’ Birth on SUCCOTH. Jesus fulfilled every one of the 8 Feasts to the day.

    c. Hag 2:7 speaks of the DESIRE of the Nations coming on KISLEV 24………yes, but the COUNT for KISLEV 24 began on the 8th Day, TEVET 1…………and Dec 31 was the original TEVET 1 (our JAN 12).

    d. Jesus is the “FIRSTFRUIT of all who sleep,” so NISAN 17 (FEAST of FIRSTFRUITS) plus another 280 days Church Gestation is JAN 12 (Shevat 2).

    e. Trib end (w/ the 23-day tilt loss is also SHEVAT 2 (Jan 24, 2023).

    f. The RETURN at SAT, DEC 3, 2022 is exactly 2300 days (+3 mid trib uncounted) past AV 9, 2016 (Aug 13), the start of 3rd Temple Worship. AV 9 minus the future tilt loss is TAMMUZ 17 as well.

    g. The RETURN plus 30 days is TEVET 10 (FAST DAY), Jan 3, 2023…..Isa 63 Temple Entrance/Temple Reconsecrated; and with the minus 23 days when earth straightens, Jan 3 is the same day as DEC 10, the NEW TEVET 10 and CAPRICORN 10……….all 3 calendars (Jewish/Greg/Mazzarot) in sync, 360 days each.

    h. The mid trib (Abom of Desol, a.c. breaks covenant, is killed) is CANCER 1 (June 22, 2019)…..the 11th sign/Crab symbolizing an inescapable GRIP (also 1260-day Petra Protection begins).

    I. ALL THREE FAST DAYS (Zech 8:19) are accounted for in the above scenario……TAMMUZ 17, AV 9 and TEVET 10. YOM KIPPUR (Tishrei 10) was “turned to joy” at the Cross when the veil to the Holy of Holies tore.

    j. The ACTUAL/LEGAL count of the 7-yr trib spans ROSH/YOM/SUCCOTH 2014 to ROSH/YOM/SUCCOTH 2021, the real trib end. 2021 minus the 20 uncounted yrs is YOM KIPPUR 2001….Lev 25:9 (6001), the start of the 121st Jub (Gen 6:3) and the 7th Millen.

    k. SUCCOTH 2014 plus 6 mths = NISAN 17, 2015, then plus the 280 days gestation is JAN 12.

    l. So too, SUCCOTH 2021 plus 6 mths = NISAN 17, 2022, then plus 280 days (Remnant’s Gestation) is SHEVAT 2, 2023 (Jan 24)…..trib end.

    m. Know that 34 A.D. (the Cross) plus 1967 yrs (yr of 6-Day War) = 2001 and 519 B.C. (Haggai, Feast of 2nd Temple Dedic) plus 2520 yrs (# of days in trib) = 2001 as well.

    n. TUESDAY (Jan 12 RAPTURE) is the 3rd day and the ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day. Also SATURDAY is the likely day that the a.c. would enter the Temple at mid trib. SATURDAY is also the RETURN, the GREAT SABBATH.

    o. The SIGNING (possibly Saturday, Jan 9, 2016) plus 2550 days (trib start to Isa 63 Temple Entrance….i.e. 1260 + 1260 + 30) is Jan 3, 2023 (TEVET 10)……matching 2550 YRS from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    p. Mid trib (a.c. satanically rises Tues, June 25, 2019) minus the future tilt loss is IYYAR 28, Jerusalem Day (anniv June 7, 1967 Temple Mt Reclamation).

    q. Everything fits from every possible angle and the importance of JAN 12 exceeds the other presumed Rapture dates so far……Jesus’ Conception Day anniv.

    qr Since DEC 10 will be the ‘NEW TEVET 10” (2022), the MILLEN CALENDAR will likely be as follows: (4 seasons..”seedtime & harvest”/FALL, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER).

    Nisan 1, Aries 1, March 1

    Iyyar 1, Taurus 1, April 1

    Sivan 1, Gemini 1, May 1

    Tammuz 1, Cancer 1, June 1

    Av 1, Leo 1, July 1

    Elul 1, Virgo 1, August 1

    Tishrei 1, Libra 1, Sept 1

    Chesvan 1, Scorpio 1, Oct 1

    Kislev 1, Sagit 1, Nov 1

    Tevet 1, Capric 1, Dec 1

    Shevat 1, Aquar 1, Jan 1

    Adar 1, Pisces 1, Feb 1

    Note that NEW YEARS DAY (NISAN 1) will begin on the 8th SIGN (LAMB)……1st day, 8th sign…..the great ONE and EIGHT.

