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Jan 29, 2015 ISISL is the true face of Islam! wake up America!

In this video link given by KS Rajan we see a former Muslim going step by step on the true nature of ISISL and Islam.

His message is directed to president Obama as to instruct him on the intricacies of Islam and ISIS.

Obama being the Antichrist and the son of Satan is well aware of the true nature of ISIS and is lying and hiding his goals and intentions for the purpose of deceiving as Islam requires.

The multitudes will be deceived and their destruction guaranteed as judgment from God as He opens the first seal of Revelation allowing the Antichrist to go out and conquer and giving him a victors crown.

Today this man Obama has completed seven years as president and the next seven years of Apocalypse is pending. Will there be a short period of time in between?


A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim


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