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Jan 9, 2016 Genetic Modification, the altering of living genes to alter human and animal species forming chimeras

The subject of this introduction to the video linked below is the stuff of science fiction that is becoming reality at the present time. Inhuman the title says it all and the discussion by Tom Horn, Gary Stearman and Joe Ardis expand on the theme of man intruding in the realm of God as they did in the times of Noah where men and animals were subject to genetic manipulation by fallen angels called watchers.

These watchers who rebelled against God came to earth with the whole purpose of destroying God’s creation. In their rebellious confrontation they started by disobeying God an interacted sexually with human females to produce Nephilin or giants, beings that were not humans or angels but a mixture. An example is the giant Goliath killed by David.

Their intrusion on earth before the flood altered all the human genome except in those eight humans of Noah’s family. They altered the animals as well except those sent by God to Noah to preserve His created species. The flood did not destroy humans and animals, but chimeras of different types as Nephilin, humans mixed with animals and animals with other species of animals.

This monstrous alteration of living entities created by God is at present time and in diverse places taking place just as in the days of Noah, but this time is mainly humans playing god. The main objective of the head of the rebellion Satan is the destruction of God’s creation and the supplanting of his counterfeit rule. How pertinent and appropriate that at this time the movie Star Wars is breaking box office records. Angels are referred as stars in many parts of the Bible.


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