    Can’t see beyond Tuesday, Jan 12!

             

    January 8, 2016 at 8:11 pm

  15. Two more interesting points to notice, if applic. Rosh Hashana (Tishrei 1) is the start of the FALL HARVEST FEASTS and Sept 14, 2015 (Rosh Hashana) plus exactly 120 days is Tues, Jan 12 (…”4 mths, THEN tHARVEST”) and 120 days are 4 perfect mths.

    Also there is a 37-day difference between 7 solar yrs (2557 days) and 7 perfect/Millen yrs (2520 days….7 x 360) and KISLEV 24 (Dec 6, 2015) plus 37 days is Tues, Jan 12.

    January 9, 2016 at 10:33 pm

    • Good comments Janet. We are close for sure.


      January 10, 2016 at 10:06 am

  16. There is still LOTS to notice; so give attention to these patterns

    (w/ a Fri, Jan 15 Rapture in mind):

    Nis 17, 2015 (Firstfruits) + 280 days = TUES, Jan 12 (Signing).

    FAST of TEV 10 +22 days (will minus) is also TUES, Jan 12.

    Tues, Jan 12, 2016 is also 12 days past DEC 31, orig TEV 1 (Jesus’ conception anniv, 8th Day of 8th Feast).

    Fri, Jan 15, 2016 is CAPRI 24 (888)….if applic.

    FRI, Jan 15, 2016 plus 2520 days is RETURN, Dec 9, 2022…..and minus 22 days tilt loss is Nov 18 (CHESVAN 24…..8,888).

    30 days mourning later (on DEC 18, 2022) is the great ISA 63 Temple Entrance (Jesus + Remnant)…..on KISLEV 24…..Hag 2: “DESIRE OF NATIONS COMES (to His Temple) and SHAKES the NATIONS”…….since this day is the BEGINNING of the JUDG of the NATIONS (likely very severe)……& the disciplined/corrected Nations will attend Succoth later in the year.

    W/out the tilt minus considered, the RETURN at DEC 9 (Kislev 15), 2022 plus 30 days mourning is TEVET 15 which is 280 days past NISAN 1 (Remnant’s Gestation). That is also 1290 days past mid trib (Dan 12).

    Flood End was NISAN 17 and the “Beginning of Days” is NISAN 1 (as ‘same day’). So the Church Gestation begins at NIS 17 and the Remnant’s Gestation begins on NIS 1.

    The 2300 days/Dan 8 (plus 3 uncounted at mid trib) seem to span AV 15 (Aug 19, 2016) to the RETURN. So perhaps AV 9 , 2016 will be the day the 3rd Temple is dedicated. The 7 mths burying (following the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel) will likely span approx Jan 17 – Aug 13 (Av 9).

    TUES (3rd day) is the day the ‘Wedding Ketubah’ was signed…….perhaps applic to a TUES, Jan 12 signing (covert).

    MID TRIB (a.c. satanically RISES) is FRI, June 28, 2019 and minus the future tilt loss is JUNE 7, anniv of Temple Mt Reclamation 1967. June 28 is also CANCER 8 (‘inescapable grip’…..8).

    All else is same as the last letter.

             

    January 13, 2016 at 12:39 am

  17. All still works (via spec) for a TUESDAY, Jan 19 RAPTURE.

    SAT, Jan 16, SIGNING (covert)….?…. (CAPRIC 24). In the Millen, CAPRIC 24 will be DEC 24, the original KISLEV 24 (Creation Day). 8th day was TEVET 1, anniv of Jesus’ CONCEPTION because +280 = Succoth/Tish 15, His Birth.

    SAT, Jan 16 (Signing ?) plus 2520 days = RETURN, SAT, DEC 10, 2022 (Kislev 15)…………plus 30 days mourning is TEVET 15-16 which is exactly 280 days (Remnant’s Gestation) past NISAN 1. DEC 24, 2015 is also TEVET 15-16, Church’s Gestation). Dec 10 will be the new TEVET 10 in the Millen, if applic (because MAR 1 & ARIES 1 will be NISAN 1 each year)…..all in sync via straight earth.

