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Jan 10, 2016 Obama is maneuvering to become the next UN Secretary General. He is the Antichrist!

The time is very near for the Antichrist to be given the crown of conqueror as Jesus opens the first seal of the book of Revelation.

The article below points in that direction to happen very soon.


Report: Obama Wants To Become UN Secretary General, Netanyahu Doing Everything He Can To Stop Him


By Leah Barkoukis, Townhall

It seems President Obama has no intention of stepping out of the White House and fading from the limelight. No, he’s got his sights set on the world stage—this time as secretary general of the United Nations, according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.

But not all world leaders are keen to see this come to fruition, including first and foremost, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Netanyahu leading effort to thwart Obama bid for U.N. chief

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly is planning payback for President Obama’s dismissing Mr. Netanyahu’s objections to the Iran nuclear deal last year. Mr. Netanyahu is said to be rallying moderate Arabs to thwart Mr. Obama’s bid to become the Secretary-General of the United Nations after he leaves the White House next year.

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