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Dec 18, 2015 What the Quran (Koran) says about killing, torturing, beheading and enslaving of Jews and Christians in more than 130 verses

In this sermon by pastor JD Faraq he covers the many verses in the Koran that call for the killing, beheading, torturing or enslaving of Jews, Christians and all unbelievers. It is plain to see that those people that are committing the most heinous killings in the middle east are the true Muslims and they are doing just what the Koran tells them to do.

Those who say that Islam is a religion of peace are either grossly misinformed, lack the knowledge of what the Koran teaches or are lying for nefarious reasons.

Faraq points out that president Obama hates Israel and Christians. I agree with this statement of evaluation completely. I believe Obama is the Antichrist and as such Jews and Christians who worship the true and only God are his enemies.


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