    JAN 16 Signing minus 22-23 days (projected future tilt loss) is DEC 24, the original KISLEV 24 (see Hag 2, “Desire of Nations comes”). In other words when the future tilt loss is considered, the Signing will be ‘as having occurred on DEC 24, 2015….Hag 2:7. Not only Dec 24, 2015, but the RETURN minus the tilt loss plus 30 days is the ACTUAL KISLEV 24, 2022…Dec 18 (Hag 2:7…”Desire of Nations comes”….enters Temple, Isa 63). WE get one KISLEV 24 and the REMNANT gets the other!

    The RETURN minus 23 days is CHESVAN 24 (8,888)….earth straight (then plus 30 days mourning is KISLEV 24). Hag 2:7 is “shaking of the Nations”…..beginning of the 45-day judg of Nations.

    RAPTURE is SHEVAT 9 and the trib end is SHEVAT 9 (w/ tilt loss considered).

    W/out the tilt loss considered, the trib end is ADAR 1, PISCES 1, FEB 1 (2023)….both calendars & the Mazzarot in perfect sync. Pisces is 7th sign/’multiplication of believers,’ if applic.

    If, after approx 30 days from the Rapture, the Ezek 38 Divine Victory is FEB 19, 2016 (Pisces 1), then 7 yrs fuel use (Ezek 39:9) could be PISCES 1 – PISCES 1.

    ‘MID TRIB is CANCER 11 (11,11….judg/inescapable grip’), a.c. satanically RISES….July 2, 2019. W/ the future 23-day tilt minus, that day will be SHAVUOT (Sivan 6, June 9) when earth is straight.

    Actual trib end (legal count) is ROSH/YOM 2021 (minus 20 uncounted = 2001, 6001….start 121st Jub/7th Millen….& Lev 25:9. But one must add 6 mths to arrive at NISAN 1, 2022, then plus the 280 days (gestation) to arrive at the Isa 63 Temple Entrance, Kislev 24, 2022 (same day as Jan 9, 2023 w/out the tilt loss considered. God’s counting system (as ‘if I understand it’) takes patience to endure).

    On THIS side of the trib, the legal count start is ROSH/YOM 2014, plus 6 mths to NISAN 1, 2015, then plus the 280 days Church Gestation is Signing, Jan 16, 2016 (start of the 2520 days). The actual 7-yr trib Legal Count is ROSH 2014 to ROSH 2021. Of course 2021 is yr 5782…..5782 “ Pyram, 5782 K, sun.

    Remember that TUESDAY (3rd Day) was always the ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day (& Hos 6:2-3).

    Saturdays (Sabbaths) are across the board: Signing, Mid trib Abom Desol, Return.

    The 1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) was likely ROSH 2013 to ROSH 2014 and ROSH 2013 ended the 40,46 & 65 yrs respectively……………..1973 (Roe Wade), 1967, 1948.

    As for the full 2550 days (as 583 B.C. – 1967), the span is Signing Jan 16 (Capric 24) to the Isaiah 63 Entrance on Capric 18 (Dec 18, Kislev 24….same as Jan 9, 2023).

    Of course mid trib is STILL in the Rosh 2018 yr ending the great Fig Tree Patterns………..120,100,80,70,50……beginning 1898, 1918, 1938, 1948, 1968.

    Again, ALL FITS this TUESDAY, Jan 19.


    January 17, 2016 at 10:49 pm

  18. LATEST GUESS: The spans that match this SUNDAY, a JAN 24 RAPTURE are:

    Jan 24 minus the 23-day future tilt loss will be JAN 1, the future, Millen AQUARIUS 1…..’Age of Aquarius.’

    Jan 21, Thurs, was the probable SIGNING which, minus 23 days was TEVET 21. TEVET 21 is exactly 280 days past NISAN 10 (in Millen mths…….20+240+20). So too the RETURN is KISLEV 21, 2022 and plus 30 days mourning is TEVET 21, also 280 days past NISAN 10, 2022. One 280 is the Church’s spiritual ‘gestation’ and the other 280 is the Remnant’s spiritual ‘gestation.’

    NISAN 10 in both cases is 6 mths past TISHREI 10 (Yom Kippur).

