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Jan 17 2016 Was this a prophecy or a scrip that was followed? Obama and Pope Francis in a novel published in 1908?

The video linked below thanks to Armando”s post is fascinating to say the least.It raises many questions beyond the obvious conclusions of identifying Obama as the Antichrist and Pope Francis as the False Prophet of Revelation.

Was Robert Benson a prophet when he wrote the book? did he interpret prophetic scripture and made up the roles and positions of the characters in the novel? Were the people in the Illuminati merely following the books script when they chose Barack Obama to follow the path described in the book for the main character that becomes the ruler of the world?

In likewise manner did Pope Francis election and name choosing a direct result of the cardinal leaders of the church picking the name to follow the novel? Is the novel at the same time following the prophetic word of God in Revelation 13?

The important thing here is that the novel is following the present History of Obama and pope Francis identifying them as the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

Does it matter if all these facts bring additional evidence to pinpoint the roles of these two very prominent end times characters? In my opinion this only adds another layer of evidence to the myriad other facts already seen and recorded of these two men. Those who do not care or are accomplices of this very evil plan will keep on going unrepentant and in total rebellion against Jesus Christ.

Judgment is about to befall and repentance of sin and worship of the true God is required for salvation.


Armando (17 Jan 2016)
Lord of the World

This is a very well done short video clip by C Ervana , showing an unmistakable correlation between a prophecy written over 100 years ago and what is taking place now.  It is worth watching.

Terrifying Prophecy Written by Sickly Man in 1908: An Antichrist in Paris (2016)


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