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Feb 6, 2016 Ezekiel 29 a dire prophecy about Egypt

The tower of Syene is located in the Aswan High dam built by the Soviets in Egypt.

It is a prophetic prophecy for the time of the end probably during the Tribulation. This prophecy by Ezekiel is unfulfilled as Egypt has never been deserted for 40 years and more important it talks about the restoration after the 40 years that brings back Egypt as a lowly nation.

Gary and Bob give us a possible fulfillment scenario in this video.


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February 6, 2016 at 7:11 pm

Jan 6, 2016 Gary Stearman Things are happening in Syria and Gaza

In this video Gary comments on the things that are happening in the vicinity of Israel and how this is setting up for the fulfillment of end time prophecies.

Our news outlets are highly under reporting these news to obscure the dangers lurking in the middle east.


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Feb 6, 2016 The Pope and Iran’s Rouhani meet and discuss the end times

Are the end times in the Bible and the Qumran the same? Are they talking about the same events and the same people? Are the Mahdi and the Messiah the same person? Is Yahweh and Allah the same God? Are all Abraham descendant religions worshiping the same god?

Several books could be written to adequately answer these very important questions but a concise and resounding “NO” could summarize it all.

Pope Francis as the head of the Catholic church a Christian faith should be knowledgeable in the Bible to know that The God of the Bible and the god of Islam are not the same and as a result the Bible and the Qumran are as far from each other as Jesus is from Satan. Jesus the true God of Creation author of the Bible, Satan masquerading as Allah the usurper who intents to dethrone the Trinity (Jesus, God the father and Holy Spirit) the author of the Qumran and also known as the moon god.

Yes Bible prophecy is being fulfilled daily and the seven years of Tribulation known as the day of the Lord is just a short time away. The new world order conspirators are busy trying to bring about a New World Order and a new World Religion to crown Satan king, but Jesus is also controlling history to bring about His millennial kingdom at the end of the Apocalypse. Satan will fail miserably in his attempt!



Pope Francis And Iranian President Warn “End Times Are Nigh”

Pope Francis has told Iranian President Rouhani that Biblical prophesies regarding the ‘end times’ are now being fulfilled, and that the world is in irreversible turmoil and will be ‘unrecognisable’ this time next year.

Responding to President Rouhani’s claim that the Mahdi is coming, Pope Francis confirmed that indeed he is, but that his name is Christ. The pope issued a call to action for Christians, Muslims and Jews to unite and prepare for the arrival. “All those of the Abrahamic faiths, now is the time for unity, for the end times are nigh.”

Multiple reports have emerged from the Vatican regarding Pope Francis and President Rouhani’s conversations while touring Vatican holy museums and churches. Considering it was the first time an Iranian leader has met with a pontiff since 1989, it was by all accounts a surprisingly agreeable meeting with both leaders addressing each other as though they were trusted old friends.

However the theme of the discussion was grim, with the pope warning of dark days in the very near future. “Tears were shed,” confirmed a Vatican eyewitness. “Both of them were struggling to hold it together at one point. They both know what is happening in the world. Pope Francis said we have entered the prophesised end times. Biblical prophecies are coming to pass.”

The leaders were followed by an Iranian delegation featuring Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif and the Vatican’s secretary of state Cardinal Pietro Parolin and Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher. Careful not to offend the Iranian President’s sensitivities, Vatican officials placed several classical era Roman nude statues out of sight when Mr Rouhani visited the museums.

President Rouhani said Iran had ‘always been on the front line in combatting terrorism’ and that had it not been for Iran’s role, ‘the situation would be very different.’

Since he became pope nearly three years ago, Francis has regularly spoken out against extremism and violence in the name of faith. He has also called for diplomacy in the Middle East and highlighted the impact the conflicts have had on the world.

He now believes the world has gone too far, dark forces have gained too much traction, and that the world will be ‘unrecognisable’ this time next year.

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