    Signing was likely THURS, Jan 21, SHEVAT 11 (11,11….double judg). Three days later is SHEVAT 14……11,14…..judg/’Deliverance’).

    SUNDAY, Jan 24, 2016 (RAPTURE?) plus exactly 2520 days (1260+1260) is KISLEV 24 (Hag 2:7….”DESIRE of NATIONS COMES”).

    RETURN at Kislev 24 minus 23 days tilt loss as earth straightens is KISLEV 1 and 30 days mourning later is TEVET 1, the original 8th Day after Creation, Jesus’ Conception anniv. Know that TEVET 1 plus 280 days is TABERNACLES.

    The RETURN may also be 3 days previous to KISLEV 24 because the SIGNING plus 2520 days is KISLEV 21 (Dec 15), which is SAGIT 24 (Messiah/888). That may be the case because the 3 mid-trib days when a.c. is dead will not be counted.

    KISLEV 21 (RETURN?) plus 30 days mourning is TEVET 21, the end of 280 past NISAN 10 (in perfect Millen mths of 30 days each).

    YOM KIPPUR 2021 (legal end of the trib) plus 6 mths is NISAN 10, 2022….then plus 280 more days is the RETURN, TEVET 21, 2022.

    YOM KIP 2021 minus the 20 uncounted yrs (Num 1) is YOM KIP 2001 (6001), start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen…..LEV 25:9. YOM KIP 2014 plus 6 mths was NISAN 10, 2015, then plus 280 more days is TEVET 21, 2016 (Jan 1…..the original, solar TEVET 1, Jesus’ Conception anniv). The legal trib span is actually YOM KIP 2014 – YOM KIP 2022.

    MID TRIB is virtually CANCER 15 (middle of ‘inescapable grip’)…..July 4-7, 2019.

    The earth will likely take 3 days to straighten; so if the return is SUNDAY, KISLEV 24, 2022 (Dec 18) and the earth takes 3 days to straighten, the date is DEC 21…….then plus 30 days mourning is JAN 21 which is 2300 days past ROSH HASHANA 2016, a likely day to begin 3rd Temple Worship after the 7 mths burying following the Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel.

    SUNDAY is RAPTURE, a.c. satanically ‘rises’ on a SUNDAY, RETURN is a SUNDAY and the Isa 63 Temple Entrance is a SUNDAY. Return is Sunday, Dec 18, then minus 23 days tilt loss is a Friday (Nov 25), then plus 30 days mourning is SUNDAY, DEC 25.

    There’s more but who’s reading!? So much for my latest guess.

    January 21, 2016 at 1:07 am

  19. error: The legal trib span in Yom Kip 2014 – Yom Kip 2021, not 2022.

    January 21, 2016 at 10:50 am

  20. Via the above letter, 2 more little spans, if applic:

    TEVET 1, 2015 +40 days (testing) is Jan 21, 2016, SHEVAT 11 (Signing?)….and TEVET 1, 2022 is the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance. Know that KISLEV 24 – TEVET 1 was CREATION WK and the RETURN (Kislev 24) minus the 23 days, then plus 30 days mourning is TEVET 1…….CREATION WEEK.

    TISHREI 10 (Yom Kip, 2015) plus “4 mths to Harvest” is also Jan 21, 2016, Shevat 11 (Signing?).


    January 21, 2016 at 3:49 pm

  21. No WONDER more people don’t ‘set spec dates’…..what a DRAG!!!! Anyway, WED,

    Jan 27 looks excellent.

    a. Jan 27 minus the future tilt loss of 23 days is JAN 4 and JAN 4 is REALLY 12 days

    earlier, DEC 24 the original KISLEV 24 (Hag 2:7)….”Desire of Nations Comes”)……so

    when the earth is straight, the RAPTURE will be ‘as having occurred on DEC 24 after

    all. Remember the 12-day error in our calendar.

    b.The 3-day overlap applies now………possible Signing on SUNDAY, Jan 24 and 3

    days later the RAPTURE. Signing to the RETURN at KISLEV 24, 2022 is still exactly 2520 days.

