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Feb 12, 2016 The burden of Damascus a comment on the war on Syria

Gary Stearman presents an excellent analysis of the conditions existing in the war on Syria and the lack of coverage from the American press.

The real objective is to amaze troops in Syria using the war as a subterfuge for big troop mobilization when the real objective is Israel. Isaiah 17 describes the result of this conflagration.


Nando end


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  1. …..attn to a possible TUES, Feb 16 Rapture:

    Via spec, the main points that keep me figuring is that the trib end on NISAN 1, 2023 (Ezek 45:18) and that the RETURN backs up (tilt loss) to KISLEV 24 (Dec 18, 2022)…..Haggai 2:7: “Desire of Nations Comes/Shakes Nations.” In other words, earth will be STRAIGHT by KISLEV 24, Creation Day anniv.

    Another point of interest is that the RETURN at Jan 7, 2023 plus 3 days to straighten is JAN 10, the original solar anniv of Jesus’ CONCEPTION because Jan 10 is 10-11 days ahead of the actual day, DEC 31 (8th Day, original Count Start).

    At the RETURN (Jan 7, 2023), add 52 days (75 minus 23 loss) to arrive at MAR 1, the ‘new’ NISAN 1 and ARIES 1. Without the tilt loss, trib end is Mar 23 (Nis 1) and WITH the tilt loss is MAR 1, the new NIS 1 (Ezek 45:18……Millen calendar start).

    There is also a perfect 2300-day span from SUCCOTH 2016 (start of 3rd Temple Sacrifices) to Feb 6, 2023, which is 30 days mourning past the Jan 7 Return. The extra 3 days account for mid-trib’s 3 uncounted days when the a.c. is dead.

    W/out the tilt minus considered, the RETURN at TEVET 14 +30 days mourning is SHEVAT 15, the start of the 45-day judg of the Nations. Shevat is the 11th mth (judg) and the 15th day is the middle (world’s nations are equally enveloped in judg) of the mth. Any SHEVAT 15 +45 days is NISAN 1.

    TEVET 14 (RETURN) is exactly 280 days gestation (Remnant) past NISAN 1, 2022 which is 6 mths (that must pass) past ROSH/YOM 2021, the LEGAL count end of the trib (Lev 25:9) because minus 20 uncounted yrs (Num 1) is yr 2001 (6001), the start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen. Know that the Millen must begin on NISAN 1, NOT TISH 1.

    As for the pre-Rapture span, there are exactly 52 days from TEVET 14, 2015 to the RAPTURE (TUES FEB 16….?). In addition, any TEVET 14 is 20 days past KISLEV 24 (20 days = a minus of 23 days taking 3 days to straighten).

    There are 52 days (75 minus 23 loss) from TEVET 14 to the Rapture and there are 52 days from the TEVET 14 RETURN to the end of the trib at the ‘new’ NISAN 1 (March 1, 2023). So there are 52 days on EACH side of the trib (both will cancel).

    The EZEK 38 Divine Victory in the Israel’s mts may occur on PURIM (II Adar 13, Mar 21) because +7 mths (210 days…..7 x 30) Burying bodies is SUCCOTH 2016, start of 3rd Temple Worship.

    From the Signing (covert….possibly Sat, Feb 13, 2016) there are 37 days to PURIM 2016 plus 210 days Burying +2300+3 to FEB 6, 2023, the Isaiah 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the RETURN. Add 37 days+210+2300+3 = 2550 days… the 2550 yrs 583 B.C. – 1967.

    The Church’s spiritual gestation may be the 280 days from NIS 1, 2015 to TEVET 14, 2016 (then + the 52 days (that will minus) = RAPTURE.

    If applic, there are exactly 40 days (testing) from Jan 4, 2016 to the Signing (Feb 13). Jan 4 is REALLY Dec 24 (the orig Kislev 24) due to the 10-12-day calendar error…..1500’s/Pope.

    Via the Mazzarot (if applic….since Job challenged us to understand it….Gospel Story in the Stars/Seiss), the RETURN is virtually CAPRIC 15, thirty days mourning later is AQUAR 15 (Isa 63) and +45 more days is ARIES 1 (LAMB, 8th sign). By the trib end all will be in sync: Nis 1, Aries 1, Mar 1….New Year’s Day.

    Mid trib is July 27-30, 2019 (LEO 8 when a.c. satanically rises).

    Note again the mid trib FIG TREE anniv end dates from 1898 – 2018: 120,100,80,70,50….from 1898,1918,1938,1948,1968 respectively.