    c. The a.c. breaks the covenant 1260 days after signing (Sun, Jan 24, 2016 – Sun, July 7, 2019) and the Abom of Desol is the same day./AND the a.c. is KILLED. 1290 days after that is the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance and 1335 days after the Abom of Desol is the trib end. There are also 1260 days Petra Protection from the Abom of Desol to the RETURN (Sun, July 7, 2019 – Sun, Dec 18, 2022, the RETURN). Dec 18, 2022 is KISLEV 24……..Haggai 2:7 “Desire of Nations Comes.” So, the ENTIRE scenario is ‘enfolded’ by the ORIGINAL SOLAR KISLEV 24 (Dec 24, 2015) and the REAL KISLEV 24 (Dec 18, 2022). As for the other 1260-day span, note that there are 1260 days Elijah & Moses’ ministry til they are killed by the RISEN a.c. (Wed, July 10, 2019 which is 1260 days after the Wed, Jan 27 Rapture).

    d. At the RETURN earth will likely take 3 days to straighten (Dec 18, 2022/Kislev 24 to DEC 21, 2022…….CAPRICORN 1.

    e. Add 1 mth mourning (Zech 12:10, 13:6) to come to AQUARIUS 1, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance. That day (Jan 20, 2023) is also exactly 2300 days past ROSH HASHANA 2016, start of 3rd Temple Worship (Dan 8:13-14). Rosh 2016 is 7 mths (burying) past ADAR 1, 2016…..if applc.

    f. The Church’s 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’ was NISAN 10, 2015 to TEVET 24 (Jan 4, 2016) and 23 days later is the Rapture (the 23 days that will MINUS at the Return).

    g. The Remnant’s 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’ is NISAN 10, 2022 to TEVET 24, 2023 (Jan 17) and they are BORN into the KINGDOM at the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (….Aquarius 1…..’Age of Aquarius’).

    h. Any Capricorn 1 (Return, because Dec 18, 2022 plus 3 days = Dec 21) plus 75 days is PISCES 15 which, in the perfect, straight-earth Millennial Calendar, will also be SHEVAT 15…..perfect ‘BALANCED’ judgment……trib end.

    i MID-TRIB at JULY 7, 2019 minus the future 23-day tilt loss is JUNE 15 which will be virtually CANCER 15……middle of the ‘inescapable grip’……and the start of the ‘grip of protection’ for the Remnant….same day as the flight to Petra begins.

    j. If SUCCOTH (Harvest) plus “4 more mths to Harvest” applies, then note that there are 4 mths from TISHREI 15, 2015 to SHEVAT 17, 2016 (Rapture)……if applic.

    k. RAPTURE is AQUARIUS 7 and the Isa 63 Temple Entrance is AQUARIUS 1 (Jan 1, 2023 when all is figured)…….and that span is 2550 days, same as 583 B.C. 5o 1967. (7 solar yrs/7 x 365.25 = 2557 days and 7 perfect yrs is 2520 plus 30 days mourning = 2550).

    l. The ACTUAL LEGAL span of the trib (as counts work) is YOM KIP 2014 to YOM KIP 2021…….then plus 6 mths to NISAN 10 and 280 more days to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance on TEVET 24. Of course YOM KIP 2021 minus the 20 uncounted yrs is YOM KIP 2001..6001…the start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen……LEV 25:9.

    m. Note again 34 A.D. plus 1967 is also 2001 and 519 B.C. (Haggai/2nd Temple Dedic) plus 2520 yrs is 2001 as well.

    n. YOM 2021 is the year 5782 and the orig ht of the Great Pyramid w/ cap was 5782” and the mean temp of the sun is 5782 degrees Kelvin……if applic.

    o. The RETURN w/ the tilt loss will settle back to KISLEV 1 (Kislev 24 Return minus 23 days) and 30 days later will be TEVET 1, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance on the 8th Day of the 8th Feast, Jesus Conception Date. Know that KISLEV 24 to TEVET 1 is 8 days……DAY ONE of CREATION and DAY 8 when the Count Started (became Jesus’ concepo day because +280 = Succoth, His Birth (Tabernacles). Note that TEVET 1 + 280 days is TABERNACLES 2023.

    p. So, it seems that the spec reason that the RAPTURE is not this SUNDAY (Jan 24) is that there is the 3-day overlap in order for all three 1260’s to work, the 1290, the 1335……etc…….fitting perfectly BECAUSE of the 3-day overlap.

    Again, we shall see!

    January 24, 2016 at 12:53 am

  22. It’s almost impossible to explain this spec scenario; but if you’re willing to be ‘dragged’ through the following points, all power to you! Remember, you’re only supposed to GLEAN…..not conclude.

    a. Jesus is the “FIRSTFRUIT (Nisan 17) of all who sleep” (dead believers/I Corin 15:20); and Nisan 17, 2015 +280 day ‘Church Gestation’ is Shevat 1, 2016 (Jan 12).

    b. Jan 12 is really Dec 31 (due to the 12-day calendar error) and Dec 31 was the original TEVET 1 (Jesus’ conception anniv, 8th Day of 8th Feast)…..because +280 = Succoth, His


    c. Jan 12, 2016 was SHEVAT 1 (11th mth = judg) and plus 22 days (the tilt that will minus) is TUES, Feb 2, 2016 (Shevat 23), the possile RAPTURE. So when the earth is straight, the Rapture will be ‘as having occurred’ on Shevat 1, JAN 12, 2016.

    d. SHEVAT 1 is exactly 4 mths (“to Harvest”) past the opening day of the Fall Harvest Feasts….namely TISHREI 1, Rosh Hashana, 2015. So Tishrei 1 to Shevat 1 was 4 mths (a delay to ‘harvest’??).

    e. Signing is likely Sat, Jan 30, 2016, AQUARIUS 8 because 2550 days later (to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the Return) is AQUARIUS 1 (‘Age of Aquarius’ begins when Jesus enters Temple). Know that it was 2550 years from 583 B.C. to 1967. 2550 is 1260+1260+30.

    f. The LEGAL COUNT in relation to Tabernacles on the Millen Calendar works out to span Succoth 2014 to Succoth 2021…..then plus 6 mths = NISAN 17, 2022 and +280 days more (Remnant Gestation) is SHEVAT 1, 2023, Jan 23…….Remnant ‘BORN’ into the Kingdom at the ISA 63 Temple Entrance.

    g. Jan 23, 2023, SHEVAT 1 (also start of 45-day judg of Nations) is exactly 2300 days…Dan 8:13-14…+ 3 days at mid trib when a.c. is dead.

    h. Rosh Hashana 2016 (start of 3rd Temple Worship) is 7 mths (burying) past ADAR 1, 2016, the possible Ezek 38 Divine Victory in Israel.

    i. The Rapture (Shevat 23, Feb 2) + 6-7 days is ADAR 1; so the world chaos & the N. Invasion of Israel w/ the Ezek 38 Divine Victory may span 6 days as the 6-Day War in 1967.

    j. The RETURN is SAT, TEVET 1, 2022 (Dec 24) which is the 8th day of the 8th Feast, Jesus’ Conception anniv. At the KISLEV 24 Creation, the COUNT began on the 8th Day (TEVET 1; so CREATION count start was both KISLEV 24 and TEVET 1……the 1 and the 8; and the RETURN at TEVET 1 (Dec 24) likely refers to the original KISLEV 24 date of Creation as well (Haggai 2:7….”Desire of Nations Comes”).

    k. The RETURN is also virtually CAPRICORN 1 (full ‘Gospel Story’…sacrificial goat, live fish) and 30 days mourning later is AQUARIUS 1, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance (exactly 2550 days past Signing.

    l. When the tilt loss of 22 days is figured in, the Isa 63 Temple Entrance is the FAST of TEVET 10 (Jan 2, 2023) ….Zech 8:19…..and will likely be the new SHEVAT 1 on the Millen Calendar when all synchronizes……JAN 1, AQUARIUS, SHEVAT 1). See calendar below.

    m. 45 days judg of Nations later is PISCES 15, ADAR 15 and FEB 15 (all in sync as well).

    n. Basically the trib spans SHEVAT 1 to SHEVAT 1…..Jan 12, 2016 (22 days before Rapture) to SHEVAT 1 (30 days after the TEVET 1 RETURN).

    o. The Millennial calendar is as follows because NISAN 1 will be MARCH 1 and ARIES 1 (8th sign/Lamb….Jesus is the 1 and the 8……i.e. 1st mths, 8th sign).

    MILLEN CALENDAR……Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter….4 seasons……360-days/yr.