    The RAPTURE, possibly TUES, FEB 16, is the 3rd Day, the ancient Groom-Arrival/Wedding Day.

    At mid trib the a.c. enters the Temple on a SAT, Signing is a SAT & the RETURN is a SAT.

    Again, nothing will likely happen; but the above are still points that seem to synchronize w/ the whole picture as I see it……come what may.

    February 14, 2016 at 7:56 pm

  2. Sorry!…..NOT DONE!…..Note extreme significance of NISAN 10!!!

    Let me run this spec info by you. When was the Messiah’s Kingdom ‘supposed’ to begin IF Jesus had been accepted buy the Jews as KING on NISAN 10, Palm Sunday, 34 A.D.? (note 34 A.D. + 1967 yrs = 2001…one of many great patterns).

    You DO know that Jesus, the LAMB, was riding on a firstborn male donkey (foal) which had to be redeemed by a sacrificed LAMB before it could ever be ridden. That redeeming LAMB was, of course, Jesus Himself ON the donkey…..sweet.

    The First Day of Messiah’s Kingdom ‘would have been’ NISAN 10. Well, the trib end according to the following review is NISAN 10, 2023 (Apr 1 & ARIES 10). Subtract the tilt to arrive BACK to MARCH 10, the ‘new’ NISAN 10 and ARIES 10 (all in sync). So Messiah’s Kingdom will likely begin on NISAN 10 after all with the ‘LAMB in HIS HOME.’

    Kislev 24, 2015 plus 75 days is SATURDAY, FEB 20, 2016 (possible Signing/Rapture), PISCES 1 and Adar 11; and those 75 days will ‘cancel out’ the post-Return 75 days which end on NISAN 10, 2023. So the Rapture day will be ‘as having occurred’ on KISLEV 24 (Hag 2:7) when the 75 days are canceled….spec.

    The RETURN (2520 days past Signing/Rapture) is TEVET 21 which is 280 days (Remnant’s spiritual Gestation) past NISAN 10, 2022. So too, TEVET 21, 2015 is exactly 280 days (Church’s spiritual Gestation) past NISAN 10, 2015. So NISAN 10 seems to be the ‘starting point’ in several instances as we remember that NISAN 10 (Jesus’ Entrance 4 days before His Crucifixion) was a day of DECISION and DIVISION…..alluding to a ‘spiritual/mental gestation/development.’

    PISCES (Feb 20, Seventh sign, ‘multiplication of fish/believers……..since millions will BELIEVE once the Rapture occurs)…………has 153 visible stars as the 153 fish caught in the net and the U.N. determined 153 Nations (80’s Robt Vandermeter)….spec. Note that JOB challenged the reader to UNDERSTAND the Mazzarot, the Gospel in the Stars…Virgo thru Leo…Seiss.

    Rosh Hashana 2016 (Sept 3…possible start of 3rd Temple Worship) plus exactly 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) is the day earth is STRAIGHT, TEVET 1, 2022 (Dec 24-25); and TEVET 1 was Jesus’ Conception anniv since +280 human gestation was TABERNACLES, HIS BIRTH/Tish 15. 7 mths Burying/Bldg 3rd Temple before Rosh 2016 is II Adar 1, 2016, the possible EZEK 38 Divine Victory in Israel’s mts.

    TEVET 1, 2022 (earth straight) plus 30 days mourning (Zech 12:10, 13:6) is SHEVAT 1 (Feb 13-14), the beginning of the 45-day judg of the Nations. Shevat is the 11th mth and #11 is judgment.

    The 45-days judg of the Nations ENDS at ADAR 15-16 which is MARCH 10, the ‘new’ NISAN 10 for the Millennium. NISAN 10 (Apr 1) minus the tilt is ADAR 15-16. One end date is the ACTUAL NISAN 10 and the other (straight earth, tilt minus) is the ‘new’ NISAN 10 in sync w/ the Millen calendar & the Mazzarot.

    Any CAPRICORN 24 (Return Sat, Jan 14, 2023, TEVET 21) +75 days is ARIES 10. The Spring season in the synchronized calendars & Mazzarot (360-days each) will likely be:

    March 1 Aries 1 Nisan 1 (so Nis 10 will be Mar 10)

    April 1 Taurus 1 Iyyar 1

    May 1 Gemini 1 Sivan 1

    ….and TISHREI 1 (Rosh Hashana) will be LIBRA 1 and SEPT 1. Know that ARIES is the 8th sign & is a LAMB. So Jesus (the ONE & the EIGHT) also relates to the FIRST MONTH (NISAN) and the EIGHTH SIGN (ARIES).