    Mar 1 Nis 1 Aries 1

    Apr 1 Iyy 1 Taur 1

    May 1 Siv 1 Gem 1

    June 1 Tam 1 Can 1

    July 1 Av 1 Leo 1

    Aug 1 Elul 1 Virg 1

    Sep 1 Tish 1 Lib 1

    Oct 1 Ches 1 Scor 1

    Nov 1 Kis 1 Sag 1

    Dec 1 Tev 1 Capr 1

    Jan 1 Shev 1 Aquar 1

    Feb 1 Adar 1 Pisc 1

    p. Signing is SABBATH, mid trib/Abom Desol is SABBATH, Return is SABBATH, & earth is straight on SABBATH (Dec 3, Kis 10, 2022). 30 more days is TEV10 (10th mth & a FAST DAY).

    q. Mid trib when a.c. satanically rises is TUES, July 16, 2019, CANCER 24 (Jews are SAFE in Petra…..flight Sat, July 13-Tues, July 16). CANCER is the 11th sign/CRAB PROTECTIVE GRIP which encloses the ‘beehive nebulae/parasepe which likely symbolizes the protect Remnant…..”No one can take them from My hand.” Also, when a.c. satanically rises & kills Elij & Mos, they rise 3.5 days later on TAMMUZ 17 (July 20, 2019)……spec

    r. Feb 2, 2016 is a TUESDAY which is the 3rd Day and the ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day.

    s. The LEGAL END of the trib is still ROSH/YOM/SUCC 2021 w/ YOM KIPPUR 2021 (-20 uncounted = 2001/6001) which starts the 121st Jubilee/7th Millen….Lev 25:9 and NUMBERS 1.

    t. The Remnant’s 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’ spans NISAN 17, 2022 to the Isa 63 Temple Entrance (SHEVAT 1, 2023) when they are BORN into the Kingdom.

    u. The TEVET 1 Return (SAT, Dec 24, 2022) plus 280 days is SUCCOTH 2023……if applic.

    v. The 7th sign is PISCES (‘multiplied fish/’believers) and TRIB END is PISCES 15 (‘middle of the 2 fish’)……might as well cover #153 while we’re at it…albeit mostly spec…perhaps a waste of time:.

    a. 153 visible stars in Pisces….spec

    b. 153 fish caught in net in Galilee

    c. 153 Nations on earth (1980’s U.N. count by Robert Vandermeter’s)

    d. 153 Nations….end of 45-day judg of the 153 Nations

    e. 153 = 1 thru 17 added

    f. 153 steps to King’s Chamber in Great Pyramid

    g. Greek # value of ICHTHUS (IX)) = 153 Nations

    h. 153 letter value of EN EGLAIM (Heb)….presently Ain Feshcha…on shore of Dead Sea,

    Ezek 47:9-10…”….fishermen will spread their nets from En Eglaim to Ein Gedi. Also Ein Gedi

    ……..= 17 (Heb). Dead Sea will be fresh water..

    i. 153 ft, length of Grand Gallery of Great Pyramid of Giza (no hieroglyphics on walls/Enoch’s

    project at God’s Direction (“walked w/ God”)…..Isaiah 19:19-20….”testimony unto God.”

    j. 153 times word Jehovah in Genesis

    k. 9 x 17 = 153 Nations

    l. 153 species of fish on earth (Jerome, Oppian)…spec.

    m. Three inversions of 153 = 999 (153+531+315).

    n. Notes 1, 5 & 3 are the harmony notes of the scale (5ths & 3rds)

    o. 153 is the smallest # that can be expressed as the sum of the cubes.

    w. The KISLEV 24 of Haggai 2:7 (“Desire of Nations Comes/Shakes Nations”) may relate to the RETURN at DEC 24, 2022 because DEC 24 was the original solar KISLEV 24 (Creation Day Anniv). It seems that God may have kept Dec 24 as Christmas on our calendar wo we could figure thusly. Kislev 24 was the 1st Day (Day 1 of Creation) and TEVET 1 was the 8th Day. Jesus is the 1 and the 8 and Day 1 and 8 are ‘as the same day.’

    x. Thankfully, all fits a TUES, Feb 2 RAPTURE IF you can bring yourself to actually believe me. Again, you’re only supposed to GLEAN.