    30 days past the Return will be the ISAIAH 63 Temple Entrance (Jesus + Remnant), AQUARIUS 24,……’Age of Aquarius/888’……if applic. That date is FEB 13-14 which is 2550 days past Signing/Rapture…….the same 2550 as that of 583 B.C. to 1967….biggest ‘FIG TREE’ event in History (Temple Mt reclamation).

    Legal trib end (according to Gen 6:3 and Lev 25:9) is still YOM KIP/TISHREI 10, 2021 (year 5782…..same as Gr Pyram/sun #’s) and minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs’ (Num 1, Gen 6:3…’STRIVING’) = 2001 (6001) start of the 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    MID TRIB is SAT, Aug 3, 2019 (LEO 12…..12th sign/12th day….#12 = perf gov’t) when the a.c. breaks the covenant & enters the Temple to be worshiped (image)…..ABOM of DESOL….and is killed. 3 days later he satanically rises and kills Elijah and Moses (finally has supernatural/satanic power to do so). Then after 3.5 days, the 2 witnesses RISE on AV 9 (FAST DAY to JOY…..Zech 8:19), Aug 10, 2019.

    Mid trib (Aug 3-10, 2019….STILL in the ROSH 2018 year count) is the anniversary of 5 of the major Fig Tree Patterns beginning at 1898: 120,100,80,70,50…….1898,1918,1938,1948,1968 respectively.

    Rosh/Yom 2021 (legal trib end) plus 6 mths (that must pass) is NISAN 10, 2022; then plus the 280 days is the RETURN (call-back day by the believing Remnant, Jan 14, Tevet 21, 2023).

    Sabbaths are across the board: Signing/Rapture, Abom of Desol, Elijah & Moses’ resurrection, Return.

    Via spec, technically the trib end is perhaps 1-2 days ‘short’ of reaching NISAN 10 (Apr 1, 2023); so the COUNT ‘may’ stay at NISAN 10, 2022 which is exactly 6 mths past YOM KIP (Tish 10), 2021, the legal trib end according to every conceivable pattern. This alludes to a baby’s age of 364 days +23 hrs, 59 minutes, 59 seconds as NOT yet being AGE ONE and still called age ZERO. Note that in the Bible months were never counted in one’s age, but only whole numbers.

    So, along w/ much of the spec info in recent letters, perhaps consider the possibility of a SAT, FEB 20 RAPTURE………….could be!!!

    February 16, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    • Good observation about Nisan 10 as the start of the Kingdom by Jesus.
      Your stamina is commendable Janet.


      February 16, 2016 at 10:06 pm

  3. It’s not STAMINA, it’s a MANIA!

    Anyway, note the following:

    It’s astounding how much CONNECTS at this point. As one sees a possible 2-3-days of earth-straightening, the following spans are virtually/strangely exact in many ways. So as a FEB 20 SIGNING/RAPTURE date is considered, note the following:


    TEVET 21, 2023 RETURN + 52 days (75 minus tilt loss) = PURIM 2023

    TEVET 21RETURN minus the tilt is TEVET 1 (Jesus’ conception anniv)

    TEVET 1 +280 days = TABERNACLES 2023

    TEVET 21 RETURN + 75 days = NISAN 10

    TEVET 21 RETURN minus tilt loss is TEVET 1, plus 75 days = MAR 10, the ‘new’ NISAN 10.

    RETURN at TEVET 21 plus 30 days mourning is SHEVAT 22 (11,11,11), start of 45-day judg of the Nations.

    NISAN 10, 2022 +280 days = TEVET 21 RETURN

    SUCCOTH 2016 +2300 days = TEVET 21 RETURN

    ROSH/YOM 2021 (legal trib end) +6 mths = NISAN 10, 2022 (then +280 = RETURN).


    NISAN 10, 2015 +280 days = TEVET 21, 2016, then plus 20 days = FEB 20, 2016 RAPTURE (future tilt loss of 23 days taking 3 days is a minus of 20 days).

    YOM KIP 2014 plus 6 mths is NISAN 10, 2015.

    YOM KIP 2014 – YOM KIP 2021 (legal trib end) = 7 Jewish yrs….then plus 6 mths = NISAN 10, 2022, then +280 days = TEVET 21 RETURN.

    NISAN 10, 34 A.D. (Jesus on donkey) +1967 yrs = 2001 (2021 minus the 20 ‘uncounted yrs)

    519 B.C. (Kis 24) +2520 yrs = 2001, start 121st Jub/7th Millen.

    KISLEV 24, 2015 (Dec 6) plus 75 days = Feb 20, 2016

    MID-TRIB 2019: LEO 12 (Abom Desol), LEO 15 a.c. RISES, LEO 18, Elij/Mos rise on AV 9.

    MID TRIB is STILL in Rosh 2018 yr….perfect Fig Tree Patterns from 1898: 120,100,80,70,50………1898,1918,1938,1948,1968

    As for PISCES (Feb 20, 2016):

    ‘fish prolonged”/’ongoing posterity’

    one fish goes North (Heavenly calling of Israel)

    one fish goes elliptical (cover the earth)

    Gen 48:16…Jacob bless TWO sons of Joseph to multiply

    Gen 22:17-18, Isa, 61:9, 9:3, Ezek 36:10-ll

    Matt 4:17: “Fishers of men”

    Jerem 16:16: “I will send for many fishers & they shall fish them”

    Ezek 47:9….Gospel is like a FISH NET

    7th sign Pisces, 7=perfection

    (Elijah and Moses may arrive on earth 3 days past the Signing/Rapture because their ministry lasts 1260 days to the day a.c. RISES….a 3-day difference).

    The above involves much speculation, but should be shared anyway. Deception will reign during the trib and NO ONE will glean from such info after the Rapture….thus the desperation to share before it’s too late. The above spans will likely never occur again and it’s all too seemingly harmonious to ignore.

    February 18, 2016 at 1:05 pm

  4. error: ROSH HASHANA (NOT SUCCOTH) 2016 plus 2300 days = RETURN, TEVET 21, 2023……

    February 18, 2016 at 3:01 pm

  5. SAT, FEB 27, 2016…????

    Whoever has been ‘crazy’ enough (or prophetically challenged) to read my frequent/updated spec letters (much less take them seriously) needs to be kept up to date because one cannot lose heart and must avoid the ‘grip’ of the big ‘S’ (Scofferism) and the possible temptation to buy $10,000, 7-yr supply of dehydrated food (which would be stolen quickly anyway).

    We still have the great NISAN 17 to consider as our point of reference throughout history since it was a DAY LIKE NO OTHER, to be sure. Via the following presumptuous info, we have 3 remaining FAST DAYS “turned to joy” as well (Zech 8:19). So read on:

    As for the great promise of Hag 2:7 (Kislev 24: “Desire of Nations Comes”), Jan 4, 2016 (which is REALLY 12 days earlier, DEC 24, the original Kislev 24 at Creation) plus 54 days is the Signing/Rapture (Sat, Feb 27). 54 days is the 75 days minus the tilt on

    THIS side of the trib to ‘cancel out’ the 75 post-Return days.

    75 days before Sat, Feb 27 (possible Rapture) was JAN 3-4, 2016 (which was REALLY DEC 24, 2015). Since the two 75’s will be ‘canceled,’, the Rapture will be ‘as having occurred’ on the real (and original) DEC 24 (orig KISLEV 24).

    On the post-Return side of the trib, the RETURN minus the tilt (which likely takes 2-3 days) is also JAN 3, TEVET 10 (2023) which is REALLY 12 days earlier, DEC 24, 2022. Thus DEC 24 is on EACH side of the trib…….w/ the trib ‘enfolded’ in the Hag 2:7 promise……….spec….don’t I WISH).

    Rapture (& Signing same day?….Sat, Feb 27, 2016) plus 2520 days is the Return at Sat, Jan 21, 2023 (Tevet 28)…..and AQUARUIS 1 (the yearned-for ‘Age of Aquarius’….spec).

    MID TRIB is exactly Sat, AV 9, 2019…ABOM of DESOL/a.c. killed. Three days later, a.c. satanically rises on AV 12 and kills Elijah and Moses who rise 3.5 days later on Fri, AV 15. So the FASTj of AV 9 is “turned to joy’ at the killing of the a.c. (Zech 8:19). Apply the future tilt loss to AV 9 to land upon TAMMUZ 17 (21 days earlier) the FAST of the 4th Mth “turned to joy” as well…..Zech 8:19.

    AV 9, 2019 ABOM of DESOL (a.c.’s image in Temple) will be the 9th horrific event in history to occur for the Jews on that same Hebrew calendar day…..worst FAST DAY…..and the murder of the a.c. will be a ‘joyful event’ as well as the start of the Petra flight (supernatural protection for 1260 days).

    The RETURN at Jan 21, 2023 minus the tilt is virtually JAN 3, 2023 which is TEVET 10, the FAST of the 10th mth “turned to joy.”