    Pray tell me, what is one to do when the spans still fit in so many respects. And why did God say DAY or HOUR?…….perhaps because of 3 days or the WEEK we CAN KNOW……or else He would have said “No man knows the MONTH or the WEEK.”


             

    January 26, 2016 at 10:21 pm

  23. Note how many points fit TUESDAY, FEB 9 (Shevat 30).

    The threats of the grid going down (possible EMP attack over the U.S.) and terrorism via ISIS are too much for knowledgeable believers to remain at peace UNLESS they are ‘LOOKING UP as Jesus said to do when THESE kinds of things begin to happen”……thus I keep figuring. Things are DIFFERENT now.

    Note discussions by Ted Koppel, Mike Huckabee and others about the horrific results of a grid shutdown. They say that 90% of Americans would die within 6 mths. Of what use would a 7-yr supply of food & water be if rotting corpses spread plagues anyway? This is scofferism at its worst. Jim Bakker is making money off of desperate/prophetically-ignorant Christians w/ his constant sale of a 7-yr food supply. Ted Koppel supplied his whole family with a stash of food as well; but he’s Jewish and doesn’t believe in a Rapture. If the Rapture is not soon, then “Looking up to our Blessed Hope” is futile….at least that’s the way I see it.

    Know that the calendar is 10-11 days off; i.e. any January 3 is really Dec 24 (10 days earlier), the original Kislev 24, Creation Day anniv….and the count began on the 8th Day, Tevet 1, Jesus’ Conception Day 4000 yrs after Creation (Tevet 1 plus 280 days gestation is Succoth/Tabernacles, Jesus’ Birthday).

    According to this, my latest scenario, TUESDAY, Jan 3, 2023 is the RETURN (2520 days past a possible RAPTURE on TUES, Feb 9, 2016). Since Jan 3, 2023 is really DEC 24, 2022, this original KISLEV 24 date may be the Haggai 2:7 reference to KISLEV 24 being the “Desire of Nations Comes/Shakes the Nations.” After all, Isa 63 states: “I fought the Nations ALONE.”

    The Millennium is supposed to start on NISAN 1 (Ezek 45:18) which it DOES (on Mar 23, 2023) if one notices the TRIB END 75 days past a JAN 3, 2023 RETURN. Mar 23, 2023 is also ARIES 1 (LAMB, 8th sign…..Jesus, the ONE and the EIGHT. New Years Day will be NISAN 1, ARIES 1, MARCH 1 (w/ the tilt minus as earth straightens).

    Note that JAN 3 (the RETUIRN) plus 3 days for earth to straighten is JAN 6-7…..then plus 75 days is MAR 23 (actual NISAN 1)…….then minus the tilt loss is MARCH 1, the NEW Nisan 1…..all in sync.

    Interestingly, NISAN 1, 2022 (6 mths past ROSH 2021 (LEGAL end of the ttrib/Lev 25:9) + 280 days Remnant Spiritual gestation (?) +75 more days is March 22-23, 2023, trib end.

    The RETURN +3 days to straighten is CAPRICORN 15 (earth straight, JAN 6-7, 2023…..then plus 75 days (in 30-day/Millen mths) is ARIES 1…..trib end and legal Ezek 45:18 start of the Millen. RETURN +30 days mourning is the ISA 63 Temple Entrance, AQUARIUS 15 (middle of ‘AGE of AQUARIUS’ sign, if applic).

    The 2300 days of 3rd Temple Desecration seem to span SUCCOTH 2016 (Oct 17) to FEB 3, 2023 (30 days past the Jan 3, 2023 RETURN). SUCCOTH 2016 (TISH 15) is exactly 7 mths BURYING past SHUSHAN PURIM (II ADAR 15); so the Ezek 38 Divine Victory may occur at PURIM. Feb 9 (Rapture ?) plus 43 days world chaos + N. Invasion of Israel is PURIM.

    I’ve been wrong SO many times; but no matter. At least I never set a DAY……because one day is 72 hrs (3 days); so no one knows which DAY or HOUR out of the 72 hrs.


    February 4, 2016 at 12:19 pm

  24. Notice that July 20, 2019 (mid trib, a.c. into Temple/killed) is FAST of TAMMUZ 17 (Zech 8:19). Three days later (Tuesday, July 23….Satan enters a.c.) is LEO 1.

    February 6, 2016 at 4:20 pm

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