    YOM KIPPUR was already “turned to joy” at the Cross when the VEIL TORE. Thus ALL 4 FAST DAYS will the “turned to joy” once and for all.

    The RETURN at Sat, Jan 21, 2023 plus 75 days (w/ the 2-3-day straightening considered) is NISAN 17, April 8, 2023…..and MINUS the applied TILT LOSS is MARCH 17, the new and continuing Millennial NISAN 17 as well as ARIES 17………….both calendars & Mazzarot in sync….360 days each.

    The 2300 days TEMPLE DESECRATION (Dan 8:13-14) span YOM KIP 2016 (Oct 12) to the day the earth is straight, JAN 23, 2023, two days straightening past the Return. The 3 extra days (2300+3) account for mid-trib’s 3 days when a.c. is dead as Jesus’ 3 days in tomb were not counted in the 49-day count to Pentecost.

    YOM KIP 2016 (Blood on altar in Holy of Holies/Desecration) is 7 mths Burying/bldg 3rd Temple past the EZEK 38 Divine Victory possibly on II Adar 7-10…..OR PURIM IF the 7 mths of burying are 7 ‘moons’ (slightly less than 7 solar or Hebrew mths). Rapture to Purim 2016 is approx 20 days… chaos & N. Invasion of Israel.

    Both spiritual GESTATIONS (Church and Remnant) seem to span NISAN 17 to TEVET 28……….Nisan 17, 2022 +280 = Return (Tevet 28) and Nisan 17, 2015 plus 280 = Tevet 26-28…………with the added 53-54 days reaching the Rapture date of Feb 27. The 53-54 days are the post-Return 75 minus the tilt loss.

    Another great span is that of TEVET 1 (Dec 13-14, 2015) plus 75 days is the Rapture date of Feb 27 as well. TEVET 1 (8th day of 8th Feast) was Jesus’ Conception date because +280 was Succoth/Tabernacles/Tish 15, His Birth.

    Remember that on NISAN 10 (Palm Sunday, Jesus on donkey), Jesus had not yet been crucified; so the people would have ‘accepted’ (made a DECISION) to accept a HUMAN as their KING (not realizing He was God Incarnate). BUT, the DECISION on the part of people who were witnesses to His RESURRECTION made a much BIGGER, ETERNAL DECISION. In fact the DECISION to accept or reject the Resurrection (proving Jesus is God) involves much more thought and division among the human race. Thus, NISAN 17 ‘outweighs’ NISAN 10 in this respect.


    ARK RESTED (Gen 8:4) and God said, “This shall be the beginning of days” and NISAN 17, 2023 will be the virtual START of the Millen (Dan 12:12).

    Hebrews entered Egypt (Exod 12:40-41) 430 yrs before deliverance

    Moses led Israelites thru Red Sea (Exod 3:18, 5:3)

    Israel entered & ate the FRUITS (Firstfruits) of the Promised Land

    Walls of Jericho fell (Joshua 5:13)

    Cleansing of Temple (Hezekiah) 800 yrs after entering Promised Land (II Chron 29:1-28)

    Queen Esther saved Hebrews (Esther 3:12, 5:1)

    Christ Arose

    Know that Feb 27, 2016 is PISCES 8 and the Isa 63 Temple Entrance 30 days past the RETURN completes 2550 days (2520+30 mourning) matching the 2550 yrs from 583 B.C. to 1967.

    Technically, the trib end ‘may’ be Nisan 15, 2 days short of NISAN 17, 2023; and if that is the case, then the NISAN 17, 2022 date HOLDS which is exactly 6 mths past SUCCOTH, 2021, the LEGAL END of the TRIB (because -20 uncounted yrs is SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES 2001 (climax of ROSH/YOM ….Lev 25:9, Zech 14:14-18, Numb 1).

    ANY AQUARIUS 1 plus 75 days is ARIES 15… 2 days to straighten is ARIES 17……the Millennial MARCH 17 and NISAN 17 when all is figured.

    SABBATHS are across the board: RAPTURE/SIGNING, ABOM of DESOL AV 9, 2019 and the RETURN, Sat, Jan 21, 2023.

    MID TRIB at Aug 13, 2019 is virtually LEO 24 (12,12,12) when the a.c. ‘rises’ (if applic).

    Glean the additional info from former letters as you move the scenario up a week (to Sat, FEB 27, 2016……or even to TUES, Mar 1)……remaining flexible……and ask the Lord if giving attention to the above is part of the action of LOOKING UP. If not, then ignore the above. Take care.

    February 19, 2016 at 3:23 pm

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